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Anime In America, Think the real world but with anime characters
post Sep 24 2007, 04:18 PM
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Note: Ok time to get all this stuff out of the way. First of all let me just tell you this. I found it was easier to just write the story in mana script. Also I have decided to do a little bit of fun with cameos. In the forum topic “Anime in America ideas” write down someone you would like to put into a chapter of “Anime in America” this person can be from anything. Movies, video games, anime, tv shows, books etc. But you have to leave what the character is from.
(Example. Solid Snake is from Metal Gear Solid)
I plan to keep this story out for a long time. Also I am sorry I haven’t posted anything new up but I was out of town for like a week. This is how its gonna go down, When the story text states “Confession booth” the character is by themselves telling you their view of the moment happening in the story like a real reality tv show. Also during the story it will list a name for instance the narrator. The narrator will appear as this in mana script form.
N: “Narrator dialouge here”
The same goes for characters. And now here is the first chapter of many of “Anime in America”

N: The idea for the new season of the real world started out like this.
Producer: Hold on people what if we stuck a whole bunch of anime characters into a small house for like ten months. They have all those insane powers. They would kill each other. Think of the ratings.
N: And so it began. The Real World Tokyo.
Producer: Send in the first character
N: Edward Elric walks in the producers building.
Producer: Send out the next.
N: Alphonse Elric walks in the producers building.
Producer: Send in the next
N: Roy Mustang walks in the producers building.
Producer: You know what forget in just send them all in.
N: Alucard, Motoko, Yugi, Ash, and Ichigo all walk into the building.
Producer: Now the eight of you all know why you’re here. Your going to live in a mansion together for an extended period of time and we are allowed to film every minute of it. Including sex scenes.
Alucard: You do know that theirs only seven of us here.
Producer: The eighth contestant is already at the mansion.
Ed: Well come on lets go.
Producer: Everyone into the limo.
N: All the characters board into what appears to be a limo from a long distance away. But up close..................... it really isn’t.
Ichigo: Well what the hell is this, this isn’t a limo. This is a day care van.
Producer: No its not it’s a limo.
Ichigo: Look this is a blue van that says “Sunshine Daycare center” on the side.
Producer: Get in the limo.
N: All the anime characters board the “limo”.
Producer: Now see isn’t this nice? Now who would like a nice cold glass of champagne?
Motoko: I wouldn’t mind a glass.
N: The producer hands her a juice box.
Motoko: ummmmmmmmmm.......... this is a box of apple juice.
Producer: Its freaken!!!!!!!! apple juice!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU COME HERE ON OUR SHOW AND ACT LIKE YOUR ALL THAT!!!! WELL YOUR NOT!!!!!.
N: The “limo” grows queit.
Producer: Im sorry drive. Driver please step on it were in a hurry.
Driver: Dude shut up. Im not your driver Im your little brother who you forced to do this because MTV is running low on money.
Producer: Does the driver want to get hit again?
Driver: No!
N: The driver drives furiously through the streets of Tokyo. Until a vehicle pulls right out in front of him. Until they collided. BOOOM!!! The other driver gets out and so does the producer. All the anime characters got out to observe the situation.
Producer: Goddam it!!! Do you know how much this is gonna cost? Jesus Christ what the f*!@ where you driving? And what are you wearing?
N: Upon closer inspection the car that they crashed into was no ordinary car. It was jeep with two seats and an enormous gatling gun on the back. Also the driver was wearing a neat sort of armor It was green with a visor on the helmet. On the side it said “Spartan” following a series of numbers.
Other driver: Look lets just exchange insurance. I have to finish a fight.
N: The two exchange insurance and on close inspection the producer found his insurance to be very weird.
Producer: Ok Im pretty sure that your name isn’t Master Chief. Also your insurance says that this is a military vehicle. That means your insurance pays like crap ..... Now I need money to fix this van.
Master Chief: How about this as payment.
N: Master Chief then climbs on the gatling gun on the back of his vehicle and shoots the van until it explodes. No one was near the van when it exploded. Master Chief then climbs down and stands in his previous position. Right in front of the producer.
Master Chief: Now how you gonna act? b*tch!
Producer: Its on.
N: The producer then b*tch slappes Master Chief right across the visor. Resulting in him breaking all his fingers. Then Master Chief pulles up a magnum pistol and shoots the producer right in the chest.
Master Chief: Now I don’t have time to deal with your punk [All hail lord Xenu] all day. My new game is out today and I feel like owning noobs online. b*tch.
N: And with that Master Chief got in his vehicle and drove away. Then Roy ran up to the body of the producer.
Roy: Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!! he the producer who’s name I never bothered to learn. Is dying in vain.
Driver: Serves that [All hail lord Xenu] hole right.

End of chapter one.
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post Jan 20 2008, 12:59 AM
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Anime in America Chapter 2. For notes look at chapter one. Also Im sorry for the huge delay but between my subjects and work I just don’t feel like or have time for writing. But my terms almost up then Im out. So I should be able to write like I used to back in July of last year.

N: After the somewhat epic battle the producer was taken to the hospital.
Receptionist: Sorry sir, but your lack of insurance is making this hard. If we do treat you, you could be in debt for a very long time.
Producer: Go ahead, Im already in a ton of debt. This is just another freaking pain in my (bleep).
Receptionist: Ok we can operate on you in....... about ten hours.
Producer: Ten hours!!! Ok fine I guess I’ll just sit in the waiting room with a bullet lodged in my lungs bleeding all over the place!!!.
Receptionist: Do I detect a hint of sarcasm.
Producer: No you detect a whole f*!+ing truck load of sarcasm!!!
Receptionist: Im sorry sir but 50 cents has been shot and requires the whole hospital so he can trot around while they preform the surgery.
Producer: “trot?” what is he a freaken horse!!!
Receptionist: Well his DNA does match awfully close to that of a horse.
Producer: Your serious? Fine whatever I don’t really care Im gonna go sit down.
N: The producer sits down in the waiting room then confronts the group of anime characters.
Producer: It looks like Im gonna be here a while, you guys go ahead to the mansion.
Characters: Fine!
N: The anime characters walk for miles until they finally reach the house.
Edward: Oh my god its huge.
Alphonse: Lets not just around lets go in.
N: They walk into the giant house but are soon freaked out.
Edward: Oh my god my ponytail!!!
N: Seconds before yelling that a gray alien man ran into the room and cut Edward Elric’s ponytail off with a pair of scissors.
Roy: Wow that must suck.
Motoko: (draws gun) what the hell was that?
Alucard: It wasn’t human.
Ash: Was it a pokemon?
Ichigo: No it was a hollow, what the hell is a pokemon?
Yugi: No it was obviously a duel monster.
Edward: Well there is only one possible course of action.
Roy: Catch and release!
Edward: No! We must take revenge for my ponytail, we will catch this thing and kill it.
Roy: You can be serious.
Edward: Oh I am, My ponytail is like 60% of my sex appeal, without that Alphonse gets most of my fan girls. And we can’t have that.
Roy: I still love you even without the ponytail, hey lets go in that broom closet for a second, Fullmetal.
Edward: No the time for gay sex jokes has passed, we must now kill this thing. Everyone find anything you can and attack whatever has attacked us.
N: And so everyone grabs the most retarded weapons ever, with the exception of Motoko and Alucard who are carrying over sized hand guns. We will now follow Edward Elric. He is armed with a banana he found in the kitchen. He is searching the basement.
Edward: (hears something in the basement) Freeze! (Raises banana) don’t move.
N: It is the Alien who is now looking at Edward, In fear he stays still.
Edward: Now put your hands on your hips and do the hokey poke!!! Slowly.
N: The alien actually does the hokey poke slowly.
Edward: Oh yeah that’s it!!!
N: Then a loud “Freeze” is yelled behind Edward Elric.

To be continued........
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