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20 Facts About Yourself
Forsaken Love
post Sep 2 2009, 11:27 AM
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State Alchemist (Major)

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does a thread like this allready exist? I had a good look and didnt see one, but please merge or whatever if I missed it!
Anyway this is a thread on another forum I go to and I quite like it 'cause ya get to know other forum members a little better happy.gif lol of course you dont have to do 20 facts if you don't want to, you can do 10 or 30 or yeah, lol whatever ya want XD well anyway I'll start first

1) I'm half british, half Morrocan
2) I'm 5ft2
3) I wuvs animals, specially cats!
4) I have an obbsessive hatred for central heating
5) I love to act and perform
6) My favourite colour is Scarlet
7) I love the Legend of Zelda series
8) I'm interested in horoscopes and am allways reading up on them
9) I share my birthday with Buddah (April 8th)
10) I'm very lazy, one of those people who generally does well in stuff without trying, and I allways leave work to the last minuit
11) I currently own 2 rabbits, still havn't got over the loss of my cat
12) I have 5 half-syblings
13) My hair and eyes are very dark brown
14) My favourite food is smoked salmon
15) I love the Rain, and like cold weather (I do dislike the dampness afterwards though for practical reasons)
16) I enjoy horseriding
17) One of my best friend has moved to New Zealand today! *cries*
18) I'm religious, but don't class myself belonging to any particular religion, I prefer to learn about them all, I've been brought up a muslim though
19) My dream job would be to pursue my childhood hobby of writing, but I'm studying science
20) My name, is the name of a rare flower, and means sweet in persian, it's also the name of a persian princess in a romeo and julliet type story, can you guess what it is? wink.gif

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Jealous Rogo
post Sep 2 2009, 01:39 PM
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Sure why not, sounds interesting enough.

1. I'm 5''9'
2. I weigh 10st 9/10lbs
3. This time last year I weighed 13st 2lbs
4. I have dark brown hair (exciting eh?)
5. Every girl I've known suddenly one day looks at me and exclaims 'wow, you have such beautiful blue eyes!' in spite of the fact some of them had known me for years beforehand.
6. I have a huge family. At last count I have at least 21 cousins, 8 aunts and uncles, 2 grandparents, 2 parents and 1 sister, as well as various other relatives.
7. I'm Westcountry born and bred, but I now live in Lincoln in the Midlands.
8. I'm Pavophobic. I have a crippling fear of Peacocks.
9. I am about to graduate from the University of Lincoln with a Degree in Animation.
10. I have back problems, if I tweak it the wrong way I'm laid up for two or three days afterwards. This last happened a week before deadline.
11. I had my legs crossed when I was in the womb and thus had problems with my leg muscles when I was a child. Nothing major I just ran slow and had a slight inturn in my step.
12. I wanted to be a cook when I was six
13. I never listened to music until I was about eighteen. I'll explain that, I basically didn't listen to music recreationally, I just didn't. Thus I had no real taste in music. Around when I arrived in university, I got exposed to alot of music I hadn't heard before and quickly developed my own taste in music and started listening to it recreationally. Weird I know.
14. I'm impressed by the weirdest things in animation. While others will gush about action scenes and beautiful camera work, I'll pick up on hand movements, shifts and little things no one cares about. This is mostly because of my animation training, my friends are the same.
15. I hate banks
16. I insist that my DVDs, Books, Games, etc are organised in a very specific way. Usually alphabetically, and it annoys me when they are not. They currently aren't and its driving me mad. I also have a compulsion to straighten things that are crooked on shelves.
17. However my room is generally speaking, a tip 90% of the time. I'm fairly relaxed about the state of things that aren't DVDs, Books, Games, etc or aren't on shelves.
18. I used to have a heavy westcountry accent, resulting in my speaking like a farmer/pirate. I still slip into it accidentally but mostly my accent has toned down alot.
19. I struggle to tell left from right and am generally directionally useless.
20. Whilst I really some anime, I actually can't be bothered with what seems like 80% of it. I can't stand shows about nothing and even shows about mechs I find boring most of the time.

Well that was exciting wasn't it? Was struggling to think of stuff by the end haha.


Please check out my comic if you have the time
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post Sep 2 2009, 03:05 PM
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Gallery Mod Emeritus

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I'll give it a go:

1. My name is Heather
2. I'm Irish/German
3. I have blue eyes
4. My hair is naturally blond but I dye it black...
5. I love anything Japanese, people, art, music, culture etc.
6. I have two cats
7. I live in a one bedroom apartment.
8. Where I live, it get down to -30 in the winter.
9. I'm a merchandise supevisor at Walmart
10. My favorite colors are pink, black and teal
11. I have a teal iPod
12. I have two Oscars, both are about 9 inches long
13. I bought a Japanese fan that's hand painted in oil paint for 40 dollars... what a steal!
14. My shoe size is 12 women's ohmy.gif
15. I love to read yaoi happy.gif
16. I love walking down the street late at night when the snow is falling.
17. I'm married
18. I collect cobalt glassware
19. I'm 24 years old
20. I'm a huge fan of the Detroit Redwings wub.gif

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post Sep 3 2009, 01:54 AM
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Moderator Emeritus

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Moved to Spam Central. Staying open for the time being unless a similar topic is found.


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post Sep 3 2009, 05:53 PM
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From: Totoro's tree
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This should be fun >:D

1. I have honey brown hair and sea green eyes.
2. I am half Lebanese, half Iraqi.
3. Because my appearance doesn't match with people's stereotypes of a 'normal' arab, I get mistaken for a million other nationalities.
4. No one can ever seem to pronounce/spell my name correctly.
5. I am 15.
6. I am the youngest of 6 girls (and have a ridiculousy large family)
7. I have lived in London all my life. It's pretty.
8. People seem to think I will go into architechture or something arty/creative - I really want to go into science.
9. I hate it when people are late.
10. I have grudges against inanimate objects and shapes.
11. I like to stay up all night and sleep all day.
12. I will be starting school in 3 days and have never been so underprepared.
13. My dad wants me to write a book. I don't see that ever happening.
14. I strongly dislike ignorance.
15. I am a student librarian.
16. Michael Jackson died on my birthday.
17. I love bluetack.
18. I don't like going outside (London has too many people/crowds/pigeons)
19. I don't value music more than life. I only listen to it to pass the time.
20. I'm glad I've reached number 20 because I was really starting to struggle.

Edit - Oh yeah, and I'm pretty antisocial so the likelihood of me making friends on this site is 0-12%
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post Sep 3 2009, 08:45 PM
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Special Ops (Piratical Gallery Enforcement)

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Eh... why not?

1. I have light brown hair with natural blond highlights.
2. My eyes are brown in the middle, greenish-hazel, then out to the dark-ish blue I had as a baby.
3. I'm 5'7", tall on my mom's side of the family, short on my dad's.
4. I'm mostly German, but also Italian, Scottish, Dutch, Flemish, and a few other things.
5. I live near several bodies of water, the largest (and closest) being Puget Sound.
6. I am a freshman at the University of Washington this year.
7. I have 2 older brothers, but both my mom and my dad come from large families, so there's no shortage of people in my life.
8. I'm pretty concerned with being on-time, despite my family's long-standing propensity for tardiness.
9. I can't sleep through unnatural sounds. Earthquakes? Usually. Thunderstorms? Yep. Rain? I'd be sunk if I couldn't.
10. I'm very much a morning person.
11. Music is a very important part of my life, despite my inablility to play much of anything.
12. Writing and reading are two of my strongest passions.
13. On the whole, I'm more introverted, but I still love to get out and meet people, or even just people-watch.
14. I have a rather eclectic group of friends from high school.
15. I'm 19 and still love my stuffed animals.
16. I went to Catholic school K-12th grade. (Not the same one all 13 years, thankfully.)
17. I love salad, sushi, and nutella with a burning passion, but food in general is good. smile.gif
18. I live in comfy clothing. It must first be appropriate, then functional, then comfortable, THEN stylish.
19. I have a pretty nasty temper if I don't eat at regular intervals.
20. Babysitting has taught me some of my most important lessons and skills.


Credit goes to Causmicfire for my avatar

The Royai Day party might be over, but the fun never stops!
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Thank you to all those who contributed!

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post Sep 4 2009, 09:37 PM
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I'll join in.

1. I am an Atheist
2. My Mother's Family is 100% British
3. I am the Second Child of my Family to be born in America
4. My Father's family is composed of Italian Americans
5. My Hero, Idol, and all other things of the sort, is John Lennon
6. I am on a slow slow road to learning an Instrument
7. Said Instrument is the Bass Guitar
8. It may have already been implied with the Lennon worship, but I'm a Beatles Fan
9. I am a Very Very sarcastic person
10. I am Anti-Authority
11. A big fan of Sci-fi
12. Got into Anime due to a person I once hated
13. My Step-Father is a good opposite of me, but is still a man I like don't mind living with
14. I was born in New Jersey and moved to Texas Three years ago. Please save me.
15. My Mother and Father are divorced, and live in separate states.
16. I am a Gamer
17. I have a messy messy room
18. Oddly enough, the rest of the rooms (I own the upstairs) are rather clean.
19. I Am Pessimistic
20. I Would like to be someone who works in a Social field

There you are than. Enjoy.


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post Sep 5 2009, 09:26 AM
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Brigadier General

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Interesting thread.

1.I got reddish brown curly hair.
2.I got blue/green/gray eyes.
3.I love reading.
4.I want to be a writer/librarian/book store owner in the future.
5.I was born in Germany.
6.I lived in the United States until I was *counts on fingers* 11/12
7.I lived in Buffalo NY.
8.I'm currently living in Italy. Save me too.
9.I've got 2 little brothers (biologically anyway >>) and a little devil sister.
10.My favorite band is My Chemical Romance.
11.My favorite movies are Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Johnny Depp X3) and The Lost Boys.
12.I've been told many times that I must be a vampire.
13.I USED to like Twilight until it became a pop idol to everybody....
14.I still don't think Edward Cullen is all that hot movie or book version.
15.I'm a L/Near/Mello/Matt supporter~
16.I love Soul Eater if you couldn't guess from my current avvy/signature.
17.I'm an RP-fanatic.
18.I like Pokemon.
19.I LOVE Yu-Gi-Oh.
20.I think Mike Teevee from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a big brat. DX

I'd much rather to be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not:Andre Gide
I do not own the avvy or siggy!

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post Sep 5 2009, 02:28 PM
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A sentient plant of some kind
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<Program Note>

Oh dear, this thread has quickly degraded into a spam chat thread. huh.gif Time for some more Mod works...

@DNA Is a Spy and DoxyWings, and Kari_Neko to lesser extent- I took out a large number of your off topic chat posts about Texas, Obama, ax murderer, etc. from this thread. Just because a thread is in Spam Central, that doesn't mean you can hijack any thread here and start going off with your own off topic discussions and chats. Even in Spam Central, our usual Forum Posting decorum would apply to the threads here. You know that, right? smile.gif


@Forsaken Love and DoxyWings - I moved your posts discussing about your nationality/ethnicity/heritage stuff to Your Nationality & Heritage thread where you can talk about your nationality/heritage in length. Please go on with your discussion on your nationality and heritage on that thread. (Except your chat about what time you wake up, etc.... these are personal chat, and off topic there, so please continue that via PM.) smile.gif


Note to Chiyo - I appreciate your original moving of the thread. ^^ But, with this quick degrading of the thread "incident" in Spam Central, if it's all right with you, I'd like to try moving the thread back to Open Chat forum, and see if the thread'd fare better there. ^^
We have a collection of other "personal info on our members" threads located there also, so I think this thread could fit there all right. biggrin.gif
(But, if you feel otherwise, please feel free to bring it back to Spam Central. IMO, I think this could go in either forums, and either forum is quite fine IMO. ^^)


All done. Took out or moved a couple of dozens of off topic posts from the thread, and moved the thread from Spam Central to Open Chat forum.

~ Now everyone, please continue posting more of "20 Facts About Yourself." biggrin.gif


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post Sep 8 2009, 04:03 PM
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From: Earth
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Gender: Female

Here ye goes:

1. I'm Chinese, though my dad was born in Vietnam and my Mom was born in Taiwan.
2. I'm a shorty, ~4'10" (149 cm for you metric people). Like Edward, what a coincidence.
3. Cats. Love them. I want one but my family insists on a dog. sad.gif
4. Cold-weather is love. Guess that is because I'm born in January. biggrin.gif
5. I'm 13 years 7 months 16 days 17 hours 50 minutes and 34 seconds at the time of writing.
6. Laziness! I'm lazy lazy lazy. Bleh.
7. I somehow maintain a 4.0 at school, even though I'm really lazy and do everything at the last minute. Srsly.
8. I'm a clean freak.
9. For some reason, my room's always a mess, which contradicts #8.
10. I like pie.
11. And Mudkips.
12. Previous two statements are a lie.
13. I hate it when people go slow-- walking slow in front of me, taking too long to get things, etcetc. It baffles me.
15. Been Photoshoppin since I was 8, coding since I was 9.
16. Bet you didn't notice I missed 14.
17. [you just checked if 14 was missing, right?]
14. I've read Twilight but I haven't read Harry Potter
18. Fanfiction is fun.
19. No, I hate Twilight. Now stop telling me about your pretty sparkly vampire. It gets annoying. Please please please, if you're going to obsess, don't go to me. Yeah, I DID read it. Uh huh. Kay. I don't care if you slap me since I didn't love it. Grr. Go away. Geez.
20. 90 pounds. [40.8 kg]

[ ]
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post Sep 9 2009, 08:59 AM
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Group: Members
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From: Germantown, MD
Member No.: 63,564

Let's do this!

1. My name is Adam.
2. I'm 23 years old; 24 in November
3. I live near Washington DC, but grew up in upstate NY
4. I'm a meteorologist (forecast the weather), but not on tv
5. I love nerdy stuff like anime and video games
6. And then more typical guy stuff like sports and metal
7. I graduated from Penn State 2+ years ago, and I miss those 4 years dearly (espeically once I turned 21 wink.gif)
8. My hair is currently far shorter than I like (looks like I'm joining the army) due to a grave mistake by the barber yesterday
9. I'm 5'10 and weigh ~140lbs
10. I moved into my own apartment a month ago (previously lived with a roommate for 2 years) and it's AMAZING.
11. I went to a few anime club meetings at PSU, but didn't stick with it because super-duper geeky anime people scare me (sorry if that offends anyone!)
12. I desperately want a slice of NY cheese pizza
13. I love thunderstorms and huge snowstorms
14. Back to sports...baseball - Mets, football - Giants, college football - Penn State, basketball - Knicks, hockey - Rangers, soccer - meh
15. Back to video games...just beat Batman: Arkham Asylum - well, 88% done with it (the challenge rooms are BRUTAL)
16. I watch a lot of tv and movies...a lot...way too much. What else is there to do on weekdays after work!?
17. Thank god for FMA:B, because I haven't found another super-fun anime to watch in at least a year
18. I think Fotia has an awesome sense of humor
19. I think tombow is a kickarse moderator
20. I'd love to live in either Europe or Japan for just a couple years..we'll see if that ever works out
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post Sep 9 2009, 09:33 AM
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State Alchemist (Lt. Colonel)

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From: California
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Gender: Female

Aha, I'll bite~

1) I should be reading for my theology class right now.
2) I'm currently obsessed with D.Gray-man.
3) I'm 20 years old, but I have the tolerance of someone about four times my age when it comes to excessive noise after 9:30 pm.
4) The West Wing makes me infinitely happy, as do real life medical shows.
5) 6/7 days out of the week are spent worrying about clinicals. The other day is spent going to clinicals.
6) I procrastinate like no other.
7) I could probably watch wedding programs all day and be perfectly content.
8) I am deathly afraid of spiders.
9) I am also scared of crabs because they remind of spiders. With shells. And claws.
10) I love Trader Joe's.
11) Oprah is one of my heroes.
12) I crave salty foods on a regular basis, which is bad because we don't need any more salt.
13) I am a horrible, horrible cook.
14) Although I make pretty bomb macaroni and cheese from the box.
15) I'm halfway through with nursing school and just learned how to start/manage IVs \o/
16) My three most visited sites on firefox are Yahoo, the Mangashare forums, and Facebook haha.
17) I can't handle weather over 68 degrees F DX
18) My favorite mangaka is Clamp
19) Today is my last day of work sad.gif I need to get another job.
20) I've been having a really hard time finding quinoa sad.gif

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post Sep 9 2009, 11:06 AM
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Group: Members
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Member No.: 70,600

Looks like fun:

1) I'm British...
2) but I was born in America. Yay duel citizenship!! happy.gif
3) As bad as stereotypes are, I live up to the english stereotype pretty well - cream tea is my life.
4) I'm very much addicted to glitter glue, I swear it cures all ills. (not in a glue sniffing way, in a ooh shiny kinda way)
5) I was forced to return to the dreaded SCHOOL today sad.gif
6) Which sadly is all girls
7) I was born at midnight...ooh spooky!
8) I, like Aribelle, cannot cook to save my life - once, I cooked porridge on a trangea and by the time I was done with it, there were mysterious red, black, and green things floating in it. Yummeh.
9) Very obsessed with lockets.
10) Ooh ohh we're half way theeere, ooh oh! Living on a prayer...
11) The 'His Dark Materials' trilogy rocks ma socks.
12) As does Pirates of the Caribbean (I want Johnny Depp's hat so much!!)
13) But alas, I would make a awful pirate. I'm a coward, I would cry if I had to kill someone, and I hate rum. Very sad.
14) I'm a feminist (no, I don't hate men, burn bras, or want to abort babies like there is no tomorrow tongue.gif). I really fail quite badly at living up to feminist stereotypes.
15) Olives are tasty!
16) I'm a veggie.
17) As well as FMA, Inuyasha rocks my world (yep, I know it has more than a few issues, but I luffs it anyway).
18) Mika is my favorite singer and his hair excites me tongue.gif.
19) Is my lucky number
20) Blah.
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Forsaken Love
post Sep 9 2009, 11:10 AM
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State Alchemist (Major)

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From: Britania
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'his dark materials' trilogy is epic awesome, I dislike the ending though XD

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post Sep 9 2009, 11:21 AM
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Moderator Emeritus

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Gender: Not Telling

Yes Tombow thats fine, and on the subject of spamming, please don't do it Forsaken Love ^

Glad to see this thread is proving popular with many of you taking part. It's a simple way to learn about everyones tastes but also a deeper way for new members to introduce themselves. On one last note, the British are coming!


Avatar & Sig by me.
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