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Episode 5: Rain Of Sorrows - Content Discussion Thread,, Warning! Possible Spoilers for the first 5 episodes!
post May 2 2009, 02:58 PM
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Please post the discussions on the content of episode 5 here.
This thread is declared as a Spoiler zone for the content of the first 5 episodes.

* Where to watch this episode
NOTE: Please be aware that TvAnts has failed to stream last episode (episode 4.)
Streaming on KeyHole TV went as scheduled for episode 4.

NOTE: For this episode (episode 5) there will be a temporary change of air-time. Episode 5 will air Sunday, May 3 2009, 5:30 PM ~ 6:00 PM in Japan.

* For all FMA Brotherhood anime fans who do not have access to the official English subbed episodes on Fanimation.com, the transcriptions of English subbed episodes on Fanimation.com will be posted sometime later on Transcritions of official English sub thread.

* Episode Preview from FMA-2 official JP site:
(Translation by Tombow, episode title is from official English sub on Funimation, and the naming of "Destraction's Right hand" is from series-1, episode 14. )
Episode 5: "Rain of Sorrows"
A mysterious and elusive killer who hunts only the State Alchemists, and sending chilling sensation throughout Amestris, Scar. He is now spotted in East City.
By chance, Ed and Al encounter him in town. Immediately, Scar attacks Ed. Ed and Al fight back, but they are overwhelmed by his transcendent skills in martial art, coupled with his mysterious "Destruction's Right Hand"....

NOTE: The normal airing schedule (5:00 PM ~ 5:30 PM on Sunday in Japan) will resume next episode (episode 6)


Episode Summary: (courtesy of Edamame)
Ed awakens from a nightmare where he is haunted by gruesome images of his mother and Nina. Consumed by the images in his nightmare, Ed along with Al make their way to headquarters in East City where they are greeted by Riza Hawkeye. Ed asks Riza what has become of Tucker and Nina, only to learn that Tucker was originally supposed to be put on trial and have his qualifications as a State Alchemist revoked, but was killed along with his daughter Nina. Meanwhile, in the city of Reole, it appears as though Father Cornello has once again gathered a group of loyal followers to preach his sermons to. The strange part of the matter is that Father Cornello should have died at the hands of his attackers Lust and Gluttony, yet here he is preaching to hundreds of loyal followers and proclaiming that the people of Reole should take up weapons and fight against their oppressor, the state military. Citizens who no longer believe the tainted words of Cornello turn against his new loyal followers, and a rebellion breaks out turning friend against friend. All is truly not as it seems as Father Cornello returns back to his previous attackers and transforms into an androgynous being who goes by the name of Envy. To make matters even stranger, this bizarre trio knows of Shou Tucker’s death and the identity of the Fullmetal Alchemist who they proclaim has interfered with their work and who they long to use as a human sacrifice. Just exactly who they are and what they are up to remains a mystery.

Back in East City, Colonel Mustang and his subordinates learn the identity of the State Alchemist killer- a man who goes by the alias of Scar. Outside in the pouring rain, Ed muses over the meaning of alchemy and his own inability to protect Nina, but his thoughts are cut short when he is confronted by none other than Scar who attempts to murder him. The brothers enter into battle against Scar, who utilizes alchemy to destroy half of Al´s empty shell of armor and Ed´s automail arm so he can no longer transmute and therefore perform alchemy. Defenseless and in shock, Ed awaits his death at the hands of Scar, but is saved by Colonel Mustang and his subordinates. Unfortunately, Colonel Mustang’s alchemy is useless on rainy days, so his subordinates work together in attempt to bring Scar, the man who murdered Tucker and Nina, down. Riza grazes Scar with one of her bullets, and ends up knocking off the glasses, only to discover that he has the red eyes of the Ishablan people who were slaughtered by State Alchemists in the infamous Ishbal Massacre. Scar escapes back into the sewers before he can be killed. After Scar’s escape, Al yells at his brother for being so willing to simply throw away his life and tells him that they need to value their lives and continue onward despite all obstacles. Latter, at headquarters in East City, the brothers plan their visit to their hometown of Risembool where Ed will be able to get his automail armed fixed by his childhood friend and mechanic Winry Rockbell.

Characters in this episode: (To be filled)
East City:
Edward Erlic
Alphonse Erlic
Alex Armstrong
Roy Mustang
Riza Hawkeye
Jean Havoc
Maes Hughes
Trisha (brief appearance in Ed's dream)
Thing from Ed's Human transmutation (brief appearance in Ed's dream)
Nina (brief appearance in Ed's dream & flashback)
Alexander (dog, brief appearance in Ed's dream & flashback)
Winry (briefly shown when Ed talks about Resembool)



Locations: (excluding review and preview scenes)
East City
Ishval (no real time action, appears as an information)

Sound Track info for this episode that's known to us so far: (To be filled)

FMA manga reference: To the readers of FMA manga (To be filled)


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post May 3 2009, 06:40 PM
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State Alchemist (Major)

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More composed thoughts on the episode:

As an adaptation of the source material, the episode was excellent. The pacing was a tad hurried, but it felt more natural than the third episode, and was really just fast compared to the last, which was more word-heavy than action-packed. Little bits like Ed's nightmare, Alphonse telling Edward that they should survive to help more people like Nina, and the Ishbal flashbacks were well-appreciated.

A problem I had with the episode was that Scar just sort of appeared. In the manga, a soldier comes up to them and warns the brothers, and falls victim to Scar. This is necessary because the soldier is the reason Scar knows who Ed is and it shows exactly Ed what he's about to try to do to him.

The animation was all over the place, though. It felt like little emotional moments like Ed with Al in the alley when Al was scolding Ed were better animated than some of the action sequences. When Roy was talking with Armstrong and Hughes, there were some off-model moments. In fact, any time Riza appeared she looked different than before. I was disappointed that the episode wasn't well-animated throughout, because the material certainly deserved it.

The music is improving steadily. It's not as stand-out as Oshima's tracks, but at the same time, it compliments the scenes without obstructing it, so it serves its purpose. The voice acting is pretty good, too: Envy's new VA sounds a little less devious for now, but it's Dilandau's VA, so I'm sure she'll cut loose with him later on. Scar's new VA is so excellent, I like him just as much as the previous. Lust's is okay. I can't get use to Gluttony's new VA, though. I've gotten used to Shinichiro Miki's Roy.

It somewhat falls sort of the built up tension in the first series, though. We found out so much in episodes 14 and 15 of that series, and in the midst of a lot of action, without it seeming like people were just standing around talking while they should have been in action like here. I mean, really, with that many soldiers there, they couldn't have immobilized Scar? In the first series, Scar used his skills to scatter the troops. And Ed didn't put up as much of a fight here, either.

A good episode, but it didn't have as much impact as I thought it should have.


Fullmetal Alchemist is over! Thank you, Hiromu Arakawa! ;_;
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