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Truth, First fma fic...just read it...
post Sep 15 2005, 09:59 PM
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aight..lets get this straight...first fma fic...im hoping to get at least a few replies...>_> i may not be the best writer in the world...but hell...im trying...ill try to write as much as i can...and remember...I can only update at night...or on weekends..cuz my parents got this no TV or computer rule...and i can sneak on at night with my laptop... ohmy.gif so yea..lets get started shall we?
OH YEA!!!!
1 more thing guys...since its all dangerous to go and watch TV downstairs and stuff..i dont follow the show through the anime...i follow it through the manga...so the stuff that happens...is sorta based from the manga...so...yea...^^;;

Chapter 1

Roy Mustang stood by the window in his office. He just stood there, staring into space. There was nothing he could do now...Now that it had happened. When he had been assigned to Central, he wasn't expecting much difference from the work he had in Eastern Headquarters...The usual paper filling, the usual sleeping, the usual yelling, and even more sleeping. But today, he just couldnt concentrate.
Was it not he who told Edward Elric to move on and stop sulking around when his friend, Nina, had been killed. Right now, Roy felt like a nasty hypocrite. He couldn't help but sulk. For the second time now he felt like the Elric brothers. For the second time he felt what it was like to lose a part of his heart.
Roy leaned against the window ledge and closed his eyes. If only...He could've just been quicker...If he had moved a little to the left, none of this would have happened. It was all his fault. Completely. Entirely. He couldn't say it was anyone else's fault. He would just be passing the blame. It was He who said to come along with him. To help out. If he'd just kept quiet...

The door behind Roy knocked. "Come in," Roy said in a hoarse voice, he knew was not his own. The door opened and in came the 2nd lieutenant Havoc.
"Colonel...I know it's none of my business...but you can't stay in here forever. It wasn't your fault. These things happen." Havoc tried to talk to the Colonel, but Mustang was silent. Listening, but silent.
"2nd lieutenant," Roy finally spoke up," I know you mean well, but you really don't understand," Roy gave a deep sigh, and Havoc scratched his head.

It might be just me...but the Colonel seems to try and act misunderstood. It's always as though he doesn't want any help whatsoever. I guess its just the aftershock..of the incident...

"Sir, Listen...I really dont want to butt in your life..but if you need any help..."
Havoc cut himself off. It was pointless. The colonel would act as misunderstood as he is right now most likely weeks later. But...he got himself over it before...right?
Havoc walked out and shut the door.

Roy still stood by the window ledge, not having moved an inch. Havoc's word rung through his head 'if you need any help...'
"But i don't need help..." Mustand said out loud.
He stood upright now, his face scowling. He covered his face with his hand. I'm such an idiot. I forgot to ask when it was...
Mustang slowly walked toward the door and opened it. The air outside of his office was much cooler than the air inside. He thought it mustv'e een from locking himself up for so long. Roy ran outside, where Havoc would most likely be, usually smoking his cigarettes. And just as Roy thought, Havoc was there.
"2nd lieutenant," Roy said catching his attention.
"I forgot to ask, it slipped my mind...When's Riza's funeral?"
"A week?"
"So everyone could come...The Elric Brothers said they would stop by too,"
"The Elric's? You told them?" Mustang gave a glare toward Havoc.
"Roy, i know you mean well, but the boys have every right to know. Remember when you hid the Brigadier General's death?"

Roy looked away angrily from Havoc.
"They said they're coming tomorrow," Havoc concluded.
"Great," Mustang said.


Ed shoved a bunch of clothes in his small suitcase. He didn't care how messy it was or how everything fit. He had to go and get a train ticket, and soon. "Damnit, Al...where are you when i need ya?" Ed said angrily. He had no clue where on earth his little brother was. Al told Ed he'd be off taking a walk. "Taking a walk...why does he need a walk!?" Ed was angry. It was Al who was holding him up. Ed who finally finished packing quickly ran out the front door and squinted his eyes, hoping to see a large suit of armor walking toward him.
But no luck. Ed was pissed. He didn't know Hawkeye very well but he knew how much it would mean to the Colonel to be there. Ed paced around the yard of the Rockbell's home. Everyone was sleepy which meant he couldn't take out any of his anger by screaming. His anger wasn't made by Al's lateness...But because of everyone in the military getting hurt. He couldn't take it anymore. He really wanted to kill whoever was doing this.
The door behind Ed shut close all of a sudden. "Ed?" Winry stood in the doorway. Ed froze. She was devastated at Hughes's death. What would she do if Ed told her Hawkeye had been killed as well.
"Why are you up so early? Don't you want to get some rest?" Winry looked tired herself, and was still in her pajamas.
"I need to head back to Central," Ed said simply. Apparently Winry didn't like the sound of that.
"Head back to Central?! What for?! Why so early?! Are you trying to hide away from us, Ed?! Are you trying to make up worried sick about you and Al?!" Winry was fuming.
"Winry...It's important. I have to go as soon as possible," Ed said looking away
"You say that every time, Ed...Every time seems to be so important. If it's so important why don't you just tell us and we might be able to help," Winry looked as though she was about to cry.
"This is more important than all those other times.." Ed didn't want to tell Winry. He only cared about her. That's why he couldn't do it.
Winry grabbed a neary wrench and clutched Ed's throat. "If you don't tell me-"
"You're gonna kill me?" Ed looked uncertain as though this was some sort of joke. "Win, you're the one worrie sick about us and now you're gonna kill me?" Ed laughed, But knew she shouldn't have.
Winry conked him on the head with her wrench extra hard. She wanted to hurt him. A lot. they never tell us anything! They always lie and in the end they always end up getting hurt! Don't they even care?
"Brother!" Al started to show up from the distance. He seemed cheerful.
"Where the hell have you been!" Ed glared angrily. "We need to go,"
"Huh? So early?" Al was confused.
"See! Even Al thinks you should stay a little longer before leaving and never coming back!" Winry screamed.
"Al, This is important! More important than anything!" Ed was so angry. No one understood. But even if he tried to explain a little, Winry might understand. He didn't want that.
"But, brot-"
"If you're not coming, I'll go alone!" Ed picked up his small suitcase and hurled it over his shoulder. They were wasting so much time. Ed didn't want to waste time. He wanted to get to Central as soon as they could.
Al looked down. He didn't want to say goodbye so soon. But his brother sounded serious. It might actually be something this time...
Al stepped foward,"Sorry Winry. We have to go,"
"Fine...Then leave..." She wiped away a few tears. When they finally decide to come and visit without me having to fix Ed's automail they go and decide to leave again...And so quickly too...
"Come on Al," Ed said slowly,"We have to get to the station quickly, so lets run!"
They both started running toward the station. Every step that Ed took he worried more and more. And every second that passed Ed wondered more and more. How on earth did Hawkeye die? A specially trained gunman like her should've been able to protect herself from getting hurt. Almost everyone in the military knew for a fact that Hawkeye always carried 1 gun with her no matter what and a few knives for close combat.
Ed couldn't help but wonder. Hawkeye wasn't the type of person who'd get tricked so easily from these things.
"Brother there it is!" Al pointed toward the station, getting nearer and nearer. And the closer they got the more Ed wanted to run away. Because apparently, there was someone waiting for them at the station. A certain someone Ed never wanted to be with ever.

XD i didn't decide to tell ya who was at the station.but you guys should have a pretty good idea of who it is tongue.gif
As for my chapter...i thought it was pretty long...well...very long but yea...i never write too much. you're lucky i was in the writing mood. Cuz i was going to have Mustang and Havoc talk about Hawkeye's death and end the chapter right there. but i didn't wanna be mean and leave yea hanging like that! Don't ya just lub me! X3
so yea..review...post...you'll get the general idea of what happened to Hawkeye in the next chapter. And I'll give ya a clue. It was unexpected

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^note that FH in the top corner...thats short for my name.. >_>...which means..yes...i DID make that
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Squirrel of Doom
post Sep 22 2005, 05:18 PM
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I WANNA KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!HURRY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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