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post Jun 6 2009, 04:07 PM
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New role play from yours truly!!! smile.gif Anyway, after a long time with Heart to Heart, Kari_Neko and I decided to make a new topic because of something that happened during the old roleplay. So…the plot will set up on its own, you can add villains, you can add good guys, you can do pretty much anything except three things. One, no more than two characters unless allowed, two, nothing over PG-13, and three, if you’re not having fun, then get out. XDDDD It’ll be an FMA role play, and kind of not.

Ok, you must give an information profile, so here’s mine with the only character that I’ll be doing:

Name: Allen Wheeler
Age: 16
Looks: 5’7” with dirty blonde hair and brown wolf ears. Generally wears a white button down shirt with a another unbuttoned beige plaid shirt over it, normal khaki pants, and Converses. Wears a black and white checkered beanie most of the time with his ears coming out.
Occupation: None
Lives: In Central in a small apartment. Generally doesn’t go to it much though.
Bio: Was born in Central and abandoned when he was two for whatever reasons. He became a kind of a punk type of person who didn’t like anyone until he was eight and was adopted by his only known father, William Wheeler. He changed him into the kind yet prankster type person he is today, and when William died when Allen was only thirteen, he was devastated. After a month of mourning, he started learning more about himself and is now a person who will do anything to help out anyone if it can get him closer to his goal of figuring out who the heck he is.
Hobby: Pranking people, reading, running, and has some ability on the violin
Personality: Short-tempered, sometimes crazy, over protective of his friends, smart though in his own way
Good points: Loyal, smart, obedient to his superiors
Bad points: Has trust issues, foul mouth, pranks anyone and everyone, temper gets the better of him and his wolf powers.

Now…I wait.

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post Jun 6 2009, 04:10 PM
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Name:Kari Rika Heartnet
Personality:Hot tempered,r@ndom,motherly,a child,over protective,blunt,rude,obnoxious
Good points:Loyal,a good listener,powerful,kind to an extent
Bad points:Doesn't trust much,bad temper,has little control over her powers,hyper,foul mouth
Powers/Skills:Can use electric cells from her body to use electric based attacks;Ex. electrocuting somebody by
punching them,can use electricity through her gun to enhance her bullets,can make lights explode and shatter.
Extremely good gunsman,can hit any mark without even trying,good with swords as well but hates using them and won't unless she needs too.Also can make strings,that can seem invisible in the right lighting,out of her fingers.Yes,like Spiderman.Cept these are electrical strings,not web.
Looks: Like this but with black hair and doesn't have the scar on her cheek and has the 'XIII' tattoo under her left collar bone and wears this
most of the time.
Bio:Alright,it all starts with being born half cat chimera half human.Her mother was poor and homeless and died during the birthing,her father had no idea she was alive and she had no clue who he was either.The ladies who helped her mother birth her put her up for adoption,she got adopted by nice loving parents at the age of 3 and everything was fine until Zanguine Axeloake came into her life.Zanguine was a highly skilled assassin sent to kill her adopted parents of currently unknown reasons,but the man did have morals.He refused to kill kids or young couples with kids.His employer had 'conveniently' forgotten to tell him about Kari so he took her in.Her deep hatred for the man who killed the people who had finally took her in as a normal child fueled her vengeance so he taught her HOW to kill him during a harsh 4 months of nonstop training.We're not sure why,but a few people think that the way he wanted to die was by her as repentance for what he's done.Most of her now odd quirks are from him (drinking milk,sitting funny,being extremely short tempered and violent ect) and he sort of became her adoptive father.Albeit,the one who shot at her if she ever stopped doing her push ups.But one day after she came home from getting the groceries she found him covered in blood and half dead so he told her as his last words leaving her all alone again "Guess it's my turn to join the weak and defenseless...Remember,Refuse to die no matter what.And become stronger than everyone else!" So after a year of training and mourning,and cursing him in the afterlife,she joined Chronos as an eraser.Number 13,the Black Cat. She became feared and well known in the Underworld before she quit and everybody had thought that the cold blooded cat had died and passed on,however.She only quit Chronos thanks to Minatsuki Saya,a bounty hunter who taught her right and wrong and how to smile again.However....She ended up dieing as well from protecting children,Kari appears to know who the killer is though.She won't say who, but it's probably why she's in the intelligence department.So she's currently 23,a head technician,a detective of sorts,and a State Alchemist Lt.Colonel 'The Black Cat' of the military.
Alchemy:Doesn't use much since she's a living battery/lightening rod but does carry around gloves with transmutation circles just in case.
Theme song(s):Iris (Goo Goo's),Time Of Dying (Three Days Grace),Time Is Running Out (Muse),The Kill (30 Seconds To Mars),I Miss You (Blink 182),Tears Don't Fall (Bullet For My Valentine),So Cold (Crossfade),Hero (Nickelback) and for her psycho homicidal kitty moments?Getting Away With Murder-Papa Roach and Fake It-Seether
Her odd phobia for this one?Thunder.She's fine with lightening just the thunder XDDD
And for the real surprise,a second char! *gasp*
Name:Hades Axeloake
Age:Looks about 17
Looks:Just past shoulder length black and gold hair,the 'XIII' mark on his forehead,wears a black t-shirt and jeans,and has gold slitted eyes.In his human form,we should all know his gun form by now.
Bio:He's well....Kari's gun.Long long ago Zanguine had made him out of alchemy and it's complicated so the easiest way to put it is that he put his soul into the gun frame.But,Zanguine could never control him since he's not an electric-pyro like Kari is so when he found out about her powers he gave Hades too her.Hades is the much calmer,practical,and less violent one of the duo and is usually the one who has to carry Kari around after she uses too much energy in one go.Hades has yet to come out into his human form in our last RP's since well,I hadn't watched Soul Eater beforehand XDDD

I'd much rather to be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not:Andre Gide
I do not own the avvy or siggy!

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