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News & Events In The World: Please Post Any Notable News/events To Bring To Our Attention Here!
post Sep 24 2007, 07:18 AM
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There is lots of news everyday, all over the world, affecting many people. In some cases, news in one country will spill over to another, especially in terms of war, natural disasters and celebrities getting married/divorced/drunk.

To try and cover all of this, I hope that people will discuss the news within this thread to save clutter and to help those who may know little about a story find out more. If it is likely a story will lead to great debate, a debate topic may be a better idea, otherwise post what you think and know here so we may all know about the news from around the world.

Won't you feel so much better for that?

Silly stories may still go into the 'Crazy News' thread


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Envy's Lady
post Mar 17 2011, 09:47 PM
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This whole thing in Japan is so depressing. sad.gif I've been kind of messed up about it ever since it happened(my sleep pattern is so messed up since I've basically been on Japan time even though I live in Canada since I'm constantly following the news which seems to come out more when people in Japan are up during their daylight hours).

The reason is that my sister is over there. She works there(she's been there since August, only came home briefly for Christmas) and she's in Sendai which was hit really bad.

We heard from her a few hours after the disaster and have been in contact with her every so often but even though she survived the earthquake and tsunami we haven't been able to feel calm about her yet because of this whole nuclear thing going on now.

If people are worried about radiation getting to Tokyo...well Sendai is quite a bit closer to the nuclear plant than Tokyo is.

Also it's very hard to leave Sendai because their airport got totally messed up by the tsunami and a large area of that whole city is just in ruins and people being rescued still and stuff. The trains aren't running either and a lot of the roads are messed up. There is apparently only one bus that leaves the city right now and the line up for it is DAYS LONG. And my sister doesn't want to stay outside(risking radiation exposure further) waiting days for the bus. She also is really unsure about leaving because she of course doesn't want to leave her friends and co-workers. She has a job and doesn't just want to leave it unless she really has to.

One of her friends is in the hospital right now too.

It's all very sad. sad.gif

I'm surprised by how calm my sister is about all of this. She's not Japanese and yet she is really just as calm and collected about the situation as they are.

She is the only sibling that I have.


@ ScarMySoul :

Actually there is stuff left in Sendai. The majority of what they show on TV are the destroyed areas....which was the section of the city near the ocean. Further into the city, there is quite a bit that the tsunami didn't reach(and most buildings withstood the earthquake). My sister was at school with her students when it hit and cabinets and everything flew around and went crazy but the building itself stood and the tsunami didn't reach them. That's why she survived. Her apartment was also far enough inland that it survived.

It's not over yet though, considering this nuclear drama. Sendai isn't exceedingly further away than the evacuation zone they have already extended around the nuclear plant and it's just getting really scary. They have already been through so much in that city.

My sister stood in line with a friend for 6 hours to get food and water. It's very hard to get that stuff there.

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