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Chapter 83 "Regular" Discussion Thread For First Time Readers (and Others), No future chapter spoilers here, please. :)
Cherry Blossom A...
post May 13 2008, 09:02 AM
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If anyone wants the raw in one file here it is ^^
Also see the thread that sto created!

Chapter 83 RAW
Chapter 83 RAW gq

Credit goes to KaNx from Mangahelpers ^^
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post May 13 2008, 09:04 AM
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State Alchemist (Lt. Colonel)

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Thanks, Sto!

I made a couple mirrors just in case:




Did Grumman smack Rebecca on the butt?
askljasdkjXD awesome chapter! Oh, and Ed still has her earrings/incoherency

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Cherry Blossom A...
post May 13 2008, 09:04 AM
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Thanks for the raw sto and welcome to the site!
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edo little kid
post May 13 2008, 09:15 AM
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really really taaaaaaaanks Woooooooooow
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post May 13 2008, 10:12 AM
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@sto - Many many thanks!! And, welcome to the board!! That page by page view really helps me!! *hugs!!* ^^ Looking forward to seeing many of your posts here!! happy.gif

@Causmicfire - Thanks for making mirrors!!! ^^

Gah, I'm so LOLing on this one!! XDD
Attached File  Armstrongs.JPG ( 22.58K ) Number of downloads: 44

ETA: I will move this to the other chapter 83 thread so that it will be all in one thread. ^^


@Cherry Blossom Alchemist - Thanks!! ^^


I will park here and post the translation here for now.
Let me go and read the chapter first. ^^


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post May 13 2008, 10:42 AM
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Hope all of you like it rolleyes.gif
I had a bad scanner, so that the pics are not clear dry.gif

The files from KaNx from Mangahelpers also are my files.
I feel a bit sad about KaNx has not posted the file is from here huh.gif
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post May 13 2008, 11:36 AM
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From: By Yon Bonnie Banks
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Thank you very much Sto and Cherry Blossom Alchemist for the raw! I was anticipating the raw to come out a bit latter, but this is a pleasant surprise. Thank you Tombow for both your summary translation and your translation of the raw. This looks like one heck of a great chapter; I am getting anxious waiting for the raw to download to my computer. (All right, I am looking at the raw now and I have to say that page 24 makes me happy. Izumi is the scariest housewife ever. Sig must be proud.)

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post May 13 2008, 11:45 AM
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Ok, here we go... (For now, this is my quick translation, and subject to editing later... ^^)

Chapter 83: "The Day of Promise" (This is still a tentative title ^^)
(Page by page view is courtesy of sto)

Page 1 (Click for the view of the each page, click again on + for the enlarged view of the page)
Tons of empty food containers....
Ling: "Bhaaaaah!!"
Ling: "Finally, coming to my senses! Thanks! That was good!"
Ed: "As usual, you eat like a horse, damn it."
Lion Chimera guy: "He emptied out all our emergency rations."
Caption on the side: Reunited, and he is not Greed, but Ling...
Ling: "And, those fellows are your company?"
Ed: "This is Mr. Gorilla, and..."
Monkey Chimera: "I'm Darīus."
Lion Chimera: "I'm Heinkel."
Heinkel: "We used to belong to the Army, but now we are accompanying this kid."
Heinkel (Lion Chimera) to Ed: "Who is this one?"
Ed: "Ummm, how should I explain..."
Ling: "I'm a homunculus."
Ed: "Yeah, he is homun... Eh?" "You can just say like that?"

Page 2
Darīus (Monkey Chimera): "Homunculus... Are you serious?"
Ed: "Yeah... It's a long story, but yes, it's true."
Ed: "Why are you here?"
SFX (In small letters) You surprised the heck out of me.
Ling: "Greed cut the tie with Homunculi gang, and I took over the control of my body again during his mental turmoil."
Ling: "I thought about a place to hide out near Central and this place was... " "Eh!!"
SFX Agh...
Ed: "What's happening?"
Ling: "This is not good......"
Ling: "Greed is appearing again..."
Ed: "Hey, hey, hey. Wait, wait!!"
Heinkel: "?" "What?"

Page 3
Ed: "Fight! Don't lose! Stay with us!"
SFX Bonk Bonk Bonk Bonk
SFX (Ling) "......."
Ling: "Listen, Ed!"
Ling: "That so-called 'Father' who is in the underground Central," "He is going to open the door on the forthcoming THAT day!"
Ling: "This is just my guess as an amateur, but..." "Maybe, if you two brothers would jump in there then, you both might be able to get back your bodies again?"
Ed: "...!!"

Page 4
Ed: "Eh, wait," "That could be so, but......" "To open the door, the passing fee will be required, and..."
Ed: "That one, why is he opening the door?" "What about the 'the forthcoming that day'? Is there a certain day to open the door?"
Ling: "That is..."
SFX (Ling) "...!"
Ling: "Aw?!"
Ed: "Ling?! Hey!!"
Ling: "This is not good..." "Damn... Don't you show up yet..."
Ling: "The message..."
Ed: "?"
Ling: "Have you given..." "My message to RanFan?"

Page 5
Ed: "Your message...?" "Ah! That one!"
Ed: "Yes, Al gave that to her!" "RanFan is safe!" "Although, I don't know where she is now..."
Ling: "I see..." "That is good..."
Ling: "Ugh..."
Ed: "Ling?!"
Ling: "Sorry... That one's consciousness is becoming stronger..." "I can no longer...."
Ling: "...stay out....
(Greed is coming back)

Page 6
Greed: "....Hmmm" "Ah..."
Greed: "That damn Xing prince... Blabbing out things unnecessarily."
Ed: "!"
Ed: "Greed?'
Greed: "That's right."
Greed: "Hey hey, stop it." "You can't kill me with that thing."
Greed: "Excuse me to have intruded you."
Ed: "H.. hey!"
Ed: "Are you going to let us go?"
Greed: "Huh? Let you go?"

Page 7
Greed: "As the other one has just told you," "I cut the tie with Homunculi gang." "I had a confusion with my memory, and attacked Bradley."
Greed: "Now, I have no idea what will happen if I go back. Therefore, I decided to just walk away and...."
Greed: "I'm going to live as I please by myself." "Bye."
Ed: "Then, wouldn't you like to join us?"

Page 8
Ed: "If you don't have a place to go, come with us."
Greed: "What kind of silly talk is that." "You know I am a homunculus, right?"
Ed: "Heh! If you want to talk about that, these guys are Chimeras!"
Darīus and Heinkel: "Whoa, you..."
SFX (Ed) Heh
Ed: "I don't make a big deal if the person is not a normal human!"
SFX (Darīus) He just blurted out about our secret...
Ed: "...Aw, wait. Um? Am I the only normal human here? I am the minority?"
Heinkel: "As I said, stop inviting every abnormal ones you encounter to be your company at the whim."
Heinkel: "Let me be clear. We came along with you only because we didn't like the way Kimbley has treated us. That's all!" "If you'll let it come to your head, we will just walk away and leave you alone behind, get it, kid?!"
Greed: "Be your company, you say...?" "Company, huh?" "That's a good one!"

Page 9
Greed: "Don't be fool!" "I'm going to own everything in this world!"
Greed: "If you are going to be my underlings, then I will consider joining your gang."
SFX Creak Creak Creak Creak
SFX creak creak creak creak
Darīus: "Should we let him walk away?"
Heinkel: "He may change his mind, and let our enemies know about us here."
Ed: "It will be fine."
Ed: "That one doesn't lie."

Page 10
Ed: "...........'The forthcoming THAT Day' ?"
Ed: "That beard bastard is going to open the Door...?" "Is he?"
Greed: "I wonder why..." "Inside me are so many souls. Yet, ever since that turmoil with my memory, I feel empty inside myself."
Greed: "I am..." "Alone."
Ling: "Then, you should join Ed and the gang."

Page 11
Ling: "Or, if you don't like that option, give me back the control of this body." "I will become the Emperor of Xing and fill in your emptiness."
Greed: "Becoming the leader of a country, you say..."
Ling: "It's a big ambition, isn't it?"
Greed: "Ha! You, kid!" "That's small, small!"
SFX (Ling) "Ding"
Greed: "If you're going to be a leader...
SFX Grin

Page 12
Greed: "How about becoming a leader of this whole world?"
Ed: "He~y" "He~~y!"
Ed: "Hey, Ling!" "Wait!"
Greed: "What, you again?

Page 13
Greed: "I told you. I am Greed."
Ed: "Yeah, yeah, Ling, or Greed, whichever." "How about calling you GreeLing!"
Greed: "...Whom are you calling GreeLing?"
Ed: "I will become your underling."
Greed: "....................................Huh?"
Ed: "I'm saying, I will be your underling. " "And, that means, these guys who are following me will be your underlings also!"
Darīus and Heinkel: "Huh?!"
Darīus: "You damn kid, what are you deciding without even asking us?!" "Who are you referring to by ones 'following you'?"
Heinkel: "Don't you get presumptuous, you tiny bean!! Shrimp!! A little squirt!!
SFX Bonk Bonk Wham Kick Bonk
Ed: "It's not that I'm small, it's the world that's too big, damn it!!"

Page 14
Ed: "Come to think of it, at the moment I decided to become a dog of military, I have given up my pride!" "After that, it's no big deal wagging my tail and following the master now."
Ed: "Besides,"
Ed: "I can't let myself give way to my feelings and miss this opportunity and the access to the information, can I?" "This is the once in a life time opportunity!"

Page 15
Greed: "Ha ha!" "Gwahaha!! This is interesting!!"
Greed: "Fine!!" "Do you understand that becoming my underling means you will become an outcast, don't you?" "Don't you regret it later!"
Ed: "Don't take me lightly!! I know a thing or two about truly being regret, as I have done things that made me regret far worse than this."
Darīus: "What kind of logic is that?"
Greed: "Well then, you guys will be my underlings also."
Heinkel: "Fine, make us whatever, as it pleases you."
Darīus: "Fine, I will stop being picky about who is our boss as long as we are being fed."
SFX Slump
Greed: "What kind of chimeras are you?"
Darīus: "I'm a Gorilla."
Heinkel: "I'm a Lion."
Greed: "Ha, that's cool."
Ed: "Ah?"
SFX Clink

Page 16
Ed: "I'm still holding Winry's earrings."
Ed: "I will be an outcast..." "It looks like I am not going to able to see Al nor Winry for a while."
SFX Grip
SFX Rustle
Olivier: "Please retire, father."
(Sparkles abound)
Mr. Armstrong: "You've come home after a long absence, and what is this abrupt talk of my retirement."
Olivier: "I'm suggesting you to turn the control of our family estate to me, and spend the rest of your life in relaxed retirement."

Page 17
Mr. Armstrong: "I intend to pass on the control of our family estate to Alex."
Olivier: "A spineless coward like him will only disgrace our Armstrong family name."
Mr. Armstrong: "..............."
Olivier: "How about turning over everything to me, and enjoy a relaxed vacation abroad."
Alex: "Elder sister!" "You're home!"
Alex: "If you're coming to visit, if you have told me..."
Mr. Armstrong: "Oh, Alex, this is a good timing."
Mr. Armstrong: "Fight Olivier."
Alex: "Huh?"

Page 18
Mr. Armstrong: "I will pass on the control of our family estate to whichever wins the fight. Is that fine, Olivier?"
Olivier: "That is exactly my wish."
Alex: "What?!"
Mr. Armstrong: "Olivier told me to retire and go elsewhere."
Alex: "How insolent!!"
Alex: "MMmmm..." "What a impudence you've committed against our father, elder sister!!"
Alex: "Fine, then!!"
SFX Flap
Alex: "I will fight you with all my fighting spirit, all my strength, all my muscle!!"
SFX Challenge!
Olivier: "That's gutsy of you, Alex!!" "I will make you realize what an inexperienced amateur you are!!"
SFX Accept!!

Page 19
Mr. Armstrong: "Well then, where shall we go for our vacation?"
Mrs. Armstrong: "How about Xing, my dear?" "I hear they have fine food there."
SFX Thud Slam Clash Bang Wham
SFX (Alex) "Nua!!" (Olivier) "What's the matter?" (Alex)"I'm not done yet." (Olivier) "Take this!!"
Mr. Armstrong: "Well then, wi will go there." "Cathrine, come along."
Cathrine: "Yes, father."
Maids: "Have a nice trip, master."
SFX Stab Bang Ram Thud Crunch
SFX (Alex) "H, hold there, sister." (Olivier) "No time out" (Alex) "Are you going to kill me?" (Olivier) "Have you realized it just now?!" (Alex) "Wait, elder sister~~~"
Cathrine: "Fight well, elder brother."
SFX Clash Thud (Alex) "Ngya!!"
Catherine: "What shall we bring back as a souvenir for elder sister and elder brother?"
Mr. Armstrong: "How about an elephant? It's big and strong."
SFX (Mr. Armstrong) Ha ha ha (Mrs. Armstrong) Ho ho ho
SFX Bang Clash
SFX (Alex) "Nooooo!!"
SFX Swing
SFX Twirl Twirl
Olivier: "And, it's decided."
SFX Click

Page 20
Olivier: "I will take over the control of the Armstrong family."
SFX Goooong
SFX (Olivier) Flap
Alex: "Agh..." "Elder sister..."
Alex: "I hear that you are being chummy with the top brass of the military these days..." "Why...? These top officers are..."
Olivier: "........" "I'm judging it myself, by witnessing it on my own eyes."
Alex: "And, after seeing them yourself, you decided to send our father and the family to foreign country so that they can not be taken as hostages?"
Olivier smiles.
Olivier: "Loser, begone!" "This mansion is mine now."

Page 21
SFX Slam
SFX Thud
Mason: "As I'm saying, please stop coming over again and again!!"
Mason: "We will contact you when Mrs. Izumi comes back!!"
Mason: "Right now, I'm taking care of everything for this meat shop by myself. If you keep bothering me this often I can't run the shop!!"
SFX Ring Ring Ring
Mason: "Hello, this is Curtis' Meat Shop! Ah! Thank you for your continuing patronage! Yes, we have the one your ordered!"
Soldier: "We'll be back again."
SFX Ding ding
Mason: "Yes, yes! Please come as customers once in a while also!"

Page 22
SFX Ding ding
SFX Shut
Mason: "Sorry. I had military soldiers." "Yes."
Mason: "You have a message from Alphonse, and someone named Hohenheim."
Sig (in the North): "Aha, I see..."
Sig: "That is some large scale operation."
"'The Day of Promise'...."

Page 23
In the North.
SFX Bang Bang
SFX Dash Dash
SFX "Haff" "Haff" "Haff"
SFX Dash Dash
Soldier: "Damn! Everyone is taken down!!"
SFX Bang
Soldier: "James! Get the communication to the Headquarters..."
Soldier: "James, ahhhh!!"
Soldier: "Headquarters!! This is sentry watch point P!!" "We are under attack!!"
SFX Bang Bang
SFX (soldier) "Damn!!"
HQ: "What?!" Is that by Drachma?!"
Sentry soldier: "Not certain!!"
HQ: "What is the size of the enemy group?!"
Sentry soldier: "One person!!"
HQ: "One person?! Who is this?!"
SFX (another sentry soldier who was shooting out) "Agh."
SFX Thud
Sentry soldier: "Heh?!"

Page 24
SFX Tread
SFX Wooosh
HQ: "Who is the attacker?!" "Hey, Point P!" "WHO IS THE ATTACKER?!"
Izumi: "A wife."
SFX Woooosh
Sentry soldier: "...As you heard."

Page 25
Briggs fort
SFX Tread Tread Tread
Miles: "An attack on the mountain patrols by the mystery woman?" "Just like the incidents 20 years ago."
Buccaneer: "And, to have this while Major General Armstrong is away."
Buccaneer: "She is going to kill us when she's back."
SFX Creak
SFX Clank
Izumi: "Aha, the Ishivalan with a pony-tale and sunglasses, and the giant with the Mohawk hair-do," "Just as I heard as their descriptions."

Page 26
Izumi: "I was waiting for you two to show up."
Miles: "You...who are you?"
Izumi: "Just a housewife who's passing by this area." "I have a message from Al... you see?"
Izumi: "Would you clear the room of other people? I would like to talk to you in private." "I have a message I have to pass on to you about the 'Day of Promise.'"
Falman on the phone: "'Day of Promise'..."
Falman: "...And that's what I heard, General Grumman."
Grumman: "Hmm, hmm, hmm!"

Page 27
Grumman: "'Day of Promise'!" "That is just right."
Grumman: "THis is getting ineteresting."
SFX Smile!
SFX Bang Bang Bang
SFX Bang Bang
SFX Click
Grumman: "Yippee~ Rebecca-chan, as usual, you have such a pretty behind~"
SFX (Grumman) Stoop
SFX (Grumman on Rebecca) Swipe~
SFX (Rebecca) "Gyah!!"
SFX Bang

Page 28
Rebecca: "General Grumman, what are you doing?!"
Grumman: "Hehehe, you shouldn't show any unguarded moment like that at the battle field~"
Grumman: "You and Lieutenant Hawkeye are good friends, correct?"
Rebecca: "?"
SFX Chug chug chug
SFX "Chatter" "Chatter" "Chatter"
Rebecca: "Yoo-hoo, Riza!" "How have you been?"
Riza: "Nice to see you, it's been a while, Rebecca!"
Black Hayate: "Arf"

Page 29
Rebecca: "They postponed the joint training exercise between the Eastern army and the Northern army." "As you know, the Northern army was attacked by Drachma recently, right?" "Because of that incident, there was no joint training exercise at the North this year."
Rebecca: "And, they have moved the time, and the East will be in charge of the next joint exercise, and it will be held at the Eastern army."
Riza: "I see."
Rebbeca: "It is going to be busy next Spring, so I decided to take some play time while I can now!"
Rebecca: ""How about you, Liz, are you being able to take enough day-offs?"
Riza: "So-so, I guess." "I may be getting more off days now than while I was under the Colonel Mustang."
Rebecca: "Hmmmm... From Colonel Mustang, to now working for the Fuhrer, huh?"
"Just what kind of means have you used to trick them into taking you as their aids, First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye?"
Riza: "Would you please stop the talk that sounds as if I did something improper, Second Lieutenant Rebecca Catalina?"

Page 30
Riza: "I see you're being favored by General Grumman also."
Rebecca: "That General with the tendency for sexual harassments?! It's such a chore to get him to work!!" "Man who doesn't want to work is no good. Really!!"
SFX (Black Hayate) Yawn
Rebecca: "Introduce me to some good man in Central!! I want to meet a nice male!!"
Riza: "Here. A male."
Rebecca: "A male..."
SFX (Riza) Slurp
Rebecca: "Black Hayate~!! Your master is cold hearted!! And ungenerous!!"
SFX (Rebecca) Squeeze Squeeze Squeeze
SFX (Black Hayate) Yipe Yipe
SFX Ding Dong
Riza: "Isn't it time for the returning train?"
Rebecca: "Watch me!! Soon or later I will catch a good man, and retire to a married life!!"
Riza: "Yes, yes, I wish you the very best luck!!"
Rebecca: "Oh, and say hello to Lieutenant Havoc for me!!"

Page 31
Riza: "Got it."
Rebecca: "Bye~"
SFX (Black Hayate) "Arf?"
SFX Rustle
Riza: ".................. Say hello to Lieutenant Havoc.... I see." "Yes..."
SFX Rustle
Riza: "There is still time. I'll pay a visit to him as I haven't done so for a while."
At the hospital.
Havoc: "Once the condition of my body is stabilized I'm planning to move to the military hospital in the Eastern army.

Page 32
Riza: "I see... We are going to miss you."
Havoc: "It will be closer to my family, and that will make it easier for them."
Riza: "I wish I would have brought better get well gift."
Riza: "Here is a care package. You're allowed one cigarette a day, right?"
Havoc: "Oh! Much appreciated!" "I was just running out."
Riza: "Rebecca said hello to you."
Havoc: "I see, I see~~"
Havoc: "Oh yeah, Lieutenant, have you seen Colonel Mustang lately?"
Riza: "No. I only exchanged few words in the military cafeteria."
Riza: "If he stops by here, please say hello ffrom me.
SFX Creak

Page 33
Havoc: "Yes, yes~~"
SFX Slam
SFX Clack Clack Clack
Havoc: "That's what she says, Colonel." "Maybe she knew?"
SFX Flip
Havoc: "You didn't have to hide."
Mustang: "Both of us are under watchful eyes of the upper ones." "It will be unwise to have contacts in a private settings that may draw some suspicions."
SFX (Havoc, totally ignoring Mustang's talk of danger) Inhale~~~ Wooo~~ Good~~
Mustang: ".....You're so lacking in the sense of imminency."
Havoc: "Would you like to have a puff also?"
Mustang: "No, I..."
Havoc: "Please, have one."

Page 34
Mustang: ".....Well, yeah."
Mustang: "Just like when I was a kid..."
SFX Rustle
Mustang: <Thinking> It is getting quite cold in the Central.
SFX Rustle
Mustang: <Reading silently> After the year is turned...

Page 35
After the year is turned, and comes next Spring.....
On that Promised Day--------

Page 36
The North and the East will make the move!!

Caption: The time of the battle draws near...!!!

Chapter 83: The Day of Promise

(End of chapter 83)
Next chapter will be out in Japan on Thursday, June 12

(It still got the whole bunch of typos and syntax errors. I will be back later and fix those. ^^)


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post May 13 2008, 12:18 PM
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State Alchemist (Lt. Colonel)

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Thanks a million, Sto!

Guririn! XD

Greeling, I guess that'd be his official name, now. happy.gif

QUOTE(Causmicfire @ May 13 2008, 06:04 PM) *
Did Grumman smack Rebecca on the butt?
askljasdkjXD awesome chapter! Oh, and Ed still has her earrings/incoherency

How is that incoherence? huh.gif

She gave them to him before they separated and they haven't met since...

I... don't know what to think about this chapter...

On one hand it was very well executed. Gotta love seeing all those characters back, even surprise Rebecca appearance! And the putting the title at the very end (don't spoil it putting it at the beginning, Tombow tongue.gif ) was a really masterful touch, indicating that things are gonna get serious from now on, that this chapter was but its own prologue but...

On the other hand this time it felt so friggin' fast it's not funny. The damn message travelled all around the country in a blink of an eye!
Yes I know that time has passed whatsoever, but still....

Greeling is made of awesome and badass, and he's back where he belongs, but... There goes another one that changed sides so quickly and easily...

Eh, it's going right but at the same time giving me an unpleasant feeling.

Dur. ( ·_.)

Oh, and talking of incoherences/plot holes.
Too early to say it is one (still lacking full translation and all), but... out of the whole message transmitting chain, I missed one part: How did Al and Hohenheim get back in contact with ever-traveling Izumi and Sig? blink.gif
Guess you could say they gave Hoho a contact number... but that doesn't quite convince me.

I'm not small, it's the world that's too big, damn!

Best Chapter Quote! XDDD

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post May 13 2008, 12:25 PM
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A sentient plant of some kind
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@Sensenic - Pssst, check page 22 where Mason talks with traveling Sig on the phone. ^^
I guess Hohenheim and Al send the message to Mason, then Sig makes periodic contacts to Mason and get the message? ^^


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post May 13 2008, 12:35 PM
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QUOTE(Tombow @ May 13 2008, 09:25 PM) *
@Sensenic - Pssst, check page 22 where Mason talks with traveling Sig on the phone. ^^
I guess Hohenheim and Al send the message to Mason, then Sig makes periodic contact to Mason and get the message? ^^

Yes, just saw it and was going to fix it now. XD
I thought it was the other way at the first read.

It's as you say indeed. happy.gif
However, how convenient for them to be going north. Maybe they had told Hoho about that already, though.

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post May 13 2008, 01:21 PM
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Thanks for the RAW and mirrors, sto and Causmicfire And thanks for the translation, Tombow!

dhfnwjfGAWD. This chapter's awesome. Despite the fact that it the chapter went by incredibly fast, I'm so happy to see that Roy, Riza, Havoc, and the others are back, as well GreeLing (xD).

I love Ed's expression on page fourteen. xD
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Thanks a bunch, sto & Tombow! you're great!!! ^^


.:Hagane no Fansub:.
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State Alchemist (Major)

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sto, thank you so much for the page-by-page! And causmicfire, wow, you made mirrors! Thank you.
Tombow, thank you for the translation as always smile.gif

And... I love this chapter. Did I mention that yet? No? Well, I do. biggrin.gif

~ehxhfdl14's brief spellcheck session!~

Page by page view is courtesy of stu>> sto
Tons of enoty food containers>> empty
a place to hide out near Cental>> Central
'This is not good......">> "
"That so-called "Father" who is in the underground Central,">> 'Father' (quite sure no one cares about this one... as well as the one previous, but...)
Althoug, I don;t know where she is now...">> Although, I don't
Am I the only normal human her?>> here?
Be your ompany, you say...?>> company
Inside me is so many souls.>> are

We have met the enemy, and he is us.
-Walt Kelly, Pogo
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Page 1:
Line: Wheeeeew!

I feel like I've been brought back from the dead! Thanks!
Ed: Well, you haven't lost your ability to inhale all the food in sight...pig.

Heinkel: That was the last of our emergency rations.

Lin: Are those two with you?
Ed: He's Donkey Ko-

Darius: I'm DARIUS.
Heinkel: Heinkel.

We were originaly soldiers, but...circumstances have us working with this pesky kid.

Who is he, anyways?
Ed: Uhhhh...How should I say this...
Lin: I'm a Homunculus.
Ed: There you go, he's a Homu-

Page 2:
Darius: A-are you serious?
Ed: Yeeeep...it's a LONG story, but it's the truth.

What're you DOING here, anyways?
Small text: You scared the crap out of us.
Lin: Greed's cut his ties with the other Homunculus.
He started freaking out, so I took the chance to regain control of my body.

I was looking for a safe place to hide and found this-
Lin: Ow!

Ed: What's wrong?
Lin: No...

Greed's coming back...
Heinkel: Hmm?
Ed: Whoa, whoa, WHOA! Not yet! Hang on!

Page 3:
Ed: Stand tall! Don't give up! Don't let go!
SFX: Bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk

Lin: Damnit Ed, LISTEN!

That "Father" guy who lives below Central
is gonna open the Gate when the "The Day" comes!

I know I'm not very knowledgeable about these things,
but if you and your brother dive in when he does, couldn't you get your original bodies back?

Page 4:
Ed: Slow down...
That MIGHT be true...
but when you open the Gate, you need to pay the toll...

Why is he trying to open it?
And what's "The Day?" Is it a specific date or what?
Lin: It's-

Lin: Rrrrgh!

Ed: Lin? Lin!
Lin: .......
he's coming back...

My message...

My message to Ran-Fan...
Did you give it to her?

Page 5:
Ed: Message...
Oh, right!

Al gave it to her.
Don't worry, she's all right!
I mean, I don't know where she is now, but-
Lin: Whew...Thank goodness...

Ed: Lin!!

Lin: Sorry...his will's getting stronger...


Page 6:
Green: Nnnngh...

f*!@in' Prince...he just had to spill the beans...

Ed: Greed?
Greed: In the flesh.

Don't waste your time.
You'd need a lot more than a gun to kill me.

Thanks for the food.
Ed: H-hold up!

Are you just gonna let us go?
Greed: Huh? Yeah, what do I care?

Page 7:
Greed: You heard him.
Me and the other Homunculus are through.
I remembered a bunch of stuff, and it freaked me out so much I tried to kill Bradley.

So yeah, I don't even wanna think about what'd happen if I went back. I'm done with all of 'em.

I'm off to do my own thing now.
See ya.

Ed: How about joining our side?

Page 8:
Ed: If you've got nowhere else to go, come with us.

Lin: Are you nuts? I'm a HOMUNCULUS, remember?
Ed: Pfft. So? These two are Chimeras!
Small text: AHEM
Darius: HEY!

Ed: I'm not gonna stand around complaning just because someone's not a normal human!
Darius: You just blew our cover for no reason...

Ed: Besides-...hey...I the only normal human here, huh? I'm the minority?
Heinkel: Yeah, and you should stop joining up with strangers you know nothing about.

WE'RE only working with you because we hate Kimblee.
Darius: So quit acting like you're in charge or we'll ditch you too, you little punk!

Greed: Join you...?
Join YOU? That's rich!

Page 9:
Greed: Get real!
This whole WORLD belongs to ME!

Maybe if you agreed to work for ME, I'd tag along.
All SFX: Pfft

All SFX: Pfft

Darius: You just gonna let him go?
Heinkel: He might change his mind and let the enemy know our position.
Ed: Nah, that won't happen.

He's a lot of things, but he's not a liar.

Page 10:
Ed: "The Day" is coming, huh...

That bearded freak is gonna open the Gate...

Greed: I don't get it...
There're so many souls inside of me, but ever since I lost it, I feel...empty.


Lin: Then why not join Ed?

Page 11:
Lin: Or you COULD just give me back my body.
I'll become the new Emperor of Xing and we'll fill in that emptiness...

Greed: Ruler of a country...
Lin: A BIIIIIIG country.

Greed: Bah! Forget it!
That's too small time, kid.

SFX: Scowl

Greed: Remember...
SFX: Grin

Page 12:
Greed: I'm going to rule the WORLD.

Ed: Heeeey!

Lin! Wait up!
Greed: You AGAIN? NOW what?

Page 13:
Greed: And for the last time, I'm GREED.
Ed: Yeah, yeah, Greed, Lin, I don't care. I'm sick of this crap.
From now on, you're Greelin.

Ed: You win. I'll work for you!

Greed: ...Huh?!

Ed: The Fullmetal Alchemist is at your service.
Which means that MY servants, i.e. these two, are included at no extra charge!
Guys: WHAT?!

Darius: Who the hell do you think you are, you little ....?!
We're not your pets, damnit!
Heinkel: You're nothing but a short shrimpy bean the size of a grain of sand!
Ed: WHAT?! I'm not short! I just live in a big world, goddamnit!

Page 14:
Ed: We thought it through...we gave up our pride the moment we became the military's dogs.
Nothing's gonna happen if we stand around wagging our little tails!


I can't let my emotions get in the way of information and opportunity, can I?
This is a once in a lifetime chance.

Page 15:
Greed: Haha!

You're on!
But working for ME means you're an outcast now! Don't regret it!

Ed: Hah! I've got MUCH worse things to regret than THIS!
Darius: ...What?

Greed: That goes for you guys too, you're my subordinates now!
Heinkel: Fine. I don't even care anymore.
Darius: As long as we can get some food, we're in.
SFX: Haaaaaaaaagh

Bubbles: So what kinda chimeras are you?
I'm a gorilla.
Ooh, very cool.
Ed: Ah-
SFX: Pat

Page 16:
Ed: The earrings Winry asked me to hold on to...

Ed: An outcast...
Looks like I won't be seeing Al or Winry for a while...
SFX: Clench

SFX: CAW [H: Prepare for Armstrong Sparkle overload]

Olivié: It's time for you to retire, father.

Father: What's this now, Olivié? You come home for the first time in ages and THAT'S the first thing you say to me?
Olivié: Turn the estate over to me and spend your remaining years relaxing.

Page 17:
Father: I had PLANNED for Alex to inherit everything.

Olivié: A spineless baby like him
will only sully the Armstrong name.

Why don't you let me take care of everything, and take a nice, long vacation abroad?

Alex: Sister!
You decided to come after all!

Let me know you're coming next time-
Father: Oh, Alex. You have excellent timing.

Fight Olivié.
Alex: Huh?

Page 18:
Father: The winner inherits my estate and becomes head of the family. How does that sound, Olivié?
Alex: Wha?!
Olivié: Perfect.

Father: She just told me to retire and get out of here.
Alex: She did?!

How dare you speak so rudely to our dear father?!

Very well!
SFX: Flap

Alex: I will come at you with every ounce of strength, spirit and muscle that I have!
SFX: Challenge!

Olivié: Now you're talking, Alex!
It's time you realized that you're nothing but an amateur!
SFX: Acceptance!

Page 19:
Father: So, where should we take our vacation?
Mother: How about Xing, darling?
I hear the food there is quite palatable.
Bubbles: Nuungh!
I'm not done yet!
Take this!

Father: Let's go there, then.
Come along, Katherine.
Katherine: Coming, daddy!
Maid: Take care sir, ma'am!
Bubbles: You're too slow!
Are you trying to kill me?
You just NOW noticed?!

Katherine: Good luck, big brother!
Bubble: Guuuh-

Katherine: What kind of souveniers should we bring them?
Small SFX: Hohoho
Father: How about statues?
Something big and solid!
Bubble: Noooooooooooooo!

SFX: Clink

SFX: Clink clink clink
Olivié: That's that.

Page 20:
Olivié: The Armstrong family belongs to ME now.
Big SFX: Crummmmmmmmmmble
Olivié SFX: Flap

Alex: Nngh...

I've heard lately that you're getting very friendly with the top brass...
They're all...

Olivié: I wanted to see them for myself before making any decisions.

Alex: ...And now that you have, you decided to send our family to a foreign country so they couldn't be taken as hostages?

Get out of my house, loser!
This all belongs to me now.

Page 21:
SFX: Crack
Crumble crumble

Mason: For God's sake, leave me alone!
When Mrs. Curtis comes back, I'LL call YOU!

I have to run this WHOLE shop by myself with them gone, and all your damn questioning is taking me away from my work!
SFX: Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring

Mason: Curtis Butcher Shop, how can I help you?
Oh, it's you! Great! We're always glad to have your business, sir!

Soldier: We'll be back.
SFX: Step
Mason: Whatever! Just buy something next time, will ya?!

Page 22:
SFX: Grumble grumble SLAM

Mason: Sorry, had to deal with some soldiers...AGAIN.

Anyways, Alphonse and a Mr. Hohenheim had a message for you.

Sig: Ah...I see...

That's very important news.

The "Promised Day," eh...

Page 23:

Bubbles: Huu
SFX: Skrunch skrunch skrunch

Soldier1: ...., they're all done for!
Soldier2: James, call the base!
SFX: Stomp

Soldier2: Jamesssaaaaaaah!

SFX: Bang bang
Soldier1: Eat lead!

Soldier2: Base, this is Point P!
We're under attack!

Base: What? Is it Drachma?!
Soldier2: We don't know!
Base: How many units?
Soldier2: One!
Base: One?! What on earth is it?!
Small upper-left bubble: Ugah!

Soldier2: Hieeee!

Page 24:
SFX: Hyuuoooooooo
Bubble: Crunch

Base: I asked you what it was!
Point P, respond!

Izumi: A housewife <3

Soldier2: ....you heard her...

Page 25:
Miles: Frontier troops ramdomly assaulted by a mystery woman?
Sounds exactly like that incident about 20 years ago...
Buccaneer: And it had to happen while Major General Armstrong is gone...
SFX: Step step step step step

Buccaneer: If she comes back now, we're dead meat.

SFX: Clink

Izumi: Ah, the Ishvalan with the black sunglasses and ponytail, and the giant with a mohawk.
Just like the descriptions.

Page 26:
Izumi: I've been waiting for you two.
Miles: Who the hell are you, lady?

Izumi: Just a simple houswife passing through the area
who has a message for you from Al!

Can we speak in private?
There things you need to know about the "Promised Day."

Falman: It's about the "Promised Day..."

That's right, General Grumman.

Grumman: Ho ho ho!

Page 27:
Grumman: The "Promised Day!"

Things are getting more and more interesting.
SFX: Smile!

SFX: Bang


Grumman: Yoo-hoo! Your butt's as tight as ever, Becky!
SFX: Slap
Rebecca: EEEEK!

Page 28:
Rebecca: What do you think you're doing, General Grumman!

Grumman: Muhahaha...You can't let ANYTHING distract you on the battlefield, you know!

You're friends with Lieutenant Hawkeye, aren't you?

SFX: Chug chug chug
Bubbles: Blah blah

Rebecca: Yooooo, Riza!
How's it going?

Hawkeye: Nice to see you, Rebecca.
Hayate: Arf!

Page 29:
Rebecca: So they postponed the North/East joint winter training until the spring.

You heard about how they got into a rumble with Drachma up there, right?
Things are still iffy, so they're halting all non-essential exercises.

AND they moved the operation out East, so they'll be doing the join training out our way next time.
Riza: Hunh...

Rebecca: So since I'll be busy as hell during the spring, I thought I'd take a little vacation and kick up my feet while I

have the chance!

Are you getting enough leave time?

Riza: I suppose...
Actually, I earn more now than when I worked for the Colonel.

Rebecca: Hunh...jumping from Colonel Mustang to the Fuhrer...
How exactly are you tricking people into promoting you like this, Lt. Riza Hawkeye?
Riza: I'll thank you not to imply I didn't earn them, Lt. Rebecca Catalina.

Page 30:
Riza: Aren't you Lieutenant General Grumman's favorite?
Rebecca: Please, I'm being sexually harassed to the point where I can't even work!
I hate men who don't do their job!

Riza: Here, he's a nice male.

Rebecca: Male...
SFX: Slurp

Rebecca: Hayateeeeeeeee! Your master is so cold-hearted!!
Hawkeye: You're not going to miss your train, are you?
Tower SFX: Gonnnnng

Rebecca: I'll show you! I'll land a real hunk and retire early!
Hawkeye: Riiiight...good luck.

Rebecca: Oh, tell 2nd Lieutenant Havoc I said "hi!"

Page 31:
Hawkeye: Roger that.
Rebecca: Later!

Hayate: Arf?

SFX: Jingle

Hawkeye: Say hi to Havoc...

I've got plenty of time, and I haven't visited him in a while.

Havoc: They're thinking of moving me to the Eastern Hospital once I'm a little more stable.

Page 32:
Hawkeye: That's too bad, we'll all miss you.
Havoc: Well, it's close to my family, so they'll be happy.

Hawkeye: Well, I'm glad I came by today, then.

Here's a present.
One per day, all right?
Havoc: Whoo, thank you! I JUST ran out!

Hawkeye: Oh, Rebecca says hi.
Havoc: Uh huh!

Oh yeah, have you seen the Colonel lately?
Hawkeye: Not really.
Just a few casual conversations in the cafeteria.

Tell him I said hi if he comes by.
SFX: Kreeeee

Page 33:
Havoc: Gotcha.
SFX: SLAM, step step step step step

Havoc: See, Colonel?
She totally knew.
SFX: Flap

Havoc: You didn't have to hide.
Mustang: We're both being observed very carefully.
I don't want to give Bradley any more reason to suspect us.

...I see YOU'RE not worried.
Havox SFX: Suuuu-Aaaaaahhh...

Havoc: Want a smoke, Colonel?
Mustang: No thanks, I don't-

Havoc: Aww, come on. Take one for the road.

Page 34:
Mustang: ...Sure, why not.

It'll remind me of my youth.
SFX: Slip

Mustang: Central's gotten cold again.

SFX: Slip

Mustang: After the new year...

Page 35:
Boxes: After the new year...next spring...

Comes the Promised Day.

Page 36:
Box: The North and the East will make their move!
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