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Episode 62: A Fierce Counterattack - Content Discussion Thread, Warning, possible spoilers for the first 62 episodes
post Jun 26 2010, 09:27 AM
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QUOTE (penguintruth @ Jun 26 2010, 01:20 AM) *
The action and production values in the episode were AMAZING, but I had a few problems, which I outlined in my review on my blog. Mostly, I still hate how, despite having God in him, Father does squat with his power, except stand around taking hits, and I disliked the whole "Greed just wanted friends the whole time, that's all" cop-out. Lame.

I agree with the whole "Greed just wanted friends" thing. I feel like it was a bit of a cop out and a little out of place. I guess Ling's influence over Greed was the major change for Greed. However, Greed is GREED, why would he change? Oh well.

As far as Father not exhibiting enough power. Well its complicated, basically if you become a "god" then what would you do with this power? Absorb all the human souls on the planet and just be alone? Or would you rather reign over them, and use them at your own discretion? As the old saying goes "With great power, comes great responsibility." Even Jesus Christ (another God-figure) was said to have stated : "To whom much has been given, much will be expected".

One of the recurring themes of FMA has been the "underestimation of the human's abilities". Especially from the Homunculi point of view.

Hohenheim, Scar, and the whole gang had been anticipating and planning for this "day" to come. The fact that Father lost a ton of souls in the reversal makes him less powerful, and therefore, he cannot just kill everyone off, because he NEEDS them in order to stay powerful.

Father simply underestimated every single one of them.


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post Jun 26 2010, 03:12 PM
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I think if I absorbed "God" I would snap my fingers and turn everyone into delicious cake.

So, I guess I would be Majin Buu.


Fullmetal Alchemist is over! Thank you, Hiromu Arakawa! ;_;
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Broken Chouchou
post Jun 26 2010, 04:09 PM
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He probably underestimated them a bit, as usual with the homunculi.

But I think it has more do with that he has to use nearly all his remaining power just in order to keep his "god" in check, and that he in fact cannot fight properly.

Remember, the god thing he swallowed only gives the knowledge/ability to do all those crazy things, not the power. He still needs his energy in form of human batteries. And not little of it I'd wager, concerning the more impressive feats. I think that obliteration blast alone would have drained him quite a bit; he intended to kill everyone off and get rid of them there at the spot, and I think that's why he dared such a powerful attack. That they survived was a very unfortunate mishap on Father's side.


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post Jun 28 2010, 02:15 PM
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I still can't find a decent sub... a week later!!! What gives? I finnally gave up and watched the lousy one (where Hoho says 'drugs' rather then 'damn', and Olivier says 'my child is strong' rather then 'my soldier was strong'. Never mind Al yelling "DUDE" rather then 'brother') ...grrrr. Makes it a bit disjointed

First off... have to say that I wish they'd kept the scene where Greed and Olivier were screaming at each other, when he ordered the 'cripples' to stay behind. lol. The way they did it made her seem more dignified, no doubt; but I still miss it wink.gif Love how she yelled at Alex though. Even if the pathetic dub messed up her speech

I actually thought that the battle against Father wasn't quite so Ed-centric as I had been let to believe. Yeah, the last several minutes was with everyone standing around cheering Ed on (which annoyed me for being sooo shounen even in the manga) but most of the battle had everyone joining in. Including the Briggs soldiers until they ran out of ammo anyhow.
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post Jul 12 2010, 02:31 PM
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I'm a (little lot) late as I've saved the latest eps to watch at the same time.
I just have to say that I though the animal in Roy's flame was a boar at first. >.>
And that I like how they added Al screaming more than in the manga when Ed was pinned (and he even cursed!? ("kuso") I can't remember that happening before...), and then talked calmly when asking for Mei's help. It really made him seem more determined. (And in between, he halts, and you see that lightningeffect that they use for him, that looks like a tear running down his cheek... ;__;)

I really liked the lightning when Father "gave birth" and when Roy used his flames. It was very pretty and, how-do-you-say...splendiferous... (yes, yes, Online Dictionary, that's exactly the word I was looking for...I can't even say it!! XD)

Other parts seemed a bit too clean. Compare top panel with episode, but that's just how Brotherhood does it, and belongs in a more general thread. But the shot of Al sitting in front of Mei to protect her from Father's huge blast (that burnt the old Xerxesians to ashes) was VERY detailed and dirty and awesome and *gasp* (dare I say it) better than the manga-panel!! (Even though Xiao Mei creeped me out when she squeaked.)
And I liked Izumi's swords, cause Al used one fighting Pride. Makes you remember that she taught them practically everything they know about combat-alchemy!

And I am straight as an arrow, but still think Hawkeye have been looking smoking hot these last episodes!! Especially the eyecatch, when Roy asked her if she still can fight and when Roy made the stone-wall to protect them from Father's fire blast. Acctually, that light made everyone look totally droolworthy (from an artistic point of veiw. I mean if I will ever be able to draw like that...!!) And Ed has been very well-drawn and animated as well, and even inthe middle of fights his face have not been distorted or weird-looking---well execpt those last minutes! XD Ah, well he acctually has his facial features in the right place for the most of the time there too...

Absolutely adored Ed's reaction to Al's transmutation. So intense. I just love those two. ;_;
It was übercute and reminded me of the Beauty and the Beast when Al's body grabbed two of armour!Al's finger!
Oh, and I had forgotten that Al's Gate!armour/soul/whatever that is you in front of the Gate/ dissolved, and that was beautiful, especailly when Al sat there with a fascinated look on his face.
And the changed Al's weirdlooking eye, haha! Yokatta! He was so pretty!! *squea!!!* And he just waits there, and trusts Ed, but what if he doesn't come, would he just sit there forever until he starvs...? And Ed goes ballistic, and THAT was great to see. *squea!!* (But I agree on that the arm should have been animated in place.) Even though I'm not a great fan of the weird faces and Mr. Fantastic-limbs, it made him seem really crazy with anger, fury and desperation and Father was really ruthlessly plummeted to the groud. It was awesome. And then you see Greeling for two seconds just staring and it makes me lol!
Aww, Greed...

Ok, this turned into quite a long post! laugh.gif

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post Sep 10 2011, 03:12 PM
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Please add FMA:B English dubbed episode 62 (on CN on Adult Swim) talk-back/discussions here. smile.gif

FMA:B will air 1:00 AM - 1: 30 AM and 5:00 AM - 5:30 AM eastern time. smile.gif


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post Nov 10 2012, 10:48 AM
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For anyone who missed this episode, it will be on again tonight, directly following episode 61, on Adult Swim later tonight. smile.gif


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