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Kingdom Hearts 2 Roleplay, -_- I'm not sure how this will end..
Winter Phantom
post Aug 13 2008, 06:57 AM
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Well,after the success,then failure of my Bleach RP,I finally decided to write a new one.This idea came while I was listening Sanctuary for the 62th time.

I'm writing a Kingdom Hearts 2 Roleplay!With a few rules,of course,If anyone wants to play.I'm trying to avoid anyone that wants to write Mary-Sues...I'm truly scared about how this will end.

The Story:

After finding his friends and everything's back to normal,Sora's asked to go to Hollow Bastion by King Mickey with his friends (including Donald and Goofy,of course)to battle the final Heartless (as a cleaning mission) that have been re-created by that evil computer who revived that's in the world of Tron.But,Sora and Kairi,who thought it was best to battle in the world of Tron both suffered a shocking strike and it seems Roxas and Namine have their own bodies,meaning they won't have to be One with Sora and Kairi.It seems our heros have another thing to do,but they will not be alone.

But what's this,The shock happened to some places in the worlds,making people (or creatures) come to Hollow Bastion.Sora and his friends have A LOT of cleaning up to do...

Created Characters are allowed,but no,NO Prefect Characters.Please don't make me say that your character is too perfect.Up to 2 Created Characters can have the keyblade.As said above,creatures or humans from the other worlds arrived in Hollow Bastion,so make your imagination work.For example:A Pirate from Neverland (Creatures from Worlds from KH 1 are allowed)or from the Pirates of the Caribbean world.

Canon Characters:

Sora:Lost Alchemist

Kairi:Winter Phantom




Roxas: Winter Phantom




Yuffie: Innocent-malice





Axel:Lost Alchemist

Sephiroth: The artist Formally Known as DNA

Tell me if you want any more canon chracters.

I will play Roxas and Jean,a created character.I will need to see profiles for the created chacacters.

Name: Jean Wicked

Age:...?About 16,in looks.

Birthdate: The 456th day of October.

Story:Jean has no idea how she arrived in this town.Only Daughter of a Witch,Natsumi has half of her mother's personality,explaining her evil thoughts,humor,and laughs.But on the inside,she's a sensitive crybaby and timid girl,who always has her dark;almost destoryed teddy bear in her arms.Her only powers are manipulating any living thing by entering the deepest part of their mind,and Grim,Her Teddy Bear who has a magic canon in it's stomach.Her only friend,of course,is her teddy,Grim.She's mostly seen near the cemetary,watching the moon with an empty look.

Looks:Jean has lemony-like blonde hair hidden in her witch hat and dark blue eyes.Her upper and lower body is covered by her long cape the falls to the floor.

I will wait till a few users enter.


I am sane. It's this world that's crazy.
Kariya Jin (Bleach)

Kariya Jin, Bleach
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Lost Alchemist
post Aug 27 2008, 04:47 PM
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i play sora!


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