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Chapter 88 "Regular" Discussion Thread For First Time Readers (and Others), No future chapter spoilers here, please. :)
post Oct 10 2008, 06:14 AM
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First time FMA manga readers, please post your thoughts and discussions on chapter 88 here. smile.gif

For info on the "Reading Reference", go to page 3.


Chapter 88 raw can be found online here.

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post Oct 10 2008, 06:39 AM
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State Alchemist (Major)

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Thank you so much Ropespinner! Such angst here. I look forward to the translation.

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post Oct 10 2008, 06:53 AM
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Thanks so much, Ropespinner! *anxiously awaits translation*
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post Oct 10 2008, 07:16 AM
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hehe,Raw coming from one of my favorite Chinese hagaren forum……unbelievable,lz must be chinese,right?
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The Mad Bomber
post Oct 10 2008, 07:21 AM
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Haha, thanks, this one made my day. Those of whom have the read the chapter realize why.


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Celeste Nayamash...
post Oct 10 2008, 09:03 AM
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Wow! That was SUPER fast for the raw!! Can't wait for the translation! Thank you so much Ropespinner!


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post Oct 10 2008, 10:00 AM
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Thank you, Ropespinner!!

Anyone, who can make this into downloadable package will be greatly appreciated!! smile.gif


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post Oct 10 2008, 10:13 AM
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Work will go by so slowly now that I've seen this.

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post Oct 10 2008, 11:19 AM
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Thanks for posting this, I've been waiting eagerly for this! tongue.gif
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post Oct 10 2008, 11:52 AM
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State Alchemist (Major)

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Wow! That was fast! ^^
This chap seems really cool!


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Little Fixster
post Oct 10 2008, 02:03 PM
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wow that was fast.

*Patiently waits for Tombow and others to translate.*
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post Oct 10 2008, 03:11 PM
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downloadable lq raw, provided by Alchemist94 of mangahelpers



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post Oct 10 2008, 07:37 PM
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Page 1: A titanic clash! The battle against Pride rages on!

Page 2:
Ran Fan: Master...

Greed: Sorry.
I'm Greed.

Ran Fan: Cursed beast! Return the master's body at once!
Greed: 'Fraid I can't do that.

Ran Fan: How dare-
Greed: Wake up, he's coming.

Page 3: N/A

Page 4:
Greed: Tch-

Ran Fan: Master!


Page 5:

Page 6:
Ran Fan: What are you doing?!

Ed: Don't give me that!

Your arm's not functioning right!

Greed'll have to handle this alone!

You just watch out for yourself!
Ran Fan: I don't need lecturing from the likes of you!

Page 7:
Ed: Whatever! Just focus on staying alive for now!

We're gonna need your help for what comes next, too!

Hey, pops!
Greed: You all right, Heinkel?
Heinkel: Yeah, more or less.

Page 8:
Heinkel: I'm sorry...I couldn't stop him.
Greed: It's cool.
Go lick your wounds.

We'll just have to press on.

Page 9:
Greed: Even I feel like I'm facing a monster.

Page 10:
Selim: That's a cruel thing to say to your kin, Greed.
Now, may I eat you?

Greed: I dunno, I' give you a nasty stomachache,
big bro!

Title: Chapter 88 - Familial Love

Page 11:
Ed: Al.
Wake up!


Al: H...huh?

Hohenheim: Hello.

Page 12:
Al: Where am I...
Small bubble: More buckets!
Hohenheim: A slum outside of Central called "Kanama."
Small text: Gather all the stuff!
Pitch in, men!
Al: How did I get here...

Selim Bradley's a homunculus!

Hohenheim: I know. This "Gorius" fellow told me all about it.
Darius: That's DARIUS.

Al: God damnit...
He was inside me, controlling my soul...I feel sick.

Hohenheim: They're not unlike partial copies of a copy of me...
Perhaps they're able to control your by your blood emblem so easily because you're of my blood.

Darius: Oh-
Huu: Ah ha...there they are.

Page 13:
Al: Mr. Huu!
Huu: We will talk later.
He needs first aid.

Darius: You ok?
Heinkel: Oww.

Huu: You are Edward's father, yes?
Hohenheim: And you...you're Xingese, yes?

Huu: I am.
Hohenheim: Yours is a fine nation.
Why, once I-

Heinkel: This isn't the time to swap stories!
What do we do about that shadow demon thing?!
Hohenheim: Shadow...?

The homunculus "Pride!"
Huu: Correct.
He ate that Glutto-creature and we cannot hold him off much longer.

Page 14:
Al: It's my fault...
Everyone's in danger because I let Pride get the drop on me...

Huu: The fire has made too much light, and I'm out of flash bangs.
We can no longer use our original strategy.

Darius: This is serious.
If this goes on much longer those civilians will get wrapped up in this, too.

Page 15:
Al: Dad...
You're a master Alchemist, aren't you?

Hohenheim: ...Yep.
Second to none.

Al: I've got an idea that requires your skill.

Page 16:
Selim: Aah...
Now I've got a MUCH bigger field of view...

How many more lives do you have left, Greed?

Oh ho...Hiding in natural shadows will do you no good.
I can smell you now.

Bubble: Sniff sniff

Selim: Ah.
Finally stepping into the fray?

Page 17:
Selim: Hohenheim?!

Hohenheim: A hero always waits until the last minute to save the day.

Selim: "A hero?" Do you plan on trying to defeat me?
Save your effort.

Hohenheim: Oh, I don't intend to fight you.
You're much too frightening.

Page 18:
Selim: What's he trying to pull?
Does he have some sort of plan?

Attempting to harm me with flashbangs again?

Hohenheim: Goooood...
He's focusing on me and bringing all his shadows back to the main body.
They're almost there...

Page 19:
Selim: He's attacking...?

Page 20:
Selim: ...Sneaking up while I was focused on Hohenheim?
What a pedestrian strategy.

I don't want to spread myself too thin and get hit with a flashbang again, do I?

Page 21:
Selim: Well, I finally have my hostage back.
Your kid's got a lot of learning to do.

Hohenheim: Don't EVER mock my son.

Page 22: [HOLY CRAP]

Page 23:
Selim: Wh-

Page 24:
Greed: They're huge!
Ed: And fast!

Selim: H-


Page 25: [DUDE]

Page 26:
Darius: Holy smokes! You're amazing!
Hohenheim: That was...kinda scary.

Selim: Complete darkness...
Damn you, Hohenheim...

Al: Hahaha!
All according to plan!

Now you can't use your powers.
Selim: Is that your voice, Alphonse Elric?
He trapped you, too?

Page 27:
Selim: I hardly think you should be laughing.
The moment you try to escape, I'll send my shadow out through the crack, and-

Al: I never INTENDED to try to escape.

Let's see which one of us is more patient, Selim...
Excuse me - "Pride."

My body doesn't require food, water, or even air.
You and I are going to remain here until the "Promised Day" passes us by.

Page 28:
Heinkel: Daaaamn...
Greed: How's Heinkel?
Huu: We've dressed his wounds.

Greed: And you're all right?
Huu: I am unhurt, mast-

Wait, you're Greed again!
Yeah, I'm fine, boy!
Greed: How about you, toots?

Ed: Are you NUTS?!

Page 29:
Ed: What the hell is this,

You trapped Al in there, too!
What were you thinking?!

Hohenheim: It was Al's idea.
Ed: Wh-

Hohenheim: Defeating Pride in his current state presents far too much risk.
We'll almost certainly drag innocent civilians into the fight.
So instead of beating him, we're holding him captive.

This buys us time to come up with a strategy.
Ed: Then why didn't you ask me before you-

Hohenheim: Al said, "Don't tell brother...he'll never let us do it."

Page 30:
Hohenheim: We needed him to focus all his shadows onto one central point.
Al volunteered himself - he said he was the "most suited" to handle the job.

He, in his own way, figured out how to ensure ALL of us remained alive.

Now, let's put out this forest fire,
before Al gets roasted.

Ed: f*!@...

Darius: Hm?
What the-

Page 31:
Darius: Where' Greed?

Greed: Lust is dead.
Envy's gone.
So is Gluttony!

Wrath is at the Eastern Training grounds.
Pride's trapped!

The only ones left in Central are Father and Sloth!

Page 32:
Lin: Greed!
What the hell are you thinking?!
Greed: Ghahaha!

What'd I tell you?


Page 33:
Al: Trying to drill a hole?
Don't bother.
I doubt my dad would build this structure so that a child could break it down.

Admit it, you lost.

Page 34:
Selim: I tripped...
over your head.

Al: Is he REALLY that horrifying homunculus?
Without his powers, he really does seem like a child.

Selim: Are you laughing at me?
Al: Huh?!

I, uh...
was just noticing how you really could pass for a normal child if you weren't a homunculus.

You've tricked Mrs. Bradley so easily...
Wait, is she in on it all?!
Selim: No. She's a normal human...she knows nothing.

Al: So you ARE deceiving her!
Laughing at her from the shadows!
That kind, gentle woman-

Page 35:
Selim: You're right.
"It" is known as a "good mother" to the everyday world.

Once, I was nearly run over by a car, and she jumped in front to protect me.

If I wanted, I could've moved at any time...
but her desperate attempts to save me left me utterly bewildered.

Though I have a father, there has never been anything I could refer to as a "mother." Thus, I was intrigued.

Page 36:
Selim: "Is this what it's like to have a mother...?

Though we were only pretending to be a family, I am fond of that creature.
That is the truth.

Al: Ack! Don't be fooled, don't be fooled!

So, you, uh...need us as "Sacrifices," right?

Page 37:
Al: If we'd decided to sneak off and hide in another country, all your efforts would've been for nothing.
Kind of a poor strategy, don't you think?

Selim: But you remained.

With no regard for your own safety, you returned to Central to fight.

Because you are humans.

Page 38:
Selim: We have absolute faith in the unshakable determination of the human heart.
The humans with the most exceptional drive and will are who we chose for our sacrifices.

Al: ...I can't tell if I'm being complimented or insulted.

Page 39:
Bums: Nh?

It's that Ishvalan dude!
I thought the army gotcha.

Scar: We're searching for a slum called "Kanama."
Bum1: Ah, you'll have a hell of a time lookin'.
Bum2: It's outside of town, to the south.
Bum3: Somewhere in the woods.

Bum1: Huh? Where's the kid?
The girl with the black and white cat?
Marcoh: Huh?

Bum1: She was here just a little while ago.
Scar: WHAT?!

Page 40:
Zanpano: She's not going home?
Jerun: What's gotten into her?

Marcoh: We need all the information we can get. Did you hear anything else?

Bum1: Hrmm...
Bum2: Oh!

Bradley bit the dust on the way home from the East.
Didja know that?
Chimeras: WHAAAAt?!

Marcoh: We had no idea!
Bum1: Huh? But the culprits were Ishvalan.
Scar: We had no idea.
Bum2: We were sure it was you...
Bum3: Yep.

Bum3: Anyways,
a bunch of Ishvalans have come through on the way to Central for a few days now.
Bum2: All the rumors have it that they're terrorists.
Scar: I'm aware many Ishvalans have come this way, but not for that.

Page 41:
Scar: They're my dear kinsmen, and they're trying to change the country
though means other than terrorism.

Kimblee: Oh, dear me.
I just got this suit cleaned, too.

Page 42:
Kimblee: Then again, I need to stay passionate about my work.
It's almost time to carry out my REAL task.

Text: The Crimson Alchemist returns to the fight!
What is he plotting?!
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post Oct 10 2008, 07:54 PM
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State Alchemist (Lt. Colonel)

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Thanks for the translation HisshouBuraiKen!

*goes to print it out*

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edo little kid
post Oct 10 2008, 09:12 PM
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Great !!! thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks happy.gif
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