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Fullmetal Alchemist Re-animated (with New Drawings and real animations), Flash abridged/parody of FMA1 by fans
Fullmetal Hippo
post Aug 12 2009, 08:48 PM
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Here's a little animation made by a couple of fangirls: my brother and I.

Episode 1

And here's the theme song that goes with it.

Do you guys have any suggestions for Episode 2?

EDIT: Scratch that, episode 2 is already at the drawing stage. Any suggestions for episode 3 then?

<We know this is AMV, but since it's consisting of the new & original FMA drawings by the OP and the OP's brother, keeping the thread in Fanart section rather than Fanworks section where we usually keep AMV threads that are just manipulations of existing images. ^^ ~ Board Staff>

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von Hohenheim
post Aug 21 2010, 02:58 PM
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^ About the double posting:

From Fanart Forum Rules And Guidelines:
QUOTE (xrninja @ Jun 5 2005, 05:42 PM) *
- Please do not double/triple/multiple-post when updating your thread with new fanart. Please just edit your previous post. Understandably, no one wants to update their thread with new art if it's buried on page 5 and leave it buried, but currently we only allow double-posting for authors with new chapters in the Fanfiction section. A way to avoid breaking this rule and bump up your thread is to comment on someone else's fanart, and then ask in your post if they'd like to check out your own thread and comment. It's a little tedious, but we've had problems in the past with people trying to keep their thread bumped up and having multiple updates a day, one after another, of just a single picture each time. There are also people out there overly concerned with raising their post count and doing the same. So, until we come up with something more efficient, this rule is in effect.

* NOTE: However... if you are updating or adding some new fanart to your Album Collection thread after a long period, you may be allowed (by pre-arrangement with the Mod who is willing to take the arrangement) to post that as a new post, and hence making a double post, with the understanding that in a few days, after people had a chance to view your new fanart and chance to respond, then later the content of your new post would be merged to the preceding post.

That's what it says.

<Thank you, von Hohenheim! ^^ Added the link also. ^^ ~ Board Staff>


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