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Episode 52: Everyone's Power - Content Discussion Thread, Warning, possible spoilers for the first 52 episodes
post Apr 10 2010, 12:11 PM
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Talk-back/content discussion for English dubbed episode on Adult Swim starts on page 3. smile.gif

Please post the discussions on the content of episode 52 here.
This thread is declared as a Spoiler zone for the content of the first 52 episodes.

Please don't ask for links on where to watch this episode, raw or subbed. Discussions on 'where to watch' belong in Where/How to Watch FMA Series 2. Don't post screencaps unless highlighting something important about the content of the episode. Just like on in most area's of the board, avoid one line posts, spam of any kind or conversations between two members.

Screenshots: please see Omni's Post.

Summary: Using the Philosopher's Stone, Alphonse battles Pride and Kimbley. Kimbley is impressed, but is curious as to why Alphonse hasn't used the stone to retrieve his body. Alphonse claims that the possibility exists to save everyone and regain his body. Kimbley argues that it's possible that neither will occur, and attacks using his own, refined stone. In Central, the Armstrong siblings take on Sloth, who proves to be the fastest of the homunculi. Pride seemingly gains the advantage against Alphonse, but it turns out to be a trap. Heinkel comes from behind Kimbley and bites his neck. Edward, Scar, and the other chimera continue to fight the homunculi army, who try disabling them by taking out their legs. As Pride taunts Alphonse and his group, a car comes out of nowhere and hits him. The car is driven by none other than Yoki, who helps the others escape. Alone with a dying Kimbley, Pride decides to devour him like he did with Gluttony. Back at Central HQ, the troops who corner Olivier are attacked by the homunculi army and she tells them to make a choice between dying or making a stand. Beneath Central, Envy chases Mei. In the room where Ed and the others are, they are beginning to get overwhelmed, but Roy and Riza arrive. Penguintruth, used with permission


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Broken Chouchou
post Apr 12 2010, 01:04 PM
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As I've already mentioned, I haven't read this part of the manga, so didn't know how things would play out dead on, which was a nice change. Slightly mixed feelings about this episode though, to be honest. It was pretty good, but in comparison to last weeks, which slightly much blew me away, it was a minor letdown. Animation was overall more consistent here, but the music was not used as well at all.

Some comments:

- I liked the fight against Pride and Kimbley. Alphonse handled himself pretty well out there, both in terms of wooping some butt, and also of course in looking awesome while doing it. Both the sword sequence and the dragon transmutation were pretty neat, I especially found the angles of the latter to be damn cool.

- Yoki saving the day, I really felt his bravery tongue.gif While it was lolful, it was still epic, and a little moving in a way, no one had expected him to come out there. But he did.

- Kimbley getting bitten was lacking on impact for me, could have been much, much better. But the scene afterwards, where he is lying in pain on the ground, struggling for breath, almost made up for it. Pride eating him was definitely creepy and disturbing enough in my opinion.

- But really, despite some pretty good scenes on Al and co's part, Olivier and Alex owned this episode. The Opening song did not feel right for me, while Ed was fighting zombies. The scene itself wasn't powerful or emotional in any way. So I thought that was lame. But then it transitioned to Alex and Olivier, the former being all noble in a moment of epic heroicness. HERE the song fitted, accompanying - or even enhancing - the scene very well. Quite nice.

- About the zombies, I really feel they missed out on some "scariness" potential. They don't really feel like that much of a big deal, and they're not treated as one either, by neither directors or characters. Not until towards the end of the episode, anyway. Also, why is there no gore? I felt this goes for Heinkel snogging with Kimbley as well, snd some Sloth parts. This show has already shown it can be more brutal than the manga, so why the timidness now?

- Mustang's entrance to the scene was good. But the ending of the episode was a bit awkward.


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