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List Your Top 10 Favorite FMA Characters, From any FMA series, manga/anime (both series,) and the movie
post Jul 28 2011, 06:25 PM
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1. Edward Elric
2. Alphonse Elric

3. Winry Rockbell

4. Lan-Fan

5. Ling Yao

6. Olivier Mira Armstrong

7. Van Hohenheim

8. Riza Hawkeye

9. Izumi Curtis

10. Roy Mustang


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post Aug 7 2011, 12:37 PM
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1. Riza Hawkeye
2. Envy
3. Mustang
4. Greed
5. Wrath
6. Hohenheim
7. Kimblee
8. Olivier Armstrong
9. Alphonse
10. Lust/Havoc (Can't decide)

These are all from brotherhood/the manga. I saw the original series, but I have to say, it was extremely disappointing in comparison

Reason being, I find the Mustang/Hawkeye relationship the most interesting out of any in the series, as it is the most complex, yet emotionally jarring. Envy is just so naive when it comes to all sorts of things, and it provides a depth to him as a character.

Reason Ed isn't on here (and Al is barely, because he steps outside of this for a few moments) is because he is so predictably over the top with his actions.
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post Aug 8 2011, 08:19 AM
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1)Greed!!! cause hes badass!

i dont get why Havoc is so popular, am i missing something?
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post Sep 6 2011, 04:33 PM
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Okayy here they are

1.Edward (duh)
2.tied between Lin(g) and Mustang
3.Greed (lin version)
4.Kimblee..cuz he's a badass;)
9.Alex Lousie Armstrong
10.Wrath/furher king bradley
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post Oct 3 2011, 06:12 AM
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2. Our Father/Homunculus (i love the scene where he talks with TRUTH)
3. The seven cardinal sins/7 Homunculus
4. Hohenheim
5. Alex Louis Armstrong
6. Edward Elric
7. Kimblee
8. The soldiers from Briggs
9. the girl with the automail leg she stole ed's watch (cant remember her name sorry)
10. Dominic

there are still many more! but these are the ones that came to my mind first!
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post Oct 3 2011, 09:02 AM
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1. Edward Elric
2. Roy Mustang
3. Riza Hawkeye
4. Envy
5. Greed/Ling
6. Winry Rockbell
7. King Bradley
8. Lust
9. Kimblee
10. Sloth(2003)/ Trisha Elric
11. Izumi Curtis
12. Hughes
13. Olivier Armstrong
14. Scar
15. Shou Tucker
16. Rosť Thomas
17. Father
18. Dante
19. Havok
20. Lan Fan
21. Hoenheiem
22. Pride (manga)
23. Alphonse Elric
24. Barry The chopper
25. Martel

Well, I must say FMA has awesome characters biggrin.gif


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post Jan 16 2012, 06:51 AM
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1. Ed & Al Elric
2. Roy Mustang
3. Riza Hawkeye
4. Izumi Curtis
5. Maes Hughes
6. Greed
7. Alex Louis Armstrong
8. Ling Yao
9. Olivier Mira Armstrong
10. Scar

Gosh, that was harder than I thought it would be. XD
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post Feb 6 2012, 06:00 AM
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1. Ling Yao and second Greed
2. Roy Mustang
3. Alphonse Elric
4. Solf J. Kimblee
5. Maes Hughes
6. Edward Elric
7. Izumi Curtis
8. Olivier Mira Armstrong
9. Van Hohenheim
10. Pride

And pretty much everyone else in the series. All characters in FMA are so unique and loveable!
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His Name is Unkn...
post Feb 6 2012, 12:30 PM
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1. Maes Hughes (anime-1)
2. Alphonse Elric (manga and anime-1)
3. Riza Hawkeye (manga)
4. Lust (anime-1)
5. Fuhrer Bradley (manga)
6. Julia Crichton (milos star)
7. Scar (manga and anime-1)
8. Rose (anime-1)
9. Kimbley (manga)
10. Dante (anime-1)
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post Feb 26 2012, 06:49 PM
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My top 10 is:
1. Pride
2. Shao May
3. Dan
4. Alphonse
5. Winry
6. Edward
7. Father
8. Gluttony
9. Envy
10. Lust

Hello, I'm new here...
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The Cookie Alche...
post Mar 22 2012, 06:39 AM
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1. envy
2. lan fan
3. greedling
4. ling
5. pride
6. wrath
7. kimblee
8. greed
9. scar
10. truth
I have a tendency to like the violent or evil characters...

I love cookies and FullMetal Alchemist!!!!!!!
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post Jul 2 2012, 09:22 AM
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1.Edo-cus' he's chibi XD
4.Roy-cus' he's coooooooool cool.gif
5.ling/greed-the perfect team!!

i'm too lazy to do the other five.....HATERS BE HATIN'!

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post Aug 10 2012, 11:58 AM
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Hmmm so many awesome characters to choose from, but okay, I'll bite:

1. Wrath (2003 anime) - by far the most tragic, human and heroic of all the homunculi
2. Winry Rockbell - awesome hot heroin and mechanical genius
3. Edward Elric - Fullmetal still gets some love. He's so fundamentally heroic.
4. Izumi Curtis - strong, intelligent, yet haunted
5. Envy - so twisted and deranged; I love his back story; it makes him even more compelling
6. Pride/Fuhrer Bradley - love this 2003 iteration; so suave, so evil
7. Roy Mustang - I like his chess master style
8. Maes Hughes - best daddy in amestris! I can strongly relate to him, because my daughters are just the cutest!
9. Rose - I had a hard time deciding whether I liked Ed with Rose or Winry.
10. Noa - I totally ship her x Ed in CoS.


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Pride the Arroga...
post Aug 21 2012, 01:52 AM
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Well, my top one:

1. Pride/Selim Bradley - Yeah, surprise surprise. >XP I love how no one sees who he is coming. Oh yeah, and Brittney Karbowski deserves more credit for that role; she goes pretty well from high-pitched sweet hyperactive voice to lower poisoned honey sort of voice. I might be in the minority here, but I personally think English voice is more disturbing (in a good way) than Japanese, but to each their own.

The rest, in no particular order:

2. Edward Elric - I particularly love the Brotherhood/manga portrayal; he sticks by his principles to the end and never fails to inspire others. Oh, and Vic is awesome. biggrin.gif
3. Alphonse Elric - Same as Ed, but also with the bonus of being such a sweetheart. No wonder May loves him so much. I like both Aaron and Maxey, especially since there's almost no difference in voice after a few episodes. I love how he slowly developed from sidekick and foil to Ed to his own character. His battle against Pride and Kimblee is a major highlight of Brotherhood.
4. Roy Mustang - He's pretty wicked awesome, especially when he starts torching things. >8D
5. Ling Yao/Greed - Wonderful character development for both of them, especially when they're together.
6. Kimblee - "you've been hit by, a smooth criminal!" He's very well portrayed as a sadistic psychopath with a sense of honor. I espeically loved that last scene of him with Pride.
7. Riza Hawkeye - She gets huge props in Brotherhood/manga; I love her development. Colleen Clinkenbeard further added to the perfection.
8. Envy - Actually, I hated him up until the moment leading up to his death, and really, I just pitied him for the sad existence he was compelled to lead. I only like him as a well-designed character. He is the perfect embodiment of jealousy, and--Eh, it's gonna take an entire essay to do him justice so I'll leave it at that.
9. Wrath/King Bradley - The perfect embodiment of wrath; his fight sequences cements it. Also love how sad his life really is (well, all the Homunculi do) and how despite the fury he embodies, he still thinks only kindly of his wife.
10. Winry Rockbell - She's a strong character, a perfect balance of strong-willedness and gentleness. Words cannot describe how well she's portrayed in the manga and second anime. Now, if only the first anime portrayed her like this too...

And, I still have a few more:

11. Van Hohenheim - Excellent backstory, and well-fleshed out character.
12. Olivier Armstrong - strong women who breaks every stereotype out there (in a non-cliched and realistic way).
13. Father - I notice a lot of fans misunderstanding his motive. He's not some guy with a God-complex. His reason is simple: he wanted to be free and gain knowledge without any consequence But instead of standing on his own feet and working with what he has, he coveted a higher power and cared nothing of who gets hurt in the process. An excellent villain. His final scene with the Truth also served well as a foil to Ed's decision.
14. Maes Hughes - Who doesn't like him? tongue.gif

Eh, bleh, I love every character in the series! Arakawa did an excellent job at making us care about even the minor characters, so I'll stop here.

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Bradley's Le...
post Jul 13 2014, 07:54 AM
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My criteria for favorite involves the uniqueness of the characters, their personal depth, strong and weak characteristics, etc. My favorite characters aren't necessarily the "best" or "most morally good" characters. They're the ones who had great character development and complex motives. I've whited out my explanations so I don't spoil anything, although the manga/anime is so old by now. I'm new to the forum but not to the series, as I've been watching since the "original" '03 anime.

1. King Bradley (obviously - check my username). On the surface, he's a homunculus like the others, but it's hinted that there's so much more to him. For one, he actually does love a human (his wife). He's really good at blending in with humans and pretending to like them. He seems like a happy family man on the verge of retirement, and although that's just a front for his true purpose, he does seem to enjoy putting on the charade. He's also wicked badass, wrecking Greed's shiz every time they fight each other, and the Wrath scenes from the train explosion to his fight with Scar couldn't possibly be more epic. He wasn't marred by arrogance, pride, or sloppiness like the other homunculi, because he didn't even have the regenerative powers of the other homunculi, but he still could've wrecked any of them except Father and Pride. His mortality actually made him train harder and fight smarter, which made him more dangerous than the others. Even though he was Father's "puppet" in ruling over Amestris, he was extremely charismatic, to the point that the Central Soldiers finally grew a set and started fighting back when he arrived in central. His hubris really didn't show except in a few scenes -- when he mocked God to the Ishvalans, when he told Mustang he was proud of being a homunculus, and when he mocked God when he was about to snuff Scar, which proved to be his downfall.

2. Selim Bradley Like Wrath, he loved a human (Mrs. Bradley) and was really good at blending in with humans and pretending to like them. Even though he was the oldest of Father's "children," he enjoyed playing the role of King Bradley's son, and he and Bradley seemed to share secrets that even Father didn't know (shown when Pride tells Wrath not to tell Father or the other homunculi that he enjoys the unpredictability of mankind). While the other homunculi were fairly straightforward, predictable villains, Pride (again like Wrath) was a multi-dimensional villain in disguise. Also, the fact that his final flashback as a homunculus was a family portrait with Wrath and Mrs. Bradley shows that their relationship wasn't just a front after all.

3. Scar I had to put him at #4 because of the character development he went through, redeeming himself and recovering his brother's work. He also became more badass as the series went on and he learned more about combat and the nature of his brother's arm. Because he used alkahestry, he and May weren't useless like the state alchemists when Father put his foot down (pun intended). It was poetic that he was the one to defeat King Bradley, because it was his blind wrath that caused him to kill Winry's parents and all those state alchemists, and because it was King Bradley who ordered the atrocities against Ishvalans. I couldn't imagine anyone else defeating Wrath, even if he was so mortally wounded by the time he fought Scar. It had to be Scar to make him pay for his crimes, it just made all the sense in the world to have Scar be the one to do it.

4. Winry A cute blonde wench who can pitch a wrench. What's not to love? She's kind of the Hank Hill of FMA: She sells automail and automail accessories, and is absolutely dedicated to her job. She's friendly and loving, too -- a tomboy who embraces her nurturing side. She has flaws too (mostly her temper and tendency to get used by villains to control Ed), and is a good, well-rounded character.

5. Hohenheim He was like a mature, wise version of Ed and Al (understandably so, being their father and all). Like Ed and shortness, as Slave #23 he hated when people called him stupid. Like Al in his armor suit, he was dehumanized, reduced to a number. Dude was horrified after Father turned him into a human philosopher's stone, and made it up to the Xerxians by getting to know their names, converse with them, and enlisted their help in finally stopping Father from hurting any more people. He taught the people of Xing how to use alkahestry, volunteered to help Rose and those peeps rebuild, and stayed faithful to Trisha while he was away (in stark contrast to FMA03's Hohenheim of Light). In the 03 version, he was a borderline villain and an ...., but in the manga/09 version, he was probably the most morally good character in the series (albeit with vices, like drinking, which he mostly did in moderation. Mostly.). If FMA characters were memes, he'd be Good Guy Hohenheim. But despite his moral purity, he still had quite a history, and his abandoning of Trisha, Ed, and Al (even if for good reason), added dimension to the character.

6. Roy Mustang He was willing to play the villain when needed (like "executing" Maria Ross), and although ambitious to rise to the top, he wasn't ruthlessly so. He genuinely cared for his subordinates, and hunted down and executed Envy (the most annoying homunculus ever, although he/it was less annoying in 09 than 03). He had some very notable weaknesses, like water, and used perceived weaknesses like his rep as a womanizer to disguise his true actions. The only thing I didn't like about the Mustang character was that Pride somehow opened the gate using the gold-toothed doctor, but Mustang paid the price for the human transmutation even though it was Pride who did it. How/why?

Gotta go now, will edit these with more details later:

7. Riza Hawkeye

8. Alex Armstrong

9. Izumi Curtis

10. Greed
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