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Worlds Of Myth, Dark Crystal tribute
post May 22 2009, 08:48 AM
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Ok, last weekend I watched a childhood favourite of mine "Dark Crystal". So I decided I would make an RPG tribute to it, but do not worry, this is not just a rip off/forced sequel/prequel of a classic film, rather it is a mixture of certain aspects of Jim Henson's movies, and some of my own (actually more like "our own", since Kaboom helped)

But this is to be made like original anime! I have only some preset ideas, how the story goes, I have no idea.

Ok, some preset ideas/rules:

1. No humans, you must introduce your race, first come first served really, you can even join another players race (each race will be added to this post).

2. A main villain race are already preset (but others who are linked to this one can be added.

3. There are no massive cities, only villages.

4. Weapons are limited to the good races to the incredibly basic: Knives, short swords, short bows, slings, small axes.

5. The enemy are far superior in terms of technology (massive swords, maybe even mechanics of some sorts (not technological weapons though), this is to give the good guys a feel of perhaps oppression.

6. Magic is not just blasted around willy nilly (love that expression), you must follow the rules of nature, a bit like equivalent exchange you could say.

7. The laws of nature can be broken, but at a price, magic that breaks the laws of nature is like a drug, you need to be strong willed to not get "addicted", the more a weak willed person casts magic, the more energy he needs to cast it and get the magic effect he wants, and the more it starts to kill him.

8. No animals from our world, no dogs, cats etc. The animals can have some similarities but not be the typical our world animal.

Ok, no intro, you know the laws of this world, if you don't know the rules to original anime, they were:

1. Original characters and original places (PLEASE). As many as you want.

2. To cause tension, lesser characters CAN BE KILLED! HOWEVER ONLY WITH THE PERMISSION OF THE OWNER OF THAT LESSER CHARACTER, it would be easier to write "killable" or "Don't kill" next to the character.

3. Don't make characters SO powerful that it is impossible to kill them, I like superman but when you watch the film you never think he's going to die because he's invincible.

4. Otherwise, don't limit the story, there could be loads of worlds, or just one! Anything!

Name: Ertu (Non killable)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Weapon: none
Race: Phirie (They have very beautiful human like faces, but they are smaller than humans, they have small wings (they cannot fly however), they are also known for their pointed ears, and merry way of life, they live in the Eldevara forest and are very peaceful)
Bit about: Ertu is typical Phirie boy, he enjoys nothing more than roaming in the woods.

Name: Untles (Will be killable)
Age: 601
Gender: Male
Weapon: A staff
Race: Yuntla (The Yuntla are known for being wizards of sorts, but their number have been dwindling, they have four legs, and look a bit like apes, they are slow, and their fur is a dark blue, growing light in colour with age, but they live for a long time).
Bit about: Yuntla is a powerful wizard, who has a strong will power even though he is old.

Name: General Yizfeck (will be killable)
Age: 2739
Gender: Male
Weapon: A large sword, he has thick armour as well.
Race: Tsenki (THE MAIN VILLAIN RACE: Tsenki are known for having slanted faces, pointy teeth at the front of their mouth, bat wings that are like a cloak, they lengthen with age though, they have skin flaps under their arms, which are spindly but does not make them weak, they have rats tails and piercing hypnotic eyes like a snakes, they live for a very long time).
Bit about: Yizfeck is leading an army of Tsenki and other cruel races, but he is growing old, although he has not weakened physically, his use of magic is taking a toll on him. Why has he come to these lands though.

Remember, if you ever create a popular anime, and you see loads of wierd people in wierd costumes charging you... they are NERDS!! RUN AWAY!!
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post May 22 2009, 11:31 AM
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Name:Kari (non killing)
Weapon:Knives,her teeth and claws and a variety of plants.Her most common plant weapon is the rose whip,which speaks for itself.
Race:Kitsune,a race known as 'the foxes' since they have characteristics close to those of the folk tales of when the creature called the 'fox' walked the Earth.They are generally tricky,semi-hyper,and have odd eye/hair color and have animal looking ears and a tail.And are known to be experts with plants/earth magic.
Her personality:Tricky,bi-polar,likes to scare/surprise people,has a bad temper,blunt
Good points:Smart,Fast speed,Good memory,Kind to MOST people,not tricked into doing things she doesn't want to do easily
Bad points:Daydreams easily,yells a lot,very violent,gets distracted easily (99% of the time it's from shiny stuff XD),
Looks:Her semi-human form Her clothes (cept her pants are down to her knees XD) and her fox form only bigger
Magic/Powers:Uses plants of all shapes and sizes and colors deadly or not,and one of her favorite sayings is that 'Even a rose can be as deadly as a sword in the right hands'.
((Slightly edited))

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post May 23 2009, 09:25 AM
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hello, he's mine

name: kraeun (not killable yet)
age: 12 (middle aged for his race)
gender: male
weapon: carries a wooden baton for defence
race: shao (rodent-like race, known for being crafty and "tricksy". they have brownish grey fur, but no tails. thier average life expectancy is around 24 years)
bit about: kraeun is a doctor, plain and simple. he's renowned in his village for his skill at using herbs for curing. he is however very skeptical about magic and its uses. uncommon in his race, he has no spouse, as shao are often "paired" by thier parents at around 8.

name: sage gorzannu
age: the ripe old age of 5000
gender: male
weapon: none
race: tsenki
bit about: a very old tsenki, in the final stage of his life, he sports truelymassive wings, which though are useless for flying, look like a long cloak and mark him out among tsenki's as a person of gerat age and wisdom. he spends much of his time with others of his age, lamenting on the problems of the universe and so on

"when was the last time the wind said "hostiles" to you?"

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