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Where Does FMA Really Take Place? (i'm Not Looking For Amestris As An Answer), Why does Ed mention Britain in episode 26?
SS Android
post Feb 14 2009, 09:51 PM
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Hi all,

So while I was on my way to and from Anaheim, CA for Disneyland - a total of 14 hours - and was rewatching FMA episodes the whole way, I paused on the beginning of episode 26 to read the text on a letter that would normally go by too quick as to be unreadable as is too common in the anime, and I read something that surprised me; Ed writes to Mustang about modern Britain! This led me to believe that FMA takes place in a world mirroring that of Earth, with similar countries, but then where does Amestris fit in? Is it a part of an already existing country?

Here's the letter:


What do you guys think?


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post Feb 15 2009, 09:59 AM
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FMA uses a lot of nonsense writing, usually just nods to old bits of alchemy and it's history. Nothing to do with the plot, just a bonus for fans.

As for Artemis, it's based on Germany but not in a strict sense. Language things are just for plot convenience.


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post Feb 27 2009, 04:50 PM
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QUOTE (Popogeejo @ Feb 15 2009, 11:59 AM) *
FMA uses a lot of nonsense writing, usually just nods to old bits of alchemy and it's history. Nothing to do with the plot, just a bonus for fans.

As for Artemis, it's based on Germany but not in a strict sense. Language things are just for plot convenience.

This is true in other animes as well.

I was watching an old episode of Robotech and when the viewing screen pops in the command center, there is stupid copy about anything when you pause it.

Sometimes a grocery list or sometimes a bonus for fans.

QUOTE (SS Android @ Feb 17 2009, 01:24 PM) *
QUOTE (Edamame @ Feb 17 2009, 02:19 AM) *
Didn't the gate also at some point lead to London? Like when Ed first went to Earth? I do agree though, that Amestris is like an alternate Germany, for other reasons besides that one too.

Yes, when Edward passed through the gate the first time it led to London, England where his alter self was currently residing. This is purely speculation on my own behalf, but I believe that the gate leads to the place where one´s alter is residing. Remember that only Edward´s soul passed through the gate the first time. Edward´s soul was instantly "attracted" to the body of his alter who was currently living in England. I am guessing that the gate also led to England for Edward´s father as well. I am going on with the hypothesis that Hoenheim may have latter moved to Munich, Germany.
I do not believe that we are ever told where the gate led Edward the second time, but we can only speculate that he ended up in Munich, Germany and was probably found by his father. Edward´s body, mind, and soul were all able to fully pass through the gate this time around due to the fact that his alter was deceased, and his soul therefore had no "shell" to be attracted to. I am also guessing that the gate led the homunculus Envy to Munich as well. ( I do not know if the gate works differently for a homunculus who is not considered to be a human-being.)

In my personal opinion, Amestris seems closest to a rising Nationalist Germany. Amestris reminds me of Germany after the end of War World I, with key elements such as the subjection of the Ishbalans and the rise of a supreme Fuhrer. Amestris´subjection of the Ishbalans reminds me of the decisions made by German nationlist, the Thule sociey, and Hitler to eradicate people who they deemed unworthy of the "Master Race." The military government of Amestris spearheaded by a totalitarian Fuhrer also reminds me of the early workings of the Facist dictatorship in Germany. One of my dumber speculations that has led me to believe that Amestris is the alter-world of Germany, is the fact that Edward and Hoenheim are able to speak German fluenty, in that they can converse freely with the other citizens in Munich. (Then again, Hoenheim must have also been able to speak English as well...)

Still, Amestris also draws on various elements from Europe and the United Kingdom during their periods Industrial Revolution. For instance we see numerous forms of technology and even forms of architecture in Amestris and the FMA world as a whole that appear to mimic Europe and the United Kingdom.

- I agree with Popo that the text is an Easter egg, because it really doesn´t make sense. There are other Easter egg texts in the show as well; I remember reading that some of the texts are from old Dungeons and Dragons guide-books, and one text is actually a recipe to make waffles.

Wow. That was a huhreally (say it like it looks) good description, the best I've heard. Did you have it saved as a macro? (are there even macros here?) I already agreed with couple of those reasonings with regards to the government, but I had no idea even the architecture resembled Germany's. Also, that makes sense with regards to the souls being attracted to their counterparts meaning there is no real worldy "entrance" to the gate. It still is weird though, what do you think happened to the soul of the counterpart Ed? (and for that matter Hohenheim too) About your "dumber" reason, we speculated the same thing earlier in this thread, but Popogeejo pointed out it's quite possible they just spoke the same language for plot/continuity convenience. I think I actually remember the waffle recipe one laugh.gif.

Very good point, I do also agree that London was "soul" Ed's first destination through the gate - especially since the Zepellin were bombing the city (we know from history that Britain was horribly bombed by Germany, during WWI with Zepellin and with Lutwaffe during WWII).

So, When soul Ed shows up, he is actually alive in WWI London during a German air-raid - since Hohemheim was going to speak to Churchill, (Winston Churchill from Britain). However, why would Ed then show up in Germany later? - Also, do we ever find out how many years have passed between Ed's 2 visits in the gate?

For example by August of 1918, Germany all but abandoned the Zepellin attacks because the British were able to shoot them down...Shamabala movie is during 1923 and Ed has been in our world for 2 years (so since 1921) - does that mean there was a 2 year gap between soul Ed's first gate journey and the 2nd full Ed? Why a 2 yr gap?

Also, I agree that Amestris was supposed to be similar to the rise of Germany - especially with their "extermination" techniques (as the Nazis did with the Jews) and with Germany invading neighboring nations. However, I wish that Hitler was in power already when Ed went to Earth - then things really would have been coincided.

(a Fuhrer in charge of Amestris doing what he did for the "betterment" of the country and Hitler being in power, invading countries and setting up camps for the "betterment" of the Aryan race).

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