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Dear Board, Could You Inactivate/delete My Account?, Got double accts, etc. and wish to have one inactivated? post here :)
post Jan 8 2008, 12:46 AM
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Note to everyone:
* Anyone who wish to have his/her account deleted, please post your request here, and the board can take care of the rest.

* After the deletion, posts you had made before the deletion will remain, but they will be displayed with a guest ID.

* Please also note that the deletion will be permanent, and once deleted we can not resurrect deleted account, so please decide carefully.

* If, somehow you ended up with multiple accounts, please post here and tell us which accounts you have, and then wait for the board to contact you for the confirmation. Thank you. ^^
~ Board Staff smile.gif

How do I delete my account?
Or will a Mod be so kind as to do so for me?
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post Jul 26 2010, 05:49 AM
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I fail to understand why you cannot simply delete my spanner in the works profile. Please, elaborate.


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post Jul 26 2010, 06:15 AM
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QUOTE (ZOINKSaGhost @ Jul 26 2010, 08:49 AM) *
I fail to understand why you cannot simply delete my spanner in the works profile. Please, elaborate.

@ZOINKSaGhost - If, with "spanner in the works profile" you are referring to your A Spaniard in the Works account, that is because that one IS your main active account, the one you hve been posting with for a long time (and hence you were not supposed to make additional duplicate/triplicate accounts to begin with....) Therefore, for the board's eye, your second account, Nadsat and your newly created third account, ZOINKSaGhost should not be your active accounts in this case, especially we have already known you on your A Spaniard in the Works account for over 3 and a half years, with numerous posts in Roleplay Communty forum and other forums! smile.gif

Generally speaking, on our board, members can not create multiple accounts as they please and then pick and choose which ones to use, and once you make an account and register on our board, that account will BE your account, and you will "live with it" for the rest of your board life on our board. (..or something like that. ^^ Except, in some special cases, like, directed to make an alternate account by the board as a part of the solution for some technical problems, etc.)

But, we allow members to change board display names every 6 months, and I hope you will choose to utilize this feature (as you have done so multiple times in the past) with your A Spaniard in the Works account to get some "fresh" re-start. smile.gif

ETA: Sept 20, 2010, Suspended ZOINKSaGhost and Nadsat. But, since the board is having some email problem currently, in case of forgotten password for A Spaniard in the Works etc., keeping the PM ability for these accuunt for now so that the communication with the board would be possible.


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