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Did Gluttony Recognize Wrath In The Movie?
His Name is Unkn...
post Sep 11 2006, 11:16 AM
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<Edited the thread title from "Just Though Of Something [about Gluttony]" to "Did Gluttony recognize Wrath in the movie?" to clearly describe the topic of the thread. 02/21/07 ~Tombow>

When I first watched the movie, I couldn't figure out why Gluttony only went after Wrath and left Al alone in the Underground City battle.

But viewing it a second time, it looked as though Gluttony recognized Wrath when he saw him. He would hate Wrath because he killed Lust. I know he's just supposed to be a mindless eating machine now, but it would be awesome if there was indeed a deeper level to their fight.
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post Oct 17 2006, 11:58 PM
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hey i think the way Nicoli Flamel describes the death of LUST is preety right.
I totally agree.... i just finished seeing the searies second time and sloth was not involved with Lust dying.

And as for Gluttony ..... people here are just talking about - why is he after WRATH ? huh.gif
I was more amazed to see that huge form of his ohmy.gif and i was busy wondering how could he have acquired that. It was really cool and scary at the first sight.
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His Name is Unkn...
post Oct 21 2006, 09:27 AM
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After having watched the movie a couple times and thought about the series a little more - I don't think it really matters whether Gluttony recognized Wrath or not. Just the fact that he fought (and beat) the one who killed his lust made it seem more appopriate (although, no less disgusting - poor wrath!) In fact, all the Homunculi have deaths that are appropriate/ironic in some way:

Envy - jealousy for Edward and Alphonse's relationship and hatred for Hohenheim leads him to venture beyond the gate. He does eventually get to kill his father, but dies as a result.

Gluttony - dies eating. Lol

Sloth - Killed by the one who created her, which also happens to be her son (in a weird sort of way). She slowly evaporates into the air.

Greed - Wants to have it all, but is prevented by Dante and co. Sacrifices himself to give Ed the guts and the knowledge to kill the other homunculi so he can be avenged.

Pride - killed by Roy Mustang, the man who would be Furher. His only exception for his disdain for the capacity of humans seems to be his son - which is also his undoing.

Wrath - Dies fighting; death is very gruesome.

Lust - desire for humanity is ultimately her undoing. This would be lust in the sense of an extreme longing.

Dante (not a homunculus, I know) - consumed by Gluttony. It's interesting to note that the other two homunculi she created were Greed and Pride, emotions which figure heavily into her character's motivation. That she is eaten alive is almost too perfect. Her body was already being consumed by her desire for immortality and ultimately her life is as well.

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