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Time And Memory Are One Thing, My 2nd FMA fic! Also up on FF.net
post Jan 23 2005, 07:43 PM
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Hallo! This is my second FMA fanfic and I hope you like it.

Summary: What if the outcome of Al recovering his body was different. What if Al wasn’t the one who lost his memory? And what if Ed wasn’t transported to another world but instead the future, into the future of a world without alchemy. Even so if Al was able to get back to Ed, would that mean sacrificing his alchemy to the Law of Conservation?

Time and Memory are One Thing
Chapter One: Benji Markham

“If what dad told me is true Al’s body and soul are still inside the gate. I don’t have anything to pay with but my own life. It might prove useless, even if I offer all of myself…but, he won’t disappear.”

With these final words Edward Elric departed the world he had known all his life, forever. And Alphonse Elric was given another chance at life.

But even so he never forgot. He never forgot the memory of his brother, or their travels. This never made him weaker or saddened him. It filled him with the adrenaline to find his brother, and even though he might not have been able to bring him his limbs back. He could bring him back to his world.

With this in mind, even in his ten year old body, Alphonse Elric spent all of his spare time researching, always looking for one thing. The gate, if he could only get there and open it. Then maybe he could pull his brother back through, and see his face again.

He succeeded at the age of sixteen.

Present Day October 10th 2004

I disgruntled teen pushed himself out of his bed and walked over to his dresser. He ran a hand through his long black locks then brought the hand down; he stared then flexed it a bit. It was mechanical.

Shaking his head, a yawn escaped his mouth and he started pulling out his school uniform. A white shirt with the school crest, black pants and a red tie. He sighed as he picked up another piece of clothing, and then tossed it aside; he didn’t feel like wearing a jacket today.

He pulled his long hair into a ponytail and walked out the bedroom door to the bathroom.

Squealing kids ran past him, but as usual he ignored them focusing on his destination. He reached it thankful that it was free and started to brush his teeth.

When he had finished he looked into the mirror and swore his hair flickered a different color.

“What the hell? Did my hair just change? Oh forget it, I’m late.”

Rushing down the steps, he picked up his bag and reached the door to find it blocked.

“Benjamin Markham! Did you even eat breakfast? You should at least have a glass of milk. It might help you with an obvious physical appearance.”

A large stress vein appeared on his head but he ignored it, he was late god dammit!

“I really need to go, I’m late!”

He pushed past the small old lady and ran down the steps of the building. He darted in the direction of the school ignoring her shouts behind him.

He reached the school in record time, with 10 min to spare. He let out a breath and smiled. It soon dimmed when he noticed the resident weirdo at the school. He wasn’t so much weird as he was creepy, and he didn’t mind that he could bond with his feminine side, but good lord, the guy was like some creepy rapist.

Or a hooker. The guy swayed his hips when he walked for gods’ sake. He shuddered; it always felt like he was looking at him.

“Hey, Benji!”

A girl with short brown hair, and pink highlights ran up to him. She happened to be a classmate he had a small crush on.

“Hey, Lily.”

She smiled and slipped a sealed envelope into his hands, it had little hearts drawn all over it, and he felt heat rush to his cheeks. She smiled again.

“Reply back soon, okay?”

All Benji could do was nod like an idiot, and grin shyly.

Then she ran off, and he watched her run through the front doors. Then he looked as they closed and were locked.


He ran up the steps and banged furiously on the front doors with his fists, making small dents with the mechanical one.

“Come’ on! Let me in! I was here early and everything! Winly! I know you’re there! Open the damn doors!”

On the other side of the door a blonde haired girl slimed wickedly, and then she faced the door.

“That’s what you get for standing me up!”
“I didn’t mean to, really. But, I just started reading this book a—.”
“All you care about is your stupid books! You never take a break! You’d rather read in your spare time, than go out somewhere! With actual people! Like me!”

Benji gave up and slid down, his back against the door. He dropped his head and closed his eyes. She was right. It had been a long time since he had actually gone out anywhere. He sighed then tumbled backwards. He looked up to see Winly in the door frame, with her hands on her hips.

Then felt his face redden when he realized he could see straight up her skirt.

“I didn’t mean to, it was just-.”
“I’ll show you what happens to perverts!”
“Wait, Winly, WINLY!”

Benji cracked his neck as he walked out of the school. Winly has stopped talking to him, and he still hadn’t opened the envelope Lily had given him.

He took out the envelope and fiddled with it. Did this mean Lily actually liked him? He had agreed to go on that date with Winly, but he liked her as more of a sister. But Lily, she was a completely different story.

He was suddenly knocked down, and he heard a grunt above him. He made an identical grunt.

“What did you say? Sorry I didn’t hear you.”

He got up slowly and faced the man.

“Look I didn’t mean any trouble I’ll just go now.”

And with that the man rushed away, leaving Benji on the sidewalk huffing and red with anger. Then something struck him. Where was his letter?

Panicking he ran around until he finally saw it. He reached out, and watched as it was picked up by a gush of wind.

He frantically ran through the street after it, knocking many people down on the way mind you. He then came to a small clearing, spotting his letter he picked it up, happy to get his hands back on it.

He then looked up seeing everything was normal.

Some grass, wildlife, a couple trees, boy tumbling out of a floating gate, some bugs… wait a second. BOY TUMBLING OUT OF A FLOATING GATE!

There was indeed a boy coming out from a gate, which promptly closed behind him.

The boy looked about fifteen or sixteen, with short blonde hair. The boy looked straight at Benji and uttered a single word.

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post Jan 24 2005, 01:07 AM
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in~~~~~teresting.... okay, i'll bite. update soon, this sounds intriguing. loved the 'boy tumbling out of a floating gate'...part. that was funny. laugh.gif

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post Jan 24 2005, 06:15 PM
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Huwah! i just noticed i have like all the chapters I wrote for the fic but i never actually put up the next one until i get a comment -__-. oh well, here's teh next chappy.

Time and Memory are One Thing
Chapter Two: Life without You

There was indeed a boy coming out from a gate, which promptly closed behind him.

The boy looked about fifteen or sixteen, with short blonde hair. The boy looked straight at Benji and uttered a single word.


6 Years Earlier Rizenbul

For the first time in he didn’t even know how long, Alphonse Elric opened his eyes tears welt up in his eyes when he realized he was alive. He pushed himself up and looked around.

Winry and Roze walked into the room. Roze, carrying her baby, and Winry with her trusty wrench.

Al smiled, and Winry eyes watered a bit. Then he looked around and noticed something was missing.

“Winry, Roze, where’s brother?”

Winry stopped dead I her tracks, as did Roze. She looked at Winry who nodded.

“Well, Ed he… when I had left the building he was fine, then when it was destroyed. You were the only one there, and Ed was gone.”

Al looked at her his own eyes watering.

“He… he didn’t. Brother he… he sacrificed himself to save me.”

Alphonse buried his head in his hands and cried. Then silently he swore he would get his brother back. Nothing would stop him… nothing.

Two Years Later

Al flipped through one of the books around him. He had found many in an old cellar underneath the ruins of his and Eds’ old home.

“The gate, once beyond it for a long period of time one can no longer use alchemy. So in order to get brother I would first have to reach the gate, and then go beyond it. Once there I would have to find him quickly if we were to get back. But… what if I don’t find him in time? How would I get back?”

He slammed his fists on the book in anger. Even though he wasn’t prone to it he could get mad once in awhile.

Winry peeked in then went inside.

“Al, who’s the research going.”

He smiled tiredly and looked at the books around him.

“I’m trying but there are some flaws.”

Sitting down beside him she handed him the sandwich, he munched on it hungrily.

“What flaws.”

Al gave her an odd long, surprised that she was even slightly interested.

“Well, it’s easy enough to get there. But it’s coming back that bothers me. Once I get there, there is only a short amount of time in which I can use alchemy. If I can’t get him back by then, then I’ll be stuck there.”

Winry was looking at the ground as if trying to think and hold back tears at the same time.

“But, that won’t happen. I’ll find brother and be back quick, okay?”

Al was smiling but Winry still looked unsure.

4 years later

Al sat in the cellar, all the books had been moved out and now alchemy array covered the walls. Al himself had array drawn on his body.

He bit he lip and concentrated.

“I hope this works, because it my hunch is wrong. We may never get back. If I even get there in the first place.”

Al pressed his hands against his heart and felt the rush. Suddenly he found himself in a large blank space. The large gate was right in front of him.

He stepped forward and pried open the doors, then he jumped in ignoring the hands grabbing at him. He roughly shook them off and reached out.

“If I can just make it, I can reach brother and everything will be fine.”

Then Al felt a strong pull and he was thrust out of the gate, he tumbled then finally stopped. The stood up and looked around. His breath caught in his throat at the figure in front of him.


He croaked in out, and his throat was dry, moist tears slipped from his eyes.

The boy looked at him odd and took a step back. Al looked at him confused. That had to be his brother. He was the same except for the black hair, and the fact that his brother usually wore his hair in a braid instead of a ponytail.

“Who the hell are you? At what was that thing you came out of?”

Al froze and looked at his supposed brother in shock.

“You don’t know who I am?”

He stumbled on the words a bit, but it was still easy to understand.

“No, I don’t.”
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The Nature Alche...
post Jan 26 2005, 01:42 PM
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This is good! Nothing out of place as far as I can tell. Al seems to be acting more like his brother, though. (With his determination to bring Ed back. It's good, though. And I hope you get the next one posted soon.

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