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Brothers Elric ,the, Can things be set straight
Shadow the lost ...
post Jan 16 2005, 12:19 PM
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Ken: What are we doing father.
Hohenheim: I need to test something and since your the only one here.
Ken: What are we testing???
hohenheim: the power of the Crimson and Ebony stones I found. Hopefully these will help me find the Philosiphers stone.
Ken: Will it hurt.
Hohenheim: Just...a little.
Ken:(Wakes up ). It's been years since that day but I still can't get it out of my mind. That bastard. A gift or curse I don't know. Crimson stone in left arm Ebony stone in right arm. My name is Ken Elric. Age 16. I am an enforcer for the State. No Watch no nothing barely anybody even knows i'm with the state. that might be because i'm about 12 hours away from HQ.I can't keep up on alot of info. But there has been several murders here in Poanok. So i've been sent down here. i'm soppuse to meet with to others. One a state alchemist and his brother.

Ed:Ahhhh. Hey Al we almost there.
Al: Yes brother.
Ed: Al you alright.
Al: Yes brother i'm just thinking who is this person where soppuse to meet.


Roy: You two are going to Poanok to meet with Ken. and he won't have a watch his an enforcer so don't bother looking for it. But don't be wrong you'll be able to tell.
Al: Can you at least tell us what he looks like.
Ed: Yeah i mean your not going to send us out there blind are you.
Roy: No you'll be able to se but you'll have to find him by yourself.
Ed: But
Roy: One more word and you won't be going anywhere but out of here without your watch clear.
Al: Let us go.


Ed: Yeah that bastard didn't tell us anything
Conductor: We are now entering Poanok.
Ed: Let's go.

Ken: Hey what time is it.
Citizen: Uhhhh 5:00
Ken:Ehhhh. I gotta go.
(Half an Hour later)
Ken: Damn. No ones here.

Al: Brother shoyuld we have just left.
Ed: Hey we got to look for this guy right.
Al: Yes but.
Ed: Al relax. nothing could go wrong.
Al: Uh Ed where are we going.
Ed: No Clue.
Ed: Relax. Like I said nothing is wrong.
Al: Uh Ed where's your watch.
Ed feels around: This can't be good.
Al: You lost it are you nuts.
Ed: Relax I can just go to the State command and get another. Hopefully I can find it here.
Al: I'm getting tired. Ed.
Ed: Hold on I feel something.
Al: What.
Ed runs off.
Ed: You. Who are you.
Ken: What is it yor business.
Ed: Tell me.
Ken: I will tell you nothing.
Ed: What's that you got there. Huh in your two arms. Could it be the Philosiphers stone.
Ken: What.
Ed: I need those stone and I heard something is going on here and know I know.
Ed goes to attack him. Ken move out the way and goes to kick him.
Ed moves out the way and get ready to punch dead on but Ken catches his hand and there eye to eye.
Ed: Who are you. And what have you been doing.
Ken: I haven't...been doing anything.
Al finally catches up.
Al: Brother what is going on.
Ken turns and sees Al.

Citizen: Have you heard.
Ken: Heard what.
Citizen:A new prodigy have just been excepted into the State. very young said to be have two metal limbs and his brother is said to have his soul trapped in a suit of armor. I don't believe it just a gimmick.
Ken: What are there names.
Citizen: Edward and Alphonse Elric. (Pointing to the paper.)


Ed: Hey.
Ken: Huh.
Ed knocks him out only later to find out he's the guy there lookin for. Thanks to the State. Ed finds his watch actually in his pocket and they bring him to a hotel.
Ken: Uhhhh.
Ed: Sorry bout that. Didn't know your the guy.
Al: Yes whats your name anyway. and what is happening here.
Ken: Ken. The enforcer. also known as the Shadow Alchemist. and what's been happening here is murder. Every victim is said to have been killed by alchemy. there body is split. the skin bones and the rest is all separated. and left there.
Ed: Sick freak. Before we do that though I want to ask what was in your arms. that glow what was that.
Ken: Before I answer that I want to ask what are your names.
Ed: Edward Elric
Al: Alphonse Elric.
Ken: In my arms are two stone related to the Philosiphers stone. Ebony and Crimson. I am the wielder. although there power is great I haven't fully mastered it and even then it's only about half the power of the Philosipher's stone. For as the Philosipher's stone itself I know have a purpose to find it. and use these stones to find it.
Al:???? And what is that.
Ken: My full name is Ken Elric. I'm your brother. Father too say took me when he left. that bastard did this to me. I never thought this day would come.
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The Nature Alche...
post Jan 16 2005, 12:24 PM
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Didn't see that coming. Great job!

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post Jan 30 2005, 05:29 AM
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pretty good.

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