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To Love And Protect, Royai fanfic
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post Sep 1 2009, 06:57 PM
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I just started this fanfic and it is updated every few days. I currently have three chapters and would love for people to read and review!


Here's the first chapter:

The rain cascaded down outside, the violent wind slamming the droplets against the large windows of one of the offices that oversaw the courtyard at Central Headquarters. Just like for the past two days, it was pouring, the storm just as aggressive as it had been since the start. Thunder shook the buildings and lightning lit up the sky, making everything beyond the window just mere shadows and silhouettes.

With a small, almost content sigh, First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye turned her attention from the storm to the clock that hung on the wall above the office door. It was getting late, nearly 9:00 pm, but she had already decided that she would wait to leave until the Colonel was finished with his work. As it was, Roy Mustang was out cold on his desk, a bit of drool hanging from his open mouth as he dozed. Though she normally would not have tolerated this, Hawkeye felt as if the man deserved a bit of rest after working such a long day.

Looking down from the clock, Hawkeye smiled just barely when her eyes fell upon the Flame Alchemist. He looked so innocent while he slept, so defenseless. Though she knew otherwise, knowing well the Colonel was capable of taking care of himself, she had long since decided that she would always be there to watch his back and protect him. No matter the cost to herself.

No longer thinking about the time nor the rain, the Lieutenant's eyes stayed steady on her superior, watching over him. As a bit of time went by and Mustang's movements in his sleep began to grow twitchy and his expression becoming painful did Hawkeye move to finally wake him. A soft hand on his shoulder, she shook him lightly. “Colonel...”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The smell of burnt corpses filled the air, accompanied by the sounds of screams. Billows of smoke rose up from the ground, causing the air around to becoming thick and hazy. It was difficult to breathe, painful to see as the smoke stung one's eyes, and the desperate cries of pain and agony caused one's ears to ring.

This was the hell Major Roy Mustang found himself as he walked down the ashen and demolished streets, a look of horror on his stricken, soot covered face. Pausing when he reached a dead end, the Flame Alchemist fell to his knees, body shaking from exhaustion and despair. Eyes wide, he just stared down at his gloved hands, curing the day he became an alchemist of the state.

Tears welling in his onyx eyes, he squeezed them shut to keep the moisture at bay. Soon he snapped them open when he heard something behind him. Jumping to his feet, Mustang turned to see and Ishbalan standing there, rifle aimed shakily at the Lieutenant Colonel's chest. Just as the Ishbalan was about to shoot, Mustang whipped out his arm in defense, fingers snapping...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

His eyes jumped open as his hand came into contact with something, soon followed by a small whimper of surprise. Hawkeye was standing back a few feet, hand over her cheek where Mustang had struck. Blinking, Roy realized what had just happened and stared at her, heart hammering in his chest. He had just attacked his subordinate! And not just any subordinate... it was Hawkeye. Trying to keep the tremble from his voice, he cleared his throat. “Forgive me, Lieutenant. You know you shouldn't try to wake me with touch.” Damn it... that sounded so.... dickish. Roy knew that, but couldn't bring himself to say anything else.

Still in a bit of shock, Hawkeye nodded once, stepping back and straightening. “It's getting late, sir. You only have a few more papers to sign before we can leave.”

Rubbing his eyes with the forefinger and thumb of one hand, the Colonel sighed. “Yeah, yeah.. I'll get right on that. You know, you don't have to wait for me.”

“It's not a problem, sir,” she answered promptly as she went back to her own desk for a moment, making sure her own paperwork was in order and ready to be turned in when she left.

Still feeling horrible for striking her, Roy couldn't face the rest of the paperwork at the moment. Instead, he spun in his chair to look outside, his expression darkening when he noted that the storm hadn't relented in the least. “Wonderful..” he murmured, scowling when he turned back. Hawkeye's back was to him at this point as she went about organizing some things on the bookshelf, needing to busy herself with some activity while Roy finished up his work. He watched her carefully, his eyes taking in her graceful form. As she turned back, his eyes dropped to the papers as he began to sign them, just wanting to go home. It was late, and if he was lucky enough, Roy figured he'd be able to both eat dinner and shower before it was time to sleep.

Just as the Lieutenant was finishing her organizing of the bookshelves in the office, Roy was signing his name to the last of the papers. “Done!” he exclaimed, hands in the air for emphasis as he pushed back in his chair to stand. Approaching, Riza took up his paperwork and stack it with her own like she did evening when they were done, ready to deliver it to the front office. “You know... you don't have to take my papers for me,” he told her, watching as she held them in her arms.

Hawkeye arched a slender brow at him, giving a look that read, 'are you kidding me?'. “It's not a problem, sir,” she answered instead as she slipped on her coat using one arm and tucking her umbrella under it as she held the papers.

Roy watched her and sighed lightly before doing likewise, almost reminding himself violently to invest in a rain jacket as he slipped on his long, black overcoat. Getting his own umbrella from the closest, he rested the end on his shoulder as he held the hook with his hand. Opening the door for his subordinate, he smirked. “Ladies first.”

Not even cracking a smile, Riza exited the office ahead of him and walked slowly as he locked his office door. Soon side by side, the Colonel and Lieutenant were quiet, the only sound made caused by their boots on the tiled floor.

As Riza turned to the front desk, Roy waited for her by the large doors while she turned in their paperwork for the night. Seeing him wait for her, Riza felt her heart jump in just the slightest way. Holding the door for her, Roy allowed her to exit first before following right behind. Soon in the rain, Roy popped open his umbrella to shield him from the evil water droplets that rendered him useless in battle situations. Riza moved to open her own, but one of the metal spokes on the inside was bent and wouldn't allow the thing to open. Sighing softly, Riza bade her superior good night and headed in the direction of her apartment complex, several blocks from Central HQ.

“That is unacceptable, Lieutenant,” Roy exclaimed as she began to walk away. Catching up to her with a few steps, he held the umbrella over her head as well, offering a small smile that was less arrogant than usual.

The sudden closeness caused Riza's heart to accelerate, the smell of the Colonel's cologne wreaking havoc on her senses. “Sir..” she managed to mutter, but she found herself unable to finish.

“Is there something the matter, Lieutenant?” he asked, that smile slowly turning into a smirk, finally catching her off guard... or so he thought anyway. When she didn't answer, he draped an arm around her shoulders, bringing her closer. Despite how tense her muscles became, he kept his arm where it was, finding this very comfortable. “Allow me to walk you home. I would be a dreadful man indeed if I allowed my most trusted subordinate to walk home so late at night in the rain.”

Swallowing against the tightness in her throat, Hawkeye tried to move away and found she couldn't. His arm around her wasn't confining in the least, but something was stopping her from retreating from his warm, inviting hold. Damning her thoughts, she answered with the most steady voice she could manage. “I do believe this is inappropriate, Colonel.”

Looking down at her as he began to walk, taking her steadily with him, he chuckled softly. “How so? Your umbrella ceased to function and it's storming out. And the best way to fit two people under one umbrella is to be close,” Roy answered, this seeming perfectly logical in his mind.

“Y..yeah..” Riza answered, voice quiet and unsteady now as they walked along. Inhaling, she felt her pulse become more rapid. Damning his wondrous scent and strong arm around her, Riza clenched her teeth and tried to force her mind elsewhere.

The long walk to her apartment seemed even longer to the nervous Lieutenant. Roy's arms had moved during the way, but only to hold her closer. So when Riza saw the front door to her apartment, she felt the most relief she had felt in a very long time. Parting from him several feet before they got to her door, she saluted him as the rain washed over her. “I appreciate... I... thank you, sir,” she told him before turning quickly for her door. Fumbling with her keys, she dropped them. Swearing softly, she knelt to pick them up.

Seeing her distress, Roy frowned and stepped over. Bending down, he laid his hand over hers over the keys. “Riza...” he spoke softly.

“It's Lieutenant Hawkeye, sir,” she answered, voice shaking as she stared in horror at his hand.

Standing, Roy continued to frown as he watched her unlock to the door to her apartment. As she was about to go through the door, he stopped her with a hand on her shoulder. “Lieutenant..” he started, voice steady but soft.

Turning to regard him, Riza met his eyes for just a moment. “Sir?”

Frowning more deeply when he saw a bruise had formed on her face where he had hit her, Roy carefully brushed his hand over her cheek. “I am deeply sorry for striking you,” he whispered, his hand lingering softly on her face.

Riza stared at him, amber eyes wide with surprise. She said nothing, unable to as the heat from his hand sank into her. Heart pounding and belly fluttering, Riza couldn't look away.

Softly stroking her cheek with his thumb, Roy slowly leaned forward until his lips were only inches from her's. Feeling her tense, he sighed inwardly and backed away just as the thunder roared once again and lightning illuminated everything around them. "Have a good night, Lieutenant," he told her as he backed away a step.

Hawkeye, after swallowing against the tightness in her throat, took a deep breath. "It's getting late, sir. It would be ungrateful of me not to offer you a place to stay for the night considering the storm and the fact you made the effort to escort me all the way here..." she replied and took a step back once she had opened her door to allow him entrance. Sure, it was an off-handed attempt at inviting him into her home for the night but hell, it was the best the nerve-wracked Lieutenant could do at that particular moment.

Blinking his surprise, Colonel Mustang allowed just the tiniest of smirks to form. "That is most considerate of you. Are you sure you don't mind my intrusion?"

"Of course not, sir," she answered promptly as she waved a hand carefully to indicate he was suppose to step inside now.

The small smirk turning into a genuine smile of appreciation, Roy stepped forward into Hawkeye's apartment, finally glad to be out of the storm.

~Those who watch their backs meet death from the front~
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