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Fma: A New Power, a continuation from the movie with a cool twist
post Jan 18 2007, 06:49 PM
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Writers note's**
As youve probably heard a million times i am not in any way shape or form in legal association with Funimation or the FMA production team

or its characters....

ok lets get on with the story
(btw i am drawing a storyboard for this and i hope to submit it to funimation someday)

Full Metal Alchemist
A New Power

"Brother you really need to oil those." Ed had forgotten to oil his arm and leg again. He refuses to let go of them, claiming its the only link between here and home. As well as its much more advanced than the ones his abandoning father made for him.

There was nothing but a slight breeze as the two brothers walked down a dirt road in a woods. The trail seems to go on forever, bush after repetitive bush. The assortment of trees no longer look different. It would seem as though our two heroes are lost, but they push on jsut as they always have.

"Kinda reminds you of home, 'ey Al?" Ed quiried, latley that had become a habit of his. Breaking silence with memories or questions about memories.

Silence stole every hope of being cheerful. It was an unusually still night, especially for January. Still the brothers cannnot be seperated from eachother. Ed now feels he has to protect his brother even more so cause while there are less chances for him to be harmed, he is more vunerable with flesh than as a hunk of steel.

"Do you think well ever find that bomb Ed?" Al has been worrying more and more about the nuclear bomb that was brought over from the other side. Knowing the devastion it would cause even with the protection of alchemy he only fears what it could do in a world that thinks material is armor.

"You know its been hard..."Ed drooped his head"..witout.." Suddenly a flash of light and a surge of electricty rises near by.They knew waht it was imediatly

"WHAT!!!" Ed was so shocked at what he saw happening behind the bushes to his right. He was too astonished to do anythign but stare at the symbols he knew from his home. Someone was trying basic alchemy, and they were succeding.

Then in the second instant the yellow bolts turned red and there was a large burst of energy from the transmutaion circle. The transumtation had failed. Which obviously would have happened, but why did it even start to react? Ed was curious of who this stranger was, had he passed through the gate as well?

I could have told you that was gonna happen" was Ed's introduction to this stranger. This person jolted as though startled. He then slowly rose to his feet. He was Young adult male, about Ed' age. He had dark greyish black hair that covered his eyes and ears. He was wearing a large sweatshirt with a large hood on the back. He was also wearign a mask over his nose and mouth. Ed began to get a bad feeling about this man.

"How long have you been there?" the stranger demanded then shortly said " I supposed it doesnt matter" and removed his mask from his face. Ed peered at him for a few seconds.

"Whats with the mask, afraid someoen will know who is trying alchemy way out here?" Ed started closer towards this stranger while Al stayed back after a slight hand motion from Ed.

"Its a little.. a little game i like to play" the man said with a smirk on his face." Oh by the way you can call me Garrett"

Ed reached for his hip very slowly. "Just a game eh? then wheres YOUR WEAPON!" Ed quickly draws a shortened katana from his hip and points it at Garrets neck.

"BROTHER NO!" Al is worried he never liked when Ed got in fights, especially when all he had goinfg for him in the other side was alchemy and luck. He has nothing here except the training from the other side.

"Why my weapon is all around and in me" Garrett said with an evil smirk on his face.

"Weve already established that alchey deostn work so drop the tough guy act, It would only be easier if alchemy did work" Ed is feeling more relaxed now know his opponent is a complete idiot

"Drop the tough guy act?" Garrett begins to laugh histerically " DID YOU REALLY THINK I MEANT ALCHEMY!" suddenly a dark aura appears around Garrett, as though the light getting to him has dimmed, its sutble but very noticable.
"What the.."Ed whispers to himself "WHAT IS THAT!" Ed shouts at Garrett.

"Alchemy may not work on this side of the gate but something does. It's called Psionics, using the mind to do anything from channel your bodies energy, to moving an object around, to moving the molecles in a obecjt causeing it to super heat and catch on fire.. this training takes several years to master ive been training since i was 12"

Ed stood there on gaurd at a loss of words, then his old habit came up " Why are you telling me so much most of my opponents either suprise me or have me tied up when they tell me stuff" Ed is now tryingto act nonchalant and confident but its very clear that he knows hes infor the hardest fight of his life.

"That wouldn't happen to be your brother behind those bushes would it Ed? Al why dont you come on out. The Elric Brothers what a nice suprise."


"The other side?" Garrett pauses for a moment "Ahh no I am not and i know you cause you told me yourself, all i had to do was read your mind, its a little scare tactic I play on my victims."


"unfortunaly people do the same thing, stroll up while I'm doing somethign most people dont beleive is possible, and rather than turn into a government lab rat I'd rather kill those people and let there bodies be material for my alchemy attempts"

"So Ed, your not one of those people who beleives the only way to prove somethign is to ruin the life of the activist?"

"You should know that by now" Edmuttered with a smirk.

"That is the right answer my friend, cause had you said no, or yes for that matter, youd either be.. crushed by rocks, thrown into trees untill dead, split in half, pretty much whatever i felt like doing at the time, but still..." Garrett looks down the shortly after 3 large rocks rise up from the ground. "you dont have me convinced"

Ed readies his blade as the rocks fly towards him. Immediatly his blade is knoced from his hand by the first one, he leans under the second then the third on nails his left leg. There is a loud Cunch noise folloedby the sound of creeking. Eds auto mail had been crushed and the motors inside were broken.

" Metal limbs?, hmmph, I should have looked into that, No matter, you still cant use it... It had value didn't it, yes someone very imporant made that for you. A fine mistress named Winry Rockbell how sweet, THAT PART OF YOUR PAST IS GONE ED YOU NEED TO LET THAT GO!"

"you act like you know me,you son of a b*tch stop reading my mind you dont know anything about past and pain" Ed muttered looking at the ground crying softly.

"Oh, I don't?" Garrett lifts up part of his shirt and on his side you can see a large burn mark up the side of his chest then he pulls up his sleeve and there is a scar of a marking around his arm."these may not be as great as your prices but i couldnt go to the hospital for these, they couldn't heal what happen to me anyway... At least you had someone there for you and an easy solution to your problem"

"But...How..." Ed was confused. How could he get such marks without alchemy.

"its my version of equivelant exchange, My brother was lost when he was practicing pryokinesis, he acidently burned down the home and he was trapped in the basement, He had locked himself in to keep mom and dad out so they didnt know what he was doing... So i gave myself this bradish on my arm after i got this scar on myside from trying to save him... I geuss that is the price I had to pay for showing him the ways of a psion..."

"he's..gone..." Ed now felt very bad for saying what he had said he slowly went to get his blade and sheath it"

" I NEVER SAID WE WERE FINISHED YET" Ed turned to Garret and there was a huge fire ball flying towards him.


and so i end part one of my many parts of this long novel lenght fanfic (a.k.a i ran out fo time to continue writing but dont worry ill keep em coming)
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