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"do"s And "don't"s When You See Troll, If you see troll on our board, please follow these recommendations
post Feb 7 2010, 04:52 PM
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Hello our fellow members, if you see any TROLL on our board, we ask you to kindly follow these steps.

First, let us show what NOT to do:

*Please DO NOT RESPOND to any troll posts. Yes, you heard it correctly. This includes, not making any reply posts with the contents that are directly or indirectly replying to the troll's post(s,) and further, NOT including any such post content/comments as part of your regular posting.

(If you post any such, then the board may possibly delete such post content of yours without further notice, as the board staff may not have sufficient time to make any edit note while they are dealing with such troll. Please excuse us in advance on this. ^^)

Second, please do the following:

*As stated above, please COMPLETELY IGNORE the troll posts.

*Please report to the board by making a post with the link to the page where that troll activity is occurring, on Forum Police Station thread.
- If possible, please try to AVOID using REPORT button, as this may cause a ruckus to our "off-duty" staff members. smile.gif

*If you see some other member is posting and responding to the troll's posts, please do NOT post and say such as "you should ignore it" blah blah, but instead PM that member and ask him/her to kindly STOP responding to the troll IMMEDIATELY, and further, please ask him/her to DELETE any such reply content he/she had made on the thread. (You can tell him/her that you are sending the PM as directed by the board announcement, and add the link to this announcement on your PM, and ask him/her to read the following note. ^^)

(*If you did not know and initially reacted to the troll and made some reply to the troll, and then got PM from other members asking you to STOP responding to the troll, then PLEASE STOP responding to the troll IMMEDIATELY. And further, if you can, please DELETE any and all of such responses you have made from your posts. Your replying to the troll is not only NOT helping the board, but further, it is AIDING the troll by making the commotion larger, and making it WORSE. Therefore, if, after repeatedly asked by other members to stop responding, and yet you refuse to exercise your due control and keep responding to the troll, then YOU, yes you may also get the Warning points from the board for "creating disturbance," as your such action is indeed making the situation much worse for our board staff to handle.
...Therefore, to avoid all this, if asked by other members to STOP responding, please STOP responding to the troll IMMEDIATELY. biggrin.gif )


Over the years, we found this way to be the most efficient and effective way of dealing with such troll activities on our board.
We understand that some of you would love to "get in on the action" and start interacting with such troll. However, on our board, please do not follow your temptation to respond to the troll posts, and instead leave any such interactions (if any,) and handling of the troll to the board staff.

We appreciate your cooperation!! Thank you!! biggrin.gif


ETA: To those who are not sure what "troll" is:
The word "troll," on our board, refers to someone who comes to the thread with a sole purpose of inciting and stirring up troubles, annoying other members, and/or disrupting the discussion for his/her own amusement. They usually have no interest in earnestly joining the discussion, but often come into the discussion with the false pretense, then quickly spew out some flaming and inciting words or contents to stir up anger among normal posting members, for his/her "fun." They are, almost always, non-regular posting members, mostly newly registered just for the sole purpose of trolling, or someone registered while ago, but hasn't made any post, or seldom posted till then. Trolls are also, generally speaking, desperate attention seekers, so much so that they would seek any attention, even NEGATIVE attentions (as that is still some form of attention directed toward him/her,) by posting flaming words or contents in hopes of causing angers in some of normal posters so that these angered member would RESPOND to his/her posting in some way (i.e. pay attention to him/her.) The word "troll" comes from "trolling" method of fishing, as in, these trolls would come in and set out "flaming words" as a bait, in hopes of hooking angered members with their responses and attentions towards him/her.
Therefore, if any of you would get angry at what the troll has posted and posts in response, you are in fact falling right into the troll's hand and you are giving that troll exactly what him/her wants. On the other hand, if all of us would completely ignore the troll's presence and deny him/her of any attention, trolls would usually eventually shrivel up and disappear, or go self-destruct, as in posting more and more inciting content in hopes of catching someone, anyone who would get mad and respond, resulting in eventual ban by the board staff.

<Closing the thread to prevent spam postings. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM our Moderators. smile.gif >


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