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Frequently Asked Site Questions, And Answers For Them. ^^, How to add sig pic, how to make hyper links, etc., etc.
post Mar 11 2007, 04:32 AM
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The thread is currently under construction. Most of questions are posted and answered elsewhere on this board. I also recommend reading A Beginner's Guide To Forum Decorum!! ^^
I'll add more FAQ later. ^^

1. What are these things under my name?

Q. How can I add a picture under my name?
And, what about the picture under my post?

A. The picture under your board ID is called "avatar." The picture under your post is called "signature." To learn how to add "avatar" and "signature," please go down to my next post.

Q. I have "Citizen" under my name. I see some people has "Apprentice" or "Alchemist," etc. What are these, and how can I become "Alchemist"?

A. These are called "Ranks," and they are based on your post counts.
They are mostly for your personal fun, and not much else on our board.
What earns you respects from fellow posters is the content of your posts, and not which Rank you have. Furthermore, we generally look down on posters who make many useless posts for the sole purpose of attaining higher Ranks. Generally speaking, if you enjoy posting on our board, your Rank will go up soon or later, more likely sooner than you expected.
At any rate, after a while, you'll probably forget about your Rank, or what Rank other posters have, most of the time while you are on the board.
Having said that, here are the Ranks we have on our board:
(Also, the square(s) underneath the Rank is "bar(s)" that goes along with the Rank.)
  • Citizen (post count = 0 ~ 99)
  • Apprentice (100 ~ 249)
  • Alchemist (250 ~ 399)
  • State Alchemist (Major) (400 ~ 799)
  • State Alchemist (Lt. Colonel) (800 ~ 1499)
  • State Alchemist (Colonel) (1500 ~ 2499)
  • Brigadier General (2500 ~ 3999)
  • Major General (4000 ~ ) Same Bars as State Alchemist (Colonel) through Master Alchemist
After that we currently have Lt. General, Master Alchemist, and few more after that, but probably by the time you reach this far I think you really get the idea that Rank is not that important. ^^

Q. Speaking of post counts, I think I made more posts, but my post count says I made only xx (fill in your number here ^^) posts. I think my post count should be higher than it says. unsure.gif

A. Posts in "Spam Central" forum forum are not counted towards your total post counts. Sorry!! Please make posts there for the fun of postings!! smile.gif

Q. What is this thing that says "Warn" under my name??

I see it only under my name, and I don't see it on any other members!!
Am I in some kind of trouble?

A. No, you are not in trouble at all!!
That is "Warning Indicator," and everyone has it under his/her board ID.
Only that you can see yours, but you can't see other members'.
And likewise, other members can't see yours.
Except, certain board staff can see yours. (and, they can adjust your warning level as well.)
But, as long as you are following the board rules & guidelines, and generally behaving as a good board member, then you don't have to worry about it at all!!
I bet pretty soon you'll forget that thing is even there when you are on the board!! biggrin.gif

Q. Speaking of warning, this Forum Rules and Informational Guide (A Must Read) in Red shows up on every page I open!! Does this mean I broke some board rules?? ohmy.gif

A. No. ^^ That one is designed to show up on most of pages for EVERYBODY, as a reminder for everyone to follow the forum rules and guidelines. And, while we are on the subject, (if you haven't done so already) please take a moment to click on the link and read the Rules and Guidelines for our board!! smile.gif

Q. Speaking of board ID, is there any way I can change my board name?

A. Yes. Please post and ask for your display name change on Dear Board, Could You Change My Display Name? thread.
Please note that if this is your first time to change your board display name, you can ask it anytime, but after that, there must be more than 6 months since last time your display name was changed. smile.gif


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post Mar 3 2010, 02:43 AM
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A sentient plant of some kind
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3. About my account..

Q. I forgot my password. What shall I do?

A. You can use our Password Recovery function.

To start the password recovery process, click on
log in.
Then, above the log in boxes, you see a Red box marked "Attention!" and then the bottom part of that box says "I've forgotten my password! Click here!."
Please click on that
Click here! part to start the password recovery process.


Q. Can I change my board display name?

A. Yes. Please post your request on Dear Board, Could You Change My Display Name? thread.

NOTE: Once you change your display name, you have to wait minimum of 6 months before you can change your display name again. Therefore, please choose your new display name wisely. smile.gif


Q. While I was registering, I accidentally ended up with multiple accounts, and since each member can have only one active account for the board, I need to close my excess account/I'm "moving on" and would like to have my account deleted.

What shall I do?

A. Please post your request on Could You Delete My Account? thread, and we'll take care of it. smile.gif


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