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20 Facts About Yourself
post Sep 9 2009, 06:05 PM
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State Alchemist (Colonel)

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This seems like fun

1. My name is Hannah
2. It is a palindrome
3. I have one brother, he is older
4. I want to be an elementary school teacher
5. I am 5'10"
6. I weigh 120-125 lbs, not sure the exact number I don't weigh myself
7. I have blonde hair, but sometimes it looks red
8. I have blue-green eyes but depending on what i am wearing they can look blue, grey, or grey
9. I can juggle
10.I am 19, going to be 20 in February
11.My brother was the one to introduce me to FMA, now I am more obsessed with it than him
12. I like to bake cookies and brownies
13. My legs are 41 inches long
14. I love living at college
15. I am a member of my college's anime club, we do other things besides watch anime
16. I am in college and I still play four square, but hey it is an awesome game.
17. I suck at math
18. I can be a competitive person
19. I have a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do
20. I check this website everyday for FMA updates.
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post Sep 15 2009, 06:52 PM
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State Alchemist (Major)

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From: Southern U.S. (I moved, I'm not a redneck.)
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20 facts is a little much, but I'll give it a shot

1. My name is Kristen. (Though, no one calls me that here. XD)
2. I have brown hair.
3. I have brown eyes.
4. I am short.
5. I've been informed that I speak formally. Lots say I speak like an old woman.
6. My adult friend to peer friend ratio is probably 50%/50%. I have a lot of respect for my elders.
7. I usually dress in flowy and colorful clothes. Kinda like a hippy.
8. I'm pretty intelligent and political. I always have my 2 cents on something if you ask me.
9. I love travel.
10. I'm a good artist. Sketching is my specialty, though I'm not very good with anime.
11. I'm want to be an author when I get older, which means I'm gonna have to mooch off my future husband for the most part. XD (Gotta find a rich guy!)
12. I get good grades except in math.
13. I usually get to bed pretty early. (Around 9:00 or so.)
14. I live in the south. I have to deal with a lot of rednecks.
15. My parents are divorced.
16. I have one brother and one sister. Both older than me.
17. I'm just scrounging for facts about myself right now... I don't have much character, it seems...
18. I'm not very good with modern technology.
19. I'm in the marching band.
20. I play the tuba.


Sig set by me. The original art is by BlueMoon.Crystal

"I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances."
-Martha Washington

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post Sep 24 2009, 04:04 AM
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From: PHILIPPINES!!! >:))
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Gender: Female


1: My whole name is Franchesca.
2: My nickname is Fran which is a rare name.
3: I live in the Philippines.
4: I loved anime ever since I was 5 years old.
5: My cousins influenced me to watch anime.
6: My first anime was Dragon Ball.
7: I was labeled as a tomboy by my relatives because when I was a kid I hang out more with my boy cousins.
8: I'm an atheist.
9: I study in an all girls school.
10: Single since birth.
11: I'm a first year student.
12: I was born on Dec. 1 1995.
13: I'm 1/4 American.
14: I'm 13 turning 14.
15: I want to be a surgeon.
16: I'm obsessive compulsive with my things. I want everything in order.
17: I'm a member of the math club and debate club of my school.
18: I love history!
19: I'm friendly and talkative.
20: I speak Japanese.



I DON'T own the avatar and the signature. Signature was customized by me. :)
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post Sep 28 2009, 12:32 AM
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From: Over there somewhere ^^
Member No.: 71,163
Gender: Female

1.) I've been nicknamed DaiDai
2.) I'm a nice person, I hope XD
3.)I've only gotten into anime about a year ago
4.) FMA is my fave shounen manga
5.) Hana Kimi is my fave shoujo
7.) Hana Kimi was the first manga I read
7.) I play flute
8.) I'm learning violin
9.) I'm easily bored
10.) I go to a co-ed school
11.) I have heaps of friends (guys and girls)
12.) Apparently, I'm exremely curious and weird
12.) I love to make new friends but am pretty shy...
13.) I'm trying to think of a no 13
14.) I have MSN
15.) And I use it alot
16.) I have bebo
17.) I go on facbeook wayyy too much
18.) I speak only 2 languages =(
19.) I'm a Royai fan
20.) I like uh... Angels and Demons XD

Aww, I feel like a loner on here XD
~You said that time is the best teacher of all,
but somehow, all its students seem to die...

~ Extremely pissed off at the end of Hana Yori Dango

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Serb Alchemist
post Sep 28 2009, 04:11 PM
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From: Belgrade, Great Serbia
Member No.: 69,818
Gender: Male

I need more then 20 smile.gif

1. My name is ALEKSANDAR SAŠA MIRKOVIĆ, 19 years old.
2. I have blue eyes, blue hair.
3. I am 205 cm. tall, and I weight 100 kg.
4. I have about 24 nicknames (some of them: Saša, Miki, Mirko, Komir, Shorty, Srbin, Lepi...) I have a lot of friends.
5. I understand, and I can speak 10 different languages: Serb, Montenegrin, Croatian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Greek, English, Russian, French and German.
6. My family is huuuuge.
7. I am a professional basketball player.
8. I'm pretty intelligent and political. I am national socialist, and I love my country more then anything.
9. I am a football (soccer) hooligan, I live for Partizan Belgrade, I am a member of Gravediggers firm.
10. I study Geoeconomy on Megatrend University here in Belgrade.
13. I am a member of Nacionalni Stroj.
14. I looove Ice Hockey, and I am a huge fan of Boston Bruins, and Milan Lučić.
15. I love to travel, I was in every European country, I was also in USA, China, Japan.
16. I am a biggest fan of Linkin Park, here in Serbia.
17. I have a girlfriend, we are together for 8 months now.
18. I am making album art for bends.
19. I am an Orthodox, and I am very religious.
20. I have many friends in Russia.

Kosovo is Serbia, Our Holly Land!!!!

Oh Serbia our mother, do not grieve.
Call us, just call us
All the falcons will
Give their life for you!
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post Sep 29 2009, 01:02 AM
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Moderator Emeritus

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From: a land called Honah Lee
Member No.: 6,466
Gender: Not Telling

Serb Alchemist - I have edited your post. We DO NOT promote racial hate on this website, nor hate of any kind. I do not wish to see it again anywhere.


Avatar & Sig by me.
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The Bearded One
post Sep 29 2009, 01:44 PM
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From: Houston, yeah it sucks
Member No.: 71,214
Gender: Male

1. I have brown hair.
2. I have green eyes.
3. Iím 6í2í (187.9 cm).
4. I have 4 cats.
5. Iím Taoist.
6. I meditate every day for 30 minutes.
7. I have 11 cousins, 5 uncles [1 deceased] and 5 aunts
8. I like old rock music.
9. I love Japanese film [Kurosawa, Mizoguchi, Miazaki etc.]
10. Iím missing the first digit on my ring finger on the left hand.
11. I spend about 3 hours on the computer every day.
12. Nihongo wo hanashimasu. [I speak Japanese]
13. My sister introduced me to Fullmetal Alchemist.
14. My hair is long for a guy [shoulder length]
15. I love winter and snow although I have to travel to see it.
16. I love it when it rains.
17. Iíve had my nose broken 4 times.
18. I hate it when people act stupid.
19. Iím politically independent [neither right nor left].
20. This is the fifth forum on which I have membership
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post Sep 29 2009, 03:40 PM
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From: The Bunny Hell
Member No.: 47,159
Gender: Female

1. My name is Maria Angela Intriago (M.A.I!!!)
2. I'm 15 years old.
3. I have a lot of nicknames (*twitch* Some which I hate) my favorites are Mai and Usa-chan
3. I'm struggling between choosing between wiccan or celt beliefs.
4. I'm into profesional dancing. (Ball room dancing!)
5. My favorite anime is FMA and my favorite (live action XD) movie is Moulin Rouge.
6. I love bunnies and sparkly things :3
7. I know it's a bad thing but....I'm reaally greedy. (I'm the kind of person that belives you can get happines trough small things...a small mansion, a small yatch and a small Ferrari ^-^)
8. I have four sisters.
9. I love reading, listening to music, dancing, watching anime, writing, playing the violin, hanging out with my friends.
10. Yes...I play the violin, a little guitar, some piano, flute and I sing (Either if it's good or bad I dont know XDXD)
11. I'm a fan of crime...the Mafia, the perfect robbery, criminal masterminds....I'm into the kind of stuff XDXD
12. I've just realised it's hard for me to finish things...for example...I know a little of japanese, italian, french and portuguese but I havent finished learning them completly XDXD
13. I love ALL kinds of music!!
14. I HATE cold...tomatos...bones...and any girl that gets close to my dream guys. (Either fictional or real)
15. I hate rules...I just follow the ones I approve ^-^U
16. I get bored easily so I need NEW THINGS!!
17. I have a mania with love and cupid and fashion.
18. I talk A LOT!
19. In a period of time I plan to work at least once as a bartender. (Soo many cool cockatails to make!!!)
20. My deepest secret is the fact I still dont know what I wanna do cause I have TOO many dreams and goals. My darkest fear is failure, failing to my family, to myself....to my dreams. And my biggest dream is being free.


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Meitantei Conan
post Oct 3 2009, 12:52 AM
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State Alchemist (Lt. Colonel)

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From: South Lake Tahoe
Member No.: 42,299
Gender: Male

1] My name is Matthew

2] Im a guy

3]I'm diabetic

4]I don't really like it when people call me Matt, Matthew is the name i like to be called by.

5]I own a Japanese Ps2, and an American, both are white.

6]I have both my ears pierced.

7]I have one tattoo on my right leg, and Its about a game, Let see if you can guess :]

8]My all time favorite game is Kingdom Hearts

9]I'm 19

10]My all time favorite anime is DBZ, but My favorite anime to this modern time is Detective Conan

11]Music is life for me ^^

12]Eminem is my favorite rapper.

13]Im a white boy

14]I text too much.

15]My favorite actor is Adam Sandler

16]Favorite Sport: Basketball

17]Im Lame :]

18]to be honest, I don't care about what people think of me, so don't try to talk smack, you're making yourself look like an idiot.(yes thats a fact I dont care)


20]California is where I live that I do!

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post Oct 3 2009, 02:57 AM
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State Alchemist (Major)

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From: Owl City
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Gender: Female

1. My name is Anne Catherine (Mhacy for short smile.gif )
2. Anime/Manga is a part of life
3. Edward Elric is my most favorite character.
4. I lived in the Philippines smile.gif
5. I'm a Roman Catholic.
6. Michael Jackson was the best singer for me..no one can ever surpass him.
7. I hate comb, powder, lotion, accessories or anything that a normal girl loves to do, to make, to use...etc..I just can't relate..(But I'm combing my hair before going to school, after taking a bath and after I woke up. I'll look crazy if I don't do that tongue.gif)
8. I'm an anti-social type of person. I don't have a lots of friend but it doesn't matter because my worth as a person is not measured by how many friends I have^^
9. I love to draw but I'm not good at it.
10. I love using English though sometimes I missed or altered some words that made my grammar wrong, I hope I'll improve this time.
11. I love my Family so much, They're my most precious treasure!
12. I'm a certified member of trP. dHuD'z and United Students of Copernicus.
13. I hate looking in the mirror.
14. I love Royai Tandem^^
15. I'm short-tempered..
16. Unlike Ed, I love milk xP
17. My hair is long and black biggrin.gif
18. I dreamed of becoming a writer/mangaka someday.
19. My goal is to finish college and take the board exam.
20. I'm a proud FMA Fanatic^^


Just say...." I DO....."
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post Oct 3 2009, 03:05 PM
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Master Alchemist

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From: Wrapped in my own Ego
Member No.: 31,420
Gender: Male

1. I am making a post,
2. I hold this thread in contempt,
3. I am certain no one is honestly interested in any facts posted in this thread,
4. This fact is filling space,
5. Even you don't care about most of the facts you posted,
6. I am learning stuff in a place that teaches stuff, none of this is interesting,
7. I live in a country you may or may not wish to visit,
8. I was born a number of years ago and if you are interested in how many you'd probably check my profile rather than this thread,
9. I am of an ethnicity you may or may not of have encountered,
10. I have a gender. It's a 50/50 guess as to what it may be,
11. I'm not taking this seriously,
12. I like things and one of those is anime. This obvious though because this is an anime forum,
13. I have the internet, this is also obvious as this is an internet forum,
14. I have a personality,
15. I have likes and dislikes,
16. I have 3 dimensions, hight, width and depth, none of which could possibly interest you unless you're making a coffin or a suit for me,
17. I have family,
18. I am fond of breathing,
19. This is the 19th fact,
20. I have numerous opinions, none of which are facts and this irrelevant to this thread.


>Click the picture for me gushing over over Summer Wars shenanigans!<
The various works of FKMT are something you should read
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post Oct 7 2009, 11:35 PM
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State Alchemist (Lt. Colonel)

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From: Colorado, USA
Member No.: 52,106
Gender: Female

^ Above post has been approved and agreed with.

On another note...shouldn't this thread be in 'Spam Central'? o.O


Set by Omamori
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post Oct 8 2009, 12:02 AM
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A sentient plant of some kind
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Group: Admin
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Gender: Male

<Program Note>

QUOTE (Rosicrucian @ Oct 8 2009, 02:35 AM) *
On another note...shouldn't this thread belong in 'Spam Central'? o.O

This thread was moved FROM "Spam Central" to this forum to go along with other "additional personal info about our individual members" group of threads that are located in this forum. For example, we have threads for members to post their IM addresses, their heights, their personal pics, their gender, their language, their heritage, the country they currently reside in, their pets, what grades they are in at school, their school schedules, favorite childhood toys, etc., etc., (the list goes on and on because this forum is mostly filled with these "member info" threads. XD) and IMO I think this thread can go along with these "get to know more about our individual members (with the info supplied by member-selves)" type threads in this forum. smile.gif
And, BTW, anyone who 'loath' this thread, I respect that. At the same time, there are members who like posting and sharing info about him/herself, and this thread is meant for those people, and in that regard, IMO this thread is like any other "if you'd like, share you personal info" thread, and as such, in general, if you don't like to participate in the way the thread is meant for, then we ask you to kindly stay away and let members who do like to participate in the way the thread was meant for to enjoy posting, much the same way if you don't like people talking about their heights, I recommend you don't go to the thread where members are posting their heights, or if you happen to loath people sharing their fanfics or fanarts, then I recommend that you don't go to fanfics/fanart sub-forums part of our board, etc.. biggrin.gif


~ Thank you, and now if we may, let's get back to posting "20 Facts About Yourself." biggrin.gif


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post Oct 8 2009, 01:48 PM
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State Alchemist (Major)

Group: Members
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Member No.: 67,054
Gender: Female

I just wanna see if I can actually come up with 20 facts about myself.... o_o Can't it be 10? Lol! Sometimes I wonder where my mind is...

Here I go!

1. My birthday is August 23!
2. I wanted to be an astronomer when I was in 4th grade.
3. Now I'm an animator. XD
4. My first anime was Sailor Moon (9 episodes before it was taken off air...), but my first anime obsession was Rurouni Kenshin.
5. I'm Armenian!
6. I talk nonstop with my close friends or when I'm online, but I'm terribly shy when I meet new people in person.
7. I was named after two English queens (Victoria and Anne) but I'm not British. D:
8. My mom wanted to name me either Angus or Malcolm (AC/DC members) if I had turned out to be a boy. o_O
9. Um... I love sushi and black sesame ice cream. And peanut butter. (No, not all together!)
10. I'm slightly anemic and have a weak immune system, so I get sick many times a year. (I'm sick right now, actually.)
11. I have two Deviantart accounts.. one for my regular artwork, the other for my plethora of fanart. biggrin.gif
12. I go to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, but right now I'm on foreign exchange at Glasgow School of Art in Scotland!
13. I'm horrible at math. HORRIBLE.
14. I love to cook, but I don't know how to make many things. That will change eventually!
15. I also love photography... I'm a wannabe photographer, really. tongue.gif
16. I really really hate loud noises. They scare the crap out of me!
17. I'm a night owl. And I can't get up in the mornings... ever. sleep.gif
18. I really like writing, but lately I haven't been able to write a single thing. My inspiration for that has been dead for two years and counting.
19. My favorite band is Aerosmith. But... my favorite Japanese band is JAM Project!
20. My favorite movie is Finding Nemo! Love it so much!!

Hey, I did it!

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post Oct 8 2009, 04:18 PM
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Group: Members
Posts: 17
Joined: 30-September 09
From: The Very Great Kingdom of Great Britain!
Member No.: 71,292

1) I'm 19/Male
2) I share a birthday with Don Vito Corleone
3) Conversely, my birthday is on the anniversary of the Pearl Harbour bombings
4) The first Anime I ever watched was Sailor Moon on Fox Kids when I was like 6 years old
5) I'm prone to fantasising about having various supernatural powers (teleportation, fireballs... alchemy)
6) I'm British and proud!
7) I suck at online gaming
8) My favourite game of all time is Final Fantasy VII
9) The first Manga I read was Volume 4 of Dragonball
10) I play World of Warcrack
11) My favourite drink is a tie between a Black Russian and Southern Comfort and lemonade
12) My favourite soft drink is Diet Cherry Coke
13) My favourite recording artist is Eminem
14) I'm pretty handy in Photoshop
15) I love reading about the lore of different franchises (especially Warcraft)
16) My second favourite Anime is BLEACH
17) My first tattoo will be may family's names in Kanji with a Flamel (or some other FMA symbol) next to it
18) My favourite TV show is CSI Vegas
19) My least favourite TV show is CSI Miami (Horatio, Caliegh and the general overall cheesiness of the series being why)
20) I'm 5'8" tall, and therefore not a bean ^^

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