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Believe, Everything is gonna be alright. Be Strong. Believe. [EdWin]
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I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist or any of the characters from the series, manga, blah blah. I do, however own a hanful of OC's and I hope you enjoy every one of them!

Summary: After spending five, heart wrenching years in Germany, Edward has returned home to Amestris. Though it seems like he has indeed seen the worst, his spirit has not been broken. He is determined to finally settle down and live a happy life.



Numbness, yet overexertion was throbbing throughout his entire body. He could feel the years of abuse nagging at his bones, stiffening his joints. Deciding that now was the time to open his eyes and greet his surroundings, the man lifted his heavy eyelids. Darkness. He sat up, trying to ignore the shooting pains that were racing up and down his spine, and waited a few moments for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. The man's eyes suddenly grew wide with shock and disbelief.

"This looks like..."

He then stood to his feet, brushing away any debris that may have settled on his torn and ragged excuses for clothing. He headed toward the lighted town, squinting and rubbing his eyes, making sure that he was indeed where he thought he was. Realization struck and a familiar, wide, and teethy grin shone in the night.


Edward Elric was home, back in Amestris. He was free.

Chapter One:
All That's Left of Yesterday


"I love him, Al. Ever since we were little kids I've loved him...and I always will." the twenty two year old said as she folded a long lock of blonde hair behind her ear.

"I know you do, Winry." The young man seated next to her shifted a bit and then looked back at her. She was sitting with her knees curled up to her chest, resting her chin on her hands. He knew his brother loved her too, but he also understood that it wasn't his place to say. "Look, I know...it's hard. You just can't give up on him yet. Even if he is back in Germany, I know for a fact that he's not just messing around over there. He misses both of us and he would never even dream of giving up on a way back to us, that's just how Ed is. Even though it seems nearly impossible for him to come back, he's way too stubborn to actually believe it and let it go. You should know that already."

Winry chuckled a bit, she knew he was right. "Same old Ed." she sighed, looking over at Al.

Alphonse Elric was flesh and bone, soul and body united. She was so happy that he was finally out of that armor, but at the same time, she just couldn't show happiness. It had left her the day that Ed went back through The Gate to Germany. She knew that he did it on her and Al's behalf, all of Amestris actually, but especially Winry and Alphonse, He was going to protect them at any cost, even if it meant never seeing them again, so long as they were alive and safe. She was furious, it was just like Edward Elric to up and leave without saying goodbye. He just ran off when she was done putting on his new automail after replacing the sorry excuses for an arm and leg that he had been dealing with. She had a feeling that he knew what was about to take place, she knew that Ed was planning on going back through The Gate and yet, the last thing he said to her was to find a place to hide. How ridiculous. Classic Ed. But, she just couldn't bring herself to hate him over it though. He must have known that if he had tried to say goodbye to her, she would beg for him not to leave and make it harder on both of them.

"It is hard though, I don't even know if I'll ever be able to tell him I love him. I had so many opportunities and I was too scared to just say it."

"You will get to say it to him, I promise. I know my brother, he will find a way back here, Winry, just don't give up on him." Al reassured, looking at the young woman worriedly. He stretched an arm around Winry and pulled her in for a hug.

"Even if I do have the chance, what would he say? He'd probably laugh at me or think I was crazy."

"He wouldn't."

She looked up at Al, "How do you know?"

"I just know it, you two have way too much history for him to just write off powerful words like that and besides," Al looked over at Winry with a smirk, "I always knew you guys would end up together."

Winry blushed and playfully punched Al in the shoulder. He laughed and began rubbing it. His eyes fell as he changed the subject.



"At night, when you think everyone's sleeping...I hear you..."

She looked over at him alarmed, "Al...I-"

"I hear you crying and asking him why, why he had to leave us. Just please, don't give up on my brother." he asked again. He could see tears welling up in her sapphire eyes. Late at night when she thought Al and Pinako were deep asleep, she would let out the grief that she tried to hold back during the day. It helped her cope somehow, almost as if she was grieving over a death. Sometimes Winry thought that if she cried enough, one day there wouldn't be any tears left and she could move on.

"I just..." she said choking back tears.


"I just hate this, Al!" she sobbed, burying her face in her hands.

"I know, its gonna be okay, I promise." He said, pulling her back in to comfort the woman he knew his brother loved. They were meant to be together, no two people were more perfect for each other than Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell, Al was sure of it. He remembered that day, watching his brother leaving him, his last blood relative walking out of his life, he was screaming for Ed not to go, that he was crazy and not thinking, and that there was another solution that would keep everyone safe, but Ed wouldn't budge. Al had all confidence in his brother, even though he did not want to admit it, he knew that Ed was doing the right thing. He remembered, just as Ed was turing to leave, he said to him, "Tell her to wait for me." That is why he was so sure of his older brother. Edward was not one to create false pretenses. He did return Al back to his body after all.

Winry laid down in the grass, looking up at the orange and pink sky with distant eyes. The sun was setting and they needed to head back to the house to help Pinako with dinner. It had definitely been quite a journey, but inside, the two friends knew that it wasn't over. Not quite yet.

Dinner was quiet. Pinako was looking at the two with concern in her eyes. Al wasn't paying attention to anything she was saying and Winry was picking at her food. Something was going on.

"Alright," Pinako said, standing up, pulling a match out of her apron pocket. She made her way over to the kitchen counter and picked up her pipe. She pulled some tobacco out from the cabinet, stuffed it in the tobacco chamber and lit it."Tell me what happened you two."

Her words pulled Al out of his gaze and Winry looked over at her grandmother.

"Nothing really, Granny. It's just been a hard day..."

"Well, it's not like there's anything that can be done now is there? He said he was coming back, did he not, Alphonse?"

"Yes ma'am." Al said with full confidence.

"Well, then that's that. Winry, you should know better than anyone, they always come home, he will come home."


"Thats enough for tonight." she said calmly, heading for the front door to let Den out and to finish her pipe outside. She hated seeing her granddaughter like this, it was tearing her apart. She knew Winry's parents wouldn't like seeing their daughter in this state either.

Winry stood up and started clearing the plates, cups, and silverware off of the wooden table.

"I got it, Win." Al said taking the dishes from Winry's hands. "You go upstairs and get some rest, alright?"

She looked at her best friend and smiled, "Thank you." Winry slowly walked towards the stairs, she knew that she had to stop being so pessimistic. Al had so much faith in his brother and she longed to feel the same. He was so content with the situation, so full of confidence in Ed. She was ashamed that she didn't feel the same. Would it kill her to have a little faith in the man she loves?

"Hey, Winry?" Al said as she reached the top of the stairs. "Try and get some actual sleep tonight, too." he smiled at her and resumed washing the dishes.

She smiled back and walked over to her bedroom door, opening it, and quietly closing it behind her. She decided then and there that she was going to change her attitude completely. She didn't want to let Ed down, she knew he wouldn't like her moping around the house over him, anyway. It'd embarrass the poor guy.
Pulling her covers away, she tucked herself into her bed. She started thinking about her future and the day that Edward would finally come home, for good this time. She smiled at the thought and turned over in her bed, drifting off to sleep.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Three months passed by in the blink of an eye. Winry was up and around the house more, taking on more customers of her own at the shop, she even started working on a new arm and leg for Ed. Guessing the measurements, she knew that she could always go back and fix them if she was off. Before, she would spend most of the day in bed, until Pinako would drag her out and make her help with a customer or urge her to spend some time outside. She hated herself for it, too. But, for the first time in five years, she finally felt alive again.

"Hey, Al!" Winry yelled, waving at Al who was walking back from town with three large bags of groceries. She was hanging up some wet clothes on the line in the front yard and started walking toward him after she hung up the last of the clothes.

"Hey!" he shouted back, struggling to keep hold of the grocery bags. Winry laughed at the sight of him. She had offered to go with him, but he said he would like to take a walk alone, then she offered to call Nelly and ask for Al to borrow a horse and wagon, so he wouldn't have to carry the load for the four miles it is back from town to the house, but he refused.

"Silly, I knew I should've called Nelly!" she laughed, taking one of the bags from the obviously exhausted Al.

"Nah," he said huffing and puffing his way up the porch stairs. "I needed the exercise."

"Well? Feel better?"

"Heh, yea I guess, but now my back's killing me." He sat the large bags on the dining room table and rubbed his lower back. Winry laughed, waving her hand at the hopeless matter. He sat down and she poured him a large glass of lemonade. She started putting the groceries away while humming a tune. Pinako was in the shop, working on an automail order, and Den was laying on the rug in the living room floor.

"I'm glad you seem to be doing better these days." Al said, sitting the glass down after gulping down half of his drink.

"Yea, it's gotten a little easier. Seeing you so confident in him has really helped me." she sighed, putting some chicken away in the fridge for dinner later.

"I'm glad I could help you, Winry." the younger brother smiled.

Pinako emerged from the small shop that was connected to the house, she smiled at her granddaughter and then at Al.

"Why don't you go and do a final check on that arm for Mr. Smith, kid?" she said to Winry taking some apples out of her hands and putting them away for her. "I'm not as sharp as I used to be, wouldn't want to mess up a loyal client's automail." she winked.

"Aw, I'm sure you didn't miss anything, you're a perfectionist, Granny. I'll go check for you though, I want to see how it turned out." Winry bent down and kissed her grandmother on the forehead and made her way to the shop. Al was still sitting at the table, he then got up to sit on the couch with Den. Pinako put away the remaining groceries, poured herself a glass of lemonade and came to sit by Al.

"Alphonse," she said, taking a sip of her lemonade.

"Hm?" he looked up from petting Den.

"Thank you, I know you've been helping Winry through this. It's almost like she's her old self again, but I know she won't be entirely happy until she sees your brother come through that door." she sighed and took another sip of her drink.

"You're welcome, Auntie."

"What makes you so sure that he's coming? Really, it's been five years already..."

"I know how long it's been." he started, looking down at his feet. "Ed is coming home. I promise you." He looked back up at her and she sighed. "He told me, before he went through The Gate, he told me to tell Winry to wait for him. Auntie, he wouldn't tell me that if he wasn't sure he would make it home." she looked at Al surprised.


"Well, how did the connection between our worlds show up in the first place? If it happened once, it can happen again. I know my brother, he won't stop until he finds a way, he's going to come home someday."

Pinako nodded at his words and stood up from the couch, "Then we'll be here waiting until then." she smiled at Al and returned to the kitchen. Winry emerged from the shop a few minutes later shaking her head in amusement.

"I told you, Granny, you're a perfectionist." she smiled at her grandmother.

"Hm." Pinako finished drying her clean glass and then sat it on the dish rack to dry. She knew she hadn't missed a single screw on the order, she had done a final check herself. She just wanted to talk to Al in private, afraid that bringing up Edward would upset her granddaughter.

After dinner, Pinako and Winry went into the shop to start on another customer's order. Al decided to sit on the porch for a while and Den headed out after him to keep him company.

"I smell rain." Alphonse sighed looking over at Den. The dog barked as if agreeing to what he was saying. Then turned his head quickly and started barking at something coming up the dirt road.

"Shh, it's alright, boy." Al calmed the dog, but he continued barking. Al squinted his eyes at the dark figure who seemed to be limping and struggling with each step. Al gasped when the figure came close enough to make out who he was.


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