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Chapter 71 "Regular" Discussion Thread For First Time Readers (and Others), No future chapter spoilers here, please. :)
post May 9 2007, 09:31 PM
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Ack! Forgetting Hiromu-sensei's birthday, I'm shame of myself T-T Actually I never know when was her birthday xP

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post May 10 2007, 12:42 PM
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Well, bring out the spoilers party: Chap. 71 Bittorent - Chap. 71 Sendspace

Both courtesy of dzioo@LJ

I have nothing more to add beside EEEEEEEE OLIVIA! <3


mspaint_lolz on livejournal

'Buffy and Angel had gone out before and Buffy wasn't really comfortable talking to Spike and Angel at the same time, because now Spike and Buffy had been going out for 6 months and Buffy was afraid that Angel might tell Spike that him and Buffy went out, but it turns out that Angel had told Spike that they went out, Spike was heartbroken that Buffy never told him that they went out, so Spike broke up with Buffy to get back at her for not telling him that Angel and Buffy went out.'


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post May 10 2007, 12:56 PM
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Thank you, Automne for bringing that here!! *hugs!!*
Got to read, got to read!!!!! biggrin.gif


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post May 10 2007, 01:51 PM
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Thank you very much, Automne! biggrin.gif
Been waiting all day anxiously! xD

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post May 10 2007, 02:03 PM
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~ Chapter 71 Spoiler Party!, Let the games begin!! ~

ETA: I was thinking of skipping the summary, because for this chapter basically it's all going to be the translation of conversations, but since I keep getting requests, I'm filling in the summaries. ^^

The page by page summary for Chapater 71!!

Chapter 71: "The Man of Crimson"

Page 1: The Chapter starts with the continuation of Riza and Pride/Salem meeting scene.
Riza: "You said 'the Original Homunculus,' What do you mean by that?
Salem: "Just as the words suggest. Nothing more, nothing less."
The caption reads: At last, the final Homunculus has been revealed!!
While in the background, the shadowy hands of Pride approach!!

Page 2: As the shadowy hands creep up from behind Riza, Salem continues: "You really are brave, Lieutenant Hawkeye! Still scheming to obtain as much information, uh? It amuses me. Will you join our side?"
Riza: "Don't kid! You're not interested in having me as a fellow comrade. You only want to have another convenient human pawn."
Salem: "Well then, sorry but..."
As Salem coldly watches, Pride's shadowy hands clime up Riza and tightly wrap themselves around Riza's neck and hands.

Page 3: Pride's hand scrapes across Riza's face, cutting her on the cheek. Riza: "Will you stop making useless threat? Killing me here now will not give you any benefit, wont it?"
Salem, smilingly: "You have a good grasp of the situation. You know what would happen if you'd reveal this to others, uh? Your comrades, and Colonel Mustang also, would not escape unharmed. I will be always watching you from the shadow."

Page 4: As Pride's grip disappear. Riza turns to find the empty space. His words lingering in her ears.. "I will be always watching you from the shadow."
Caption reads: "And then, she fears every darkness..."
Chapter 71: "The Man of Crimson"
Meanwhile, in the Briggs Ed and Kimbley have a talk.
Ed: "Curving crest of blood on Briggs?" Kimbley: "Yes, with our own hands."
Ed: "I don't quite get it. What do you mean by that?"

Page 5: Kimbley: "Same as Ishval. We'll murder people, and curve carve hatred and sorrow into this land."
Angered Ed bangs the desk on both hands: "No way in hell I can do such!!"
The noise alerts Winry, and she approaches and ask Kimbley's guard: "What??"
The guard gestures with his hand to stop Winry and shakes his head.

Page 6: Ed glances Winry through the glass window of the door behind him, and continues: "You sure are though with your operation! Conduct the negotiations while holding the hostage right behind me!"
Kimbley: "My, that sounds so disgraceful!! I haven't said anything about taking Miss Winry as a hostage."
Kimbley continues: "And, one more thing you have misunderstood... This is not a negotiation. It is an order. I'm telling you that you have to work as a State Alchemist."

Page 7: Kimbley: "You haven't become a Dog of the Military without the guts to kill humans have you?"
Ed: "Mine is a resolve NOT to kill!!"
Kimbley: 'A resolve not to kill... Hmmm, if you go through with it, that could be a truth as well.
Ed: "Yo, Kimblley-san, don't you think it's a rather strange? What is the Military trying to accomplish by sacrificing citizens? Are you knowing it and still helping them?
Kimbley: "Yes, I do know."

Page 8: Ed: "Then why are you lending your hands for this ridiculous plan?
Kimbley: "I'd like to witness as the world turns." Ed: "Huh?"
Kimbley: "Resolve vs. resolve, will vs. will, life vs. life, the collision of belief vs. belief! I want to see through the battle between the humans and the Homuncli who call themselves 'evolved humans" and find out which side would win!

Page 9: Kimbley continues: "What is 'right,' who is strong, which will survive, what the world would choose... here, at the Briggs I hear the survival of the fittest rules. It is a very simple and powerful truth. In fact, throughout it's long history, that is how the world has evolved. Species that have died down because of the certain climates, or species that have gone extinct by the hands of humans, or Ishvalans who were massacred by Amestrians, there was no difference among those. Even if the human would become extinct by the hands of 'New Humans,' it only means that in a large flow of things for the whole universe, they, the humans did not possess the power to survive, that's all."

Page 10: Ed: "Then.. why you, a human, is siding with the Homunculi? Ah! Are you by any chance a homunculus also??" Kimbley: "No I'm not! (how rude!) I'm with them because they let me practice my "specialty" at an utmost level." Ed: "Your 'Specialty"?" Kimbley: "They let me use my Alchemy for my own pleasure, without restraint. And, they even provide me with a back-up! Can you find any such an organization on the human side?"
Ed: "How did you pass the psychiatric evaluation interviews for the State Alchemist Exam!"
Kimbley: "That's just a formality. If you understand you are a heresy, then you can act as a normal person, and pass the evaluation easily." Ed: "Heresy..."

Page 11: Kimbley: "Yes, indeed. I'm fully aware that in this world I am a heretic. But, even if a person like me, if I survive, that means the world has accepted me. For the survival.. the fight for it's own existence, you would rarely find such a worthwhile life, Fullmetal Alchemist!" Ed: "I wouldn't understand it! "
Kimbley: "Oh, how regrettable! I've always thought that the State Alchemists are more or less possessing self-centered nature. Like, as if they are the center of the Universe."

Page 12: Kimbley: "I can't have you understand me? Then.. I should appeal to your selfish side!" Ed: "?"
Kimbley takes out a Philosopher's Stone and place it on the desk!
Kimbley "I know you want this so bad you could almost taste it, you two brothers?"

Page 13: Ed: "The Philosopher's .. Stone!!" Kimbley: "His excellency, the Fuhrer has told me about your brother's body. If you accept this job, then I'll give this to you."

Page 14: Ed: "Let me talk to Al, and Winry." Kimbley: "Miss Winry also? Why?"
Ed: "I haven't told her a thing yet. I shouldn't keep her out of the loop any longer. She's involved already. Whatever the 'work' I ended up doing, I wouldn't want to lie and betraying her trust in me."
Kimbley: "Very well, then. But, I'll be there with you so that you will not say anything unnecessary."

Page 15: Ed visits the cell where Winry and Al are being kept. Ed: "Let me be frank. Winry, you're currently being held as a hostage." Winry: "Uh? What? What is this Al? What kind of joke is this?"
Winry: "What, Ed? Explain it to me!!" Ed: "This isn't a joke! I'm being demanded to work as a human weapon by my superior." Winry: "That's..."

Page 16: Ed: "I may have to lend my hands for the massacre." Winry: "You have to refuse things like that!! Ah!! That's why... I'm..." Winry understand the situation, and sank down on the cell bed.
Winry: "I don't like this! I'm being shackles for you two!" Ed: "Wow, wow, wow, don't you cry, 'kay?" Winry: "I won't cry!"
Winry: "I'm sorry!! I didn't realize anything that this was going on, and kept acting such an ignorant fool! I'm so mad at myself for being such a fool!!"

Page 17: Winry: "Why! The only thing you two want is to get back your own bodies, yet you keep getting detoured." Ed: "About that.. If I cooperate with their plan, they would give me a Philosopher's Stone!" Al: "What!!"
Al: "Wait a minute! You say the Stone, but it's.." Ed: "Kimbley got it." Al: "No, no, I mean the ingredients of the Stone.."
Ed: "This will get us back to our own body. That's the equivalent exchange for me becoming a human weapon."

Page 18: Al: "Do as you please then!" (Note: Nice acting Al, I know you don't mean it!! ^^)
Ed: "Yeah, I will!" (Ed, too!)
Ed: "It's been decided, Kimbley-san! I.. accept the job!"
Ed: "Let me do the search for Scar first. Please?" Kimbley: "Aw? You're saying me 'please'? How obedient you became all of a sudden!"

Page 19: Ed: "Scar has murdered Winry's parents! I want to find him and avenge her parent for her first!
Kimbley: "I see your reason for wanting him. I understand." Ed: "And, I will take Al also. With his body like that, Scar's 'human destruction' wouldn't work on him." Kimbley: "Oh, that's convenient!"
(Well then, right away..) Al is being let out of the cell. Winry: "Al, are you okay with it?" Al: "Yeah, it's all right."

Page 20: Al talks with Winry: "I'm sure brother does won't to use the Philosopher's Stone to get back to our bodies. The Stone is made of with many innocent people's lives. It shouldn't be used by someone who'd lost their bodies by their own selfishness."
Al continues: "We are now looking into Eastern Rentanjitsu as the possible way to get back to our bodies, and a girl who uses that Rentanjitsu might be with Scar. I bet brother is going to search for that girl as he pretends to search for Scar. Brother deceived Kimbley by saying he wants to avenging Winry's parents by getting Scar." Al apologize to Winry: "Sorry, Winry! It turned out as if we used the Uncle and Auntie for our conveniences.. " Winry: "That's ok. Right now, you two, who are alive, are more important to me."

Page 21: Al: "Thank you." Winry mutters inside the cell: "So then... I got to find some convincing reason also!" Al: "?"
Meanwhile, Kimbley, franked by his two guard is in Armstrong's office. Armstrong: "You want me to put you in charge of the search for Scar, AND let the Elric brothers out of jail and accompany you? Under which authority you think you can act as such?" For that, Kimbley presents a letter.

Page 22: Kimbley: "Fuhrer himself has given me the direct order. Is there any further complaint?" Armstrong examines Fuhrer's letter: "No, if the order from his Excellency, I have nothing to complain. Take the Elric brothers with you." Kimbley: "Thank you Major General Armstrong. Then I will borrow some solders, and take the Elric brothers with me." As they leave Armstrong's office, Kimbley: "Oh, by the way, is General Raven still missing in action?" Armstrong: "Um, yes, I'm thinking I should report to the Central soon."

Page 23: Kimbley: "I see. I'll leave that to you then. Please take care of that well."
After Kimbley leaves the office, Armstrong and Miles discuss the latest situation. Miles: "Should we just hand over the cmmand for the search for Scar?" Armstrong: "It is by Fuhrer's order. I have no choice."
Armstrong continues: "Besides, if things go our way, we may get both Scar and Kimbley by mutual destruction. Miles, you go with them." Miles: "Yes." Armstrong: "I haven't given this information to Kimbley yet, but, there is a possibility that the girl has been joined by Scar, according to the Mountain Patrol."

Page 24: Armstrong: "Relay the message to the brothers, 'Give Scar to Kimbley, just as he desires,' 'but, bring back the girl with Rentanjitsu here,' 'and, make it in as absolute secrecy as possible'."
Miles, Kimbley, and solders are about to depart from the Fort.
Miles: "Let's start by heading Bazkool (spelling?) a little East of us. That's where Scar had been seen last. We'll start the search from there." Kimbley: "That'll be fine."

Page 25: Kimbley: "I'll leave the small details to you, but I'll take overall command of the operation." Miles: "I know." Noise of someone running towards Kimbley and the gang. Winry: "Hi there, scoot over a little!!" Winry crams herself inside the car already being crowded by Al's huge body, and Ed.
Ed: "What? You! Why?" Winry: "Too tight! Al, scoot a little more over there!" Kimbley talks to Winry by the door of the car: "Miss Winry, could you please wait at at he Fort? We are not going out to have fun time." Winry: "I know that!!"

Page 26: Winry: "But, I'm the one who changed Ed's Automails for the colder climate specifications, and this is the first time I have made the one for this climate, and I'm worried that in case of malfunctions, I should be there for the maintenance. We stress perfect after-care services! I can't just attach the Automail, and go 'that's it,' then if anything would happen to the Automail after that that would tarnish the Rockbell's name!!" Ed: "You really are zealous with your work!! You're an workaholic fool!!" Winry: "Of course I am!! I'm proud of my profession! We have been in this business since the Great-Grandpa's generation!! (yada yada...) Kimbley: "Ok, ok, I understand. I allow you to accompany us." Kimbley orders one of his solders: "Darius, ride with Miss Winry."

Page 27: Darius: "Sheesh. Really.. As it's supposed to, you should have been obediently staying back at the Fort!!" Winry: "I.. I'm sorry! I know my position. But, but I don't want to be left behind to simply wait! I wanted to be by their side, even just for a little while! I'm sorry.....!!" As Winry goes into fake sobbing Al and Ed point blaming glares at Darius for making her cry. Darius: "Oh? What? Me?"

Page 28: Darius goes into sweat-drop: "Ummm... Just behave and stay quiet and it will be fine. See. Well. Yeah." Darius can't see Winry secretly chuckling on the back seat. XDD
Meantime, back at the Fort, solders cry over Winry's departure. "Winry-chan is gone!" "Precious "girl" element is lost!!" "She brought elegance to the Fort!" "She was a blossom in the Fort!"
"If you want 'female element,' we still got out boss, aren't we?" "That terrifying thing, that's not a female!" Sob!!!
Kimbley's group has arrived at the town of Bazkool. (spelling?)
"This morning someone witnessed some man who might be Scar getting in here."
Kimbley: "This is a large area." Miles: "It used to be a mining town. It has abundance of places to hide out." Solder: "It will be a job to find him here."

Page 29: Miles: "Andrew's party, starts from C3! Benjamin's party, C5! Charlie's party and Mr. Kimbley's party should wait at the command center?"
Kimbley: "That'll be fine. Contact me when you find Scar."
Kimbley's two guards show up wher Ed and Al are standing. "We'll accompany Elric brothers." Ed: "Yeah, yeah.
Ed's inner thought: Kimbley's entourage.. They will be watching us.

Page 30: Ed: So, how shall we lose them... Ed & Al: "I just saw a shadowy figure!" Solder: "Where?!" Al: "This way!" Ed: "Hurry!" Solder: "Just wait!" Ed: "If you don't hurry up, he'll get away!" Kimbley's solder: "Oy, wait! You!" Ed: "This.." Ed and Al sped away.

Page 31: Solders lose Ed and Al's sights: "uh?" "Where did they go?" "Maybe they went this alley?" "Well then, let's go!" "Don't lose them!" Ed and Al sneak away... Ed & Al: "We succeeded in" "Losing them.." "But.." "This is.."

Page 32: "Way too large!!!" Ed: "With this, it will be impossible to find them, unless they will approach us first!"
Ed and Al hear the footsteps.. "A" "l" "pho' "n" "se!" Ed: "Hey.." Al: "No way, they'll actually.."

Page 33: Mei runs to Al and glomps Al: "SAMA!!!!" Ed: "Actually, came!!"
Mei: "What are you doing in such a place?" Al: "Mei! Surprise! Great! We actually able to find you!" Mei: "Great? Actually find me?" Mei wonders: Alphonse-sama came all the way to this snowy country to find me? Al: "Yes, (to ask about Rentanjitsu) I wanted to see you!! Al's words "I wanted to see you" reverberate into Mei's heart!!! While Al is clueless: ??

Page 34: Mei: 'Me, too!!" Ed: "Yes, yes... I wanted se you, too, chibi-girl!!!" Mei: "Nooooo!!" Mei: "Hyaaaa!! What!!!??" Ed: "No matter, just hurry up and come with me!!" Mei: "So, you're after me also? Ah!! The brothers fighting over my love!!" Ed: "What are you talking about??!!" Mei: "Nooo, Edward-san is not my type!!" Ed: "Shut up!!"
Meanwhile, Al hears knocks from inside. Winry: "Tch!! Al, bumped my head!" Al: "Sorry, sorry!" Winry: "Ouch!"
Mei : "Whoa, Alphonse-sama, who's that woman!!??" Al: "Huh?"

Page 35: Mei: "This is cruel!! You already have me!" Al: "Oh, no, no, this is my childhood friend!!... wait, why do I have to make the excuses as if I'm being with two women!??
hearing Mei's commotion, Marcho appears: "Mei-chan, are you all right?... AHHHH!! Elric brothers!!" Ed: "Eh? Who are you, old man?" Marcho: "I understand you don't recognize me. It is me, me." Ed & Al: "Dr. Marcho!! Why are you here??" Dr. Marcho: "That's MY line!!"
Yoki appears as well: "AHHHH!! Elric brothers!!" Ed: "Eh? Who are you, old man?"

Page 36: Yoki: "Don't you dare say you forgot about me??!!" Ed: "I forgot." Yoki: "Don't you remember the incident at the Eastern coal mining town, Youthwell?" Al: "Do we know anyone from Youthwell with this seedy-looking, brother?" Yoki: "Don't you dare call Yoki-sama 'seedy-looking'!!" Al: "yeah, so, who are you?" Yoki: "Gaaaahhhhh!!"
Meanwhile, the solders have discovered that Winry has been missing. Kimbley: "Miss Winry is missing?? What have you been doing!!?" Solder: "I'm sorry! I was unloading the equipment, and she disappeared during that short moment!" Miles: "I see we got another search target. Two from the Charlie's party, follow with me!" Solder: "Yes!"
Kimbley: "Major Miles," Miles: "I know, if we find Scar, we'll contact you, right?"

Page 37: Scar is searching for food in one of the buildings: Scar: "No good again, here. Nothing of any use."
Kimblay's two solders approach Scar. "Scar, I presume."

Page 38: Scar: "Northern Army has keen noses"
Kimbley's solders: "Sorry to disappoint you, but we are from Central Army." "Come, Mr. Kimbley is waiting for you." Scar: "Only two of you, and you can do anything to me?" Solder: "Don't be silly! Two ordinary humans will have no chance against you." "If we were ordinary humans."

Page 39: Solders turns chimeras. Scar: "Chimeras? Interesting!" Caption reads: No need for holding back!! Scar's right arm roars!!

End of the chapter:
(Next chapter comes out June 12, Tuesday.)

(I know there are some typos and some other mistakes. I'll come back and fix them shortly. ^^)

Overall, less "excitement" than the last chapter, IMO, but it has some nice moments!! ^^
Pride and Riza's meeting concluded... It was creepy when the shadow touched Riza. ph34r.gif
Kimbley and Ed talking about why Kimbley's doing what he's doing blah blah... not very exciting, IMO. I prefer General Raven's idiotically theatrical speech. laugh.gif
They all go out together for Scar hunting. Ed and Al easily get lose. Too easy. tongue.gif
Conveniently, Ed, Al, and Winry inside Al ran into Mei and the gang.
Yay for funny Al x Mei moments!! Best part of the chapter, IMO!! biggrin.gif
Meantime Scar meets Kimbley's guard solders, turned Chimeras.... mini cliffhanger!! ^^


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post May 10 2007, 02:14 PM
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Oh god. I want a translation already. >.<
Anyways, highlights of chapter 71 for me.
- Mei's back! A nice Arumei moment.
- Pride didn't kill Riza. Phew.
- Kimbley seems to be trying to strike a deal with Ed by offering him the Philosopher's stone.
- Ed's expressions are priceless as always.

And that was quite unexpected at the end.
Can't wait for Chapter 72 now. >w<

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post May 10 2007, 02:17 PM
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Umm... is the file missing the last couple of pages by any chance??
Or, is it my computer's mistake somehow...
I get up to page 39. Is that all the pages??
(If so, that's fine... just checking. ^^)
Ok, I guess that's it, only 39 pages... I guess that's anther cliffhanger.. kind of.. tho it's a small cliff. XDD

Anyway, I opened the Spoiler party thread, so if you'd like to discuss about the actual content of chapter 71, go ahead and post on Chapter 71 Spoiler Party thread. biggrin.gif


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post May 10 2007, 03:17 PM
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^how I'm going to look till I get full translation


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QUOTE(Tombow @ May 10 2007, 11:03 PM) [snapback]541275[/snapback]
Generally, not as exciting as the last chapter...
Kembley and Ed talking about why Kimbley's doing what he's doing blah blah... not very exciting.


This chapter has been just godly! And the not very exciting conversation between Kimbley and Ed had what has to be one of Ed's Best Phrases EVARRR!!

Kimbley: Are you telling me you don't have the courage to kill?
Ed: I'm a man who has the courage to NOT kill.

m(__)m {!!!!

For the first time Ed told, and was 100% straight and clear, Winry about how things are!
Plus, Al understands immediately his brother's reasoning and his acting before Kimbley!

Besides, it's amazing how everyone keeps plotting to their side, such as Riza being able to keep her cold reasoning and trying to get new info from Pride even in the situation she is (too bad Pride noticed happy.gifU), and daring him to kill her, telling him it wouldn't be smart... Or Ed and Al acting so calm even in a limit situation such as the one they are into, as well as Armstrong.
It's a battle of wits, with people pretending to follow orders and double-crossing them... kinda like Death Note (not on such a high level, of course... happy.gifU I mean, the way Ed and Al fool their escorts in the end and how they end up meeting who they were searching for by chance, is still rather silly, but hey)

Not because it doesn't have a big revelation is a chapter necessarily less impressive.
I say this chapter surprised me a lot.

And the reunion between the brothers and Mei, Marcoh and Yoki (who's this guy again? XD ) was hilarious!

Really, to me this time the less impressive part was in fact the cliffhanger. Oh, new chimeras. OK.
Incoming Scar pwnage whatever happy.gif

*Goes to bed too excited and will be sleepy tomorrow sleep.gif*

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Hmmm....interesting. Not being to read anything being said, it seemed like a more relaxed chapter then last month, but I suppose appearances can be decieving.

If I'm not mistaken, though, Scar's two new adversaries seemed to be crossed with a boar and a toad. I think.
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I agree with Chiyo, I think it's a good chapter.. but with a very confusing ending O_o` I'm glad to see that chimera's have been brought back into it.. even though these ones aren't too pleasant to look at :: shudders::
Just wondering how long they'll last against Scar's right hand though..

I like the reunion of everyone up in the mountains XD , that was priceless to watch.

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post May 10 2007, 03:43 PM
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I mostly agree with Tombow: not so exciting of a chapter to me; as I kept 'reading', events seemed rushed, EdWin hints...bleh. No need to say, the Ed/Kimblee conversation is certainly the most interesting thing in this chapter. I'll just wait for the rapidest translation.

Kimbley: Are you telling me you don't have the courage to kill?
Ed: I'm a man who has the courage to NOT kill.

Aaaaaw, Ed~ Not bad, not bad.


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Translations have started !!!! xD

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Oh snap, Kimbley got verbally owned there.

Attention Manga Lust fans:
Lust is dead. Finished. Kaput. Joined the Choir Invisible. Roy Mustang incinerated her repeatedly until her Philosopher's Stone dried up and dissolved into nothingness ("Mu" for you Japanese cultural enthusiasts). And she will remain killed off, written out of the plot. Greed was reincarnated because Father saved his Philosopher's Stone and had a guinea pig on hand. Lust is gone. Stop trying to play God with the plot line and bring her back at every possibly junction.
In the event that Hiromu Arakawa can skillfully maneuver around this narrative plot hole, I will eat my words with a pinch of salt.
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~ Chapter 71 Translation ~

Using raw's numbering system. Will be proofread & edited tomorrow.

Page 1:
Hawkeye: "The Original Homunculus?"
What do you mean?

Pride: Exactly what I said.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Text: Now, all the Homunculii have been revealed!

SFX: Zurizurizurizurizuri

Page 2:
SFX: Zuruzuruzuru
Pride: Trying to get whatever information you can out of me?
You're a brave soul, Lieutenant Hawkeye.

I like you.
Would you be interested in joining us?
SFZ: Zuzoru

Hawkeye: Never.
I know how you people work. You don't want "comrades", you want pawns that you can use at your convenience.

Pride: That's too bad.
Very well...
SFX: Zuuuu

SfX: Squeeze
Hawkeye: Khck-

SFX: Squeeze squeeze


Page 3:
Hawkeye: You can stop making idle threats.
SFX: Scratch

Hawkeye: Why bother killing me when it won't benefit you?

Pride: You're very smart, Lieutenant.
SFX: zuru

Pride: You know what will happen if you speak of this to anyone.
Your friends, and Colonel Mustang, will suffer unspeakable pain.
SFX: Zuruzuruzuruzuru

Pride: I'll be watching you...from the shadows.

Page 4:

Title: The Crimson Man
Text: And suddenly, ordinary darkness becomes terror itself...
Pride: I'll be watching you...from the shadows.

Ed: Carve a bloody crest into Briggs?

Kimblee: Yes. With our own hands.

Ed: I have no idea what you're trying to say.
What exactly do you mean?

Page 5:
Kimblee: I mean, we do to this place what we did in Ishval.

We carve this land into a symbol of hatred and sorrow.


Winry: What was-

Page 6:
Ed: Very clever,
negotiating while you wave your hostage in my face...

Kimblee: Uh oh, someone needs to listen more carefully.

I haven't said a word about taking the young Miss as a hostage.

And also,

we are not negotiating anything. I'm giving you orders.

Orders to do your job as a State Alchemist.

Page 7:
Kimblee: Don't tell me you became one of the military's dogs without the nerve to kill?

Ed: I've got the RESOLVE to NOT kill!

Kimblee: The resolve to not kill...
and a strong will...Hrrrmmm...

Ed: Look, Mister Kimblee, doesn't any of this seem wrong to you?
The army sacrificing civilians in order to accomplish some goal?

Do you even realize what you're helping them do?
Kimblee: I do know, yes.

Page 8:
Ed: Then why go any further with this idio-

Kimblee: Because I want to see what the new world will look like.

Ed: ......huh?

Kimblee: I want to see who will win the battle
of resolve versus resolve.

Of will versus will.
Life versus life. Belief versus belief.

Humans versus their "evolution", the Homunculus.

Page 9:
Kimblee: Which side is right?
Which is stronger?
Which will survive?
Which will the world choose?

Fort Briggs lives by the motto, "Survival of the fittest."
A simple statement, but a powerful truth.

Our history on this planet is the result of evolution, and the most important part of evolution is survival of the fittest.

Species decimated by the climate,
Species decimated by humans.

Ishvalans decimated by Amerstis.
It's all the same.

If the "evolved" humans force the current species into extinction,
it would just make them another group in the long history of our planet that wasn't fit for survival.

That's all there is to it.

Page 10:
Ed: But you're a human. Why're you siding with the Homunculii?

Kimblee: I assure you, I'm not.
Small text: So persistent.

Kimblee: They're the only ones who allow me to fully...express myself.
Ed: Express...huh?

Kimblee: With them, I can use my alchemy for my own pleasure, without restraint.

And they make excellent backup.
Who on the human side can offer me that?

Ed: I can't believe a maniac like you passed the State Alchemist interview process.

Kimblee: Anyone can pass themselves off as a normal person in situations like that, provided they know what does and doesn't constitute heresy.
Ed: Heresy...

Page 11:
Kimblee: Indeed.
I'm fully aware that the current world would brand me a heretic.

And yet, the fact that I survive means the world has accepted me.

Surviving...fighting for your very existence...
Few people lead such difficult lives, eh Fullmetal Alchemist?

Ed: I wouldn't know.

Kimblee: Oh? Too bad.
I usually find State Alchemists to always place themselves
at the center of their own universes.

SFX: Scoot

Page 12:
Kimblee: Do you see where I'm going?

Let's try appealing to that selfish side.


Kimblee: Here's the one thing you brothers want
more than anything in the world.

Page 13:
Ed: The....

The Philosopher's Stone!!

Kimblee: I've heard all about your brother
from his excellency the Fuhrer.

Complete the tasks you've been assigned, and it's yours.

Page 14:
Ed: Let me talk to Al,
and Winry, first.

Kimblee: Why Ms. Winry?

Ed: I haven't told her a thing.
It's not fair to keep her in the dark any more.

She's involved now.
I don't care what kind of "work" I have to do, but I refuse to keep betraying her trust by lying.

Kimblee: ...Very well.
But just to make sure you don't say anything unnecessary, I'll accompany you.

Page 15:
Ed: Here's the situation.

you're being held hostage.

Winry: Eh?

Wh-what's he talking about, Al?
Is he joking?

Ed...what are...
Tell me what's going-
Ed: This isn't a joke.

My superiors are demanding I start carrying out my job as a human weapon.
Winry: But that...

Page 16:
Ed: Yeah. It means I might have to kill a lot of people.
Winry: Tell them NO!
SFX: Stamp

Winry: Oh....
but then I'd...

SFX: thump

Winry: ...I'm...
I'm just burdening you two even more...

Ed: D..d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-don't cry!
Winry: I'm NOT CRYING!

I'm so sorry...
Now I'm mad at myself for letting this happen without even noticing...I'm so stupid...

Page 17:
Winry: It's not fair...
You guys just want your bodies back, and you keep getting sidetracked by all these other problems...

Ed: That's true, but I've been promised the Philosopher's Stone if I cooperate with them.
Al: WHAT?!

Are you serious? The stone?!
Ed: Kimbley's got it.

Al: But the stone's made of...!

Ed: We get our bodies back in exchange for me becoming a weapon. Equivalent trade.

Page 18:
Al: I give up...do whatever you want.
SFX: Clank

Ed: Fine. I will.

All right, Mr. Kimblee.

Time for me
to go to work.

Just let me focus on finding Scar first.
Kimblee: Excuse me?

What's gotten you so serious all of a sudden?

Page 19:
Ed: Scar murdered Winry's parents.
I need to find him and get revenge for her before I can do anything else.

Kimblee: I see.
So you've got a score to settle with him, too.
All right, then.

Ed: Also, I need Al to come with me.
Scar's flesh-decomposition attacks won't work on him, since he's, uh...

Kimblee: Right. That must be convenient.

Small bubble: All right, then...
SFX: SLAM, step step step

Winry: Al...are you okay?
Al: Yeah, everything's fine.

Page 20:
Al: Brother doesn't want to get our bodies back with the Philosopher's Stone.
Our own sins are what cost us our bodies...we have no right to use something created from the lives of innocent people.

We think an eastern science called "Rentanjutsu" might show us a way to return to normal.
We're after a a young girl who knows how to use it, and we've heard she might be with Scar.

Brother's just going to use the hunt for Scar as an excuse to look for her.
That bit about avenging your parents was just an act to trick Kimblee.

I'm sorry, Winry.
I feel bad that we're just using your parents' names...

Winry: It's okay.
You two are still alive. You're more important to me now.

Page 21:
Al: Thank you...

Winry: So...

I need to think of a reason, too...

Olivia: You put yourself in charge of the hunt for Scar, AND let the Elric Brothers out of jail?

What exactly gives you the authority to do that?

Page 22:
SFX: Rustle
Kimblee: The Fuhrer himself gave the orders.

No complaints, I trust?

Olivia: ...No, I have no problem if it's the Fuhrer's orders.
The Elrics are all yours.

Kimblee: Thank you, Major General Armstrong.
I'll be borrowing the Elrics and a few soldiers, then.

Oh, and also,
has General Raven turned up yet?

Olivia: No.
I think it's about time I informed Central.

Page 23:
Kimblee: I see.
Take care, then.
SFX: CReeee


Miles: Is it a good idea to let him lead the search for Scar?
Olivia: Fuhrer's orders. I had no choice.

And hey, if we're lucky, the two of them will kill each other.

Miles, I want you to go with him.
Miles: Yes, Ma'am.

Olivia: Kimblee still doesn't know about this info.
From what the mountain troops told us, Scar and the girl appear to be working together.

Page 24:
Olivia: Tell the brothers I said,
"Give Kimbley what he wants. Let him have Scar."

"And bring the Rentanjutsu girl back here,
in secret, if possible."

Miles: We'll be heading east to Baschool.

Scar was sighted there recently,
we should make that the first stop.

Kimblee: That sounds fine.

Page 25:
Kimblee: I'll let you handle the details. Just remember that I'm in charge here.
Miles: I know.

Winry: Everyone scoot over!
SFX: Tikatikatikatikatikatika


Ed: What the .... are you d0-
Winry: There's no room back here!
Move over, Al!

Kimblee: Miss Winry, I'd prefer you stay in the base.
We're not going for a joyride.
Winry: I know that!

Page 26:
Winry: It's just, you know how I changed Ed's automail to work better up here?
I've never made frigid-weather automail before, and I'm worried it might break down.
SFX: Scoot scoot crunch

Winry: I have to go with him, in case it needs maintenance.
I want to be absolutely sure he's got the best possible equipment!

When I attached it, I just said, "Okay, I'm done!" But if it breaks down, the Rockbell name will be tainted forever!

Ed: Jeez, woman, you're a workaholic! You're crazy!
Winry: You bet your butt I am! I take pride in my work!

SFX: And this and that

Winry: We've been in business since my great-grandfather's generation!
Kimblee: Okay, okay, I get the point. You may come.

Darius, Miss Winry will be riding in your car as well.
SFX/Darius: Sir.

Page 27:
Darius: Sheesh.

You should be back at the base, girl!
SFX: Babum
Winry: I'm sorry...

I know I'm in no position to make demands...
But I can't...I can't just sit around waiting...

I just want to be here for these two...

SFX: Staaaaaaaaaaaaare

Darius: Huh?

Page 28:
Driver: Err, uh...just be quiet and, uh...do what we say, and it'll be okay!
All...all right?
Winry: Mwahaha...

Soldiers: Wi.....Winry's gone...
Our one precious girl...
She was so elegant...
SFX: Waaaaaaaah waaaaaah waaaaaah
Doctor: If want a girl around, you've still got the boss...
Soldier: The boss is too scary!
SFX: Sob sob

Miles: The witness said he saw someone resembling Scar come this way.
Kimblee: This is a big place.
Miles: It used to be a mine...there're tons of places to hide.
Soldier: We'll never find him...

Page 29:
Miles: Team Andrew will search area C3.
Team Benjamin, C5.
Kimblee, why don't you stay at the main base with Team Charlie?
Kimblee: Very well. Contact me immediately if you find Scar.

SFX: Nngh.
Soldier: We'll go with you, Elric brothers.

Ed: Yeah, yeah...
Al: Kimblee's goons...
they're just here to keep tabs on us.

SFX: March march march march march

Page 30:
Ed: So...
Al: How can we ditch these guys?
SFX above soldiers: Stare

Ed/Al: A shadow! Someone's over there!
Soldier: Hu-

Al: This way!
Ed: C'mon!
Soldier: W-wait up!

Ed: Hurry it up!
He's getting away!
Soldier: Slow down, damn it!


Page 31:
Soldier: ...op?

Where'd they go?
Maybe down this side path?
Right! Let's go!
Don't lose them!
SFX: Sneak sneak sneak!

Ed: Well...
we got away...

Small bubble: Waaaaaah!

Ed: but this place...
is way...

Page 32:

If they don't come to us, we'll never find 'em...
SFX: Haaaaargh

Small sfx (repeated て): Tikatikatikatikatikatikatikatikatikatikatika
Al: Huh?

Ed: Uhh...

Single bubbles going across the lower panels:

Al: You're kidding me...

Page 33:


May: What are you doing here?
Al: MAY! This is great, I can't believe we actually found you!

May: "Great"?
"Actually found me?"

Could it be...Alphonse-sama pursued me all the way to this snowy country?
Al: Wait for me!
May: Hohohohoho!

Al: Yeah!
I've been wanting to see you (so I can ask you about Rentanjutsu)! [H: The parenthesizes part is under his breath, so make the text small biggrin.gif ]

May SFX: wanted to see you wanted to see you wanted to see you
Bottom text below Al: Natural charm at work

Page 34:
Ed: I've been looking for you, little giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl!
May: Eeeek!

W-what do you want?
Ed: Never mind, just come with me!
May: Y-you're chasing me too?
Oh! You brothers are feuding for my hand!
May: I'm sorry, Edward-san! You're just not my type!
SFX: Knock knock

Winry: Knock it off, Al! I hit my head!
Al: Whoops, sorry.

SFX: Plop
Winry: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew...

May: Aah! Wh-who is SHE, Alphonse-sama?!
Al: Eh?

Page 35:
May: How could you?! You have me!!
Al: No no no, she's just a friend...
Wait, why am I making excuses?! We're not dating!!

Marcoh: May, are you all right?!
I heard you yell-

Hey, the Elric Brothers!
Ed: Huh? Who're you, old man?

Marcoh: I suppose it's a good thing you don't recognize me.
Look, it's me.

Ed/Al: That voice...
Doctor Marcoh! What're you doing here?
Marcoh: I'd ask you the same question!
Yoki: Huh?

Ed: Huh? Who're YOU, old man?

Page 36:
Yoki: Don't you DARE say you forgot!!
Ed: I forgot.
Yoki: Don't you remember what happened in Youthwell?!
Al: Brother, did we meet any hobos in Youthwell?
Yoki: How DARE you call the great Yoki a hobo!?
Ed: Okay, but who ARE you?

Kimblee: Miss Winry is gone, too?
What is wrong with you people?!

Guard: S-sorry...
I just took a moment to put down some supplies, and when I looked up she was gone...

Miles: Looks like we've got another person to search for.
The two of you from Team Charlie, come with me.

Charlie soldier: Sir!

Kimblee: Major Miles...
Miles: I know.

If we see Scar, we'll tell you, all right?

Page 37:
SFXL Shuffle shuffle

Scar: This place is no good, either.
No suitable materials.

Soldier: Scar, I presume.

Page 38:
Scar: I see the northern army's dogs have keen noses.
Soldier 1: Sorry, but we're from Central.
Soldier 2: Come with us. Kimbley's waiting for you.

Scar: Do you two really think you stand a chance against me?
Soldier 1: Of course not.
We know that two ordinary humans would never be able to take you in.

But we're no ordinary humans.

SFX: Nukinukinukinuki

Page 39:
SFX: Niiiiiii

Scar: Chimeras.
This should be interesting.

Side: No holding back! Scar's right arm roars with fury!
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