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Fanmade Fma Anime Sequel Movie Project: "fullmetal Alchemist Part Two"
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post May 29 2008, 02:39 PM
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Hello all,

It's been a while since the movie was released and it looks like there still isn't a part two of the series. That's a real disappointment for me and many other Fullmetal Alchemist fans. The movie left a lot of things undealt with and supplied plenty of material for a sequel to be made.

So I've been thinking, if nobody else is going to do it, I will; and so can you. I've gathered together enough information and threw in some ideas so that now all that's needed is a storyline. It would be really great if we could all come together to create a storyline as good, or even better than the first Fullmetal Alchemist, and maybe you could throw in some things into what I've made here.

Well, here it is:

Fullmetal Alchemist Sequel Notes

Seeking Atomic Bomb
War starting
Trying to destroy the gate on Earth
Characters from Amestris officially on Earth

Pride (Fritz Lang)
Shou Tucker
Official Main Characters of Earth


Edward Elric
Alphonse Elric


The Thule Society
Setting: Germany
Notes for Earth:

Edward has been given new automail from Winry,
and Al has
his body completely back.
Alchemy can not be used in this world like in
This world focuses more on physics rather than
Eckhart is dead.
All who die in Amestris are physically reborn in Earth.
Huskisson holds the first atomic bomb, capable of
destroying a large city.
The Gate is open on Earth's side, if opened from
Amestris, you can get through.
WWI is taking place, Ed and Al want to help.
Hohenheim and Envy are dead.
Notes for Amestris:

Mustang destroyed the gate in Amestris.
Everyone survived the attack.
Mustang is back to normal.
Mustang did human transmutation on Selim, he sacrificed his
eye. The Transmutation failed and he created a new
Modifications for Earth:

Everyone physically reborn regains their memory
when they see the other side.
Alchemy is used the same way as in Amestris, but
you must have seen the gate once again. It can also
be used by drawing the transmutation circles
When Alchemy is used in Earth, someone dies in
Alchemy is a bit different in the gate; you must
possess the materials used.
There are rumors of a philosophers stone, (Stone of
modifications for Amestris:

All that die in the gate are reincarnated in Amestris.
Physics start being developed, aided with alchemy.
Dante is alive
Main Characters in Earth:

Edward Elric - Still the Fullmetal Alchemist, though he has
matured some physically and mentally. He has regained his
automail, and now seeks to destroy the atomic bomb brought
over by Huskisson while aiding in the war. After he does
that he will destroy the gate on Earth so that nobody can
go between sides and create more havoc. He and others were
first led to believe that alchemy can't be done on Earth,
but soon he makes a startling discovery.

Alphonse Elric - Brother of Edward Elric. He had been
trapped in a suit of armor for four years after losing his
body from a failed human transmutation. After he had become
the philosophers stone, he used the power to revive his
brother Ed, destroying himself in the process. He was then
revived by Ed and found as a ten year old with lost memory
while Ed was sent to Earth with all memory. After
relearning alchemy and reuniting with his brother in
Amestris, they both travelled into Earth with the goal of
destroying the gate permanently.

Trisha Elric - Mother of the Elric brothers. She has no
memory of them, but has the same personality and treats
them like her sons. She tends to have dreams about being in
another world, having two sons that look similar to Ed and

Huskisson - Holder of the atomic bomb and alchemist
seeking the stone. Wants to go to the other side to
destroy it. Also serves the army as an offical Chemist. He
is secretly working with The Thule Society.

The Thule Society - Seeking the stone trying to go
through the gate to gather power and use it to rule Earth.
They have created their own army and create a war
against Germany. They are secretly being taught an odd type
of science and have made a startling discovery just as the
Elric's have. They begin using this science rather than
their normal weapons such as guns and artillery, thus
starting a revalation similar to the one that is taking
place in Amestris.

Hitler - Leader of The Thule Society, researching alchemy
with the help of Huskisson. He went into hiding after the
previous leader Eckhart died.

Fuhrer Pride - Leader of the army, had a disbelief in
alchemy until proven wrong by Edward and Alphonse
themselves. He is leading the war against The Thule Society
and accepts The Elrics into the army as long as they teach
him their marvelous art. The Elrics find it odd that he
seems to be an exact replica in personality of the
Homonculus "Pride" from Amestris, although different

General Wolfgang - A General who resembles Mustang and
quickly forms a bond with the Elrics. He tends to like fire
a lot and is a quick learner.

Lieutenant Curtis - Izumi, the Elric Brother's teacher from
Amestris. When she died she kept her memory and has been
training and learning more on Earth. She was the first to
discover the truth about alchemy. She joined the Army in
honor of the Elric Brothers.

Main Characters in Amestris:

Fuhrer Mustang - Ranked Fuhrer after saving Amestris, he
has seen the gate and now has the Elric's powers after
doing human transmutation, creating the Homonculus Selim.
Russel Tringham - Alchemist, friend of Elric's
Fletcher Tringham - Alchemist, brother of Russel

Winry Rockbell - Long time friend of the Elric Brothers,
after they left she began studying the planes and
mechanisms from the other world. She quickly began trying
to rebuild them and learn more about physics. The state and
automail creators unite to focus more on physics than
alchemy to try and build rockets and planes. She is
secretly trying to use one to go through the gate and be
with Ed and Al.

State Alchemist's - The Army from Earth is still
alive, and hiding. They continue to fight against these
strange people that never seem to stop coming, while also
researching the planes from the other world and the odd
alchemy used by Eckhart.

Dante - Leader of the Homonculi. She was able to escape
from Gluttony just before he ate her, and is still hiding
in the underground city with the philosophers stone. She is
seeking Homonculi to help her get a new body and keep
living. She is determined to get Rose's body and seek
revenge on her and the Elric Brother's.

Selim - Homonculus created by Mustang after a failed human
transmutation. Dante found him on the streets one day and
took him in, teaching him evil. He seems to become weak
when he sees the patch covering Mustangs eye.

William Elric - Envy, a Homonculus who came back through
the gate and hid in the underground city. He is now in his
original form and feels bad about killing Hohenheim and
realizes how unfair he has been with Ed and Al. It is
discovered that he can use alchemy and he has decided to
use it to find the Elric Brothers and help them at any cost.

Nina - Homonculus created by Tucker after he attempted
Human Transmutation under Dante. She tells him that if
anything happens to him she'll revive him, but instead he
is killed and creates the Homonculus version of Nina. She
then adds Nina to her army of Homonculi.

[I might add some more characters, but I can't think of any
more right now. Maybe you guys can tell me who you want?]

Storyline: I'll think of this later, maybe some of you can
help with it with using all of the information that I've
put here.

Once we've created a really great storyline, then a script for each episode can be created. After this, it would be great if we could get some really great artists to create a manga from the script that could be put up for show on the internet. If this becomes successful, maybe the story can be submitted to the owner of the copyright for the series and turned into the official anime.

I simply wish for there to be a great suitable ending for everything, whether official or not. It would just be icing on the cake to have it in anime form and everyone being allowed to see it.
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