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Your Reflections/thoughts On The FMA Manga Series Being Concluded, Warning: Potential spoilers for ALL chapters of FMA manga!!
post Jun 6 2010, 02:01 PM
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If you wish to add your comments/thoughts/reflections on the FMA manga series being concluded, this is the thread.
Please share your thoughts on FMA manga series being concluded, or "thank-you"s to the author, Hiromu Arakawa, what FMA managa meant in your life, reminiscing some of the memorable moment in your life that involved FMA managa, etc., etc., on this thread. happy.gif

If you post is mostly about your comments and thoughts for chapter 108 content, then please use Chapter 108, The Final Chapter, Content Discussion Thread.

If your post is mostly about your thoughts on the ending of FMA manga storyline/how the series has concluded, then please use FMA Manga Ending: Your Thoughts On How The Series Concluded thread.


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post Jun 15 2010, 06:18 PM
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Well, I had a really thoughtful and patient reply typed out, but a few minutes ago, my stinkin' computer decided to be mean and deleted it all. Accidentally, of course. (I don't think all you strangers care about this, so let's just get to the FMA part,xD).

I really really really don't want it to end honestly. I can't accept it just yet. It's too big a part of me, the only thing I can become lost in, where I can escape from the ordinary world of my life. I found it by watching a little comercial on a strange tv channel, which made me curious. I looked it up, and I quickly became hooked. I love everything about it, and I feel like I have known this story for so long, even though I found it only a few years ago.

I love the story for it's serious and realistic situations and emotions. It shows the harsh reality of life, and the consequences people can suffer for their actions. I love how that makes it different from other manga and anime. But I also love the light and funny parts woven into the story, making it even more likable. I loved Edward's hilarious and exaggerated responses to comments about his height, and all the humor in between. I liked Ed's and Al's sweet childhood memories, including those of their mother. I love how they promised to get their bodies back without using anyone's lives. I especially loved the magic of the alchemy, it was amazing!

The characters were all great, but I really like Edward (of course xD), Winry, and Alphonse. I love how Edward seems a little selfish, but also stubborn, immature, and strong willed. Deeper though, he's selfless and helps out anyone who's suffering. There's so much to him, and I think he was the biggest impact on me in the series. Winry is an amazing character for me. She has a mix of characteristics, being a tomboyish mechanic, and girly as well. She's stubborn (similar to Ed huh?), kind, empathetic, and always there to help the brothers out. And Alphonse, the kindhearted and patient brother, who had a love for cats (I do too!). I always liked his character!

I wish I could say that I cried after knowing how it ended (which was awesome, btw), but I can't believe I didn't. I just feel a vast emptiness, as others have described before, and I don't really know what to do now. I mean, I'll go on living my life, but I'll always remember when I watched the anime and read the manga right when the episodes and chapters came out. I'll always remember the feeling of knowing that it would still go on, and saying that "Oh, there's a new chapter of FMA coming out this month!" line.

However, I can't help but get the feeling that Hiromu Arakawa is going to make an extra or something, to show what exactly happened to everyone in the end. (this isn't an opinion on the content of the FMA manga chapter 108). I don't know, I may as well be wrong.

Oh well, xD. I have never read such a wonderful series (in my opinion, it's better than Naruto). I'm grateful to have found this, and to have accompanied Ed and Al throughout their journey. (this is like a sad goodbye to a friend). I'll always remember it. Thanks to Hiromu Arakawa for making the awesomest series, and giving so many people something to enjoy and hold close.

(I really hope I don't sound like a sentimental nerd. ahh, well, who cares? xD).
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