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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?, A series of anecdotes about the history of Amestrian aviation
Katya Martin
post Apr 9 2010, 11:17 PM
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Rating: General Audiences
Pairings: Royai and Edwin are assumed to have been confirmed.
Other assumptions: 20 or so years post-manga; relevant Gate tolls have been recovered, Roy has become President and completed his term. Otherwise, none really.. If the story starts relying on any other plot assumptions, I will update the disclaime

I've had this cracky theory for a while that years after the manga, after Roy has married Riza and Ed has married Winry and they have started families (three and two kids respectively), the youngest Mustang kid and the older Elric kid, having been friends since childhood and both obsessed with all things Science, begin to develop air travel. This thread will be a series of anecdotes chronicling their adventures, starting with insane teenage stunts and moving on towards funded research as they grow up. Comments and critiques would be greatly appreciated.

One: In which the fifteen-year-old Yurey Elric and Alyssa Mustang, the latter having spent the summer in Resembool learning about machines from Winry Elric, reveal what their pocket money and research have yielded (in the most parent-worrying way possible)

It was a clear and windless day, he noted as he opened the front door to let the dog out. Nice day for a picnic. He heard his wife clattering around the kitchen, and wandered in, thinking he should probably help, or something. "They're not going to be here until lunchtime," he reminded her as she bustled about making sandwiches.

She shrugged. "I figured I might as well get it out of the way." She passed him the bag of bread and a knife. "Here, you finish making the sandwiches, and I'll get some fruit together."

As they worked, he asked, "Are the kids up yet?"

"No. Teenagers... ours probably get it from you."

"Hey, I had a reason for sleeping so much--"

She elbowed him playfully, knocking his right arm gently. "I know you did, silly. They'll wake up soon enough. Hm... that's Ander barking, isn't it? Go see what he's on about, will you?"

"Probably just a squirrel, spastic dog..." But he went all the same.

He couldn't find the dog at first. Eventually the unceasing barking led him to the old barn up the road. The kids had played there when they were younger, but didn't really go there anymore. The dog turned at his approach, and pointed his nose past the barn. "I'm coming, I'm coming," he told the dog.

As he rounded the side of the barn, a loud whirring noise began. He heard shouting. He broke into a jog-- that was his son's voice, and that was his son's friend. They were probably messing about with some old car or something, and he should probably stop them.

The sight that greeted him behind the barn was far more alarming than a pair of joyriding teenagers. A... thing was there, looking for all the world like a giant kite on wheels with windmills attached. His son was standing behind it, ready to push as an engine spun the blades faster and faster. A pair of booted feet were visible out the back of the contraption: that idiot! His son started to run, pushing the contraption toward the hill, yelling something. The girl responded. He couldn't hear them over the roar of the blades. "Yurey!" he shouted, but his son didn't hear.

They were heading up the big hill behind the barn. He sprinted after, wondering in horror what they could possibly be trying to pull. He was gaining... but the machine reached the top of the hill first, and as Yurey yelled "TAKEOFF!" he could only watch in horror as the machine flew off the hillside.

He heard the girl give a victory shout as he caught up with his son, who was continuing to run behind the flying machine. Catching his son's shoulder, he spun the boy toward him, asking "What the hell's that?"

"Dad! Isn't it awesome? Alyssa and I built a flying machine-- we're calling it an aeroplane!" Urey replied gleefully, continuing to jog after the machine. "We've been doing research and prototyping all summer, and it finally works well enough to be piloted!"

"Of all the insane stunts... you idiot! Do you realize that that's ex-President Mustang's youngest daughter ten meters up? Do you remember that the idiot Colo--Presi--idiot and his family are visiting today to pick her up from apprenticing for your mother? Do you realize that this will end with all of us crisped and full of holes? Except you, because your mother and I will have dealt with you first!" he shouted, losing his breath. He was nearly under the thing now; he could hear the girl's wild laughter through the whirr of the thing's engines. When he got in front of it, he could transmute a pillar to safely catch it...

The thing crossed the main road, some people looking up from the fields to exclaim. He continued to run relentlessly after it, his son passing him to run under it again... catching the thing was more important than catching the boy right now. He ran out into the road.

Screeching tires added to the cacophony, as a car nearly hit him. The driver got out, exclaiming, "What the hell, Fullmetal?"

Oh. No. They were early, and they were witnessing the insane proceedings. The driver of the car chased after him, yelling "Seriously, Elric, what's going on?"

"My damn kid... and your damn kid... have managed to pull off the craziest stunt I have ever seen..." he yelled over his shoulder, still sprinting. The older man slowly caught up to him, gaining speed from the knowledge that his daughter was somehow involved. The woman in the passenger seat sighed and hopped over, pulling the car off the road, then got out and followed at a brisk walk, trailed by the two older teenagers who piled out of the back seat in curiosity.

"What have they gotten into, Ed?" demanded ex-President Roy Mustang, running alongside.

"That," Ed said simply, reaching out an arm to point at the plane. It was beginning to slowly descend, and Alyssa and Yurey were shouting back and forth.

"...But what is it?" Mustang asked incredulously, then shouted, "Young lady, you are in serious trouble!"

Yurey turned, visibly terrified; Alyssa said something inaudible that probably involved swearing profusely. Yurey swallowed his fear, his determined gaze clearly declaring "For Science!", and continued to chase the plane. "Tree!" he yelled, as the plane approached one.

Edward clapped his hands and lunged for the ground, creating a platform to shove himself into the air, but before he reached the plane, it banked awkwardly, avoiding the tree. Yurey cheered and kept running. Ed reached the ground, rejoining Mustang, and continued the chase. Forgetting all etiquette he began a litany of "what I'm going to do with that miserable son of mine once this is done with."

The plane flew low over an empty field, and Yurey shouted, "Wheels!" Something clanked and the frame of the plane shook, and a set of wheels extended from its underside. The first impact was a bouncing, awkward one; the plane lifted up a few feet, then set down more smoothly, slowing to a halt. Yurey ran around to the front and helped the black-haired girl clamber out. The two teenagers looked utterly terrified of the wrath of their respective parents, but entirely exhilarated as well.

"YOU IDIOTS!" Mustang and Ed yelled simultaneously. Each grabbed their shaking offspring by the shoulders and began loud, rushed lectures about what were they thinking and they could have died and why did they not even consult Mrs. Elric on the matter, as she would have had some safety suggestions. Each teenager protested something about precautions taken, both citing the alkahestry knives Yurey had been carrying in case the plane needed to be caught and the homemade parachute strapped to Alyssa's back, but their arguments were quickly drowned out.

The rest of the Mustang family were catching up, inquiring as to what exactly had just happened. Roy was digging in his pockets for some source of sparks; he'd get rid of the thing on the spot. Ed wanted to bring it back-- in pieces, of course-- for Winry to look over. The two men turned their arguments on each other, leaving their children glancing furtively at each other and sneaking back to grab tow-lines on the front of the plane and begin to drag it back towards the road. Alyssa's family joined them, and their faces grew truly terrified as Alyssa's mother began a properly stern lecture.

Somehow some form of agreement was reached. When Winry had finished with the lunches and woken her daughter up, she headed out front to look for Ed-- and presumably, her son and her student. She was greeted with an incredibly strange sight: The Mustangs' shiny new car, packed full and towing a bizarre machine after it. It parked in front of the hose, and Urey and Alyssa spilled out of the back seat, pulling the machine away. Winry ran to find out what exactly was going on. Alphonse Elric, arriving a bit late, was also incredibly confused by the scene, and then mildly shocked at what his nephew and friends' daughter had accomplished.

After a great deal of arguing, lecturing of reckless teenagers, and scientific analysis ("How'd it go, anyway?" Winry had to ask), the planned lunch was had, the adults returning to the civilized conversation (and casual, habitual insults) that had been the point of the visit, and the siblings of the mad aviators pestering them incessantly. Both were grounded (the irony did not escape them) for draconian periods of time, but they knew the discoveries had only begun...
To be continued.


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post Jun 16 2010, 11:04 PM
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I like it. Very in character for Ed, Roy and Winry. I like the writting style, its clean and simple and not too discriptive, but very image rendering. and funny :} very funny.

the only critique I can give is that, there is one part that caused me a tiny bit of confusion. In the part where Ed is chasing the flying machine right after its taken off:

' as he caught up with his son, who was continuing to run behind the flying machine. Catching his son's shoulder, he spun the boy toward him, asking "What the hell's that?"

"Dad! Isn't it awesome? Alyssa and I built a flying machine-- we're calling it an aeroplane!" Urey replied gleefully, continuing to jog after the machine.

the way that you have worded Ed spinning his son around and the boy continuing to run after the plane, mixed with the mispelling of the kids name, led me to beleive that two of Ed's kids were chasing the plane. Maybe reword it so that the boy turns back and continues chasing.

I do hope you continue this one, good story :} speak_cool.gif
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