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Chapter 80 "Regular" Discussion Thread For First Time Readers (and Others), No future chapter spoilers here, please. :)
post Feb 11 2008, 07:41 AM
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Thanks for uploading to Photobucket, AA battery! Sendspace wasn't working at all for me. ;.;


FMA's gone zombie or something. O.o
That 'immortal army' looks like something out of Silent Hill. xD

Anyways... Nicely-paced chapter with a nice amount of pages. :'D Poor Mei, though...

So, this'll be Hoho's first time seeing Al since he left. It does look like they recognize each other, but I wonder if Hoho's reaction will be different from his reaction in the anime.
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post Feb 11 2008, 08:13 AM
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QUOTE(AA battery @ Feb 11 2008, 12:09 PM) *
so it seems we won't find out whether or not Al and Hoho-papa recognizes each other until the next issue, but judging fro their expression it seems they do somewhat recognize each other.

36 pages. It's not bad...
This chapter is not that rushed either.
Finally, a chapter that's not rushed, yet remains rather informative~
Yay, Olivier is back ^o^ Awesome as usual lol
Ed... you dead yet? XD
Al! Take over this manga and turn it into Armor Alchemist! XDDDDDDDDDD
Mei-chan, you are so cute =w= I want to huggle Al like that too XD
Envy, why on earth are you tricking little girls? =_=;;;
I don't have much to rant about this chapter =D
Finally, a chapter that's somewhat back up to the standards =w=

Agree with a chapter that doesn't feel rushed again, finally.

It started leaving a rather poor impression to me, though: What was all that Yoki scene about? Since when can Envy do that without PS (alchemic power) on him?
Besides, poor Yoki, he gets no love. sad.gif Even if it's a joke scene and the guys were bluffing anyway I think it was a bit too cruel.

More teleporting... Mei gets to Youswell, the rest to Reole... Luckily it's not incoherent, there might have perfectly been another little timeskip in there. Seems days pass rather calm and quickly lately on the FMA world... The calm before the storm? (literally translating a Spanish saying in here, dunno if it's correct in English sleep.gif )

But then suddenly it rises again!
Another peek at Wrath's thoughts and possible rebellion!

Armstrong meeting! laugh.gif

An unexpected twist: Mass-production models?! ohmy.gif

And a fated encounter, Pt. 2. This time with the younger one.

Do want 81.

PS: Oh, and that's gotta be the best armor!Al face EVAR! XDDD

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post Feb 11 2008, 08:20 AM
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QUOTE(Sensenic @ Feb 11 2008, 09:13 AM) *
Armstrong meeting! laugh.gif

*sigh of contentment* Ahh...it was all I thought it would be and more. biggrin.gif
*sits back and sips coffee*
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post Feb 11 2008, 09:37 AM
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Here's my translation - Needs a proofread/edit, but i'll do that tonight. For now you can at least follow the story though smile.gif

By the way, there are several mirrors for the full RAW here: http://mangahelpers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=25704

NOTE TO SCANLATORS - I believe there are some personal issues behind the scenes at TMI preventing them from working on FMA scans. If you want to try your hand at it, you are welcome to use this translation.

Toad (WTF is his name?): Is this-
Text: Marcoh defeats Envy!

Toad: Sorry, Doctor.
With all this snow, I don't think we're gonna find your teeth.
Marcoh: Don't even worry about it.

May: Your poor face looks even worse now...
Marcoh: Haha...
It feels like my mouth has a leak.

Thank you for stopping the bleeding.
May: You're welcome!

Marcoh: And you two.

I'm sorry I wrapped you both up in my quest for atonement...I've been so selfish.

Page 2:
Marcoh: Thank you.

Toad: You didn't...
I mean, you told us to stay out of things if we could...
Zanpano: Yep.
That was scary as all hell, though.

Never thought we'd be up against a monster like that.
Envytus (Envy-Fetus): GI

the girl who snuck into our lair underneath Central!
SFX: GII....

Page 3:
Title: A Vision of Father

Yoki: Oh?

Toad: We're back!

Yoki: How'd it go? Did you beat the Homunculus?
Marcoh: Yes...barely...

Page 4:
Winry: Dr. Marcoh, you're hurt!
Marcoh: Oh these are nothing...but my back's killing me.

I'm embarrassed that you have to see me all beaten up like this...
Winry: You can't keep pushing yourself like this!

Marcoh: Seeing you reminded me of your parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rockbell.
And made me realize that running away was cowardly and unfair...because there was still something I could do.

I wanted to do what I could, no matter how far I had to push myself.

Winry: I understand...
just don't do it again.

Yoki: Haha...so THIS is a Homunculus, eh?

Page 5:
Yoki: Tee hee! That's what you get for trying to take on humans, you lousy

SFX: flick

You son of a...


SFX: Slip


Page 6:
May: Yoki-san?

Yoki: He...he...
he...lp me...

SFX: Slither slither

SFX: slither slither slither
Envytus: Haha! This loser belongs to me now!
SFX: Slip slip

Envy: If you value your friend's life, you'll do what I say!
SFX: twitch twitch twitch

Page 7:
Yoki: Stop, you monster!
Gaagh...I can't control my body!
SFX: Wobble wobble
Envytus: Struggle all you want,
I'm in control now!

His life is in my hands-
Toad: So? Do what you want.
Zanpano: He's not our friend.
Envy: WHAT?!

May: We only knew each other for a short time...yours is a noble sacrifice.
SFX: sniffle
Al: We'll always remember you!

M-Master Scar!
You're my friend, aren't you?!

SFX: Swish

Envytus: Wh-why aren't you trying to save him?
I thought he was with you!!
SFX: Gulp

Page 8:
Marcoh: Don't push your luck, Envy.

We're not playing around any more.
You try anything funny and we'll obliterate you AND that man in a heartbeat.

Envytus: Gigi...

God damnit...

Al: I got him.
Yoki: He let go?!
Toad: Nice act.
SFX bubble: Pat
Marcoh: I thought I was gonna have a heart attack...
bluffing's not my forte.

Yoki: You people are monsters! We are no longer friends!
I'm done with all of you!
Al: Heh. Who said we were friends in the first place?
May: Al-sama, you're so cool!
SFX: Swooooon

Page 9:
Envytus: Crap.

Now what?
What're they up to?

Those worthless insects, whispering off in the shadows...

Where's the Fullmetal Shrimp?
Al: My brother?
He's probably at Briggs by now.

Envytus: Oh? I heard he'd disappeared.
So he's not here?
You sure?

Page 10:
Al: Spill your guts!
Where's my brother?!
Envytus: Spill my guts?
I just heard the mine in Baschool collapsed and he'd cone missing.

Winry: Ed's...missing?

Al: D-don't worry. Remember who we're talking about.
I'm sure brother managed to get away.
Winry: Y-yeah...
You're right.

Zanpano: Now tell us about your plans!
What's Central up to! Talk!
Envytus: I dunno.
SFX: Hmph

Bottle SFX: splat splat

Envy: You stupid jarhead...
Who would talk when they know it'd get them killed either way?!
SFX: Shiver

Page 11:
Zanpano: Rrrrgh...
you little-
SFX: Hmph

Toad: We need to get out of this area.
Scar: Right.

Ishvalan: Leaving already?
Scar: Yes.
The enemy knows we're here.

Ishvalans: Take care now.
May Ishvala be with you.

Scar: We owe you a great debt.
You have my thanks.

Winry: You doing all right, Al?
Al: Yeah.
I think my soul will stay bound to the armor for now.

Page 12:
Toad: Carrying you was pretty rough.
Zanpano: Yeah, having you up and walking again is a big help.
Al: Hahaa...sorry about that.
SFX: Slosh slosh slosh

Yoki: Where to now?
Al: Well, Briggs is out, and brother's disappeared...

SFX: Slosh slosh slosh...

Scar: May.
May: Yes?
Scar: How did you enter this country?
SFX: slosh slosh

May: I came in though the Youswell mining town.
Scar: Youswell, you said?


Page 13:
Scar: Take him back to Xing.
May: Wh-
Yoki: M-master Scar!!

Scar: It's nowhere near true immortality, but we have what's left of a being that couldn't die no matter how many times it was killed.
It may save your clan.

May: But if I leave...
Toad: Yeah! We decoded the research book, and figured out that Rentanjutsu fits into all this somehow...

Scar: This is no time to worry about someone else's country.

Did you really come here with such little dedication?
if you get caught up in our affairs,
will you tell the people who gave you your task, "Sorry, I couldn't help Xing because I was wrapped up in saving Amestris?"

Page 14:
Scar: You'll reach Youswell if you head East from here.

This country's citizens will take care of things themselves.

SFX: Slump

May: Thank you all
so very much!

Page 15:
Al: I didn't understand anything you said about Rentanjutsu, but thanks for trying to teach me.
May: Al-sama...

Yoki: NYAH!!

May: Al-sama...
I l-...
Zanpano/Toad SFX: Hehe

Al: It's okay.
Take care.
Marcoh: Oh ho ho.

May: Thank you everyone!
Thank you!

Page 16:
Winry: She's gone...
Al: What a lively little girl.

Winry: I think you're more broken up than you're letting on.
SFX: Ho ho
Al: What're you smirking about?

Winry: May's a princess, right?
Stick with her, all that money's bound to make you "merry"!
Al: Money...? Merry?

Al: Marry into money?!
Box: MARRY = MONEY [H: The pun in japanese here is that she calls him a "reverse trophy spouse." When you switch the two kanji, it becomes "Jewel of the palanquin." I had to choose between keeping the word-switching gag or the meaning. I chose the former ;P]
Toad: So?
Where to next?
Marcoh: Hrrrrmmm...

Al: Oh yeah! I was thinking this earlier...
Zanpano: Oh? There somewhere you wanna go?

Al: Yes.
There's a certain town I need to check out.

Page 17:
May SFX: Step step step

Page 18:
Kyle: Huh?

Hey May! I thought it was you!
May: Huh?

Kyle: Hey everyone, it's May!
Miners: Oh!

The Alchemy girl!
Whatcha up to?
May: I'm...going back to my country...
SFX: Yay yay yay

Miner: Goin' home, eh? Come back again soon!
Lower right miner: You're gonna break her!
Miner 2: Did you get to meet the Fullmetal Alchemist?

Page 19:
Kyle: Come have something to eat, May!
Miners: Good call. We're almost done working.
We all eat together.
SFX: Yay yay yay yay yay

Kyle: You need a place to spend the night?
Stay with us!
Miner: Hey ma! Get the house cleaned up!
Ma: You got it!
SFX: Chatter chatter chatter

Miners: Give the bedding a good cleaning, too!
Let's hurry up and finish today's work!
SFX: Chatter chatter chatter

SFX: Drip

Drip drip drip

Envytus: They're nice people...

Page 20:
Envytus: Can you really abandon them?

I guess it's for the best, though.
You'd better get me to Xing.

Then again, I doubt bringing back a near-dead Homunculus will be of any help.

I mean, you could kill me with a SHOE now.
Won't the emperor just get mad?

Now, if you'd gone back to CENTRAL,
you could've learn the secret of true immortality.

Central had what you sought.

Don't mind me, I'm just thinking out loud. Hurry back to Xing.

Page 21:
Miner1: I'll grab some sake from the boss's place!
Miner2: Don't you have plenty of your OWN?

May: I'm sorry, Kyle-san!
I'll have dinner with you next time!

Kyle: Buh?
Hey, where're you going?!
May: Back to Central! I still have something left to do!

Page 22:
Envytus: Hahaha...stupid girl.

You go to Central and I win.
If I can just get another stone, I can transform back.

Another stone...
I just need another stone!

Bradley: Mmph.
SFX: Crick

Bradley: I think I'll take a break.
Make me some tea, would you Lt. Hawkeye?
Hawkeye: Yes, Sir.

Page 23:
SFX: Clink

SFX: wipe wipe

Bradley: I see you know
about Salem.

Hawkeye: ...I do.

Bradley: And you know about my true identity as well, correct?

Hawkeye: ...I do, sir.

Page 24:
Hawkeye: Are you going to kill me because I know too much?
SFX: Clink clink

Bradley: No.
I was just curious.

What does an ordinary citizen think, knowing her country's leader, and his son, are Homunculi?

SFX: clink

Hawkeye: ...I think it's sad that the family we should trust in the most is nothing but a sham.

You're just playing house, aren't you?

Laughing in the shadows while you pretend to be humans, all the while thinking us a foolish, ignorant species?

Page 25:
Bradley: "Playing house."
I was given a "son" to make the game more realistic.

But it doesn't end with him.
I was given "power," "subordinates," and the position of "Fuhrer."
"Playing Nation" would be more accurate.

However, I chose my wife myself.

Bradley: Is the tea ready yet?
Hawkeye: Oh-
Yes, sir.

Page 26:
Bradley: Mmm.
Very good.

Alex: Ummm...

Page 27:
Alex: Could you please get off my foot, sister?
SFX: Squeak

Olivia: As long as I'm here, you will refer to me as GENERAL!
Alex: AYE, MA'AM!

That vacant look on your face hasn't changed a bit!
Alex: Neither has the grim one on yours, dear sister.
Alex: SORRY!

I heard Briggs won a decisive victory on the Drachman border.
Olivia: Of course we did.

Alex: And the underground country-wide transmutation circle's status?
SFX: whisper

Olivia: Dunno.
Brigg's job is to protect the nation from OUTSIDE threats.

Page 28:
Olivia: To make sure no one even THINKS about going to war with us until the end of time!
And if they do, to wipe them from existence!
We avoid pointless fights for everyone ELSE'S sake as much as our own!
SFX: Clench

Alex: Oh, my...so ferocious.
No one will have you for a wife if you keep-

Olivia: YOU just don't have any fighting spirit!

Olivia: Worthless!
I'm getting out of here before I catch your cowardice!
All SFX: Stomp

Alex: Sis-...General.
SFX: dust dust.
Alex: While you're in Central, you should go see our father.
Olivia: I will, if I feel like it!

Page 29:
Old Falman: Ah-
There you are, General.

Your brother?
Olivia: I don't like to think of him as such.

He's a coward who ran home crying from Ishval.

Old Falman: ...This way, please.
There's something you need to see.

Do you know the three laws to which State Alchemists are forbidden to disobey?
Olivia: Yes.
SFX: Step step step step

Page 30:
Olivia: "Don't make gold. Don't make humans."
"Don't oppose the military."

Old Falman: Very good.
That's really all anyone NEEDS to know.
Olivia: What're you getting at?
SFX: Clink clink

Old Falman: "Don't oppose the military" is self-explanatory.
The "Don't make gold" rule is to prevent someone from throwing the economy into chaos.

So why do we tell them "Don't make humans?"
What is the reason behind forbidding human transmutation?

Olivia: The moral and ethical implications.
Humans creating humans artificially is playing God. That's why Alchemists have forbidden it for centuries, correct?
Old Falman. Wrong.

Page 31:
Old Falman: What is and is not ethical changes with the times, and indeed, depends on who you ask.
Such vague concepts have no place in our great nation.
SFX: Step step step

SFX: bip bip bip


Old Falman: The reason is simple.


Page 32:
Old Falman: The rule is in place to prevent individuals from creating their own personal army.

Page 33:
SFX: Hustle bustle

SFX: Hustle bustle

SFX: Hustle bustle
Rose SFX: Flap

Person: Wow, what's that huge statue?
Any place we can get something to eat?
Al: Hang on, I know it's here SOMEwhere...
SFX: Clank clank clank

Al: There we go!
I'm sure they'll have food here.
SFX: Clank clank

Page 34:
Al/Rose: Ah-

Al: Rose! How have you been?
Rose: Fine, Al!
Are you STILL travelling?

Zanpano: They know each other?
She's a little hottie, ain't she?
Why're they all so far from Briggs...
Small sfx: It's not fair.

Rose: Ed's not with you?
Al: Aaahh...uh...

No, he's...somewhere else today.

Page 35:
Rose: Oh...too bad.
I wanted to see him again.

Al: Oh ho HO?
Winry: What're YOU smirking about?!

Al: You had a weird look on your face, that's all. What're you thinking about?
Rose: Are you Ed's-

Hoho: Rooo-ooose!

I finished cleaning the pot.
Anything else I can do for y-

Page 36:
All 3: You?!
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post Feb 11 2008, 10:18 AM
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EdxWinnyness, oh I had almost given up hope.

But enough of such petty excitements, I am looking forward to the father/son interactions and reactions. Hoho looks nothing but innocent in these images, real fatherly figure, ironic.


Avatar & Sig by me.
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post Feb 11 2008, 11:16 AM
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QUOTE(Chiyo @ Feb 11 2008, 12:18 PM) *
EdxWinnyness, oh I had almost given up hope.

Given up hope? It's been like 3 chapters rolleyes.gif
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post Feb 11 2008, 12:06 PM
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Thank you AA Battery, thank you HisshouBuraiKen!! happy.gif

Also... Chapter 80 Raw Download

I'm turning this thread into Spoiler Party thread. Hence...

No need to use spoiler tags when talking about the content of chapter 80 on this thread. ^^


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post Feb 11 2008, 12:46 PM
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Okay...so Ed is not at Lior, and he isn't with Marcoh's party. If he goes back to Briggs, he's kinda hosed.


Where the heck is this boy? Don't tell me he's just been camping out in the snow for a few weeks?

In any case, I'm glad to see most of the Risembool gang back together. Go find Ed now, please. And kick some butts along the way.

Obviously, Ed getting impaled and transmuting himself was just way too much concentrated epic. This is just time for us to come off the epic high.

EDIT: Oh, and many thanks as always to HisshouBuraiKen for the speedy translations! (Lol, "Old Falman")
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post Feb 11 2008, 01:01 PM
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QUOTE(TheRainbowConnection @ Feb 11 2008, 02:46 PM) *
Where the heck is this boy? Don't tell me he's just been camping out in the snow for a few weeks?

Seriously. He really knows how to drop off the face of the planet when it's not convenient!

Anyways, thanks for the translation, HisshouBuraiKen!

Heh, poor Al. Winry is so suggestive. Then again, Al-- with his most awesome expression ever--is just as bad. xD
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post Feb 11 2008, 01:15 PM
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Parking here and doing my share of translation. ^^

Chapter 80:

Page 1

Gerso: "This one..." "No, this isn't it."
Caption (in between the panels): Marcoh has beaten Envy!!
Gerso: "This is not good, Doctor," "with this snow, I can't find your teeth that flew away."
Marcoh: "That's all right, you don't have to force yourself to find them."
Mei: "Once again, your face was reconstructed into an even worse looking one."
Marcoh: "Haha....." "I can feel the free flow of air in my mouth."
Marcoh: "Thank you for stopping the bleeding."
Mei: "You are very welcome!"

Marcoh: "And, to you all also..."
Marcoh: "Sorry for involving you for my own selfish purpose, of making my atonement."

Page 2
Marcoh: "Thank you."
Gerso: "Well, yeah..." "You told us to try not to interfere as much as possible, so..."
Zampano: "Yeah." "But, that was scary at times."
Zampano: "We've never imagined he was such a monstrous creature."
SFX (Envy) "Ngya" "Ghi ghi"
While being held up by Scar, Envy sees Mei.
Envy: "That one........"
Envy: "That's the girl who stole into our place underneath the Central...!
SFX (Envy) Ggggggg....

Page 3
Yoki: "Oh!"
Gerso: "He~~y."
Yoki: "How did it go? Have you defeated the Homunculus?"
Gerso: "Yeah, we managed it somehow....."

Page 4
Winry: "Mr. Marcoh, are you injured?!"
Marcoh: "Oh no no, the injuries are minor, but my knees have given in under me..."
Marcoh: "How embarrassing... I'm all worn out..."
Winry: "Please don't push yourself to the excess like this."
Marcoh: "... After I met you, I remembered about Mr. and Mrs. Rockbell. "
Marcoh: "I realized that I have been a coward, letting myself be pushed around and be used while doing nothing about it, although there was something I could do."
Marcoh: "I wanted to get this done, even if I had to push myself to the excess for that."
Winry: ".... I understand." "Still, don't push yourself to the excess like this again, please?"
Yoki: "Huh~~ So, this is a homunculus?"

Page 5
Yoki: "He, he, heh! This is what you get for being conceited and arrogant, and having decided to go up against humans." "Do you hear..."
Yoki: "You little insect!!"
SFX Smack
SFX (Envy) "Ghi"
Envy: "You bastard...."
Yoki: "OOOOu~~ch!!!"
SFX Flee
SFX (Yoki) "Gyhaooouch"
Mei: "?!"

Page 6
Mei: "Mr. Yoki?!"
Yoki: "Ugh..." "Help......me..."
SFX Slither
Envy: "Ha ha!! This one's body is mine now!!"
SFX Slurp
Scrar/Garso: "!!"
Envy: "If you want to save your buddy's life, do as I say!!"
SFX Slurp Slurp
Yoki: "Waaaaah"

Page 7
Yoki: "Stop it----!! You, monster---!!" "Ugh.... I don't have a control of my own body...!!
SFX Stagger Stagger
Envy: "No use struggling!!" "I took control over this body!!"
Envy: "It’s up to me, Envy, to let this one live or die..."
Gerso: "You can do as you want."
Zampano: "That one isn't one of us, anyway."
Yoki & Envy: "No way!!!"
Mei: "Mr. Yoki, it was short, but good knowing you…" "Please go in peace as a noble sacrifice."
SFX Sniff
Al: "I will not forget about you!"
Yoki: "Nooooo!!!"
Yoki: "Master Scar!!" "You are my ally, right?! Right?!"
SFX (Scar) ......Turn away
Yoki: "Hey, don't look away!!!"
Envy: "Ho...how come nobody is trying to save this one?!" "Isn't he one of yours?!"

Page 8
Marcoh: "Stop your futile attempt, Envy."
Envy: "!"
Marcoh: "We are at the point of where we no longer care for how we might appear to others." "If you interfere with us, we will destroy you, together with that man's body."
SFX (Envy) "Ugh..."
Envy: "Damn...."
SFX Spttt
Al: "It came off."
Yoki: "It came off?!"
Gerso: "Nice performance."
SFX "Pat"
Marcoh: "I... I'm not good at bluffing." "Whew~~~ I was almost panicking to keep up with my part of act..."
SFX Thump Thump
Yoki: "Damn you all!! You are no longer my friends!!" "I'm through with all of you!! I'm breaking off the friendship!!
Al:<Orange Fizz> "Silly you, we knew each other, but we weren't exactly friends."
Mei: "Al-sama is so cool!!"
SFX Pang

Page 9
Envy is in a jar now.
Envy: <Thinking> "Damn it...."
Envy: <Thinking> "What is happening?" "Look at that ragtag group of humans,"
Envy: "<Thinking> Worthless scraps, gathering in a circle and conspiring sneakily in the shadow..."
Envy: "Huh?"
Envy: "Isn't the Fullmetal shrimp with you?"
Al: "Brother?" "He should be in Briggs by now."
Envy: "...I heard he has been missing..."
Envy: "He is not here?" "Are you sure?"

Page 10
Al: "Wait, tell us more details!!" "Where did he go?!"
Envy: "I don't know much details..." "I heard that there was a collapse of a mine shaft in Bazkul, and he has been missing since then."
Winry: "Missing....." "No way...."
Al: "He... he should be fine. It's our brother we are talking about." "I'm sure he managed to escape and he is being fine somewhere."
Winry: "Umm... yeah." "That's right..." "That should be it......!!"
Zampano: "Well then, next, tell us about your plans." "Spit out what you all are conspiring!!"
Envy: "I have no idea."
SFX Humph
Zampano: "What do you say, you scrappy worm?! Spit it out, you bastard!!"
Gerso: "Go!! Get him, Zampano!!"
SFX: (inside jars) Splat Splat
SFX (Envy) "Ughhaaaaaaah!!!"
Envy: 'Heh, you moron..." "Who would talk, knowing that would get him killed?"
SFX Uggh

Page 11
Zampano: "You..." "Damn...!"
SFX (Envy) Ignore
Gerso: "Now, we should move out of this place soon."
Scar: "Yes, I agree"
Ishvalan slum elder: "You have to leave?"
Scar: "Yes," "Since our enemies know we are here now."
Ishvalan slum resident: "Take care."
Ishvalan slum elder: "May the blessing of Ishval be with you."
Scar: "Thank you," "For your hospitality."
Winry: "Are you doing all right, Al?"
Al: "Yeah," "I seem fine. I haven't lost consciousness for a while."

Page 12
Gerso: "It was rather taxing to carry you while we marched."
Zampano: "It helps that you can walk."
Al: "Haha... Sorry~."
SFX Tread Tread
Yoki: "And, so? Where shall we head for?"
Al: "Briggs’ fort is dangerous to go to; my brother is missing…"
SFX Tread Tread
Al: ".................."
Tread Tread Tread
SFX Tread Tread
Scar: "Mei,"
Mei: "Yes?"
Scar "From which route have you entered this country?"
Mei: "I snuck into this country from the mining town of Youswell."
Scar: "Youswell..."
The gang come to a crossroad
Scar: "Hey,"

Page 13
Scar to Mei: "Take this, and go back to your home."
Mei: "What...."
Yoki: 'Wait, Master!!"
Scar: "This is far from the immortality you have been searching for, but this is still what's left of a homunculus who wouldn’t die even after continuing to get killed." "This may save your clan."
Mei: "But, if I go home now......"
Gerso: "That's right! After finally decoding the research notes, and learning that we need Rentanjitsu..."
Scar: "Should you be getting involved in other country's affairs?"
Mei: "!"
Scar: "Have you come to this country with such a lackadaisical determination for pursuing your own goal?" "If your clan loses in the power struggle amongst the other clans in your country while you are abiding with us," "Are you going to tell your clan's people who entrusted you with their fate, 'I'm sorry, but I couldn't save you because I was busy getting involved in another country's affairs'? Is that going to be your excuse?"

Page 14
Scar: "If you take that way to the East, soon you can reach Youswell."
Scar: "Go." "The people in this country will manage to take care of this country’s problem."
SFX Squeeze.....
Mei: "Thank you so much......." "For everything...!"

Page 15
Al: "Rentanjitsu... " "I couldn't understand it at all, but thank you for trying to teach me."
Mei: "Al-sama....."
SFX cling
SFX (Winry) <in small letters> Ah!
SFX (Yoki) <in small letters> Oh, my!!
Mei: "Al-sama....." "I am... I am...!!"
SFX (Zampano) <in small letters> Ahaaaa
SFX (Gerso) <in small letters> Oh, my, my
Al: "Yeah," "Take care of yourself."
SFX (Mei) Sob Sob
SFX (Marcoh) My, my
Mei: "Thank you, everyone~~~!!" "Thank you~~~!!"

Page 16
Winry: "And, she's gone."
Al: "She was a lively and cheerful girl."
Winry: "You sound like you were rather fond of her."
SFX (Winry) Ho ho ho
Al: "... what's that smirk?"
Winry: "Mei is a Xingese princess, right?" "If everything goes well, that would be like the reverse case of a woman marrying to a prince, you know, riding to the wedding ceremony in a jeweled carriage, and all that stuff."
SFX (Winry) <in small letters> Squeal
Al: "Reversed... jeweled carriage?"
SFX (Scroll) Jeweled Carriage
Al: <Thinking> "Carriage of the 'jewel''?"
SFX (Scroll) Carriage of Jewel
Gerso: "So?" "Where do we go next?"
Marcoh: "Hmmm..."
Al: "Oh yes!! I have been thinking about that for a while......"
Zampano: 'What? Do you have some place you would like to head for?"
Al: "Yeah." "I have a town I would like to check out."

Page 17
Town of Youswell
Mei seems disheartened
SFX Trudge Trudge
Envy: ".........."

Page 18
Mei passes by mining workers
Kyle: "Ah...?"
Kyle: "As I thought!! Mei!!"
Mei: "Huh?!" "Ah... Mr. Kyle!!"
Kely: "Everyone~! It's Mei!!"
Workers: "Oh!!"
SFX chatter chatter
Worker A: "That Alchemist girl!!"
Worker B: "What are doing here?"
Mei: "Uh..... I'm on the way to my country......"
Worker C: "I see~ You're going home~! You will come visit us again, all right~?"
SFX Shake Shake Shake
SFX (Worker D) <in small letters> You're gonna break her
Worker E: "Did you get to meet the Fullmetal Alchemist?"

Page 19
Kyle: "Mei, come eat with us!"
Worker: "That's right, we'll be done for the day's work soon." "Let's all eat together with Mei."
SFX Chatter Chatter Chatter
Kyle: "Do you know where you are going to stay?"
Worker: "Stay at our place tonight." "Hey, mother, go clean our home!"
Worker's wife: "All right~"
SFX Chatter Chatter Chatter
Worker: "And, prepare the bath also."
Worker: "Great, we are gonna finish up our work soon."
Worker: "Oh, yes."
SFX Hahaha Hahaha haha
SFX Drip
Envy: "?"
SFX Drop Drop Drop
Envy: "........." "These are such nice people."

Page 20
Envy: "Are you going to abandon them?"
Envy: "Well, that's fine also." "Hurry home and take this Envy to your country."
Envy: "Although, I don't really think taking this barely surviving homunculus would be of any use."
Envy: "Another punch, and this body will be dead." "You may just end up angering your Emperor, and that will be the end."
Envy: "........But, if you go to the Central," "You can learn the real way to obtain immortality."
Envy: "Central has what you are searching for..."
Envy: "Oh, but," "I guess that has nothing to do with you since you are about to head home."

Page 21
Worker: "Let's borrow some Sake from our boss."
Worker: "How about all the Sake you bought on credit?"
Mei: "I'm sorry, Mr. Kyle!" "I will have dinner with you another time!"
Kyle: "What?!" "Where are you going?!"
Mei: "Mei: "I'm going back to Central. I have something left to do!!"
SFX Dash

Page 22
Envy: <Thinking> "He he he... Fool."
Envy: <Thinking> "Your reaching to Central will be my salvation." "As long as I can get another Philosopher's Stone, I can change my form again."
Envy: <Thinking> "The Stone..." "As long as I can get another Stone...!!"
Central Headquarters
Bradley: "Hmm......"
SFX Crack Crack
Bradley: "I will take a break" "Could you get me some tea, Lieutenant Hawkeye."
Hawkeye: "Yes."

Page 23
SFX Clink
SFX Clink Clank
Bradley: "I hear ---" "You have learned about Selim."
Hawkeye: ".................yes."
Bradley: "You know about my true identity as well, don't you?"
Hawkeye: "...................yes."

Page 24
Hawkeye: "Now that I have learned that, are you going to kill me?"
SFX clink clink
Bradley: "No, I'm just curious," "About how one would feel, as a citizen of the country, about having homunculi as the one at the top of the country, and his son."
SFX clink
Hawkeye: "...........Family is something you should trust in, but in your case it is a fictitious unit, and I think that is sad."
Hawkeye: "It is just playing house for you, isn't it?"
Hawkeye: "Homunculi who look down on humans as foolish beings are imitating this human custom, all awhile laughing about us behind our backs, aren’t they?"

Page 25
Bradley: "'Playing house,'" "That is indeed the case." "That one is a 'son' placed upon me from the above."
Bradley: "Not only my son," "'The position of Führer,' 'subordinates,' 'power,' everything was given to me," "And I have been 'playing Führer.'"
Bradley: "But, my wife, I chose her myself."
Bradley: "Is the tea ready yet?"
Hawkeye: "Ah...""Yes."

Page 26
Bradley: "Ah," "This is good."
<Elsewhere in the Central Headquarters...>
Major General Armstrong: ".................."
Major Armstrong: "......umm..."

Page 27
Major Armstrong: "Would you kindly move your foot, elder sister."
SFX Stamp
Major General Armstrong: "Not elder sister!!! While in the military, address me as Major General!!!"
Major Armstrong: "Aye, Ma'am."
Major General Armstrong: "You still got that same cowardly look on your face!"
Major Armstrong: "Elder sister also, the same harsh look, as always...
SFX Squash
Major Armstrong: "I am very sorry!!"
Major Armstrong: "<in small letters> Whew... <in normal font> I hear the Northern Army has won an overwhelming victory against the Drachma army in the recent battle."
Major General Armstrong: "Of course we did."
SFX whisper
Major Armstrong: ".....That might have contributed to the completion of the nation-wide Transmutation Circle?"
Major General Armstrong: "I don't care." "To protect the Northern territory from outside invaders, that is the duty of all of us at Briggs' fort.."

Page 28
Major General Armstrong: "We give them complete defeats, so much so that they will never again think of declaring war on us for the next decades and centuries!" "That is our way!"
SFX Clench
Major General Armstrong: “By preventing unnecessary wars, it will in the end benefit everyone, both their side, as well as ours!"
Major Armstrong: "Good gracious. How ferocious...." "If you stay that way you may never find anyone who might be willing to take you as a bride..."
Major General Armstrong: "You are so lucking in fighting spirit!!"
SFX Boot
Major General Armstrong: "You, dreg!!!" "If I stay near you, I’m going to get infected with your cowardliness!!"
SFX Tread Tread Tread
Major Armstrong: "Elder sis...... Major General," "While you are in the Central, please go see our father once in a while."
Major General Armstrong: "Only if I feel like it!"

Page 29
Lieutenant General: "Oh," "Here you are, Major General."
Lieutenant General: "Is that your brother?"
Major General Armstrong: "I don't want to consider him as my brother."
Major General Armstrong: "He is a coward who ran back from Ishval."
Lieutenant General: ".......come with me."
Lieutenant General: "I have something I have to show you."
Lieutenant General: "You know the three major restrictions in the State Alchemist Law, don't you?"
Major General Armstrong: "Yes."
SFX Clack Clack Clack

Page 30
Major General Armstrong: "'Thou shall not create Gold,' 'thou shall not create a human,'" "And 'thou shall not go against the military.'"
Lieutenant General: "That is fine." "You know well enough."
Major General Armstrong: "What about them?"
SFX Clack Clack Clack
Lieutenant General: "'Thou shall not go against the military,' that one is obvious." "'Thou shall not create Gold," that one is to prevent economic chaos."
Lieutenant General: "Then, how about 'thou shall not create a human'?" "Why do you think it is prohibited?"
SFX Clack Clack Clack
Major Genera Armstrong: "Because it is against the very basics of our morals and ethics, isn't it?" "I hear that is has long been a taboo among alchemists, because a man creating a man would be a blasphemy against God."
Lieutenant General: "Wrong."

Page 31
SFX Clack Clack Clack
Lieutenant General: "Morals and ethics, the interpretation and application of of those can change with time, even from one person to another." "For our country, the reason for that law isn't such an ambiguous thing."
SFX Bip Bip Bip
SFX "Ding"
SFX Glonk Glonk Glonk
Lieutenant General: "The reason is pure and simple."
SFX Thunk
SFX Glonk

Page 32
Lieutenant General: "It is to prevent anyone from creating a powerful army for his own."

Page 33
<Town of Reole>
Voice: "Heh, what's that statue?"
Voice: "Is there any place where we can get some food?"
SFX Clang Clang Clang
Al: "Wait, I think somewhere around here..."
Al: "There it is!"
SFX Clang Clang
Al: "Here we can get some food..."

Page 34
Al & Rose: "Ah."
Al: "Rose, how have you been?!"
Rose: "Fine, how about you, Al?!" "You are still traveling around?"
Gerso: "Huh? They know each other?"
Zampano: "With such a pretty miss..." "He must know a thing or two about girls."
SFX (Zampano) Damn
Rose: "Where is Ed? Isn't he with you?"
Al: "Umm..." "Brother is not with us today."

Page 35
Rose: "I see... That's too bad." "I wanted to see him...."
<Winry goes O_o >
Evil Al: "Oh, oh?"
Winry: "Wha...What is that smirk?!"
Al: "Oh no, I was just wondering what that interesting expression was for."
Rose: "Ah? What? You know Ed?"
Winry: "We are childhood friends!!"
SFX Clang Clang
Voice: "He~~~y, Rose~~"
Hohenheim: "I finished cleaning pots." "Is there any other chores...."

Page 36
Hohenheim, Winry, & Al: "Ah?!!"

Caption on the side: Reunion at an unexpected place! What are you doing, Hohenheim?!

(End of chapter 80)
(Next chapter is coming out on Wed. March 12)

This translation is subject to farther editing.
I will come back later and edit typo, syntax errors, etc. ^^


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Thanks a lot for the translations, the link to the RAW, and for uploading the RAW onto the forum!

QUOTE(CodenameElizabeth @ Feb 11 2008, 07:32 AM) *
OMG-- I totally want to make a little fetus!Envy plushie now. XD

(Yes, I am a sick, sick individual...)

I must be even sicker; I want an Envytus pillow as well as a plushie. wink.gif

QUOTE(TheRainbowConnection @ Feb 11 2008, 01:46 PM) *
Okay...so Ed is not at Lior, and he isn't with Marcoh's party. If he goes back to Briggs, he's kinda hosed.


Where the heck is this boy? Don't tell me he's just been camping out in the snow for a few weeks?

In any case, I'm glad to see most of the Risembool gang back together. Go find Ed now, please. And kick some butts along the way.

Obviously, Ed getting impaled and transmuting himself was just way too much concentrated epic. This is just time for us to come off the epic high.

EDIT: Oh, and many thanks as always to HisshouBuraiKen for the speedy translations! (Lol, "Old Falman")

Wherever he is, I don't think it can be good, or he probably would have appeared earlier on. I hope he's in the next chapter; it just doesn't seem like FMA without Ed, even though this chapter was made of epic win without him.

I was literally squealing during this chapter. I felt it was paced very well, and it left me feeling much more satisfied than I have since chapter 75. I loved the EdWin and AlMei hints, too; I think it's almost guaranteed that the pairings are going to become canon if Ed and Al survive. (Sorry to anyone that doesn't like those pairings, but I don't see why Arakawa would toss out all these hints if she wasn't implying/foreshadowing something).

Is there something wrong with me for thinking Envytus is cuter than Xiao Mei? Because, well, I think he is. I wish he was a species of fis-- er, well, maybe that's going to far. blink.gif

Oops, I almost forgot to mention the amazing Hawkeye/Bradley scene, Hohenheim wearing a dish rag on his head (aww~), the immortal army, and Envytus's awesome manipulating skills.
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Thanks everyone for the RAW, summary, and translations. Sorry i forgot to thank you earlier while i was caught up in the excitment of a new chapter.

While looking at the RAW and translation, I realized the MayxAl hug! *squeals* So kawaii! i was so upset when i first read that Mei was leaving, but now that i was able to see them hug *squeals once again* and how upset they were, I feel a little better.

Poor Yoki. everyone was SO mean to him. Teasing Yoki is fun, but that was too cruel. I LOVE YOU, YOKI!!!


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I think we really need the next round of Scar cosplayers at cons this year to be carrying Envytus plushies.

Was anyone else disappointed that he managed to trick May? I really wanted to see him get his comeuppance after all the horrible things he's done, but now I'm scared as hell he may wrap his stubby little arms around another philosopher's stone and go back to wreaking havoc.
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Awww, Mei is sooo cuuute *hugs her*. And yay, a jealous Winry 8D.

Awww, Bradley chose his wife? that's adorable~ Go Arakawa!

...Knowing the wife's name would help in matters of shipping though. .-.

QUOTE(CodenameElizabeth @ Feb 11 2008, 06:32 AM) *
OMG-- I totally want to make a little fetus!Envy plushie now. XD

(Yes, I am a sick, sick individual...)

Ahh, =O CodenameElizabeth, could you credit that icon to me please? I made it. Thank~

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QUOTE(CodenameElizabeth @ Feb 11 2008, 07:32 AM) *
OMG-- I totally want to make a little fetus!Envy plushie now. XD

(Yes, I am a sick, sick individual...)

I'll buy one from you. ;D
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