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Chapter Iv "the Ouroburus Seal"
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post Feb 6 2007, 10:54 PM
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Ok, again: First chapter: “Particles”; second chapter: “Memories”; third chapter: “Fullmetal, kidnapped”. I tried to do an effort in this one; thanks for all your advices happy.gif This story, in my opinion of course is getting better n_n . Please rate it and comments or advices. Sorry if my grammar still...… Sucks XD.
Note: Yes, now I did this chapter like script-paragraph form. biggrin.gif

“The Ouroburus seal”

“Is he alright?”

“Yes, he is getting better”

“How long has he been sleeping?”

“One day, today is the second one”

“Oh…. Can I...?”

“Yes, of course Winry”

Winry: Thank you Al

Al: Your welcome…I hope that my brother wake up today…
(Winry opens the door, the sun’s light enters through the window, next to it, there is a bed, on it, Ed, bandaged and sleeping)

Winry: Ed…. (Al takes a chair and offers to her) Oh thanks Al (Sits on it) Why you two don´t tell me before? I was so worried when you called me and told me that Ed was at the hospital…

Al: Sorry Winry, but there are good news… We found the place where is a Philosopher Stone, created

Winry: Really? So, where is it?

Al: It is in an old city, Fabula….To the East…

Winry: Never hear of it…

Al: Like I said, its and old city…But exists….When my brother feel better, we will go for search it…

Winry: Yes, but this time…..Be careful…

Al: Yes, we will (Silence)

Winry: Ed has many bandages…

Al: Yes, also one thing it is strange…

Winry: Huh?

Al: Yes, the doctor said that he is recovering fast…

Winry: But that isn’t good?

Al: No, you don’t understand….His hurts are curing faster… For example, if you break your leg, you will be recovering it until a month or not?

Winry: Yes and?

Al: Well…If my brother breaks his leg…...He will be recovering it in a week or two…

Winry: What?!

Al: Yes, that is strange…

Winry: But….How?

Al: I don´t know…..So…When my brother wake up I will ask him what happened in that basement…
(Winry stayed at the hospital until the night arrived…..She went to the Elric’s house because Al wanted to stay all the night with his brother.
Al, sitting on a chair, observers worried Ed who started to perspires a cold sweat and to breathe quickly)
Al: Brother, please talk to me!

Ed: *pant* *pant* *pant* *pant* Ghh….
(Al stands up and when he was opening the door for search a doctor, Ed made a face push up, and then he stopped breathing)
Al: !!! Brother!!!!

Doctor: What’s going on?!

Al: It’s my brother! He is not breathing!

Doctor: What?! Nurse we need help here!
(After Ed back to normality, Al sat in the chair again and he tried to sleep. Next day, before Winry arrive, Al went for call to the doctor, because he was the only one able to answer his questions)
Al: Doctor, what happens with my brother?

Doctor: It’s just like I told you before… Your brother is recovering faster…

Al: …Can it be…

Doctor: … Come with me…
(They entered to Ed’s room, first, the doctor withdraw a band that was on Ed’s left arm “See?”-He said- “Before, there was a low hurt in this arm, but now… He doesn’t have anything.”
“But.…”-Said Alphonse, the doctor interrupted him- “If you want more evidence take a look here”-Then, he withdraw another band, this time on the left shoulder, you easily could see that the band is completely redden, but when the doctor withdraw it, Alphonse couldn’t believe it…..There wasn’t any hurt!! Then, the doctor said to him that Ed had his right ankle crooked, but suddenly, two days later, it was normal…..- “Listen to me child, the body of your brother is transforming into something new…… He recovers faster and when he wake up, you will need to find the cure for it, because it’s weird on a human…..”- Al stays in silence for a while and finally says “Ok”- When the doctor, left the room Alphonse close the door and turn around, staying at his brother with the “special tears”- “Brother, what have they done to you?”
An hour later, Winry arrived and attend to Ed, while Al was sleeping on an armchair. In the afternoon, Winry have to go, because someone was having problems with a machine. She woke up Al and left him with Ed. Al was thinking sitting on a chair and watching his brother, what he could have done for avoid that incident.)
Al: Brother, I am so sorry…..This is my fault, if I only listened to you before……I….Hope you can forgive me; you always trying to protect me since we were little kids...And the only thing that I do is search troubles, And now...you are in this conditions…Weird conditions...And its all my fault... Our teacher is right, you are an exemplary big brother…Also, mom and dad will be proud of you… I promise something: I will recover your arm, so you will back to normality; it’s the only thing that I have to give you to thank you for all. It is Equivalent Exchange after all…..No….more than that….It is a brother’s promise…..From the little….to the big brother. And we will never been separate, no matter what…
Brother, I’m sorry… (Close his eyes and left a hand near from Ed’s hand) I couldn’t stopped it before….So sorry… (Suddenly, Al feels a hand that it’s holding his hand)

Ed: It’s…..not your fault Al…don’t…don’t say that (Ed is awake, but he still has his eyes closed)

Al: !! Brother! Are you alright? (Smiling)

Ed: Yeah… But…..I can’t see you Al…

Al: You need to open your eyes

Ed: I can’t…..You will disappear…..And then all will turn into darkness.…

Al: That is not true, brother! I’m real…

Ed: ….Are you sure?

Al: Yes….Trust me…I will not disappear….I am right here, by your side…Just, do not be afraid…

Ed: …... (Slowly, but with trust, Ed opens his eyes, looks Al and smiles)

Al: How do you feel?

Ed: Better…Just (Tries to sit on the bed) Ghhh…..Ouch… (Touches his thorax)

Al: Brother! Don’t arise yourself yet; just stay in the bed for a while ok?

Ed: But... (Al, stops him and forces him to lay down)

Al: Good, now I will call Winry for tell her that you are awake; wait here ok? (Smiles, goes to the door and closes it)

Ed: Al… Ghh so sorry (Arises with difficulty, touches his thorax and withdraws the band slowly while Al returns) !!! Damn it! (Shrinks a little) Why me? Why??!! (Lifts his look a little) I need to run away …Before I…. (In that moment, Ed hears the voice of his brother behind the door)!! (Covers the thorax with the band quickly and when he finished, Al enters to the room)

Al: Brother! I told you that don´t arise yourself!

Ed: I’m ok; don´t worry….Did you call Winry?
(Ed and Al talked of other things while Winry returns to the hospital.
Al tried to speak about the “Basement plot”, but Ed only change the conversation with another thing….It was as if Ed really don’t wanted to talk about that. Then, Winry arrives…She brought Ed a pie. Also she was very angry with him for the broken automail…..again….She scolded Ed for a while….Then she only sighed and went for her tools box to repair it. While she was repairing the automail, Al and she tried again to speak of the actions that happened on the basement, but Ed doesn’t listen and changed the conversation. A few minutes later, the doctor arrived and told Al and Winry that he need to change the bandages of Ed and check his hurts, Al and Winry went out, but they, as usual, stayed behind the door, listening.
“Okay, we finished with this one too; I see that you don’t have more hurts, except the bandage of the thorax, that we need to change”-said the doctor. “Wha? No, its ok I can change it myself”-said Ed. “But, you know how?” “Yeah, sure just give me a new bandage and I will change it”. “But…. You don’t know how, let me do it please” . “No!! I can do it! You don’t know where hurts more!! Let me do it, give me a new bandage!!”. “…..Alright, as you wish, child”. “Th-thank you”. Then the doctor went out of the room and told Winry and Al: “This boy is acting weird, I suggest watch him every moment”. Then, he went. They entered to Ed’s room and found him changing the band quickly. “What’s wrong Ed?”-Winry asked, Ed only ignored her and continued changing the band, when he finished, with the bandage misplaced, he only said, “Oh, hehe sorry for the shouts, I….Emh…..I want to learn how to change my own bandages hehehe (Drop) For…emh…for any misfortune n_ñU”. Al and Winry just looked at him, confused; suddenly Winry said, “I’ll be right back” and went out of the room running. When she returns, for the misfortune of Ed, she was holding a little bottle of milk…)
Winry: Drink it. You are going to feel better

Ed: You know that I don’t like milk, Winry

Winry: Don’t care! The doctor said that you need it for your bones!

Ed: I will not drink that. It’s disgusting. It’s like drink vomit

Winry: Drink it!

Ed: No! I prefer medicines than that thing! I will not die if I don’t drink it!!

Winry: (Approaches more to Ed’s bed) Ghaaaa drink it for once in your whole life!!! It won’t be hurt you!!

Ed: I don’t want to drink it!! And I will not drink it!!! You can’t force me to drink it!!!!

Winry: Yes I can!!

Ed: No you can’t!!

Winry: Then…. (Downs her look a little and whispers) You will be more than a dwarf….You will have a bean size…. (Approaches more and more) In addition, you will be a little mini sized microbe….

Ed: What???!!! Whom are you calling----

Winry: Got you! (Lays behind Ed’s bed, tacks his automail and “inserts” the little bottle on Ed’s mouth) Drink it! Drink it! Drink it!

Ed: W..W…mmmm…. (Swallowing the milk) ……..mmmmmmmm!!!!!!

Al: …… Emh……(Drop) 0_0U ….Winry…..*thinking* She has her own techniques to do anything……

Winry: Ahh ready at last… (Withdraws the bottle of Ed’s mouth and looses his automail) See? It wasn’t so bad!

Ed: I think I’m gonna be sick (trembles and he has a blue face)

Winry: Don’t be fool, you like it….Don’t refuse it! (Stops Ed before he jump out of the bed to the bathroom…to…emh…..vomit….)

Ed: Ghaaaaa!!!!! I hate you!!! T^T

Winry: Oh come on, don’t act like a baby…… Milk it’s good, it helps you to recover energy and also helps your bones…to grow up!

Ed: ¬¬ … Ghaaaaaa!!!!!!! T^T

Al: Hehehe n_ñU
(After that….They talk about another things, then, Ed asked Al how he did it?, to save his life without die?; Al only answered that he read once in an old book that exits a way to create a little shield around others, but from the inside; he concentrated, and created it before all the place collapse. Ed only thanked Al for saved his life.
Ed recovered faster, the doctor said him that he could withdraw the thorax’s bandage, but Ed, for a strange reason, don’t wanted to withdraw it, he told to the doctor that that hurt still aching, obviously they don’t believe him.
The doctor said that Ed could gone out now that he was totally recovered, also gave Winry more milk, because she was the only one that forced Edward to drink it.
While, Ed was worried, he became more careful when they entered to his room, he was always watching his “hurt” of the thorax that was under a bandage, and he covered quickly. “Brother…..Are you ok?”-Asked Alphonse. “Yeah, don’t worry”-Answered Ed. “…..Brother….Something is wrong? You know you can tell me…” “…..Don’t worry Al!! I’m going to be alright ok?.....Now….Wait me outside, I need to change my clothes”. “And then…..We will go home right?” “…..Umh….Yeah…sure…” (Al closed the door smiling and sat next to Winry, and then they started to talk about the Ed’s strange behavior last days. While, Ed changed faster his clothes, when he finished, he felt another stitch on his thorax. “Ghh…..I need to do it….Now that I have time…..” Suddenly, Al feels something weird. “Winry!! Something is happening on Ed’s room!” When he opened the door, he saw Ed in the ledge of the window…He was about to jump out of it!! “Brother!!! Don’t!!”-Screamed Al. He only saw a sad look in Ed’s eyes before he jump out. When Ed attains to the ground, he shrinks a little, touching his thorax, and then he looked behind, got up and started to run. “Brother!!!!” –He ran to the window but when he almost jump out Winry entered to the room (She saw all) “Al! Don’t do it!!”. “No! I will not leave my brother!....Not this time!”-Then he jumped out of the window. Al is running behind his brother when, suddenly, Ed turns left into an alley, Al follows him but Ed stops, turn around and clap his hands. “I’m sorry Al. Please forgive me”. Then, a wall appears between them, Al tries to shun it but suddenly, a hand appears from the ground too and pushes Al. “No, Ed. You will not escape”. Al climbs a ladder that was on the wall and runs over the roof of the houses and jumping them pursuing Ed. Then, Ed turns around and sees Al jumping of a roof to fall over him; they tussles till Al got over Ed and tacking his wrists)
Ed: Get off me! Let go!! (Tussling)

Al: No brother!! Why are you doing this?!

Ed: I have to!!! Get off!!!! (Tussles)

Al: Why??!! Why brother?!

Ed: (Stops tussling) …For…..protect you…

Al: Huh?

Ed: You hear me!!.....For protect you….And Winry….Izumi…..Everyone…….

Al: Of what?!

Ed: … (Turns head with the special tears) I can’t tell you

Al: Brother!!......Why?.....You can’t hide me more secrets!..... Something happened in that basement…..And it’s affecting to you… If you run away you wont resolve anything…..What do you have that you won’t let the people see it?.....Why you always hide?..........I can help you….But first I need to know……Please brother…….

Ed: (Downs his look) …

Al: … Brother!! Please!!! I’m worried about you!! Tell me what is happening to you!!!!...…… (Looks at Ed with the special tears….But still no answer)……Please!!!!!!

Ed: … (Lifts his look) Al…I’m doing this…for protect all of you… From myself…

Al: I-I don’t understand

Ed: (Turns head and looks at him) Get off me and I will show you……I will not run away…..I promise (Al withdraws of Ed, he incorporates, lifts a little his shirt and starts to withdraw, carefully the bandage of the thorax; when he finished, Al couldn’t articulate a word)

Al: Th-That….That is… (You can see all the area around the hurt red, and in the center, The Ouroburus seal incomplete…)

Ed: Yes Al…. (Looks at Al with a sad look in his eyes) When this seal got complete…..I will be…..One of them…

Al: No……Brother….No….It can’t be….. (Kneels and puts his hands on the ground) Please tell me that I’m dreaming…It can’t be true…No brother… (You can hear a thunder) Please tell me that it’s just a dream…No….no…..Ghhh… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (A drop falls to the ground, then another falls, next to it… Suddenly lots of drops falls to the ground and you can hear the thunders while Ed, with the special tears is looking the sky and Al…..Is crying…)
(Winry is at Elric brothers home, waiting and watching the rain through the window. When she was going to go out for search them, she saw a couple of silhouettes. “Ed! Al!”-she exclaimed. She took two blankets and an umbrella, went out for receive them and immediately went to the kitchen to prepare a hot tea while Ed and Al were changing their wet clothes. She waited them in the living room with the teas; they sat in different seats. Winry tried to talk with them, especially with Ed but the only answer that she got was a sepulchral silence and anxious looks between the brothers. They drank their teas slowly. It was as the tea was the only thing that could give them warmth. “What’s going on guys?”-She asked. Nobody answered. Later she, exhausted went to sleep and left the brothers alone.
“Al, don’t talk about this with Winry ok? With nobody!” “Okay….”
Next day, Winry went again with the same person that was having problems with a machine and left again the brothers. They stayed in their house all the day, reading many books about the homunculus; they didn’t found anything important…...Till Ed saw it…He already imagined that, but he couldn’t tell Al the bad new. Al was looking him because he stopped reading and also he stayed with a lost look, he doesn’t have any choice…)
Ed: Al…

Al: What’s wrong Ed? Did you found something?

Ed: …...Yes…

Al: Really??!! What says?

Ed: You’re not going to like it Al…

Al: Just tell me

Ed: I thought about that before…But….this is the only choice that we have…
Al….The only way to stop the transformation………… (Stops)

Al: Brother?

Ed: (Special tears) the only way to stop this madness…………. Is killing me before the transformation gets complete…

Al: !!!!! (Special tears) No…It have to be another way...Maybe if we—

Ed: Forget it Al!! There is no way to! If I don’t kill myself, I will be like them and then…..Maybe…..I will hurt you… Alternatively, kill you…..And not only you… I have to stop it!

Al: No brother! You can’t do it!! (Suddenly Ed grabs Al’s shirt)

Ed: Brother, I’m begin you! Please when that moment will come, you must kill me! Please Al! I will not be able to do it myself in that moment….Promise me that you will kill me before the transformation get complete! Promise me!!

Al: …

Ed: … Ghaaa! (Looses Al, falls to the floor and shrinks) Ghh…

Al: Brother!! What’s wrong?!

Ed: …..Stitches…..On….my…thorax…Ghhh… (Al slants to Ed and raises his shirt: The Ouroburus seal was “palpitating” and getting redden)

Al: Oh no…..Brother please resist! I’m with you!

Ed: Ghhh…...*pant* *pant* *pant* *pant* Al….Please…..make it stop!!!!!!! (Spreads, all his body was trembling and his eyes were starting to change for empty ones while he was panting) Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!! (The memories of the last chapter start to pass quickly on his eyes)

Al: Brother!!! Please!!! You must resist!!! (Tacks his shoulders)

Ed: … (Stops of trembling and breathing, but suddenly he breaths again and closes his eyes. He is panting and perspiring a cold sweat, shrinks) Al…*pant* *pant* where…*pant* *pant* where are you?

Al: I’m here, Ed! Right by your side, here, hold on (Lifts Ed and helps him to walk to their dormitory, upstairs; he lay down Ed and goes for a wet toilet. He put it on Ed’s forehead and stayed with him until he slept. Next day, Winry asked for Ed before she went to repair another machine, but Al only told her that Ed was with fever, but not important, he achieved evade her….For a while. Ed was still “sleeping”, but Al knew that Ed was pretending to sleep; when Winry went out, Ed “woke up” and down the stairs; Al was still searching another way to find the cure for the transformation. Ed called to work and told Mustang that he had fever and he couldn’t go to work, obviously, he don’t believe him and only told him that he will go to his house for know what’s going on. Al stayed in the living room searching and searching. While, Ed stayed at the window, looking how the day was passing, suddenly, a bird stopped in the ledge of the window. “Why I can’t fly like you? Deliver myself from all this pain…..Not only “outside”…Inside of me….It choax me…..Why? Why I can’t be like you?”-Told Ed to the bird. He looked it until the bird undertook his fly.
Later Mustang arrived to their house. He tried to force Ed to tell the truth, but he didn’t make it. Only…)
Roy: Fullmetal, why you can’t tell me the reason of your laziness for go to work?

Ed: That isn’t laziness! Its…Another thing…

Roy: ……I see that I can’t force you anymore to tell me the truth…..Ok, Fullmetal, you won this time…..But now……

Ed: Yeah, I know… I can’t have “fever” forever…..What should I do?

Roy: Maybe…..I could help you….

Ed: Really?? How?

Roy: I’m general, Fullmetal! Don’t you think that I have enough power for cover you when I wish?

Ed: You will do that for me??? Ohh thank you!!! Thank you!!!

Roy: Hold it right there. I could help you…..But….It will have a little cost…

Ed: Oh no… sleep.gifU Now what?

Roy: Heh…. (Smiles) Paperwork…..for two weeks…Deal?

Ed: “thinking: Damn it! Well I guess I have no choice” Deal! (Tightens Roy’s hand) Only two weeks ok?

Roy: Ok (Then Roy, went. The Elric brothers stayed in the living room)

Al: Something’s wrong brother?

Ed: Actually….Yes, Al (Rises his shirt and shows Al the seal) Look, yesterday, when I…You know… This seal turn red, and when I checked it this morning, I discovered that the seal closed a little. (The Ouroburus seal was divided for the half, one side was more and more near from the other, it will gone in that way until the seal get complete)

Al: This is not good…We need to find the cure before…..Before…….……

Ed: I already told you Al! You have to kill me…

Al: Also, I told you before Ed! I will not do it.
(Three days passed, they were at their house, when the telephones rang. Al answered, first put a happy smile, then he changed it for a worried face and finally he put a scared face; he finished the chat. “Everything ok Al?” –Asked Ed. “Not at all… Teacher will come”. “When??!!”. “Today….In a few minutes”. “Ohh sh*t!! What should we do?! She is the main person that can’t see me in this conditions!! Damn it!!! I hate this!!!”. “Calm down brother! Just don’t show her your thorax….And cover it!”. “You don’t understand Al……If I suffer another “attack”.……. And I can’t avoid that!”. “Oh no….You are alright! Well…..There’s nothing we can do…..Only hope that you don’t have another attack in front of her!”. A few minutes later, Izumi arrived and they received her but a little nervous. “What’s wrong with you two?”-She asked. “Nothing! Hehehe n_ñUUU Just…..We….are…Happy” –Answered Ed. “Happy that you came!”- Continued Al. “Yeah….sure…..So…I can enter or not?” “Oh yes! Of course!!”-Answered the brothers letting her pass. Izumi sat on an armchair…..Al went quickly to the kitchen for prepare some tea while Ed sat on another armchair, nervous. She asked him if it was all alright, Ed said “yes”; she spoke of another things like how was his ankle an another things (They didn’t tell her that Ed was kidnapped by her own teacher and her homunculus). Ed made a few questions to her too, especially about her health; Al came back with three teas, and they drink it slowly. When they finished, Ed collected the dishes and cups, and take them to the kitchen. Izumi noticed that the boys were acting weird….Nervous about something…..She spoke directly: “What’s wrong with you two? You have something to tell and can’t say it to me right?” As an answer, they didn’t said anything. She went to Al and asked the same….But still not answer…Then she went to Ed and asked…None answers…..Only a creepy silence. Izumi, completely annoyed, went to the door. Suddenly, Ed grabs his thorax and starts to pant. “No…..Not now! I have to resist!!”-he thought but it was too late: He will suffer another attack…..He falls to the floor, shrinks and again…..panting with a cold sweat. “Ed!! What’s happening?? Are you sick??!!”-Izumi asked. She tried to raise Ed’s shirt because he was touching his thorax. He didn’t let her…..Till he spreads, with his entire body trembling. Izumi withdraws the bandage and saw it: The Ouroburus seal was palpitating again and those memories were passing through his eyes…..His empty eyes… When the attack stopped, he was panting and looked Al and teacher bowed at him with a worried look. “….Teacher… I’m…..sorry”-said Ed before he fainted.
Ed was awake, but he don’t wanted to open the eyes…..Because he was listening a little discussion between his teacher and Al; when he thought that was enough….He opened them. “Al?.....Teacher?”-Asked. They turned around. Al was stand up and Izumi sitting on a chair next to his bed. “Al…..Give me a minute with your brother…..I think we need to talk…..”- She said. “But….” “Alphonse!! Get out and don’t listen behind the door!!!” Al run a little scared to the door and closed it slowly. Ed only has a little drop on his head)
Izumi: Then….Edward Elric? You have to give me explications about that seal…

Ed: I…..I….. (Tries to arise himself)

Izumi: Don’t! (Stops him) Lay down ok? You’re weak right now, you need to stay in the bed for a while.

Ed: But….

Izumi: Lay down!!!!!!

Ed: Yes mistress!!! (drop)

Izumi: Ok… What happened last 6 days?

Ed: I… We…..Umh…We went to the national library because we discover information about the stone and we needed to complete it…..We found it but…Suddenly “they” appeared…

Izumi: Who are “they”?

Ed: The…Homunculus…

Izumi: Then? What they wanted?

Ed: Myself…

Izumi: Explain that

Ed: They…..came for me…..Al and I fought… But they used Al as a bait….They warn me that they will kill him if I refuse to go with them… I…. accepted…But suddenly Envy hit me in the head and I fainted…

Izumi: So….They kidnapped you… Well…..Then…What wanted Dante of you? (Ed looks her with curiosity) Yes Ed….I know all that part…..Your brother told me… Then he rescued you…..But first…..I need to know what happened on that basement…

Ed: … (Remembers and then he trembles)….Dante…wanted my true powers…

Izumi: Your true powers?

Ed: Yes….She told me that a little piece of the gate its inside of us, but when we grow up we forget those memories; I didn’t forget them because I passed through the gate twice……So, I can easily create a stone…..She invited me to create one…..When I refused she told me that she will transform me into a homunculus….. (Izumi assents) She… (Remembers the memories) She… (Trembles) She took my memories……She forced me to revive them…..So she could create a homunculus inside of me……I destroy all her little laboratory…….Envy grabbed mi neck and injected me the reaction right here (touches his thorax) And that’s why I suffer those attacks……..So…..when this seal will finish of complete…….I will become one of them……… She told me that she would create a homunculus inside of me, because she has the bad moments of my life….
We searched the cure for it…...But I… (Suddenly he feels something, like a shadow watching him, but when he turned the head….There wasn’t anybody)

Izumi: You already know the cure right?

Ed: Yes….The only cure for stop the transformation… Its killing me (Silence)

Izumi: Could be another form to stop the transformation?

Ed: Don’t start with that you too… Al says the same

Izumi: Because we are worried about you! Can’t you see it? We don’t want that you become a homunculus….Neither kill you…. (Suddenly, Ed arises, very angry)

Ed: It’s the only way!! Why you are so silly?? Doesn’t exist another cure! If I’m going to transform into a homunculus, the only way to stop it is killing me!!

Izumi: Idiot… You are closing all the possible exits!! You don’t want to search more because you are afraid of don’t find another way!! (Silence…..Ed has his look down and Izumi looks at him…Suddenly, she touches Ed’s shoulders) But……Its ok to have fear…..Because you are still a child, even when you are at the military, you have passed for much pain and troubles…..So…you don’t want to search more, because you have fear to find something sad or horrible….. Nevertheless, you need to search! Arise yourself, go ahead, and try! Think about your brother and your friends! Think about the precious gift of life that you are throwing to trash! We are supplicating to you! Don’t surrender now and try to defeat the fear that choax you!! (Ed stays in silence for a moment)

Ed: But…..If I—

Izumi: Don’t think that!! Come on, you are strong, so…..Get up…..I think that doesn’t hurt now right? (She helps Ed to get up of the bed, Al was sitting on a chair, next to the door, he stands up looking at Ed and Izumi, and she told Al the good new. Later, Izumi went. Winry arrived, but she told them that the next day she would return to Rizembul.
Next day, they went with Winry to the station to say her farewell. She looked at Ed while the train was living the station, worried.
Izumi stayed with them and helped them to search information; she helped Ed to recover his strength because he was having nightmares about his memories, especially about his mother, father and brother; when he wake up, he was perspiring….Twice, he vomited.
Ed didn’t know how to thank her for all the help, she only smile and controlled her temperament with the two brothers
One day that she went to the library for search an old book and to the drugstore for her medicines, Ed talked with Al about his powers; all that Dante told him. Al got surprised….But for the other side he was thinking about something, he speaks with Ed….)
Al: Ed… I think that that is true…

Ed: Huh? What do you mean with that?

Al: I mean… One year ago… When we went of City Central for search some Ishbalans… You saw something when we talked about Hughes… Exactly….What did you saw?

Ed: ….I can’t remember very well…It was fast….. I think I saw….Hughes saying good bye… He was… A little blurry, but happy… He was saying “farewell”.

Al: And you saw him the same day when…They killed him… So….We can say that…..You saw his soul…..A ghost!!

Ed: That doesn’t proof anything!!

Al: Also! Once that we stayed on a town, we met a couple of lovers that died….Happy…..Because we helped them…. You also saw something! What did you saw?

Ed: I….saw them….They were saying good-bye to us...When the train was leaving the town… But…A couple of persons passed and then, I only saw another lovers saying good bye to their family….I confused them!!

Al: Maybe…..But you saw them!!....Ed! You can see ghosts!!!

Ed: Don’t f*ck me with that!! (Drop) That can’t be true… Because if I can see the ghosts… I could see mom and dad…But I can’t…

Al: Well…..You can only see the souls of the people before they go to heaven…
That proofs that you have the powers of the gate inside your veins

Ed: It can’t be!! I can’t have the “powers of the gate” inside of me! That is ridiculous!
How can a human…..I can’t be the “chosen one” like the people says!! (Silence for a couple of minutes. Suddenly Ed grab’s his thorax) Damn it!! Not again!! Agg….. (Kneels and falls, he starts to perspire a cold sweat, he spreads with the “empty eyes” and the memories passing though them. When he back to normality, he saw Al that was looking at him, worried. Al helped him to get up lending to him his shoulder)
Al: Are you okay, brother?

Ed: Yeah…..It hurts less every time….But…. (Stops and lifts his shirt, the Ouroburus seal was a little closer and was red) I knew it…..This is bad… (Ed and Al looked at each other and then, Al continued walking to a chair for his brother, but suddenly, someone knocked the door very louder…)
Al: What..??!! (Looses Ed)

Ed: Whoa whoa!! (Falls) *BAM*

Al: Oh! I’m sorry brother!! Are you ok??

Ed: Yes…. (A little angry and lay down over a pile of books) I only have a headache…

Al: n_ñUU So sorry!! (Helps Ed to get up and sits him on a chair. Someone knocked the door again, desperately. Then, he opened the door and…..The flame alchemist entered to their house….He went direct to Ed and grabs his shoulders)

Roy: Why?? Why you didn’t told me before??!! (Moves him brusquely)

Ed: Told you what? (His voice was calmness even when Roy moved him brusquely)

Roy: You know what!! (Looks at him, but Ed has his look down)

Ed: …..How…?

Roy: Havoc told me everything…… He was listening through the window when you explain it to your teacher….

Ed: “That explains the shadow that I thought see before…” Well…..And what are you going to do for help me? (Sarcasm)

Roy: I’m not going to help you! How can I explain now that the Fullmetal Alchemist is going to become a homunculus?! (Sarcasm; Al with a drop)

Ed: (Angry sigh) Maybe as a homunculus the Fullmetal Alchemist could work better don’t you think?

Roy: ¬¬ Whatever……. (Ed and Roy discussed for a while. Al sat on a chair and listened them. Then, Izumi arrived; she was holding an old book, her medicine and a strange flask with a black and sticky content. All stayed looking at each other for a couple of minutes, until Alphonse broke the silence. She stayed looking at Ed, then she left the book and her medicine on a table, she opened the flask saying that it was like salve for his unease, referring to his vomits and for the seal. At the beginning, Ed refused to “eat-apply” it but she forced him with a simple: “You will eat that or you will suffer the consequences” cracking her fingers. Later, Roy went, a little angry. Izumi scolded Ed for tell the truth to another person, Al coincided with his teacher; this thing galled Ed because he wasn’t the guilty one about that, angry went out for receive a little of air, as nobody stopped him, he went for a walk. Edward walked for the empty streets while it was starting to rain, he arrived to a lonely park, completely sodden, he refuge and encumbered on a tree….You can’t know if on Ed’s face (You can’t see his eyes) is a drop of rain….Or a tear….. While….Someone was watching him, aloft of the tree were shining a couple of violet eyes…..In the shadows…A white evil smile glowed. “Why me?” –He thought- “Why me? .....Can you answer that? ….Dad? I’m suffering and the only thing that I wish now is that you were somehow here again… Giving me the strength to go own…. I’m feeling alone now….
Please… Help me!!” He saw that it stopped raining and he started to walk for home, but suddenly he felt something and turned around; he didn’t saw anything, so he look at the top of the tree, He outstare it for a while. Finally, he turned behind and went to home. The couple of violet eyes shined again and someone whispered, “Soon, pipsqueak… You will join to us…. Maybe….Its time for make you a visit”. Ed returned home, when he was almost arriving, he founded Al with an umbrella on a corner. “I’m sorry…. Brother…” –Said Al. Ed only smiled, approached to him, stroked his head and went together the rest of the way to home. Next day Ed has a cold, Izumi scolded him again, later she sighed and put over the table the old book saying that she achieved found it with a “special” permission. Then, the three were sitting around the table looking the book and watching all the pictures, the two brothers listened to all their teacher’s explications and talked about Ed’s attacks, dreams and “visions of souls”. For Ed’s happiness, the next day, he didn’t suffered another attack and also he recovered of his cold; but at the same time, he worried about it. Ed and Al decided to tell Winry about it, with the permission of Izumi, obviously. When they called her, she got surprised and curious; he told them that she would return to their house. Four days later, Winry arrived and scolded Ed….That was pissed off, of all the scolds. Ed was more worried than ever! Because he suffered, attacks, but less painfulness (Only… An acute pain, like stitches on the thorax) last days and the seal was closer. They explained to Winry all. She got surprised again and angry; one more time, she scolded Ed and Al for not tell her anything before, because they made her worry. In Elric’s house, six persons talked about the seal, with the old book opened: Ed, Al, Winry, Izumi, Riza and Roy. While, someone in a dark place talks with two more persons...Persons? Or maybe…)
“How he has acted last days?

“He has suffered weird attacks and the seal it’s almost complete…Actually…. These 6 days he suffered attacks, but less painfulness”

“I see... Well, I think its time to visit him…. Nevertheless, this time only you, Envy, will go… Gluttony, you will wait here with me.”

Envy: Yes, master

“Before… Here, take this...”

Envy: Huh? What should I do with these…Things…?

“You know what, Envy…We need to accelerate the transformation.”

Envy: …..I understand….

“Go then…. However, do not kill anyone…Only bring him to me…. And don’t challenge my orders again.”
(Back then, in Elric’s house, Izumi, stood up of her chair and told all the people that she will return to the hotel were she was, she took her jacket and added: “I will return tomorrow, Al, take care of your brother”. Then she opened the door and left the house. Later, Roy and Riza went because they have to return to “general’s work”. Winry went upstairs to accommodate her things. Only Ed and Al stayed on the living room talking, without knowing what will happen a few minutes later…)
Ed: Al….You think that?

Al: What?

Ed: My seal…. My visions of souls sleep.gif … Everything…You think that exist another cure? That I will not become in one of them…

Al: Of course brother!! I have faith on it! You should have it too…. You know that I will not kill you…. I cannot do something so horrible… Also… I made a promise… That I will recover your right arm…. Just like, you did it with my body…

Ed: Al…. (Turns head and watch through the window a bird that is looking at him. Silence)

Al: Think it brother… We really can do it! I will not surrender so easily!!

Ed: (Turns head and looks Al) Thanks Al…. However, you need to understand something: If we can’t find the cure in time… You have to do it… But you need to be convict that we tried it before….

Al: I can´t do it brother! Even convicted that we tried it….I can’t do it… Then… How my soul could rest in peace knowing that I killed my own brother? I will live a nightmare life and that thought will follow me until I die… How can I support that?

Ed: …. Then…. I don’t know how…But I will need to do it myself if we didn’t found the cure in time….

Al: We will found it! I know we will!!

Ed: (Looking at the bird) “Brother…. You have a strong faith….And that it’s something that I could never have… You always have it since we were little kids…. And me…. *FLASHBACKS* I’m useless for those things….”

Al: Brother…. You know that I don’t want to lose you… So I will do my best for find the cure…and recover your arm…So we could be happy forever! happy.gif

Ed: …. (Suddenly he feels something) !!! (Stand up of the armchair and looks around)

Al: What’s wrong Ed? (Stand up of the armchair too) Do you feel something again?

Ed: Yes…And it’s closer… (Looks at the stairs, waiting if Winry returns or not, then he walks near of the door and stays at it very careful. Silence) Al… Is here…

Al: Who? You mean….

Ed: … I will go out… I don’t want to put you two in danger… He is here for me… (Opens the door) Don’t follow me

Al: Brother—

Ed: Don’t follow me!! (He goes out and closes the door behind him; in silence, he walks and stops near of a tree. Its nightfall but, on the street there are no lights. Suddenly, a couple of violet eyes shine in the shadows, behind the tree. Ed feels the same and turns around, the violet eyes disappear. “I know you are here!”–Shouts Ed at the air- “Come on… Go out… If you came for me, you must be hiding somewhere… Are you mute? Can’t answer me?!”. At the beginning, it was only silence. Suddenly, Ed hears a weak laugh behind him. Ed turns around and sees Envy with his hand on his hip smiling mischievously. He laughs at Ed for his false hopes and courage. Al is looking all through the window; Winry returns and Al warn her that she will need to be quiet; he explained Winry all quickly. “Call Izumi please and the general too”-Said Al to Winry. She went upstairs in silence but quickly for call them. Ed was looking not only Envy…. He was looking Alphonse, watching him every moment. Envy, told to Ed: He was there for him, and “she” wanted to see the seal for the new homunculus and that he needed to come with him for the goodwill. Obviously, Ed refused it and challenged Envy. He laughed at him, suddenly Envy hits the ground with his fist, Ed recedes but the fissure that opened with the hit goes faster, he stumbles and falls. As the tree was near of the fissure, Ed’s foot got stuck on a root. He tries to deliver himself while Envy is approaching more to him. Al couldn’t stop it, he ran to the door and shouted: “Brother!!!” He claps his hands and another fissure appeared from the ground that made Envy stumble too. He went quickly to deliver his brother. “Idiot! What do you think you are doing? Run away now that you have time!”- Said Ed, but Al insists: “I will not leave you alone… Then who will cover you?” Suddenly something makes Al stumble and Ed falls far from him: Envy made one more fissure that makes a cross between the two first ones, Al falls in the center, gotten stuck while Ed is dizzy because the explosion of the “crossing” throw him far and made him dumb. Envy laughs and approaches to Ed. Al tries to deliver himself but in vain. Ed, still dizzy, stands up and recedes, he looks worried Al and suddenly, he runs to the street, away of his house. “Ahh I see… You want to protect them right? Well then… Let’s play your game shorty”- Thought Envy and starts to run behind him.
Ed is running, passing many streets, crossing the park… He runs without a way. He is only escaping from Envy and protecting Winry and Al at the same time. Envy is closer, Ed worry; turn left on a corner still running then he brusquely turns right; he finished on an impasse. “Damn it!” he tries to return but its too late, Envy is a few meters in front of him and smiling mischievously. While, Winry found Alphonse stuck on the roots; she free him and tells him that Izumi and Roy are coming. Alphonse don’t listen her, he is thinking where his brother is now. Suddenly he starts to run, following the same way that Ed and Envy took ignoring the shouts of Winry “Al! Don’t go! Alphonse!! Come back! It’s too dangerous!” She stays in the garden, that it’s in a really mess looking worry the way where Alphonse went; because she need to stay for explain the others what happened there. Now, returning to the impasse…)
Envy: Your rout stops here, shorty.

Ed: (A little pissed off) I wasn’t fleeing of you!!

Envy: Yeah of course not… How could you escape when you know that this would happen soon? How can know if your transformation gets complete? Do you really think that exist a cure for this except…? Well you know what don’t ya? What a joke! Poor stupid boy… You were…protecting them right?

Ed: !! “He knows…”

Envy: Heh…..Don’t worry, they are out of my business… You know that I came for you. (While, Alphonse is running for the streets. Turns right, nothing. Turns left, dessert street. Go ahead but it’s only in darkness. He stops perspiring and breathing. “Brother… Where… Where are you?” Al closes his eyes for a moment, focusing… Feeling again… Suddenly he hears an explosion a few blocks of his site.
In another site, Ed bumps his back with the wall for dodge Envy’s attack)
Ed: Damn it!! (throws to the floor and rolls)

Envy: Hahaha… You’re still slow (Ed tries to create a spear from the wall but Envy is faster than him, he hits the floor again and creates a fissure where Ed gets stuck again) You can’t beat me that easily

Ed: “Damn it” Ghh (Tussles. Envy approaches very slowly. Suddenly a shout broke the silence)

???: Brother!!! (Envy turns around and sees Al. he claps his hands and a few beaks appear from the ground, then, those beaks “go” to Envy, He dodged them but a cloud of dust appears too, so he can’t see very well. Al runs completely blind to his brother; he stumbles with him. Then he releases Ed.)
Ed: You idiot! Go away!! He came for me not for you!! You’re safe with Winry!! Why did you came??

Al: For the same reason! I can’t let you in her hands again! Stupid brother! Come on let’s moving!!

Ed: Yeah? Well, then could you tell me which way? (Points the wall of the alley) Envy is blocking the only exit you fool! (Suddenly, the cloud of dust disappears and you can see Envy with his evil smile)

Envy: Ahh brotherly love again… Heh… Fools…

Ed: Al… You still have chance to escape…

Al: I told you brother… I will not leave you… We will fight against him (He walks a step and puts a posse of attack. Ed walks one step too, looks Al, smiles him and puts the same posse)

Envy: Heh… Alright… I’m going to have fun with you two for a while… (Evil smile. The scene is frozen)

TO BE CONTINUED (Wait for the chapter five)
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why did you give AL all the sapy parts (even though he is like that) will any way your story is alsome(as i expected) keep up the good work !!


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QUOTE(boton soul alchemist @ Feb 9 2007, 05:22 PM) [snapback]503029[/snapback]
why did you give AL all the sapy parts (even though he is like that) will any way your story is alsome(as i expected) keep up the good work !!

He is always that way n_ñ
BTW.... For his own attitude, he will be.... Oh!! Shut up Emily you´re going to ruin it!! :/
Thanks for the comment!!
You are the first one that posted something in days T_T


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you can tell me .no what don't i want to fure it out my slef.


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QUOTE(boton soul alchemist @ Feb 25 2007, 11:21 AM) [snapback]509312[/snapback]
you can tell me .no what don't i want to fure it out my slef.

What? huh.gif
Sorry..... I didn´t understand you very well XD


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sorry sorry stupid stupid i left the ig off of figure.my sister was bothering me when i wrote it. and what is so pose to be want . i told some one this before so now i'm telling you i'm computer iliterate and that inclues typing with little mistakes here and there.(i'm hopeless out spell check)now that should answer your questions.write me soon ok XD


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QUOTE(boton soul alchemist @ Feb 26 2007, 09:25 PM) [snapback]510040[/snapback]
sorry sorry stupid stupid i left the ig off of figure.my sister was bothering me when i wrote it. and what is so pose to be want . i told some one this before so now i'm telling you i'm computer iliterate and that inclues typing with little mistakes here and there.(i'm hopeless out spell check)now that should answer your questions.write me soon ok XD

Hehehe ok XD
I´ll write you soon then n_ñ


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This is so good! Please continue! biggrin.gif

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QUOTE(Star Alchemist @ Mar 21 2007, 03:43 PM) [snapback]520458[/snapback]
This is so good! Please continue! biggrin.gif

Ok happy.gif
At last someone commented sleep.gif


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Uff..... So sorry for the loooooooong wait
But here is n_ñ

You know, and if not, First chapter: “Particles”; second chapter: “Memories”; third chapter: “Fullmetal, kidnapped”; fourth chapter: “The Ouroburus seal”. Thanks again for your advices happy.gif Please rate it and comments or advices. You know too… My grammar sucks a little XD
I will continue with the script-paragraph form It’s easier than only script or only paragraphs U.U
By the way… I think that you understood it so… When I put this “” it’s that the character is thinking something ok? If I don’t put a note next to “” the character is thinking happy.gif

“A strong heart”

(Winry looks worried though the window waiting… She called Izumi, and the militaries and explained them all… Now she was waiting… Only waiting for them…
In that moment, Izumi appears on the garden, she is looking worried that scene, Winry puts a weak smile and goes out, Izumi looks Winry. “She must know something,” she thought. Goes to the entrance of the house where Winry waits.
While… Envy is looking the two Elric brothers, smiling. “It’s true… He has… those eyes… Eyes with such a burning flame… You don’t know who is the real him, Dante… I saw once those eyes… Long time ago… It was blurry… It was a fog around the place… And those scared eyes looked at me…” He thought.)
Ed: Why you put me in this transformation!?
Envy: Heh… It’s simple… Your powers must be in my master’s side
Ed: Why!!?? (Angry. Special tears)
Envy: …. You are scared… Don’t you?
Ed: !!! What?
Envy: You have fear who you are becoming… You don’t want to transform in one of us… You think that you cannot be a slave of my master… It’s that… Right?
Ed: Ghh….
Al: Brother… Come on I know you are strong… You can’t just… Leave it all without try it again! You can’t!
Ed: ….. Al….
Envy: But you can’t do anything about it! Stop acting like a foolish boy that thinks that exits a cure ´cause it is not true…
Ed: (Downs his look) you are wrong…
Envy: Huh?
Ed: Maybe the cure doesn’t exist… However… That doesn’t mean that all it’s lost (Transmutes a piece of wall into a knife)
Envy: That won’t work on me
Ed: Heh… (Lifts his look with a smile on his face) I wasn’t thinking in use it on you… (Lifts the knife pointing to his chest)
Envy: What are you…??!!
Ed: If I die… The plan of your master will ruin, right? I’m useless dead…
Al: Brother don’t!!
Ed: Go away Al! You can’t stay here anymore… Now… (Moves the knife and in the right moment, Al moves his arm and hits Ed’s arm, loosing the knife) Idiot! What have you done??!!
Al: You are the idiot! How can you think on such a horrible thing?! Leave me here… Alone… I won’t let you!
Ed: Shut up!
Envy: You… (Suddenly… Envy moves and attacks Ed; Al helps him. A fight with the three characters. Envy hits Al. He falls and Envy approaches to him with a sadism smile)
Al: !!!!
Ed: Al!! (Special tears. He picks up the knife and transmutes it making it bigger. He puts a courage eyes and runs to Envy. Suddenly.) Ugh... (He looses the knife and grabs his thorax) Damn it! Not now… Ghh… (“Now!” Envy thought. He runs to Ed and immobilize him in the wall grabbing his neck)
Envy: You have to face it… You will become a homunculus… And there’s nothing you can do to stop it… It hurts right? Don’t worry (Looks like he is searching something on his pocket) I will reduce it with… this… (Takes out a little red stone)
Ed: !!! (Tussles) Ghh…
Envy: Stop putting those eyes! You don’t have fear right? Who cares…? With this, the transformation will get complete… (The purple eyes shine and Envy approaches more that stone to his thorax until this one gets engrossed… Slowly)
Ed: Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!! (Close his eyes)
Al: Brother!!!!
Envy: Hahahaha (A crimson glow surrounds that stone and Ed’s thorax, better… His ouroburus seal)
Ed: Ahhhhhhh!!!! (The crimson glow intensifies, the seal “moves” and the two halves approaches. Ed continues screaming of pain. Envy looks at him with an evil smile. Al can’t do anything ´cause if he tries to do something Envy will kill his brother. While, Roy and his companions arrived where Winry and Izumi are, they observed a couple of explosions a few streets ahead. All run to that place)
Ed: Ahhhhh!!!! (The stone finishes of engross into Ed’s seal. Suddenly, he opens his eyes and they turn into those empty eyes. Envy looses his neck. Ed “faints” and Envy hold him with his left arm)
Envy: Heh… That’s it…
Al: Brother!! What have you done to him?!
Envy: Don´t worry… I only accelerated the transformation… He is conscious about what its happening… Nevertheless, he can’t move (You can see Ed “hanging” with his empty eyes, he is breathing slowly holding of Envy’s arm) Let’s see that seal now… (He raises Ed’s shirt and you can see that the ouroburos seal its seemingly complete and close. Al sees it with the special tears) Oh, it looks good… Now for the business, (He carries Ed, his head it’s bowed behind, still with the empty eyes)
Al: Don’t!! (Claps his hands)
Envy: Alphonse… Don’t do it… (A different voice, mom’s voice, he transforms into Sloth and looks Al) Please, he will be fine with us… Also (He approaches Ed’s head to his chest) you don’t want to see him dead right? I know you love your big brother so… Let him go… (Al stays in silence for a few moments and then he separate his hands slowly) Good child… You make a right decision (Transforms into his normal form) See ya little brother! (Al, repented tries to run behind them… Envy jumps to a roof and disappears behind it.)
Al: Brother!!! (He falls kneeling and closes angry his hands. Roy, Winry, Izumi and the others arrive and look all the mess, worried)
Winry: Al!! (Runs to him, and tackles his shoulders)
Roy: What happened here!? (Looks around)
Riza: Sir! Come over here! (Roy goes were Riza is. She is pointing to the wall where a crimson liquid is. Roy looks at it carefully and finally, he understands. He goes with Al, retires Winry and tackles him by the shoulders)
Roy: Al… What happened to your brother!? (Al stays in silence) … Al you need to tell us, what happened!? Tell us damn it! (Same pose) Ghh… (Releases Al; Winry approaches and puts a hand on his shoulder, she whispers)
Winry: Al? Please tell us, it’s important… What happened here? And… Where’s Ed?
Al: …. Envy….
Winry: Huh? (Roy turns around and stares looking Al)
Al: … Envy…… Those stones…… The crimson glow… Those empty eyes… My brother… My… My brother…
Winry: Where’s him? (Al stays in silence)
Riza: Alphonse?
Roy: Say it!
Al: ……. Envy…. He….. Accelerated the transformation…. (Everyone gets surprised)
Winry: What do you mean?
Al: He engrossed a crimson stones into Ed’s seal… He said that with those stones, the transformation would get complete…. Then…. Then…. He put those empty eyes and fainted… Envy took him away again… (Everyone stays in silence)
Izumi: Come here Al… We need to search an exit for this… (Approaches to him and helps him to get up) Your brother is strong; they can’t change him into another thing… However, his strength can’t support for ever; so we need to find him before it will be late… Come…
Al: …. Yes….
(Once that all are in the Elric’s house, they’re trying to locate Ed)
Roy: Again… The same situation… But this time… The danger got stronger…
Al: Brother… (Creepy silence)
Izumi: …. STOP FOOLING AROUND!!! Damn it! We are supposed to be here for find a solution for this problem! Not for crying!
Winry: She is right… Ed is counting with us, as you said, Izumi… His strength will not support forever… (Everybody recovers; Riza talks)
Riza: Let’s think, the two last places where Dante was… Where the old church and a house… She can’t stay there anymore…
Izumi: I met very well Dante… For the thing that she is going to do… She will need a big place with instruments… Red stones and that kind of things…. (All discuss about many places… Everybody gave his or her ideas… Finally, all of them got the answer…)
Al: The 5th laboratory!!!
Falman: But… It was destroy and closed… Why Dante will choose that place?
Fuhery: For the materials?
Armstrong: And for the installations… It’s more than obviously…
Breda: But it’s closed!
Havoc: And part of it it’s destroyed, we can’t eliminate those details
Roy: Not at all… (Everybody looks him with curiosity. Sighs) Yeah it’s destroyed, but only a little part… The true laboratory it’s more inside… That was a military secret, hidden by Archer… Hidden to Hughes and their men… Nevertheless, I really, didn’t believe in that… Until today… If that homunculus took Fullmetal were Dante hides… And she is planning to use red stones for create a new homunculus… The 5th laboratory it’s the correct place
Al: Then, we need to go right now before Ed… (Stops)
Izumi: Then, what are we waiting for?
Roy: Let´s go! Breda you will wait outside with Fuhery, you must control the multitude if the things go wrong…
Breda: Yes, sir!
Fuhery: Yes, sir!
Roy: Now, let’s go!!
(While… In another place… Ed wakes up, he is lay down over his chest, slowly open his eyes and stands up)
Ed: Whe- where am I? (The “place” where he is… Empty… White… He looks his hand) Huh? (It looks transparent) What…? Hah?… (Slowly, he turns around, looking behind) !!! (In front of him… The Gate… Ed stares at it, a little scared. Suddenly, the Gate opens it’s doors and those things appear; they tackles Ed’s head… As if, they’re trying to extract something of him) Ghaaaaaa!!! Leave me alone!!!! (He tries to release himself, tussling and moving constantly) Leave me!!! I said… LEAVE ME!!!! (He “wrests” those hands of his head; Ed starts to run, reeling. He looks behind and The Gate its closer… Suddenly, he stops looking something more tenebrous: A giant Ouroburous seal…) Damm it! I’m trapped… (He is totally right… He is between those destinies…) …. I… need to take a choice… (Looks the Gate. Stares for a few moments. Looks the Ouroburus seal. Stays in silence for a few moments with his eyes closed; finally, he stares at the seal) It’s a risk…that I have to take…I… I won’t lose to you!! Ghaaaaaa!!!! (Runs and jumps to the seal, passing through it, suddenly, he falls in… Darkness?.... The image disappears and the “background” turns golden; transforming into empty golden eyes… The eyes of Edward… Those empty eyes slowly start to change into his normal eyes. Ed closes his eyes for a moment and then opens them) Where...? (Looks around, everything seems a little blurry. He is lay down on a table. He rubs his eyes with his left hand; suddenly he hears a familiar voice…)
“So… You haven’t transformed yet… (Ed opens more his eyes and turns head. Dante appears from the shadows) Doesn’t matter… You’re just at one baby step….of have a new and perfect life… (Ed finally understands: He is in the middle of a transmutation circle. Quickly, incorporates himself) Oh no… Don’t think about… (Claps her hands and a couple of hands appear from the table and grabs Ed’s neck)
Ed: Ghhh!! Let…go…. Ghh… (Ed tussles; one of the hands releases his neck and grabs his arm, then the other one makes the same. Dante laughs. The hands approach him to the table; finally, defeat him. A cross forms in the same table, those hands traps his wrists in the “arms” of the cross. Ed tries to deliver himself while Dante approaches to him)
Dante: It’s useless to resist now Edward Elric…
Ed: Ghh… *pant* *pant* *pant*
Dante: I have to admit that I’m impressed; you have such a strong will… Congratulations…. (Approaches to him more)
Ed: I’m not happy that a person like you congratulates me…
Dante: Heh…. You’re so prideful…
(While, the militaries were arriving to the 5th laboratory)
Al: …. I will go…
Izumi: I’ll go with you…
Roy: Also, we will go… You don’t know if you will need help (Smiles)
Al: ….. (Looks Winry) Winry, you stay here with Fuhery ok? It’s too dangerous…
Winry: Ok Al… Go… and please… be careful… (Al smiles her and then he enters with all his “team”. But someone observes them..)
???: We can’t let them to ruin our master’s plan… You know what to do right?.... Ok…. Now let’s go…
(Back then, with Ed and Dante)
Ed: You’ll never win, Dante… How can you play with the lives of the persons?
Dante: Because I can Edward…Soon… You will help me to create a new Philosophers Stone…. With your powers…
Ed: I won’t let you to use my powers for your own business!
Dante: You will… Your strength will end…and your powers will be mines…. The power that it’s hidden in (Puts her hand over Ed’s eyes and passes it slowly) these golden eyes…. Why you don’t share those powers… (Touches his temple and slips her hand for his face, a side of his face)
Ed: Ghh…
Dante: …trapped in… (Her hand slips for his entire chest, making curves until it arrives to his tummy. Stops) …this body? (Withdraws her hand and licks the fingers that touched the tummy; smiling)
Ed: Ngh…. You… you’re such a sick… Now I understand why my father abandoned you… You want everything… but only for your own good isn’t it? Who cares the others? You send the homunculi for make the dirty job making them to believe that they will become humans… but no… all it’s for you… and nobody else…
(While, Al and the others, found two obstacles in the middle of the road to find Ed)
Envy: Sorry… but we can’t let you pass from this point…
Al: Where’s my brother!?
Envy: … Brother? Heh… no more kid… He is with my master… I mean… his master…
Al: !! No!! It can’t be! He hasn’t transformed! I know he is still a human!
Envy: Maybe… but you won’t arrive in time… We won’t let you…
Al: I will pass even if I need to fight with you!
Envy: Then let’s fight…
Gluttony: Can I eat the others!?
Envy: Yeah sure... Go ahead and eat
Roy: Let’s fight…
Izumi: Yes…
Al: Brother… (Al run and attacks Envy while Gluttony attacks Izumi and the militaries)
Dante: I did those things because the people are stupid… In addition, the homunculi are the result of their foolish things… A mistake… they neither deserve to be humans, as I told you… I’m the sin’s shepherdess…
Ed: Bull....! You are a human, just like my father….just like me... just like all…
Dante: No.....Hohenheim has died… and you will not be a human anymore…
(Al recedes dodging an Envy’s attack and stays back with back with Roy and Izumi)
Al: What are we going to do general?
Izumi: We are wining but that’s not the point… They only want to make time…
Roy: That’s right… (Looks around) Al… Go ahead, go for your brother… we will cover you…
Al: What?
Izumi: You heard Alphonse… We will distract those homunculi while you will go for Ed… Don’t look behind and run ok?
Al: …Ok…
Izumi: …. Ready?
Roy: …. NOW! (Izumi and Roy attack Envy; Riza understands and tells Armstrong to attack Gluttony at the same time. Al waits the moment, and runs ahead quickly.)
Ed: ... What kind of person can do that again? (Special tears)
Dante: Now you understand… (Looks to the door) The moment is coming Edward… Your little friends have come for you… But they won’t make it in time…
Ed: !! Don’t do anything with them or I—
Dante: What are you going to do? (Looks at him) huh? …. It’s not in your hands; you can’t change the future that it’s coming… and you learned that long time ago…
(Al is running and when he arrives, he sees 5 doors… While he is thinking which one, something hits him and he falls)
???: Did you believed that I will fall in that fake? How fool…
Al: (Arises himself) Envy!
Envy: Your journey to rescue your brother ends here… You’ll never know which door is… I won’t let you… (Attacks him)
Al: !!!
(Ed hears noises behind the door and looks Dante that is looking the door worried, but smiling)
Dante: I see… One of your friends achieved arrive until here…
Ed: Don’t do anything!
Dante: You aren’t in a position to order me…. The person who is behind that door won’t make it… It’s over now… (Of her pocket, takes a couple of red stones) Remember these?
Ed: !!! (Special tears)
Dante: As you haven’t transformed yet… These stones will complete it… First, you will learn to have them inside your body…. (Approaches one of the stones to his mouth. Ed turns head and closes his mouth but slowly, Dante forces him to eat that stone)
Ed: Ghaa…. Ghh… *cough* *cough* *cough* Ghh…
Dante: You don’t like it? ….. Don’t enjoy the flavor yet?... Don’t worry… Soon you will like it… The second step now… it’s to complete the seal….
Ed: !!! (Tussles)
Dante: Don’t resist… the end of your human life has come… (Rises his shirt) say hello to your new life!! (Approaches the stone to the seal that makes reaction and starts to get engrossed as the first time)
Ed: (Closes his eyes of pain) Ghaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! (A red-pink glow surrounds the room. Al hears the scream and looks a door that it’s shining. Goes to it but Envy locks the pass smiling mischievously)
Al: Move it!
Envy: It’s over little brother… Now he will be a homunculus…
Al: No… He is strong… he is waiting for me… making an effort that it’s finishing… So if you don’t move I will do it! (Al puts a serious and angry look)
Envy: Heh… That will see…
Al: Ghh… Get out of the way!! (Runs to him clapping his hands)
Ed: Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! (The reaction becomes so strong; the “chains” that were tackling Ed’s wrists brakes. Ed elevates a little making like an arch. Dante laughs.
Suddenly, the wall brakes and two silhouettes fall. One of them arises and pushes Dante, interrupting the reaction. Al pushes Ed, falling far of the table and takes him far of the transmutation circle)
Al: Brother!! (Ed is lay down of one side, slowly incorporates and trembling tries to withdraw something) Huh? (Approaches and sees that his entire thorax is shining with that pink-red glow and that he is trying to withdraw a particle of a red stone)
Ed: Ghh…. Dammit.... Ghhh…. Ghaaaa!!... (Finally retires the particle panting. Throws it far) Al… Al…
Al: I’m here Ed!
Ed: ……Thank you…… (Al surprises for that strange reaction. Helps Ed to get up. Envy and Dante observes them)
Dante: How troublesome…. You shouldn’t have came child… That seal it’s almost complete… The only thing that completes it… It’s that little stone… (Silence)
Al: Well keep dreaming ´cause my brother is not going to transform into your slave!
Dante: Are you sure? You have no right to stop me… You are just a human…
Ed: Again, you’re going to say that you aren’t human… How pathetic are you…
Envy: Shut up moron!
Dante: Easy Envy… Edward… We know that we aren’t pathetic as we say at each other… I have piles of knowledge in my mind and you have they key for create a stone… We are the half’s… Join to me… Together we could be immortals… Moreover, powerfully…
Ed: I’m not interested in your offer… I’m ok being only a…pathetic human…
Dante: You have no choice Edward… (You can hear noises of a fight not far of there)… Gluttony is making a good job with your military friends..… But well… If they can beat Gluttony… and achieve arrive here… We will kill them…
Ed: You!! (Tries to attack her but his legs don’t response very well and he stumbles, Al tackles him) What the…? What happens with my body?
Envy: Now you noticed it don’t you?
Ed: What?
Dante: As your seal it’s almost complete, and I introduced stones inside your body many times, finally they are starting to have reactions with it… Soon you will not be able to move… And I can finally finish this little job…
Al: !!! Brother!
Ed: It can’t be… How you… Ghh… (Becomes weaker and Al holds him)
Envy: We were just making time… We don’t speak too much kid… Now you will wait there while the reaction continues… I will take care of our litter brother….
Al: (Stares at Envy for a few minutes) Ed, wait here just for a couple of minutes ok? I will be back…. (Helps Ed to support in a column)
Ed: No Al! Wait! (Tries to move but his legs don’t answer and he slips till he gets sit) Ghh… Dammit…
Envy: Come on little brother… It must be difficult to fight with somebody that once, was your brother too…
Al: You’re not our brother! Even if you were…human… you’ll be only our stepbrother… You didn’t came from the same mother remember?
Envy: But of the same father yes… Anyway… Forget that… and start to fight!
Ed: Al!! (Shouts, grabbing his thorax. Al and Envy run to each other to attack but suddenly, Gluttony enters to the room making noise and destruction)
Al: Brother!! (Recedes and helps him to get up)
Ed: What…happens…here?
Dante: Did you finished with them Gluttony? (Looking at the monster)
Gluttony: Could not…. Scared me… Flames…
Ed: (Hears the last thing) !!... Flames? (Looking Al)
Al: Yes, the general came too with Izumi… (Ed smiles, sarcastic. Releases Al and stumbles a little but finally he achieves to stand up)
Ed: Definitely… I… won’t… lose… to you! (Runs to Dante and tries to hit her but Envy blocks the way and he hits him instead. Their fists crash and they are holding to each other with their hands)
Envy: You won’t dwarf?
Ed: No… I have business here… Friends that will miss me… Family that waits for me…. Something…that you don’t have!
Envy: Heh… Who cares? I don’t need them… Who needs to be a loved human when you’re immortal? You humans are weak…
Ed: ……But at the bottom, you want… don’t you?
Envy: …Heh… That we will see! (Hits him in his thorax)
Ed: Ghaa!! (Recedes. Envy approaches and hits him. Ed falls, slowly tries to get up trembling. Envy is going to hit him again but Al interferes. When they’re going to fight Gluttony attacks him and Ed stays with Envy again)
Envy: See? With only one punch, you’re almost finished… (Ed ignores him and stands up slowly. Envy kicks him) Why you don’t surrender? It will be more easily…
Ed: I… can’t… (Stays with his hands in the floor)
Envy: What?
Ed: I already told you…. I… have… persons that waits… for me… I have a reason……… That’s…. That’s my only reason to live!! (Claps hands and put them in the floor, making Envy stumble. Ed stands up quickly and starts to hit him. Al achieves to defeat Gluttony by trapping him into the wall. Ed is winning but, in one punch, Envy falls and he sees that little stone shining. He grabs it and stands up laughing mischievously)
Envy: Heheheh… Your reason to live huh?...What about father? He actually had a reason to live and what he did? .... He let me to kill him… Pathetic… When you have died… Nobody will remember you years later…
Ed: Yes, they will! Because, during my life… I left footprints in their lives…. I really don’t understand one thing… Why, if you don’t care about the humans... Why you insist in pursuing us? Killing us… Continue with your road and leave us alone!
Envy: That’s something that I can’t just… forget…
Ed: Forget? Forget what? (Envy looks at him with his violet eyes, full of hate. Ed gets confused)
Envy: It is something that you can’t know… (Slowly grabs inside his pocket the red stone)
Ed: I don’t give a sh*t what’s happening to you… But I can’t let you to kill innocent people only for your own pleasure
Dante: You think so? (Ed looks at her) When you will listen to me? (Sighs) Innocent people? They are not innocents… (Looks at the roof with a lost look) Men… Women… Children… All they are devils… You know? (Closes her eyes and starts to gyrate) In all this years… Uncountable wars and dead have been realized… And all… (Stops and turns looking at him) For their stupidities… Foolish ideas of revive people…. You are different of them, Edward… Different and powerful… Too bad that you’re so fool…
Ed: !!! (Turns around but it’s too late, Envy it’s just behind him. Ed tries to hit him but his fist becomes weak, his legs don’t response, Envy uses that moment and tackles him; spikes the red stone in his thorax) Ahhhhhhh!!!!!
Al: Brother!!! (Goes with him but, suddenly, Gluttony attacks him; he immobilizes him in the floor) Ed!!!
Ed: Ahhhhh!!! (This time he has his eyes open. The stone, finally…finishes of engross into his thorax; the crimson glow disappears to let you see a finished Uroborous seal. Ed stares at Envy but looks like he is looking something more behind him. His eyes turn empty and he falls)
Al: Brother!!! (With the special tears) No… Please…. Brother!! Answer me!! Ed!!! Edward!!!
Envy: (Looking at him) He will not answer you… The seal has been complete… He will not remember you anymore hahahaha
Al: No! Brother!! Please… wake up….Wake up… (Downs his look)
Dante: Ends here.… That’s another proof of your “Equivalent Exchange”… Your fight for save him won’t worked… His strength to have a chance to live failed… You gave everything to save his life… Nevertheless, you didn’t received anything in exchange…. “To obtain, something of equal value must be lost” The world it’s not dominated for that silly rule. The persons are fool… And the few persons that are like him… Finish with a new form…That is the beginning of a new age…. The age of a new world… Full of powerful guys…
(Silence. Al stays quiet but at the same time, trembling. Suddenly, they hear panting and groans. All get confused. Envy, turns head slowly and sees somebody dragging on the floor. All give their attention to him, wondering what he is going to do… Now the figure drags with more difficulty and spread a hand trembling; he has his look down… Trying to grab a broken glass… He lifts his look… You can see a couple of golden, empty eyes that are changing to normal eyes, then to an empty and that way…)
Envy: !!! No… It can’t be….
Al: ….. Brother!! (With a happy-worried smile)
Dante: (With the special tears… Very…very… scared and surprised) …. Can’t be possible….. Even as a homunculus… He still has his human will…. (Ed continues dragging; he almost grabs the broken glass. Envy gets angry and tackles him of the neck of his shirt)
Envy: No!! You can’t stop it! You won’t stop it!! You will be a homunculus…. It’s just for a few moments…. Your human will, will disappear (His voice trembles) and soon…. I won’t see that smile ever again…. Those eyes….. You hear me!? (Moves him brusquely) YOU WON´T IDIOT!!!! (It seems like Ed isn’t listening to him and he is watching very carefully…. A wall behind them….. Envy understands but it’s too late… Ed claps his hands… All happens slowly….From the wall appears a beak that pass through them….Envy’s thorax and Ed’s chest. Al with the special tears and his mouth opened, scared…)
Dante: No….. (Envy lifts his look with blood in his mouth, trembling)
Envy: ….Wha-What…have you done?….. Imbecile….. (Ed lifts his look with blood in his mouth too, but his empty eyes, changes to his normal eyes that are with the special tears… A weak, but happy smile appears in his face. Envy shouts and breaks the beak. When he breaks it, Ed’s head falls bowed behind with his hair, softly and he has closed his eyes. He falls…for never stand up again… You can hear militaries voices)
Al: Brother!!! (Gluttony releases him; Al runs with his brother. The best as he can, he supports Ed on his back and runs to the exit, passing next to Dante. Their eyes cross for a few seconds and Al feels an evil smile. In the middle of the road, he finds the militaries and Izumi. Without explications, Al begs to be out of the place. While they’re running, Roy sees blood in the floor; he wonders from who is the blood… Feeling the worst thing….
Outside and far of the multitude, Al lays down sobbing Ed’s body)
Winry: Alphonse! (Runs to them with a smile on her face. While she is approaching, her smile disappears; Al crying, a creepy silence between the militaries, blood, Ed in the floor…) Wha-what happened? ……Al?.... What happened to Ed?
Al: (Still crying) Bro-brother…. (The militaries down their look. Izumi turns her back with her hands on her face with the special tears)
Winry: …… (Looks Ed) …..Ed?..... (Approaches to him. Opens her mouth completely scared with the special tears. Kneels and touches Ed’s chest; her hand drenches in blood and a few seconds later she understands… She puts both hands and her head on his stomach, crying) N-no…. No…. Ed…. Why!!??..... Why did you do it!?..... No!!!
Al: He did it… for…. So-somehow….protect us…
Winry: No!! He can’t protect us like this!!! (Hits him) Fool!! You’re a fool!!!
Izumi: Edward….. (Sobs)
Winry: ……Ngh…… EDWARD!!!!! (Her voice “gets stuck” in the air and the scene changes to a white background…
Her voice achieves arrive to the Gate….where a young man with golden eyes is watching it….)
Ed: ……Winry?....... Dammit…. I can’t die yet….. They need me…..but….I am dead….….. (Looks the door) …….What?...... (You can hear whispers)…….What do you mean with…?.......... So I can have another chance to live??...........I see…….. I need to pay a price……… What do you want?...........!!!!....I-I can’t…….…. No! Wait!!.......... Is that the price?.........Ghh…...…. Al….. Ghhh…….Alright……. I accept…… (The Gate opens it doors and the violet eyes open more; all gets white…A few seconds later…Ed is falling upside down. He opens his eyes slowly) What…?...... (His house appears and a few seconds later it disappears) ……… (Now, Winry’s house appears….He looks at it but then, it has gone. Pinako….Den……..Hohenheim and Trisha…..All them appears but slowly a few seconds later disappears…..) Mom….Dad……. (Now, the image of Winry at her 17 years smiles him but disappears too…) Winry…… Ghhh……
(He closes his eyes but then a strange light appears at the bottom… Then all shines and becomes darkness….
Slowly, open his eyes…. You can see a young woman with blonde hair crying over his stomach and another person who looks familiar that looks at him but lost in his thoughts…)
Ed: …… “What’s this?... Why they’re crying?....Am I…dead?....No…I don’t think so….” (Opens more his eyes and turns his head) ….Alphonse?....
Al: …..Brother? (Opens more his eyes surprised)…..Brother!!! (Smiles and the tears now are of happiness. All get surprised too and smiles. Ed incorporates himself and Al hugs him) You’re a fool!! I thought that I would be alone for the rest of my life! You scared us!!
Ed: Well…Heh…I’m ok now or not? n_ñ
Roy: Fullmetal, now you will do paperwork for two weeks! For like to be the main star of the madness…. (Looks at him angry, but smiling)
Izumi: Edward…. So, you did it after all don’t you? (Approaches to him and hugs him too) You’re always that strong? (Ed smiles, grateful) But… What about the seal? …and….your injury…
Ed: Huh?.... (Lifts a little his clothes; impressive… His thorax is clean, then he opens his jacket and they see that it’s drenched in blood…but his chest is clean) Looks…that I’m ok… (All sighs and smile)
Winry: Oh Ed!! I’m so glad that you’re ok!! (Hugs him. Ed blushes)
Ed: Well…....Thanks……..but…..who are you? (Silence. Winry opens his eyes and looks at him curious)
Winry: ….What? (Laughs) Ed? Are you serious? It’s me! Winry!
Ed: …….. (Stares at the floor)
Al: Brother?.... You don’t remember her? She is our childhood friend!
Ed: ……….
Winry: (Her smile disappears and puts the special tears) Edward?
Ed: ………I’m sorry (Looks at her)…..but…..I….don’t remember you….. Al…Whe-where we live?..... Where’s mom and dad? (All stares at him, surprised)
Al: Brother….. (Special tears)
Izumi: Don’t you remember your home? Your family? (Silence. Ed downs his looks confused and grabs his head with both hands)
Roy: …..Enough….. Fullmetal, you need to rest…. Al, take him home… Leave this disaster for the militaries…… (Turns around and walks to his companions. Riza follows him)
Al: ……Come Ed…. I’ll….show you the way to our home (Helps Ed to get up; Winry looks both brothers leave the place with tears in her eyes. Izumi put her hand on her shoulder; Winry looks at her, Izumi returns her look with a maternal smile. Both walk following the brothers……
While, someone through a camera observes them)
???: Maybe you ruined my plan kid….. But I always have an ace under my sleeve….. (In the shadows, a hand grabs a stone with a crimson glow and you can hear an evil laugh while the brothers walk away. The sun’s light illuminates the dark sky, appearing in the East…..)

Ah by the way..... I really sorry... But I think Im not going to continue this story...
I don´t have much time for write it in English and then, translate it to Spanish -_-Ull
Im not sure of my final decision... But really... And then almost nobody post anything....
Two or maybe three persons had read my fic ¬¬
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Really great plotline! Please finish this story! I love reading it! sad.gif Your grammer is pretty good, and your characters stay in character most of the time. If you won't finish it will you give it to someone else to finish? It's such a good story you wouldn't want all of your hard work to go to waste. happy.gif

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sorry i lost it right there ^^; keep up the good work and please continue the story i showed this story to most of my family and friends and most of them loved it so please dont stop ^^

note: if u stop i might cry TToTT
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my sweety you don't knew how I love your story wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif

please please please please please please please

don't stop please please please please please please please !!! sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif
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It true, your story is wonderful please don't stop. And i think some of them not don't one to post is they can't post
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edo little kid
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update please I waiting you!!!

please update!!!
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