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As The World Ends--- Quick Scribblings In The Wake Of Ch. 104, SPOILERS OH LORD SPOILERS OH GOSH
Katya Martin
post Feb 7 2010, 10:47 PM
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...I Have Observed That Every Word In The Topic Gets Capitalized And It Kind Of Bothers Me

Well, we've all pretty much gone into shock over Chapter 104. I mean, really. Whoa. WHOA. ...AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH.

But after we stop screaming and shaking our monitors, we all react differently. We're thinking about different implications.
And so I started wondering, What was everyone outside Father's lair experiencing as the "ashes, ashes, we all fall down" bit was occurring? We know they felt something... but what? What were they seeing? Did they see the Truth?
I took a guess, and, since I feel like I'm not good enough to capture the viewpoint of any important canon characters properly, wrote the scene through the eyes of three of my FMA-verse OC's. Oh, and COMMENTS PLZ.
A couple anti-confusion statements: The stories, if you can call them that, are all happening at the same time. Also, the second character's a chimera.
So, without further ado:

As the World Ends

It wasn't supposed to be a day too far out of the ordinary. There was going to be an eclipse; a lot of people had taken off work to see it, but she hadn't seen a point in doing so.

The streets were dim as she walked along; the sun was nearly covered by now. People were crowded outside, darkened glasses and other eye protections at the ready. Some waved as she passed; the Clockwork Alchemist was becoming more well-known. She smiled and waved back, continuing on her way.

The crowd's chatter crescendoed as the moon slid into place directly in front of the sun. Suddenly the "oohs" and "ahhs" turned to cries of fear as a tremor rippled through the ground. She stumbled, but did not fall. "Earthquake!" someone yelled.

She took a quick look around to see if anyone was badly hurt. People seemed to be all right. She began to scan again, to look for any imminent danger, finding none--

And then it hit. A sharp pain ran through her chest, like something was ripping her insides apart-- she gasped, her eyes widened in fear, her hand went to her chest, she stumbled-- people around her were acting similarly, falling like dominoes-- then she was tumbling forward

and her senses went mad

light, dark

screaming, silence

multitudes, desolation

all, one---

Her body hit the ground.



There was something horribly wrong with today. She didn't know what; there just was. The town dogs and horses were all going crazy. She figured they must be worse off than her, having the full intuition of animals; she only had traces of it. Which was more than enough; she was all jumpy, the hair on the back of her neck wouldn't go down, she could hardly keep from transforming and running for the hills. It's just an eclipse, you idiot, you're not in danger.

The normals in the slums were all well and happy, all gathered outside to watch the event. She paced back and forth down the alley. Sense told her to stay inside if the eclipse was screwing her up so much, but nerves had made her claustrophobic.

A cheer went up as the sun was finally defeated. A wave of animal terror ran washed over her, her shoes were off, her ears swiveled every which way, trying to pick up the threat. The ground shook, pitching her forward off her hooves. She was back up in an instant, listening for threats over the screaming of the humans.

Pain ripped through her, pain much like what she had felt when the shots had hit her-- those bastards in Command, this had to have something to do with them-- she was hit, falling on the battlefield

she kicked at the hands that grasped her

kicked at the air as she fell

she was everywhere---

She lay in the street.



His boss had no sense of fun, he thought; keeping everyone hard at work during the eclipse had been a mean sort of move to make. He chucked the now-empty crate up onto the bed of the truck. His buddy was dealing with the customers, so he leaned against the truck for a moment, sneaking a sideways look at the sun through his sunglasses. He knew it was a bad idea, but it was so tempting to look... The sun was nearly there now.

He got into the passenger side of the truck, waiting for his pal. On to the next delivery... His friend returned, starting up the truck. As they drove along, the sun vanished behind the moon. He echoed the cheers of excited passersby.

The ground bucked and the truck lurched; the driver slammed on the brakes, cursing. People were panicking, running out in the street; they couldn't go anywhere. "Turn on the truck, we're gonna be stuck here," he suggested.

"Yeah. I'm gonna go see what's going on." The driver tossed him the keys and got out; he sat staring out the window, wondering what could have caused the quake.

Suddenly it felt as though he'd been stabbed; he pitched forward, grabbing onto the dashboard for support-- something was very, very wrong-- the pain increased and his face hit the dashboard

his mind was exploding

a cacophony of light

he felt screaming

heard eternity---

The truck's keys dropped from his hand.


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