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Episode 50: Upheaval In Central - Content Discussion Thread, Warning, possible spoilers for the first 50 episodes
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post Mar 27 2010, 11:13 AM
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Talk-back/content discussion for English dubbed episode on Adult Swim starts on page 3. smile.gif

Please post the discussions on the content of episode 50 here.
This thread is declared as a Spoiler zone for the content of the first 50 episodes.

Please don't ask for links on where to watch this episode, raw or subbed. Discussions on 'where to watch' belong in Where/How to Watch FMA Series 2. Don't post screencaps unless highlighting something important about the content of the episode. Just like on in most area's of the board, avoid one line posts or spam of any kind.

Screenshots: see Omni's Post.

Full Screenshots: over at livejournal, provided by Moogledaime usually a couple days after episode has aired.

Summary: Roy Mustang and his group are joined by troops from the East who support them. The higher-ups notice that Roy's group is not killing anybody, only disabling them. In the council room, Olivier mocks the other officials for the weakness of their soldiers. She suggests taking over the Central toops herself, but is told that she's only there to restrain the Briggs troops. She laughs at this, as she is sure if it came to that, her troops would abandon her instead of giving in. Elsewhere, Briggs troops, led by Buccaneer, prepare to go into battle at a location in Central. As Roy's troops run out of ammo, help arrives in the form of an ammo-filled supply truck. Roy finds Maria Ross in the front, and it's revealed the person who put it all together is none other than Jean Havoc. Edward, Hohenheim, Scar, and the chimera (save for Heinkel, who is hurt) head for Central. Mei is in Central with Envy and heads to the underground. Olivier kills one of the generals and injures another. Pride's clanging on Alphonse's head is heard by Father in Central. Edward and the group enter the path to Father via Laboratory 3, where they split up into groups. One of the remaining officers activates the white "immortal army" homunculi, whose screams can be heard by everyone. - © Penguintruth, used with permission.

Extra: Sorry this is open so early, will not be able to get on the internet later. UK and other European countries remember it is our Daylight Savings tomorrow so check times carefully.


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Broken Chouchou
post Mar 29 2010, 10:14 AM
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Lots of great new music. Didn't feel all too excited about the happenings of this episode though, didn't have much impact on me - not sure if that's whether because I'm ridicilously tired and wasn't very receptible, or if there was something else behind it. It was almost only action, which I would have enjoyed had it been more... intense perhaps. It felt like very light action, there was no real thrill about it.

I did get goosebumps though when Maria revealed herself, it was 30 episodes since we saw her last. And the zombie dolls coming to life freaked the sh*t out of me ohmy.gif Pretty darn creepy, wasn't expecting them to start screaming like that O_O Sucks to be Ed and co right about now. More so than in the manga, considering scariness factor XD Also, in the prieview, the dolls looked really good, with the fleshy wounds and blood stains around their mouths. They seem so much creepier animated.

Another thing in the preview was Ed looking a bit odd, I thought. I don't know if any of you will understand what I'm going with here, but I thought that the way he was animated reminded a bit of an 80's/90's anime, stylistically; the shape of his (big) eyes (with huge whites), his face and facial impression in general, and maybe the bright red hue of his coat contributed. The slowish zoom with the white speed lines may have helped, too. Not sure how to explain it better, but that's the impression I got tongue.gif

(Oh, and Olivier looks totally hot in the last shot XP)


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