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Episode 56: The Return Of The Führer - Content Discussion Thread, Warning, possible spoilers for the first 56 episodes
post May 8 2010, 11:01 AM
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Talk-back/content discussion for English dubbed episode on Adult Swim starts on page 2. smile.gif

Please post the discussions on the content of episode 56 here.
This thread is declared as a Spoiler zone for the content of the first 56 episodes.

As exciting as the release of chapter 107 is, do not mention any spoilers here please.

Please don't ask for links on where to watch this episode, raw or subbed. Discussions on 'where to watch' belong in Where/How to Watch FMA Series 2. Don't post screencaps unless highlighting something important about the content of the episode. Just like on in most area's of the board, avoid one line posts, spam of any kind or conversations between two members.

Screenshots: see Broken Chouchou's post

Summary: Hohenheim reveals that he is working in tandem with the souls residing in himself, surprising Father. Father is attacked by the souls he took into himself from Hohenheim, but sheds his mortal shell, becoming a black phantom, resembling his flask form. Above, Fuhrer King Bradley/Wrath attacks the Briggs troops, making quick work of Buccaneer. However, Greed appears before he can attack Falman. The news of the Fuhrer's return are relayed to Mrs. Bradley at the radio station. Mustang's subordinates are forced to blame the coup on Major General Armstrong. Greed engages in battle with Wrath, with Buccaneer returning and taking Bradley's sword from him (by being impaled with it). Central troops move into the HQ, but are taken out by Fuu, who then comes to the aid of Greed and the others.
- © Penguintruth, used with his permission, taken from his blog.


Please follow these simple rules;

-Do not spam.
-Add spoiler tags to spoilers
-Do not go off topic
-Do not fight

Spam means one line posts that contain little content. "OMG that ep was so cool" would be an example of spam. If you enjoyed the episode please specify what you enjoyed so much, was there anything you didn't like?

Spoilers mean anything you know will happen in upcoming episodes. Not everybody reads the manga and you may reveal something they didn't know. For future episode discussion, please go to the relevant topic. If you are unsure how to use spoiler tags, please ask.

Going off topic means discussing a characters actions outside of the episode, or talking about the artwork, or upcoming episodes etc. I know this can happen easily so don't be upset if I move your posts or guide you in the right direction. Double check the forum for the right place to take your post, or if required, start a new topic.

Everybody can voice their opinion, and nobody is correct just as nobody is incorrect. Because none of you will spam (right?) people will justify why they didn't like something. You are welcome to say "well I like that part because..." but you CAN NOT say "no you are wrong because..."


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post May 10 2010, 05:02 AM
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(On a totally unrelated note, when the hell is chapter 107 going to be fanslated? I'm stressing out trying to dodge these spoilers and resist temptation)

This episode looked and sounded pretty great. The art was of considerable quality, the combat animation was superb and even the opening in the desert where that colour made all the difference.
Really good music as well. In the desert, in Father's lair, after Falman's stand and in the radio station. Were they all new?

Weird changes in the desert scene. He wasn't half-buried in the sand and instead of his mumbling as they carry him, it cuts to him on a horse? It's somehow not as good.

Stuff with Father was super bloody. Moreso than the manga, that makes a change. (I'm not bothered about the difference there though, and I liked the addition of showing some of the people Hohenheim named.
They seemed to cut around Father's new form eating his 'shell' though. What the-?
This scene also brings back my worry that the deus ex machina was getting heavy and that the series might be going off the rails. Soon it will be Dragonball Z energy balls and all kinds of crazy. :\

What the hell was with the change of location? All of a sudden the stairs are now a ridiculous cargo elevator shaft surrounded by stairs?
It was like something out of a video game, and a tank couldn't climb it. Not to mention the glass doors, what the f?!
Wrath messing the tank up was done awesomely, but yeah, for all the style there was some stupid decisions there.
Then there's the bizarre stuff with the Briggs guys fighting there later. It feels like they've made Briggs soldiers seem less tough in this episode, as well.

Falman's big moment was cool. I kinda wish he wasn't crying in either the manga or the anime tho'. :\
Buccaneer gets his awesometime, yay.

Since they were splitting scenes at the radio station, I kinda liked the new bit with Ross and Fuery taking cover by the windows.
I totally forgot about this part though, Briggs getting the blame.

The weird shaft thing made the Fuu part pretty ridiculous. Briggs guys shooting at him and him throwing his own cloak off, instead of Wrath stabbing it. It was still a cool reveal, but the manga totally did it better.

So, yeah.[/rant]

I made a blog about things.
(Disclaimer: blog may also contain stuff)
Please take a look. I'd appreciate any comments.
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Mr. Deathy
post May 10 2010, 07:00 AM
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QUOTE (Vagrant @ May 10 2010, 05:02 AM) *
The weird shaft thing made the Fuu part pretty ridiculous. Briggs guys shooting at him and him throwing his own cloak off, instead of Wrath stabbing it. It was still a cool reveal, but the manga totally did it better.

So, yeah.[/rant]

You know I think Fuu is one of the characters that has come off worst in Brotherhood. Only in like one episode do I feel like his design has even retained the proper look of the manga character and I can't think of any time he's really seemed very "cool" in Brotherhood, even when he was supposed to here.

I seriously hope They do his scenes next week justice. It's such an awesome way to go out and one of the manga's finest moments. I can't see any anime-only people giving a .... about the character though sadly.
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