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FMA 3 Game Character Bios and Plot
post Aug 8 2006, 01:00 AM
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I'm trying to find info on this game concerning the names and bios of the characters and the plot, maybe a walk through. Iv tried everywhere even Square Enix but no luck. If anyone has the info it would be most appreciated!
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post Aug 8 2006, 03:24 AM
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Sorry, I can't really remember the names since last time I played it it was about a year ago...

The silver hair girl is named Sophie and that's all I remember regarding character names.

Somewhat detailed plot summary...

(number = chapters in the game)

(the seal is somewhat similar to alchemy... I think they said in the game that it's an ancient form of alchemy.)

1: Ed and Al and Winry arrived in this city (V-sth... forgot how to spell it) and find that this city is under attack by some mysterious people. They refer themselves as the 4 ___ priests (forgot name...). Ed and Al saved Sophie from the Ice Priest (that's not his name, just his attribute) and learned about the story of the city. Ed and Al offered to help Sophie to save the city from destruction, and in order for them to have enough power to fight against the priests, Sophie gave them the mark (the pink flower-like mark you can see on Ed's right hand and Al's shoulder).

(Obelisk towers = what's needed to resurrect the ancient witch... forgot her name...)

(church = where Winry and Sophie are waiting for Ed and Al... where you save the game...)

2: What Ed and Al have to do is to seal away the Obelisk towers (I think that's the name, again, I don't remember.) They went to the storage place in the town and met Hawkeye there. She was under attack from the Ice Priest. After Ed and Al defeated the Ice Priest and sealed away the Obelisk tower, and explained to Hawkeye the situation.

3: They headed to the hopsital and found Armstrong there. Defeated the Earth priest and sealed away the Obelish tower, explained, and off they go to the Headquarters of that city (heard from Armstrong that there is a strange tower at the headquarters)

4: Went from underground waterway (Armstrong said it's safe, but by now it's invaded) into the HQ, arrived at the rooftop and battle with the Wind Priest. Midway through fighting her, Lieu. Col. Red (... I forgot her name too, but she is the one that looks bitchy and dresses in red) showed up with a crab-shaped robot and offered help to defeat the Wind Priest, so Ed and Al went to the training ground where they have heard is the whereabouts of Mustang and another priest. They arrived at the training ground and protected Mustang from a giant flame ball attack by the Fire Priest. They defeated the Fire Priest and saved Mustang. After that, they had a discussion with the General of the city.... Mustang mentioned that he doesn't believe in this General and told Ed to be alert.

5: Ed and Al and Sophie went to the fortress of the priests to destroy something there (I think it's the philosopher's stone) so that the witch won't get resurrected. In here you battle the Ice and Earth priests again until you reach the Philosopher's stone. When you got there, you realize that the Lieu. Col. Red and the General are actually on the same side as the Fire Priest and you (Ed and Al) got captured by them when you help Sophie escape. (The General want to resurrect the witch as well, for the power to take over the world...)

(Earth died from abusing the power of their seal too much. Ice almost died from that too, but Sophie saved him. However he still got killed by the General afterwards. During chapter 5 Ed and Al also realized that by using the seal's power that Sophie gave them, it will also shorten Sophie's life, but they have no no choice but to continue using it...)

6: Ed got thrown in jail, so Ed has to escape now (you don't get to beat up people here, you have to sneak out so that you don't get caught...), first to rescue Al. Finally you reached a room with a magnetic field trap. Turn it off to help Al out, and then together you two aim for the top room for the General. (During this part, Ed is in his UNDERWEAR the whole time since all of Ed's stuff got taken away... no items allowed either! So that means don't let Ed dieee, try to hide him and use Al to battle since Al can revive even if he died.) After they reached the General's room, Ed got his stuff back (it was on a table) and went outside to find the Lieu. Col. Red's robot crab waiting to fight them! Defeat the crab and return to the church. Right there they find Mustang there. Mustang told them that he is the one that rescued Sophie from the mess back in the fortress and offered a plan to Ed and Al for attacking the fortress again.

7: Mustang goes off to block some of the enemy's army at the other side, while Ed and Al clear out another path to the fortress (so that Sophie can come along safely) by battling enemies at the other side. Right here you have to battle the Lieu. Col. Red once more.

8: Ed, Al, and Sophie arrive at the fortress again, and Sophie kept on hearing voices (from the witch). Sophie then got captured by the Fire Priest (I forgot how she got captured, though) and Ed and Al were forced to return to the church (I forgot why...). Fire then tells Sophie about her past... that Sophie's father actually wanted to use Sophie as a "container" for resurrecting the witch. The witch is resurrected now in Sophie's body and has unsealed the Obelisks, and created a new tower for herself... monsters begin to come out from that tower and attack people in the city.

(Lieu Col Red got killed here by the monsters.)

9: After discussing with Mustang, Hawkeye, and Armstrong, Ed and Al went inside that tower to rescue Sophie. (This tower is quite interesting. I guess you can think of it as the witch's body... there is like uh, "Stomach" "Intestine" "Spleen" "Liver" "heart" "Spinal Cord" "Brain"...etc room that you go through until you reach the witch...) After Ed and Al defeated the Wind Priest (she also died from abusing the seal too much), Armstrong arrived and offered to beat up some monsters to help clear Ed and Al's way. When Ed and Al battle the Fire Priest, Mustang arrived to offer his help. Ed and Al then went through the Spine into the Brain to battle the witch. First, when she was still in Sophie's form, you have to destroy all the crystals in the place within time limit. Then she turns crazy, leaves Sophie's body and shows her real form... you battle her (her head is weakness... occasionally she shows her heart too, but it's too dangerous to attack her heart... attacking her head with a cannon is the safest.) and then when she was defeated and turns even more crazy, Sophie comforted her and the witch finally left the world (calmed soul leaves the world...).

Since the witch has given up on revenging (I suppose you know the history of witches, so you should know why she would want to revenge.) the monsters have also disappeared. Seeing this, Fire decided that there is no point in battling anymore, so he purposely use up the power of his seal to kill himself.

Afterwards, Ed and Al asked Sophie to clear the seal on them so that Sophie's life won't be harmed anymore.

Normal ending spoiler:
[spoiler]On the way that Ed, Al, Winry, and Sophie to the HQ to record the incident, Red's subordinate suddenly appeared and stabbed Ed in the chest. In order to save Ed, Sophie used too much power of her seal and has lost her senses after reviving Ed. In anger, Ed and Al rushed to the HQ and at the same time learned that King Bradley was aware of this whole incident the whole time, and rushed to battle King Bradley. (Before that, King Bradley killed the General as the General is a traitor. During this part, it doesn't matter whether or not you defeat Bradley... the game goes on regardless.) Armstrong then beat up Ed for being "disrespectful" towards Bradley... and since there is nothing Ed and Al can do, together with Winry, they leave the town..... while Sophie remains in the hospital, somewhat like a puppet...[/spoiler]

Happy ending spoiler:
[spoiler]This ending appears if you have given Sophie enough gifts during the game. When Ed, Al, and Winry were at the train station, Sophie looked at the cat that Al has given her and suddenly regained her memories. She rushed to the train station to find the train has left already, but in actuality Al "sensed" something might have happened to Sophie, so they stayed..... 4 of them hugged, happy ending. ^^;[/spoiler]

Not a very good summary, but it still took me 40 minutes to type @_@;; Free feel to ask if you got any questions, and please bear with whatever error present (after all, my japanese is so-so and I haven't touched the game for ages...)

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post Aug 8 2006, 07:36 AM
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WOW thanks! You just gave me more info then any other site iv looked at in the last 4 weeks!

Just one or two more questions if you can answer them :}

Is her father the man with the gray hair and glasses? I think his name is Victor?

And what is the purpose of the Obelisk towers?

And also there are two other characters one with blond hair and glasses and another short with black hair both in military uniforms. Who do they work for and are they good or bad guys?
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