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Episode 16: Footsteps Of A Comrade-in-arms - Content Discussion Thread, Caution! Spoilers for the first 16 episodes!
post Jul 18 2009, 09:33 PM
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Talk-back/content discussion for English dubbed episode on Adult Swim starts on page 4. smile.gif

Please post the discussions on the content of episode 16 here.
This thread is declared as a Spoiler zone for the content of the first 16 episodes.

* Where to watch this episode

* HD Screen caps of this episode to be posted on this link address sometime later

* Episode Preview from FMA-2 official JP site:
(Translation by Tombow, wthe episode title is from official sub on Funimation.com)
Episode 16: "Footsteps of a Comrade-in Arms"
From Barry Roy has learned some truth about the murder of Hughes. But, soon Homunculus learn that Roy is searching for the truth about Hughes's murder and Roy has met Barry. Meanwhile, Ed, Al, & Winry come to Central. Ed and Al learn about Hughes' death from Maria Ross at the Headquarters. Meantime, not knowing his death yet, Winry heads straight to Hughes' home.......

Also, FYI, preview of the next episode (episode 17) from FMA-2 official JP site
(Translation by Tombow, the episode title is from official sub on Funimation.com)
Episode 17: "Cold Flame"
Ross is under the military custody as an suspect for the murder of Hughes, and the situation seems turning worse for her. Then, to her surprise, Barry attacks the brig where Ross is being held, and together with Ling, helps Ross escape from the military custody. The military issues an order to capture Ross, even shoot to kill if necessary. Ed and Al head for the Headquarters to find out the truth. But, even before Ed and Al find out more about the situation, Roy shows up before Ross, and shoot the flame toward Ross......


Episode Summary: (To be filled)

Characters in this episode: (To be filled)

Locations: (excluding review and preview scenes, to be filled)

Sound Track info for this episode that's known to us so far: (To be filled)

FMA manga reference: To the readers of FMA manga (To be filled)


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post Jul 21 2009, 12:26 PM
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Great episode, one of the best parts of The Brotherhood so far. Very sad one and filled with emotion. The scene with Havoc walking through Central to meet Lust was a masterpiece of using music to create melancholic feeling. Also, hurray for Edwin.
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post Jul 21 2009, 11:18 PM
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i originally want to give a bad ep,but stopped due to the fact i think i 'm the one who got problems after reading the initial reviews,plus the weather at my place is really hot at that time.so i rewatch the ep first b4 i comment further.
vol9,in which this ep is included ,is one of my favourites so i know a lot of details here,compare to previous 15 episodes

QUOTE (Broken Chouchou @ Jul 22 2009, 02:41 AM) *
Descent episode, no major noticable flaws (or perhaps I was just tired when watching), though a few skipped scenes that would have been nice to see included. Though, a slight problem. I just can't, CAN'T, get myself into feeling bad for the characters. This show doesn't give me any emotional reactions whatsoever. I can count one or two times when I've actually felt something. That's it. Am I just hollow on the inside, or is it something else? Something like this show not feeling quite as original, or genuine, or good as one could wish? I Dunno.

yeah,that's why i feel myself to being weird/no emotion lol(but emotion is subjective,so i wont say it's the same case for others).i agree with chinchou part that there's no noticable flaws,and i dont feel that much as compared to i read the manga.hughes death does not carry much weight for me(i'm manga reader at first),but the scenes in manga give me a lot of weight,especially ed's guilt,partly bcos good art by arakawa,and ed's uncertainty on whom to trust.Anyway it's purely IMO only,and probably again,i read a lot of times on it in manga & i 'm hoping too much.
hughes part ,i think is a bit annoying too-maybe too long?
i think gracia scenes places well,where it's a good substitution with gracia crying part.
after viewing several times,i dont feel that bad-maybe average(in some)
but the final parts are good,perhaps starting from maria ross(or maybe winry's part) arrest to havoc's.

there are some characters drawn not that right.for hawkeye,i think hers allright-probably no huge forehead anyway.
i think lust(on one scene-not the final scene),roy(last scene b4 preview),and ed's eyes(after he shows pointy face with roy)

i think the art is good where havoc meets his 'girlfriend',and lust there is drawn well too.
is my imagination or lust frequently appears at sunset?

I think I summarise up too much on my previous review,but
I rewatch some parts,and i agree this fma series lacks of new music(except lior,ep1),and music that associated with characters/place.maria ross tell hughes death scene music is a bit annoying(i miss that during my first preview),but still,i think there are two fine cues
for next eps,i hope they include new music in next one,and xerxes-i hope there's some ancient/greecian music

QUOTE (Nzm @ Jul 22 2009, 03:26 AM) *
Great episode, one of the best parts of The Brotherhood so far. Very sad one and filled with emotion. The scene with Havoc walking through Central to meet Lust was a masterpiece of using music to create melancholic feeling. Also, hurray for Edwin.

I think that one is one fine cue,but i think it's used b4,at least the starting of the cue.it's used in the first starting intro of first few series.but i think this is the first time we heard the extention/variation of this cue,and it makes the scenes very exciting.i think the cello part is in sync with havoc movement(+plus great animation)smile.gif
and the other one is after winry ,ed ,al left hughes place.i'm not sure whether this cue is less frequently used,or used in the early part of ep,but it's very good in my opinion,and it helps to bring emotion up.these two cues i mentioned ,used cello as the main melody,with other strings instrument as accompaniment.there's another music in bathroom scene which is good too.

i think they reveal too much(for anime-only viewers)

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