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Journey Home, ed [heart] winry / action
post Jul 30 2009, 07:35 AM
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Hi everyone, this my first time posting on here, so please bare with me, as I'm also posting on my g1 so might contain errors, but I promise to try my very best to keep everything tidy smile.gif
This is a little fanfic I wanted to write as I'm an insane fan of fma smile.gif I've read a lot of fanfics on here and let me just say they are all absolutely incredible! All very addictive.
This story is about Ed trying to find his way back to Amestris after being thrown through the gate to england. Unlike others he is trying to escape as fast as possible as scientists and militery humans around the globe are after him, as there's already a grave for the Edward who once lived there and so are desperate to starts experiments. But on his journey he seems to stumble into troubles as he always does, meeting new and old friends.
I will write the first chapter then will wait for some comments, as you can understand I would love to know if people like it, or if I should finish it off fast and furious smile.gif It would be my pleasure to not finish round chapter 1 and 2 so I hope you enjoy it. Oh and ps the first chapter is like a teaser so please don't worry if you feel you have just been thrown in, there will be flashbacks if that's what you want to call them smile.gif

Chapter 1: "Running Home"

The streets of england were filled with the normal resisdance. With early raises after their morning tea, with milk men trailing their carts round the endless streets of London, and with late workers roaming the city in a sleepless daze. But they were the people that were on foot, the roar of the fresh engine motors towered over the hustling and mumbling people outside. The fumes hovered in the sky, like deathly gas waiting to attack. The rich men of england were impatient men, shouting verbual abuse out their perfectly shaped windows that sparkled in the climbing sun. But within this average crowd was a small blonde boy pushing and shoving through the mass of people that were barely awake. The boy breathed heavily as he dodge the london zombies. After each reckless step he would turn his neck to calcute the people surounding him, it was obvious by now, the boy was on the run. His fists with covered in a dirty white cloth, small pale gloves. Every so often when his golden eyes cought a glimps of a tall dark figure his fist would clench tightly in determination as his short legs raced through lester square. The pigions flue in packs as the boys feet treded on the crums they called food. Flapping their rusty grey rings, dusting their unwanted feathers to the ground. The boy splatterd an empty cough then carried on his urgent run to safety. He twisted his neck one last time, as he took an unviewed step on to the black lake, that carried the rattling cars. He let out a deep sigh as his past footsteps seemed to be clear of the stalkers he fled from. The large clock struck nine am, a thundering noise sending an earthquake feeling under the pavement, knocking the boy off guard as he ran across the hectic road. Suddenly his body felt something ram into his side, his creamed shirt ruffled in the wind as his body fell limp. And so the deathly silence clawed through his ears after just hearing big ben strike morning, he felt his lungs tighten and his breathing harden, as he lay there staring at blue sky, that had followed him through his journey, but the colours began to fade. The earth moved once more as the sound off footsteps headed his way. The blue sky became grey, darkening as he stared, he wanted to move, to feel, but everything was numb.
"Can you hear me?!"
The low voice seemed a thousand miles away, a small echo in his ear. The world hard darkened and it felt useless to try and move, his throat burned in the attempt to speak as he whispered "dad?"

A tall slim slender woman, with rossy pink cheeks, and brown long hair lieing carelesly down her back, stood over the kitchen sink, as she dried the last dish. She wore a tidy white shirt, with the two first buttons undown, on the left side she also wore a small simple name tag "Nurse Rosenbell". The shirt had been carefully tucked into a long tight black skirt that hugged her delecate thighs, she wore black shoes that held her up shorter than an inch taller. She seemed content as she examined the dish before she set in a pile next to four sets of plates that were acompanied with one mirrored knife.
"Aren't you late for work?" Asked a small old woman with black hair with long strands of grey that mixed its way through as it was neatly tied back into a not so long ponytail. She wore tiny round glasses, that looked as if a frown would snap them into two. They easily hid the wrinkles that dug deep within her face. Her eyes were a warm chocolate brown that was filled with hidden knowledge. Her clothes were simple, plain and dark. She wore a black top, that was creased and well worn, but was covered in a brown aprin that hung just over her cropped knees, her black trousers barely reached her anckles. The slender woman turned on her heel, with a polite smile, that warmed her brown eyes that were identical to the old woman that stood before her.
"I'm a school nurse, it's not like a hospital rush"
The old woman sat her herself on a wooden chair that was aside the chesnut table that filled the rest of the kitchen.
"Well you'll be glad to know that boy, has settled" she spoke with a deep accent which wasn't from around the area they lived. Nurse Rosenbell sighed in relief, when her husband had brought the unconscious blonde into their home, she was worried there had been too much damage, for her to just simply give him some painkillers and a warm bed, but she soon realised he only gained miner cuts and was suffering from dehidration and exhaustion.
"That is good news" she said as she placed the cloth on the bench and reached for her small leather bag, from the marbled counter. "Please make sure Wenrieta has her soup, or she'll never recover from the flu" she mumbled as she checked her bag had all assentials inside.
"I will" the old woman assured her, as she picked up a small pipe. The Mrs Rosenbell bent over and kissed the old woman on the cheek, she then spoke as she walked towards the door.
"You should stop smoking mother" as she reached the door handle, the old woman allowed the smoke to came smoothly out her curled lips.
"I'll finish smoking, when this mad war finishes" Nurse Rosenbell chuckled at her mothers comment, her daughter and mother was so alike, they were both stubbon ladies. She shut the door behind her gently, as she creeped out her home.

The blonde lay fast asleep crawled up into a small ball. The park pigions cooed outside the window, the rustle of the trees from the summer wind, was a sweet lullaby for the boy. His long hair had been freed from the tight ponytail, and so it covered the silk pillow, a few strand lifted with the breeze, but were soon smothered as the boy lay on his back, he let out a small quiet grumble before he slowly open his sleepy eyes. He squinted once, then again, focusing his eyes. As he positioned himself upwards, his muscles contracted, clicking into place from a stif and deep sleep. His eyes snapped into place, gazing at the door, as two female voices carried out a light conversation. Their voices were faint, so he began to listened carefully, trying decode what sounded like quiet whispers. His left foot twitched, and then his right. He tossed the white cotton blacket to one side, then slowly crept out the bed. He stood at the top of the stairs and stared, almost intimidated at the steepness.
One step at a time he told hismelf through thought.
He reached past half way, but the voices were cleare now, a young voice, close to his own age and an older the woman, they were agruing.
"Please granny!" The younger one pleaded, but as she spoke the blonde was frozen, his golden eyes still in shock.
"Winry" he gasped, but he had lost his balance, and fell down the last two steps, falling unconscious again.
"Quick lie him on the couch!" The older woman order.

*Please let me know what you think before I post chapter 2. Thank smile.gif
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