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Chapter 74 "Regular" Discussion Thread For First Time Readers (and Others), No future chapter spoilers here, please. :)
post Aug 13 2007, 02:00 PM
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State Alchemist (Major)

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Thanks!! *heart* biggrin.gif
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post Aug 13 2007, 03:48 PM
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A sentient plant of some kind
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Ok, I'm done 1/3 of the way.
I'm taking a break and go eat something.
I'll be back later and finish the translation, then edit and fine tune the translations. smile.gif

Oh, BTW, at the end of the chapter, there is Roy spelling the name of Bradley, and according to his spelling, it's Bladley, not Bradley. Hmmm... tongue.gif

And, while you are all waiting for the translations to come out...
This Chapter 74 Short Summery was taken from Japanese site http://anwarterdrei.seesaa.net/ and, I translated it, and posted with pspoiler tags on chapter 73 Spoiler Party thread while waiting for some way to confirm it's validity. Turned out, most of it are correct. smile.gif

Fullmetal Alchemist, chapter 74:

- Alchemist vs Alchemist!? What will decide the outcome of the match?

Somewhere in Briggs:
To prepare for the fight against Kimbley, Ed teaches Miles and others about Kimbley's Alchemy. The tricky point for the fight against him is his Philosopher's Stone.

At Briggs Fort:
The officers from the Central Army inquire about Raven's whereabout to Briggs' solders. The solders all play innocence.
Major General Armstrong runs into Colonel Mustang. They don't look like they get along very well.
Armstrong: "A green horn like Mustang is working in the Central? What kind of bribery did he use?"
Mustang: "Nah, must be his true ability."

Yet, he wont forget to invite her for dinner.
Armstrong chases away Mustang by answering that she would eat till he will be all broke.
As they part, Mustang: "There is a good flower shop in the Central. I will send you some flowers."
Armstrong goes into Führer's office.

Führer's Office:
Führer and the Major general, face to face.
Führer asks straight forward: "What did you do to Raven?"
Armstrong quickly realizes that she can't hide it, and readily admit that she murdered him.

In addition, Armstrong admits that Raven told her about the Homunculus, how this country was formed, who/what Führer is, and knowing all that, answered to Führer's summons. And, asks Führer to give her Raven's seat in the upper military.

Führer likes Armstrong's answer, and gives her Raven's seat. Briggs will be commanded by officers from Central. Armstrong seems fine with that.

Briggs Fort:
Buccaneer and others talk about Armstrong being summoned by Führer, and the Briggs are being commanded by officers from Central. Just as Armstrong, they do seem to be taking these fine.

In the cafeteria, Mustang and Hawkeye exchange small talks. Mustang worries about Hawkeye being seemingly dispirited.

Hawkeye, while checking the shadow on her legs, starts talking about the time they had the joint training with the Northern army.
Mustang, realizes something, and start writing something as they keep the chat.
They reminisce while Hawkeye keeps bringing up names of solders in the Northern army, or subordinates in the Eastern army.

Later, in the bathroom, Mustang decode Hawkeye's message, and his expression changes to that of in shock.

Izumi and Sig are on a trip and out of town. Mason is running Sig's shop. Führer's messenger arrives.

On the rooftop of nearby building is Bido, one of Greed's company. He realizes the solders are the ones who took Greed, and hide himself underside of their car.

Underground, Central:
LinGreed is there. Pride is there also. Father is asleep.

Father is dreaming?? Flashback scene:
Some town. Different from Amestris.
A boy, the look has similarities to Ed and Hohenheim. He is a slave with no name. Being called No. 23.
He is cleaning a room.

A round shadowy figure in a flask speaks to the boy.
The boy is not surprised by that. He keeps cleaning the room.
The shadow in the flask likes that, and keeps talking to the boy.
The boy does not seem to understand what the shadow is talking about.

The master of the boy draws blood from the boy.
The shadow in the flask is born to this world because of the blood from the boy.
To thank the boy for giving his life, the shadow gives the boy a name.
The name is "Von Hohenheim."
The shadow also tells the boy that he would also teach the boy some knowledge.
The boy is interested. Asks the shadow "What shall I call you?"

The shadow shows the eyes and the mouth similar to that of Pride, and tells: "Call me a Homunculus in a flask."

In the bathroom, Mustang burns the memo with the decoded message. "What kind of joke is this!!"
The memo reads: "Selim Bradley is a homunculus."
"Improbable!!" Matters Mustang.

Caption: "Another identity of the shadow revealed??!!

-End of chapter 74-


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post Aug 13 2007, 03:59 PM
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State Alchemist (Lt. Colonel)

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I'm I'm I'm...

OK, I'm overreacting a bit, but... oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...

I mean, Bido!! All the other appearences were more or less expected given the title name, but for Bido, the only Devil's Nest member to survive, to reappear; for Arakawa sensei to prove again that every fuggin' thing in this manga happens for a reason, and a really well thought one...

m(__)m m(__)m m(__)m m(__)m

I have to go to bed now but I'm too friggin' excited!! GAAAAHH!!!

And don't even get me started with the Flashback.... Hohenheim was a stupid and nameless slave in Xerxes, and Pride was made with his blood! And Pride was originally the shadow itself! Selim did come later! The posession theory might resurface again, but it might not be that simple...

Pride: "Theophrastus Bombastus..."
#23: "That's too long, I won't remember it" XDDD

I guess Bladley is the official transcription for the Fuhrer's last name, from now on? happy.gifU
Ooops, nope. That 'L' comes from Rebecca's name (Riza's friend, the one from the "Figure Red" gaiden), so I'd take it just as a small mistake, as Rebecca is written with 'R' too.

PPS: Oh, and Olivier does have some Big Balls tongue.gif Going to the fuhrer and telling him the truth straight away. Wow.

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post Aug 13 2007, 04:23 PM
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State Alchemist (Major)

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Daaamn, I love this chapter. *loves on it* It's just... such an awesome chapter. ;.;

And I agree with all the other young!Hoho (? -.-) fans, he's so rapeable seeeexy.
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post Aug 13 2007, 04:59 PM
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Correct me if im wrong but bladley is still pronounced "bradley" because of how some people who are Japanese pronounce their "l's"? Also, does anyone else think that "Father" could have been Honenhiem (sp)'s daddy which was some sort of alchemist (pehaps a poor one) which is the reason why they resemble each other?
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post Aug 13 2007, 06:54 PM
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OMG, this is an exciting chapter! The mystery deepens. Now I'm wondering who this alchemist is who is young Hoho's master and who created the bottled homunculus. And why is Father having this dream/memory? I got the impression that Father created Hohenheim, but .... now it's a little confusing. But yes, young Hoho is yummy. biggrin.gif And Olivier gets cooler by the minute! I love her!
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post Aug 13 2007, 06:57 PM
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I thought it would make more sense for that boy to be a young Father rather than a young Hoenheim (though he sure as hell acted like Ed with the short temper and all XD). I'm guessing he's around Ed's age there.

I have a feeling that when the secret to how a homunculus is created is finally revealed in its entirety, it may even be more interesting than the anime version.

Also, YAY for more Greed/Ling cameos!


Thank you, Ms. Arakawa, for sharing this wonderful, enriching story that has affected so many of us!
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post Aug 13 2007, 07:58 PM
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Mmm. This chapter just makes me think that Ed needs to get down and dirty more. Sweat and grime is quite fetching on a guy, really. wink.gif

Also, I'm really interested in the whole Izumi storyline. I wonder why the military is there. To hold over Ed's head as another hostage? Or has the military discovered that she has seen the Gate, as well?
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post Aug 13 2007, 09:18 PM
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~ Chapter 74 Translation, Smoothed out ~

Page 1:
Side: Alchemist vs. Alchemist! The deciding factor is...?

Ed: Kimblee's right hand is tattooed with the sun symbol,
and his left with the moon.

Yin and Yang, essentially.

When the triangles are placed on top of one another, they combine to form a hexagram,
a symbol which represents all four of the basic elements.

By putting the palms of his hands together, Kimblee creates a transmutation circle that causes explosive reactions.

Miles: Meaning we just have to occupy or take out one of his hands somehow?
Ed: That would be the case normally...

But the son of a b*tch has a Philosopher's Stone.
That's gonna give us some problems.

Page 2:
Yellow text: Pushing towards an unseeable future, driving their story on!
Title: Chapter 74 - The little man in the flask, "Homunculus"

Page 3:
Border Guard: General Raven?
We never saw him leave...

Bobby: With all the machinery down here,
there's about a million places where you could have an accident, especially if you don't know the layout.

Buccaneer: Hmmmmmm...
The last time I saw him was when he and Major General Armstrong descended into the fort's lowest levels.

Page 4:
SFX: Step step step step

Armstrong: Hn-

Mustang: Oh,
if it isn't Major General Armstrong!

Olivia: I'm amazed a greenhorn upstart like you made it to Central, Mustang.
SFX: Snort

Page 5:
Olivia: How many strings did you have to pull?
Mustang: Not a single one, I got here on ability and skill.
Escorts: Did the air just...get a lot heavier?

Mustang: To what do we owe the honor of your presence, General?
Olivia: His excellency the Fuhrer summoned me.
I doubt I'll be back up north anytime soon.
SFX: Step step step step

Mustang: Then you'll have to join me for dinner sometime.
Olivia: You treating?
If you don't mind me eating you into bankruptcy, I'll be glad to join you.

Mustang: Forget it, then.
Small text: You look like you mean it.
Olivia: Short on cash AND guts, are we?
SFX: Step step step

Mustang: Then at least let me give you some flowers, to match your beauty.

Page 6:
Mustang: There are some wonderful florists in Central.
Olivia: Is that a fact?

Bradley: Now,
Major General Armstrong,

Page 7:
Bradley: I want an explanation for General Raven's disappearance.
What did you do with him?

Olivia: He's not going to buy it.
Your excellency.

Why would you allow such a spineless, careless idiot into your trust?

Bradley: Did YOU eliminate him?

Olivia: You have no need for THINGS like him.
Brainless yes-men with loose lips won't do anything to advance your cause.

Page 8:
Bradley: And you gave the order?
Olivia: I took care of it personally.
If you'd like, I can excavate the body...
It's buried deep in the fort, along with my own blood-stained glove.

Bradley: What did Raven tell you?

Olivia: About your immortal army, the future of our country, the Homunculus, and your true identity.
He revealed it all with hardly any sign of hesitation.

Bradley: And knowing all this, you still answered my summons.

Olivia: Yes.
Let me have that foolish buffoon's seat, please.

Bradly: Hm...

Page 9:
Bradley: Hmmaahahahaha! Interesting!
Very interesting!

I love it!
You struggle so desperately, human!

Bradley: Very well! You shall have your seat!
And in exchange, control of Briggs will be given to my subordinates. Agreed?

Olivia: As you wish.

They're all exemplary soldiers that I've trained personally,
and yours to command.

SFX: Step step step step

Page 10:
SFX: Creeeeeeeeeeee

Someone: Welcome, Major General Olivia Mila Armstrong.
SFX: Creeeeeeeeeeeeee

Someone: Please
take your seat.
SFX: eeeeeee


Page 11:
Henshel: You can't catch a baby tiger without sneaking into the mother's den. (Note: This is literally a japanese proverb equal to our "Nothing ventured, nothing gained.")
And the General pretty much charged right in, didn't she?
Bucc: Yes.

They'll put some puppet from Central in charge here soon.

Henshel: They know so little about Briggs soldiers, it's almost funny.

Even if the true master is absent, we remain collected and operate as a single, cohesive unit, sharing one will, and one consciousness.

That is what makes Briggs, Briggs.

Bucc: The tiger and the bear will soon try to devour each other.
SFX: Squeeze

Page 12:
SFX: Blah blah

SFX: Blah blah

Mustang: Is this seat taken?
Hawkeye: Colonel...

Go ahead.
Mustang: Boy, YOU'RE awfully cheerful.

Page 13:
Mustang: Something bad happen?
SFX: Chomp

Hawkeye: No, nothing.

How has work been?
Mustang: How do you think?

I lost all my best assistants - now I can't even escape this crap on my lunch hour.
How about you?

Hawkeye: There are so many things to keep track of...I'm constantly busy with something.
But his Excellency gets things done quickly, so that helps.

He never ducks out early, either.
I should've expected things would be different, working for a true professional.
Mustang: Something tells me this conversation's about to turn south.

Page 14:
Mustang: Why don't we have lunch tomorrow?
Hawkeye: You mean like we're doing right now?
Mustang: Ouch.
That's makes two times I've been rejected today.
SFX: blah blah

Hawkeye: Two times?
Mustang: Yeah, I ran into Major General Armstrong earlier.
She left no room for interpretation, either.

Hawkeye: Same as ever, then?
Mustang: Yeah, she's as harsh as the last time we met.
SFX: Blah blah

Page 15:
Hawkeye: Speaking of the north...

Scar's worked his way up there...
and so have the Elric brothers .

Mustang: Really?
SFX: Tap tap

Hawkeye: Lucy and Isaac from my academy class are up there, too...they taught me a lot.
Mustang: Hunh...
That reminds me, we'll be doing joint training with the north very soon.
SFX: Blah blah

Hawkeye: Is it time for that already?
I remember working with Major Miles' and Captain Buccaneer's units several times.
Their hairstyles are burned into my memory, even more so than their fighting ability.
I always found myself wondering, "Aren't those two COLD"?

Page 16:
Hawkeye: And remember my friend Rebbecca?
Mustang: Yeah, the black-haired girl.
Hawkeye: General Armstrong took a liking to her - she was so excited when she told me.
Mustang: I thought she liked you, too?
SFX: Blah blah

Hawkeye: I don't think she considered me anything special,
she called for Dove, Lysander, Edgar, and even York to join her...
The Queen of Briggs never had anything but sharp criticism for me.
SFX: Blah blah

Hawkeye:Then she asked for Ida and Sugar,
I guess I was even lower than them in her eyes...
SFX: Blah Blah

Hawkeye: The trenches in the north were the worst ones I've ever been in.
Mustang: No one in their right minds would ever try to take them during the dead of winter.
Hawkeye: 2nd Lieutenant Havoc got frostbite...he wasn't quiet about it, either.
Mustang: Served him right - the idiot's socks were soaked in sweat and he didn't dry them out.
SFX: Blah blah

Hawkeye: Oscar and Mike were complaining non-stop during the winter training.
Mustang: I'll bet. No one likes being out in that frigid weather.
Hawkeye: Actually, it was about how bad the north's rations tasted.
Mustang: They don't know how good they had it! Nothing's worse up there than the coffee!

Page 17:
Hawkeye: And my friend Uni, who worked in the mess hall?
Mustang: Ah, him. They sent him to bring some supplies back to the fort...
Hawkeye: He went with Nora, since she was a great sniper, and the brought back a nice big deer.
SFX: Clank clank

It was delicious...Charlie grabbed it on the sly and Uni didn't get a single bite.
Mustang: That was his own fault. One of the sayings in Briggs is "Drop your guard and you'll be devoured."
SFX: Clank clank

Hawkeye: Of course, Lucy was always the biggest eater.
Mustang: She'd gained some serious weight the last time I saw her.
I mean, she was on par with BREDA.
SFX: Clank clank

Hawkeye: I heard Uni once joked that if she "ate any more pork, she'd be cooked for dinner tomorrow."
Mustang: Oh man, that started one hell of a fight!
Small text: Hehehe

Hawkeye: If you were there, you should've stopped it.
Starling tried to calm them down and he ended up in the hospital!
SFX: clak

Page 18:
Mustang: That takes me back...
Small text: Hahaha
SFX: Tak

Hawkeye: Well, I don't have any more time for chit-chatting.
I've got to get back to work.
Mustang: Right.
SFX: Scoot

Hawkeye: Sorry to leave you alone.
Mustang: No problem.

Mustang: Crap,
I've only got a few minutes to hit the bathroom.

Page 19:
SFX: Flushhhhhh tak tak katunk

Mustang: "Scar" is in the north,
as well as the "Elrics"...
SFX: scribble

and "Isaac" taught her a lot...

SFX: Scribble"

"Dove" and "Lysander"
Next was "Edgar"...
SFX: Scribble scribble

Page 20:
Mustang: "York",

SFX: scribble scribble scribble


Page 21:
Mason: That'll be 850 Cenz, and I'll give you a little extra.
Woman: Oh, thank you!

Mason: Come back soon!
Radio: Snow continues to fall on Briggs,
and today brings another strong blizzard.

Boy: Bye Mr. Mason!
Mason: Bye now!

SFX: Vrum

Page 22:
SFX: Katunk katunk

Officer: Is the Alchemist Izumi Curtis present?

Mason: She and her husband left on a trip yesterday.
I'm watching the store while they're gone.

Officer: Where did they go?
Mason: Dunno,
Traveling is one of their hobbies, so they usually don't come back until they feel like it.

Officer 2: Are you sure she's not here?
Don't try to hide them.
SFX: Blink

Page 23:
Mason: Look, if she ain't here, she ain't here!
Who do you people think you are, anyways? Coming over here outta nowhere and demanding to see Mrs. Izumi...

Officer: We're here on the Fuhrer's orders.

Mason: The Fuhrer?
SFX: Grab

Bido: The Fuhrer's goons...
Mason: I really have no idea when they'll be back.

Page 24:
Bido: It's them...

They're the ones who abducted Master Greed!

Officer: Very well. We'll be leaving this area later today.
Tell her to contact me as soon as she returns.

SFX: Vruummm

People: What did they want?
What nerve!

SFX: Vrumrumrumrumrum

Page 25:
SFX: Vrumrumrumrumrum

SFX: Vrumrumrumrumrum

SFX: Clang clang clang

SFX: Clang clang clang

Greed: Hunh.
This is a rare sight, you almost never come by,
SFX: tak tak tak

Page 26:
Greed: Pride.
SFX: Clang clang clang

Greed: What's dad up to?
Pride: He's sleeping.
SFX: Claclang

Greed: Heh...
Two rare sights in one day.
SFX: Clang clang



Page 27:
All the small sky SFX: Jibber Jabber

Page 28:
SFX: Jibber Jabber

SFX: Swish swish

Swish swish

Flask: Kid...
Hey, Kid...

Anyone home?

Page 29:
Flask: Ah-
You're ignoring me.
SFX: Swish swish

Come here...
C'mon, over here.
On the shelf.

Page 30:
Flask: Here.

Boy: I'm busy. I'll with to you later.

Flask: Shouldn't you, say, act a little surprised or impressed or something?
Boy: You gonna give me something if I do?
SFX: splash splash

Page 31:
Flask: Don't scare easily, do you? I like that.
What's your name?

Boy: Number 23.
Flask: 23? I want a name, not a number.

Boy: Don't have one.
I'm just a slave.

Flask: A slave...
"Humans with no rights or freedom who are bought, sold exchanged between other humans in legal conveyance," right?

Boy: Con-WHAT-ance?
Flask: "The transfer of ownership rights to an outside party."

Boy: Tr-...huh?

Flask: Boy, you're stupid.
Boy: Screw you, ....!

Page 32:
Flask: You know, I have no idea why I'm like this, or how I came to be.

It must've been you
who gave me his blood.
Boy: Blood...

Yeah, when he was experimenting on me, my master DID take a lot of blood...

Flask: Then you are the one who gave me life.
You have my gratitude, uh...

"23" sounds so cold.
Why don't I give you a name, as thanks?
Boy: Who do you think you ARE, anyway?

Flask: Who cares? It'll be a great name, I promise.
Let's see...Theo...
Theofilatos Bombastus...

Page 33:
Flask: Va-
Boy: Waaaay too long.

Flask: Right, right, you're stupid, you won't be able to remember anything long...
Boy: Quit calling me stupid!

Flask: Okay, Van...

Van Hoenheim.

Page 34:
Boy: "Van Hoenheim..." I think I can remember that.
Flask: It's spelled...
Actually, can you read or write?

Hoenheim: Nope.
But I can do my work just fine.

Flask: Then you'll be stuck here forever.

Don't you wish for freedom, for liberty, Hoenheim?

Will you live your life to the end as a slave, bound to others, with no rights of your own?
Trapped in a web, left to rot, dying with your freedom stolen and no knowledge or experience of the vast world we live in?

Page 35:
Flask: Because that's the same as living in a flask, as I do.

Knowledge is to be treasured. It is true power - the only way to live a life without becoming a burden to others.
The way a slave, like you, can escape his shackles.

I can give you knowledge,
Van Hoenheim.

Hoenheim: ...Who are you?
What...what's YOUR name?
SFX: Fizz

Page 36:
Flash: Why don't you just call me
SFX: Grinnnnnn

Mustang: What the hell is this...
SFX: Fwoosh

[H: Considering the first "L" in "Bladley" was "Rebbecca" that's clearly a f*!@-up. I'd suggest scanlators try to change it to "Bradley".]
Mustang: Selim Bradley is Homunculus...!!

It can't be...
can it?!
Text: The true form of the darkness, revealed!
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post Aug 13 2007, 09:19 PM
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aiiiiieeeee sankyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu *GLOMPS*
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post Aug 13 2007, 09:28 PM
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State Alchemist (Lt. Colonel)

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Such a great chapter, I love Olivier even more, and the scene with Roy and Riza!

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post Aug 13 2007, 09:53 PM
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Insane Insane Chapter. Lots of glimpses of vital info surrounded by even more questions ^^;;

LOVED the fact that the ballsiest people in the chapter were the women. Armstrong stood strong against the fuhrer and didnt even flinch when he went into creepy homunculus mode. And Riza took the risk of letting Roy know the truth immediately... tho i think she should mention soon the whole 'he has the power of shadows' thing so that he doesnt do/say something stupid and get someone killed.

The real shocker was Father's dream tho... so we now know that Hoho USED to be human.. so now the real question is... where does father come in? Was he Hoho's Master that created pride? If so, was it just a coincidence that they look identical later on? But if Pride was created in Xerxes (did it officially say that in the chapter or was that assumed?) when was prides philosopher stone created? Xerxes becomes envy's stone ne?

@TheRainbowConnection: I think the military trying to get Izumi has to do with Father's little chess pieces... they want to find her so that they can confirm whether or not she has seen the Gate. As for why Izumi had such perfect timing in her trip.... could she have felt that something bad would happen if she didn't leave or was she just lucky? (her and Sig DO go on a lot of trips.... maybe they're up North too tongue.gif)
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post Aug 13 2007, 10:20 PM
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post Aug 13 2007, 10:24 PM
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she knows how we fans pair roy and riza together and she take advantage of this and twist their relationship around and almost every scene that includes them now turns into hints of the next story (and hints of their love relationship too) that makes us got addicted more to FMA and to roiai - like what roy mustang said "turn your misfortune into gain" i guess she really put sun tzi's art of war in the making of the manga

anyways, now i sooo love olivia! she's goddamn brave >.< wish i got guts like her when i fight with my mom
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AA battery
post Aug 14 2007, 12:33 AM
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Brigadier General

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I guess we will see if Bladley gets corrected into Bradley later when the fine-tuned version (ie, manga volumes) comes out XD
but yeah... it does indeed say Rebecca @_@ hmm weird
I wonder why it's written with L.................................... I don't think Riza's friend's name is spelled as Lebecca... or that it's spelled wrong on purpose so that it's less noticable (by the enemy)?!

But still, what a genius way of telling Roy this big secret! Kudos to Riza (and arakawa-sensei XD)

and Olivier Armstrong, we love you. XD "give me the seat that idiot had." XDDD WIN, TOTAL WIN.

*goes sleep... does not care about the name issue anymore*

*June 11, 2013 - New Doujinshis Added*
Hi, I got a bunch of FMA merchandises (keychains, pencil boards, cards, figurines, book in figure red...etc) for sale at my LJ. Please visit my sale post here if interested! Thanks ^_^
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