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Transcriptions Of FMA-2: Brotherhood Series Official Funimation English Sub, For those without access to Funi's subtitled episodes
His Name is Unkn...
post Apr 24 2009, 06:59 AM
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For those FMA fans who do not have access to the Funimation.com, we will be providing the transcriptions of official English subs on Funimation.com on this thread. I hope this proves useful to someone, somewhere! biggrin.gif

Quick links to the transcription posts on the thread:

Episode 1: "Fulmetal Alchemist" transcriptions
Episode 2: "Day of the Beginning" transcriptions
Episode 3: "City of Heresy" transcriptions
Episode 4: "An Alchemist's Anguish" transcriptions

We will be updating the thread with more transcriptions for the each episode. smile.gif
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post Apr 24 2009, 07:14 AM
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Wow! Thanks for this His Name is Unknown!
This will be great to compare with the Madman Subs =D


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His Name is Unkn...
post Apr 24 2009, 09:10 AM
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Transcription from official English sub on Funimation.com

Episode 1: "Fullmetal Alchemist"

Mustang: The Freezing Alchemist?

Bradley: Yes, he has sneaked his way here into Central.

Colonel Roy Mustang, I would like to put you in charge of capturing him.

Mustang: If that is your order…

Bradley: Oh, I’m so glad you are in Central.

I can rest assured leaving this to you.

Mustang: Yes sir.

Bradley: Ah, one more thing. The boy is here, as well.

Use him however you like.

Mustang: Fuhrer Bradley, by boy, do you mean…?

Bradley: Yes, the Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric.

Ed: Man, the colonel is such a slave driver.

Al: We’d already bought our tickets to Liore, but that’s been cancelled, huh?

Ed: Nothing we can do about it. Let’s hurry and get this over with Al.

Al: Mm-hmm, brother.


Solider A: There he goes! That way!

Soldier B: Halt! Halt or else!

Isaac: Freezing and boiling, both attributes of water.


Ed: What a nasty thing to do.

Isaac: In order to do great things, sacrifices must be made.

It’s what known as equivalent exchange.

Ed: There’s no way you can call that equivalent exchange!

Isaac: Without even a transmutation circle…!

Ed: You can’t afford to be so intrigued!

Isaac: What?!


Any water in there should have boiled!

Ed: You ruined my coat you know!

Isaac: Automail!

The skill of a gifted alchemist,

one who doesn’t use transmutation circles,

as well as an automail right arm…!

You are the Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric?!

Isaac: Not you?

Al: Oh, um, I’m his younger brother, Alphonse.

Isaac: This runt…?

Ed: Who’s a puny runt?!

Isaac: To think that the man they call the Fullmetal Alchemist is just a little child!

Ed: Don’t call me little!

Al: Brother, I don’t think he meant your height just now.

Ed: Even if he didn’t, he’s going to pay!

Soldier C: That’s the Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric for you.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Al: No, I’m his younger brother, Alphonse Elric.

Ed: Okay…Sorry to keep you waiting Al. Now, let’s get going.

Al: Geez, you’re always so impatient.

Ed: Steam…?

Al: Brother! He’s loose!

Ed: Damn it! Trifle with us, will he?!

Mustang: Looks like you under-estimated your opponent, Fullmetal.

Ed: Who is that guy?

Mustang: I thought I told you to listen to the briefing.

But no, you had to go right after him--

Ed: Yeah, yeah, all right. I’m terribly sorry.

Mustang: You should listen more carefully when your elders speak.

Ed: Right, right.

Mustang: Now then, his name is Isaac McDougal. He’s a former State Alchemist, who they called Isaac the Freezer.

Ed: Former?

Mustang: That’s right. He took part in the Ishbalan War of Extermination

as a member of the military.

After the war, he renounced his State Alchemist title,

and went on to join the antiestablishment movement.

Taking him into custody is a matter of top priority.

We may have to kill him, depending on the situation.

Ed: I’m not about to kill anyone.

Mustang: Suit yourself. All we’re after is your performance.

By the way, have you found any leads on getting your bodies back to normal?

Ed: You never give me any time to!

Hughes: Yo, Roy! Hell of an order you drew, to take the Freezing Alchemist into custody, huh?

Or is this your big chance to be promoted to Central. (Thought bubble: Here comes that pest)

Oh? By any chance, are you the Elric brothers?

Wow, it’s an honor to meet the youngest State Alchemist.

I’m Maes Hughes, Lt. Colonel.

Al: Um, I’m his younger brother, Alphonse Elric.

Hughes: What? You’re the Fullmetal Alchemist?!

Ed: Don’t you call me little! Don’t you call me little!

Mustang: Hughes…

Hughes: Yeah?

Mustang: If you don’t need anything, then go home.

Hughes: I will go, once my business is done.

You guys don’t have a place to stay yet, right?

So come home with me.

My wife, Gracia, and my daughter, Elicia.


Elicia: Papa, your beard hurts!

Hughes: It does? Skritchy skritchy!

Look, these are our guests today, the Elric brothers.

Elicia: So big!

So little!

Ed: Elicia, I am Edward Elric,

and this is my younger brother, Alphonse Elric.

Understand? Younger brother.

Elicia: If you’re the older brother, how come you’re so little?

Ed: --Let me go! Let me go, Al! Don’t stop me!

Al: --Now, now, they’re letting us stay here, so behave yourself.

Hughes: Let’s have dinner right away. Gracia’s cooking is delicious.

Okay, eat up.

Ed: I graciously accept this meal.

Yum, it’s delicious!

Gracia: Have plenty, okay?

Ed: Sure!

Hughes: Alphonse, you can’t eat while still wearing your armor, right?

Al: W-well, you see…

Ed: A-Al is in the middle of his alchemy training right now.

Okay, Al. I’ll eat enough for both of us today, too.

Elicia: Training! Training!

Kimbly: That’s the funniest joke I’ve heard in a while.

The Freezing Alchemist and me, team up?

Me, the Crimson Alchemist?

Isaac: Kimbly, together we’ll get Bradley,

and bring down this rotten military!

You must have seen the hell that took place in Ishbal.

You must know what Bradley made us do there.

That’s why you killed those officers, right?

Kimbly: Please, don’t misunderstand.

I do not think in such sophisticated terms.

I killed those guys because I wanted to kill them, nothing more.

Isaac: That’s too bad, Kimbly. It truly is too bad.

Good work.

Gracia: This is unusual. Can’t you sleep?

Hughes: Nah…

Gracia: Do you want me to guess?

You were thinking about those two, weren’t you?

Hughes: State Alchemists are the ones who people call Dogs of the Military.

When I think of him being called that at his age…

Al: Brother, are you awake?

Mrs. Gracia’s quiche looked like Mom’s huh?

Ed:Yeah, it was delicious.

Al: Really?

In that case, I’ll have to add it to the list of things to eat once I get my body back.

Ed: Yeah, add it on, add it on.

Al: Brother…

I sure would like to get our old bodies back soon.


Issac: One more…

one more and Bradley’s on his way to hell.

Mustang: According to reports, Isaac sneaked into Central prison last night.

The situation doesn’t leave us a moment to spare.

Find him, no matter what.

Close off all roads, and look in every last spot.

Upon finding him, you are free to shoot him dead.

That is an order from the Fuhrer.

I’m going out, too.

Soldier D: Medic! Hurry!

Report to headquarters, five men dead.

Al: How awful.

Ed: Steam explosion. When you rapidly raise the temperature of water,

it expands with explosive force.

The human body is 70% water, after all…

Let’s hurry. We have to find him quickly.

Al: Mm-hmm.

Isaac: All right.

Armstrong: Impressive, being able to dodge my alchemy, Mr. Isaac.

Isaac: That voice…! Armstrong?!

Armstrong: Indeed it is!

The Strong Arm Alchemist, Alex Lois Armstrong!

Isaac: Take this!

High-pressure water will slice through anything!

Armstrong: It is all for naught before my fist!

Al: Major!

Look out!

Ed: Water from his canteen? Thank you, Al!

Al: Let’s get after him, Brother!

Armstrong: Let’s go, Elric brothers!

Ed: --Right!

Al: --Yeah!

Mustang: It’s been a long time, Freezing.

Isaac: Roy Mustang … or rather, the Flame Alchemist.

Mustang: It’s a shame, having to fight against someone who was once a war buddy.

Isaac: War buddy? I have no friends.

The only ones in Ishbal were the rotten military and their dogs!

Flame will never beat water!


Yes! Yes! Yes!

Ed: That’s far enough!

I was wondering what you were doing in this alley,

so I came back to see, and bingo!

Al: It’s no use trying to escape.

Isaac: Escape? There’s no need to!

Ed: An alchemic reaction like this, all at the same time…

Al: Impossible. It couldn’t be…

Ed: A Philosopher’s Stone!

What? He used the moisture in the air…

Isaac: Edward Elric!

Dog of the Military, State Alchemist!

Do you know what this country is trying to do?!

Ed: Who cares?! More importantly…

Isaac: If you knew, you’d understand what I am trying to do!

Ed: I told you, I don’t know!

All right, Al! Nicely done!

Al: Brother, his alchemy!

Ed: Yeah!

Hey, you! You have a Philosopher’s Stone, don’t you?!

Isaac: What are you talking about?

Ed: If you won’t tell me, I’ll force it out of you…

Isaac: Is this any time to be talking nonsense?!

Armstrong: Take a good look at the artistic alchemy…

Ed: He’s all yours, Major!

…that has been passed down through the Armstrong family…

for generations!


Ed: What are you doing, Major?!

Armstrong: Oh, I was just…

Al: The ice walls…

Ed: They’re connecting.

Al: Don’t tell me he’s…

Ed: It’s Central…no, Central Command Center…

Ed/Al: He’s going to freeze it over!

Ed: Major! Al and I will stop him!

While we do, the transmutation circles…

Armstrong: …must be destroyed. You got it!

Isaac: King Bradley, now I will bury you with my own ice!

Ed: Hold it!

You’re such a pain!

Al: Brother!

Isaac: Too slow!

Ed: Al!

Isaac: An empty suit of armor?

You mean, your soul is bonded to the armor?!

You lost your arm, and your brother’s body is hollow…

I get it! You guys…

…committed the taboo!

You performed human transmutation,

alchemy’s greatest taboo!

Ed: Al! Alphonse!

Damn it, this wasn’t supposed to happen!

Damn it all!

He’s been taken away!

Give him back! He’s my brother.

Give him back! He’s my only brother!

You’ve just taken your first step into hell.

Give it up. There’s no water for you to use.

Isaac: You’ve forgotten something.

What is 70 percent of the body made of?

Al: Brother!

Isaac: You guys don’t understand the shape this country is in!

A: Brother! Brother!

Ed: Al, we’re going after him.

Mess around with me…

…will he?!

Soldier E: Did we get it?

Not again!

Mustang: Don’t underestimate my flames!

Riza: Good grief.

Please, try to only be useless on rainy days, okay?

Isaac: Bradley!

Say your prayers!

Kimbly: That’s too bad.

Mustang: Major! Now!

Armstrong: Acknowledged!

Ed: Fuhrer King Bradley…

Oh, good work, Fullmetal Alchemist. I see…

To think that I’d be able to give you a hand.

This will make a good story for my son.

Hughes: What, you got a cold? Anyhow, I hear you really outdid yourself, huh?

Mustang: I just destroyed the transmutation circles.

The Fuhrer is the one who brought down the criminal.

Hughes: And the Fuhrer is giving you credit for the deed.

What’s wrong, you upset? Just graciously accept the compliment.

Haven’t I always told you, listen carefully when your elders speak?

Al: It turns out…

we never did find out whether or not he had a Philosopher’s Stone.

Ed: Yeah, we’ll just have to wait for the military’s report.

Armstrong: Edward Elric, when I heard you were in the hospital, I dashed over!

Here, let me relieve your boredom while you’re in here.

I’m sure the beauty of my muscles will warm your heart.

Don’t be shy; you can touch them if you like.

Ed: Stop!

Lust: Oh, Isaac is dead, is he?

Such a shame, he would have been a good sacrifice.

So, what about the Philosopher’s Stone?

Hmm, he overused it.

Gluttony, you shouldn’t eat such things.

Yes, things are going well in Liore.

It will begin, very soon.
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post Apr 24 2009, 11:19 AM
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State Alchemist (Lt. Colonel)

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His Name is Unknown and Kale Mustang, first off I would like to thank the both of you for doing this. I can not imagine how time-consuming this must be for you both. For fans who do not live in the United States and therefore will most likely never seen the streaming subs, this is a true "gift." As a linguistic major and somebody who studies foreign languages, I can not tell you how much a translation can make or break a series for me. I have watched the first episode numerous times, each time by a different fan-sub group, and I really must say that soms subs produce different reactions in me. It is great to finally be able to read Funimation´s subtitles while watching the raw. Thank you so much!

(Lol, I am actually sad that I am not in the US, because I am so OCD that transcriping stuff is actually "fun" for me. Yeah, I´m strange.)

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post Apr 30 2009, 04:43 PM
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Transcription from official English sub on Funimation.com

Episode 2: "Day of the Beginning"

Announcer: Alchemy is the science of understanding, decomposing,

and reconstructing matter.

However, it is not an all-powerful art.

It is impossible to create something out of nothing.

If one wishes to obtain something,

something of equal value must be paid.

This equivalent exchange is the basis of alchemy.

Alchemists have a taboo, and it is human transmutation.

It is that which no one must commit.

[Opening Theme]

Yui: I still have too long a life ahead

to get rid of these feelings, right?

I want to try doing over

the things I’ve left undone

I thought I was running after something carried over from my dreams

Yet I’m stumbling into people on this narrow, winding road

It’s not like I want to go back to the way things were back then

I’m just searching for the sky I’ve been losing

Here’s hoping you’ll understand

Stop making that sad face as though you were a victim

Sins don’t end with tears,

you have to carry the pain forever

Who am I waiting for, in this maze of emotions

with no way out in sight?

I want to purge myself more simply,

as if writing in a blank notebook

What is it I want to escape from?

…is it reality?

It makes me want to scream that we’re alive

for things to come true. Can you hear me?

I can’t put up with playing it safe

…I’ve got nowhere to go home to

I’m always grateful for kindness

That’s why I want to grow stronger (I’m on the way)

I even welcome this pain

for the things I miss


Al: Brother…

What do you think about the stories of this priest in Liore?

Ed: About his miraculous works?

They say he can transmute flowers out of thin air, right?

It could just be simple sleight of hand.

Al: Supposing it’s not, though.

Ed: Yeah. Supposing it’s not, then it just might be, huh?

Young Ed: The celestial stone that destroyed Xerxes in one night.

The grand elixir, sealed away by the Eastern Sage.

It goes by different names, but in short,

it’s something that intensifies alchemy.

That’s the Philosopher’s Stone.

If only I had that, I might be able to get your body back, Al.

Damn! Write more information about it, will you?!

Ed: Al…

Al: What?

Ed: I sure hope this is it this time.

Al: Mm-hmm, right.

Episode 2: “The First Day”

Caption: “Resembool, 10 years earlier”

Trisha: Ed! Al! Where are you?

Oh, my.

Messing up your dad’s study again?

No, you mustn’t scribble there like that.

Ed: It’s not scribbling!


Trisha: That’s alchemy, right?

Did your dad teach you that?

Ed: How can we learn anything from someone who’s not here?

Al: We read the book, and it was written in there.

Trisha: It was written in there?

Ed: Should we not have done it?

Trisha: Not at all!

Amazing! You’re your father’s sons, all right!

Your mom is proud of both of you.

Ed: Mom praised us. We were so happy about that,

that we became caught up in alchemy.

But the summer of that year, there was an epidemic,

and Mom passed away.

Al: Brother, I’m hungry.

It’s cold. Let’s go home.

Once Dad comes home…

Ed: Don’t you talk about him!

That guy is not our dad!

He didn’t even come home for Mom’s funeral!

I wonder if we can bring Mom back.

Al: But it was written in that book that creating people is something you’re not allowed to do.

Ed: That’s why it will be our secret.

Winry: You’re here again.

Ed: What do you want, Winry?

Winry: Grandma says that every time you think of a dead person and cry,

the more tears you shed, the more the dead person in the next world feels sad, too.

Ed: We’re not crying!

What about you? Your mom and dad are always out somewhere,

and you cry because you miss them.

Winry: I – I don’t cry!

Ed: Are you sure?

Winry: I was worried about you for nothing!

If you’re slower than me, you don’t get any supper!

What’s that for?! Wait up!

Al: Ah! Wait!

Ed/Al/Winry: I gratefully accept this meal.

Pinako: Come on, Ed, you drink your milk, too.

Ed: I hate milk.

Pinako: If you don’t drink it, you’ll stay short.

Ed: Who are you calling a run, you sawed-off old hag!

Pinako: What was that, you little bean sprout?!

Ed: Minimum hag!

Pinako: Micro-peewee!

Ed: Baby-ant-sized!

Pinako: Atom-sized!

Winry: You’re reading a book that’s not from school again.

You have to listen in class.

Ed: Leave us alone.

Winry: Say, what sort of book are you reading?

Al: It’s a secret.

Ed: It’s none of your business, Winry.

Winry: No fair! You two always keep secrets between yourselves!

Al: Bye, now.

Winry: Ed! Al! We’re going to be having stew tonight!

Al: All right!

Ed: Yeah, see you later.

You know something, whoever invented stew is great.

It even has milk in it, and it still tastes so good.

Al: What do you mean by that?

Ed: The idea of sticking mil into vegetable soup is amazing.

A scientist needs those kinds of leaps of imagination, too.

Al: Maybe you’re right.

Ed: Sure I am! I’m sure a leap of imagination

is what we need for human transmutation, too.

From then on, we looked into what we would need to perform

human transmutation, to bring Mom back to life,

and honed our skills under an alchemy teacher.

It took years and years, but we wanted to see Mom’s smile,

and we wanted to live happily with Mom again.

With those thoughts in mind…


Water, 35 liters; carbon, 20 kilograms;

ammonia, 4 liters; lime, 1.5 kilograms;

phosphorus, 800 grams; salt, 250 grams;

saltpeter, 100 grams; sulfur, 80 grams;

fluorine, 7.5 grams; iron, 5 grams; silicon, 3 grams…

All right, now to write the construction formula.

Now, we just need some soul data.

Here we go, Al.

Al: Mm-hmm.

Brother, there’s something strange here.

Ed: Al!

It can’t be… A rebound?!

Al: Brother! Brother! Brother!

Ed: Al!

Al? Huh? What was I doing, again?

Truth: Hey.

Ed: -- Who are you?

Truth: -- Oh, I’m glad you asked that.

I am what you call the world.

Or perhaps the universe, or perhaps God,

or perhaps truth, or perhaps all, or perhaps one,

and I am also…


Welcome, you stupid fool who doesn’t know his own place.

Pipe down. This is what you wanted, isn’t it?

I will show you the truth!

Ed: It was like a tremendous amount of information

was being stuffed directly into my head.

Stop! My head’s gonna split open!

I’m being broken down…


Stop it!


It felt like my head was going to burst open.

But then suddenly, I understood. This was truth.


Truth: How was it?

Ed: Yeah…

My theory of human transmutation was not wrong!

But it’s missing something.

What I seek was just ahead…

the truth about human transmutation!

Please, show it to me again!

Truth: I can’t.

I can only show you this much for the toll you’ve paid.

Ed: Toll?

Truth: Yes, toll.

It’s an equivalent exchange, right? Alchemist?

Ed: Damn! This can’t be happening!

It wasn’t…

It wasn’t supposed to…

Damn it all!

It’s been taken away!

Help! Someone! Mom! Mom…

No… this is wrong… this isn’t…

this isn’t what we wanted!

Al… Alphonse…

Alphonse! Alphonse!

This is my fault…!


Damn it! Damn it!

Give him back! He’s my brother!

Take my leg! Take my arm!

Take my heart! You can have it!

So, give him back! He’s my only brother!

Hughes: Yo, are you still in Central?

Mustang: Luckily, I’ll be able to go back to the Eastern Command Center.

Hughes: Aren’t you the hard worker?

Next time you come here, see to it that you’ve made brigadier general, Colonel.

Mustang: Easy for you to say.

Hughes: Oh, right. If you’re leaving, I’ll give this to you now.

Mustang: What is it?

Hughes: The final report on Isaac McDougal.

It probably hasn’t reached your office yet.

Mustang: Yeah.

Xingese alkahestry?

Hughes: Apparently, that’s something they have.

To be honest, I have no idea what it is. Do you know it?

Mustang: No, first I’ve heard of it.

Hughes: By the way, how are the Elric brothers doing?

Mustang: I’m not their guardian.

Hughes: Hey, why did you decide to make Ed a State Alchemist?

He’s still just a child.

As long as he’s in the military,

he’ll end up having to go through hell someday.

Like we did.

Mustang: Hell, huh?

Oh, they’ve seen hell. Both of them, and plenty of it.

Caption: “4 years earlier”

Riza: Lt. Colonel,

they’re not in back, eith –

What is this?!

Mustang: Where are they? Where are the Elric brothers?!

Pinako: Be quiet, Den.

Don’t bark at our guests --

Wha -- hey, you!

What are soldiers bursting in here for?!

Mustang: We went to your house! What was that over there?!

What did you make?!

Al: We’re sorry. Please forgive us.

We’re sorry… we’re sorry…

we’re sorry…

Mustang: You’re…

This is a surprise.

I had heard that there was a brilliant alchemist here, so I came to see him,

but I never imagined that a child like this

could ever perform human transmutation, imperfect though it was,

and even bond a soul.

He is more than qualified to become a State Alchemist.

Once he becomes a State Alchemist,

he will have to serve as a soldier in the event of an emergency,

but at the same time, he will receive various special privileges,

and research of the highest level will become possible for him.

They may even find a way to get their bodies back, or --

Pinako: After he came stumbling in here, covered with blood,

I went over to their house.

What was there…

What was there was not human!

Is alchemy what created that horrific thing?!

I’m against it! Would you have these boys go through hell again?!

Winry: Here you are.

Riza: Thanks.

Winry: Um, Lieutenant…

Riza: You can call me Riza. Riza Hawkeye. Nice to meet you.

Winry: Miss Riza, have you ever shot anyone?

Riza: Yes.

Winry: I hate soliders. My mother and father

were taken away to the battlefield, and they were killed there.

And now, you’re trying to take Ed and Al away, too.

Riza: It’s up to them to decide whether or not they will go.

Yes, they will decide for themselves.

Mustang: I’m not forcing you. I’m just offering you the possibility.

Riza: Whether to move forward, or whether to stay still.

Mustang: Will you end your days in despair,

or will you seek the possibilities, and bow to the military?

Riza: The boys will be the ones to decide.

Roy: If the possibility is there, you should move forward,

in order to get your bodies back.

Even if the way ahead is through a river of mud.

Winry: Miss Riza, why did you become a soldier?

Riza: Because there is someone I have to protect.

Mustang: We’re leaving.

Riza: Yes, sir.

Well, goodbye, young lady.

Winry: It’s Winry.

Riza: Okay, Winry.

I hope we’ll meet again.

Will they be coming?

Mustang: Yes, they will.

Riza: That boy had a spiritless look in his eye.

Mustang: You think so?


were eyes that had flame in them.

Pinako: Sure you won’t regret this?

Ed: Mm-hmm, I’ve already made up my mind.

How long will the surgery and rehabilitation take?

Pinako: About three years.

Ed: One year!

Pinako: You’re gonna be spitting blood.

Ed: Al, hang in there for a little while longer.

I’m going to get you your body back.

Al: Mm-hmm, and when that happens, Brother, your body will be with it.

Your body is perfect now.

Ed: Yeah! Now for the alchemy. I haven’t used it since then, after all.

Al: Right, not since you transmuted my soul.


Ed: Yeah, right on the money!

Al: Amazing, Brother! You didn’t even use a transmutation circle!

You’ve gotten so you can do the same thing that Teacher does.

Ed: Al, you can do it too, right?

Al: No I can’t, Brother.

Ed: You didn’t see it?

Al: See what?

Ed: Nothing, never mind.

Winry: Hey! You’ve deformed my automail!

Ed: Does that make it okay for you to deform my head?!

Good grief, you are one uncharming gearhead.

Winry: I’m okay with being uncharming. I’m okay with being a gearhead.

I’ve made up my mind to support you until you get your body back.

Ed: Huh?!

Soldier A: It’s unusual for you to observe the examinations.

Bradley: Oh, but I heard there would be a twelve-year-old child here.

I thought I would come see what the topic of conversation was.

Ho, a steel prosthetic, huh?

Ed: In the Eastern Rebellion…

Bradley: Ah, you had a time of it in Ishbal, then. Hmm.

Ed: Who’s that?

Soldier B: You idiot, that’s His Excellency, Fuhrer King Bradley.

Bradley: Okay, begin the examination.

Solider B: Do you have something to draw transmutation circles with?

Ed: I don’t need anything like that.

Mustang: He’s not even using a transmutation circle…!

Bradley: That’s quite something.

Soldiers: Excellency!

Ed: There might be those out there who would assassinate VIPs like this,

so maybe you should reconsider how you conduct examinations.

Bradley: Hmm. You must have nerves of steel.

But you do not know the breadth of the world.

Good luck on the rest of your exam, my overly young alchemist. (“Hahahaha”)

Ed: When did he draw his sword?

Al: I wonder if Brother is doing all right on his exam.

Winry: Say, Al…

Al: Hmm, what?

Winry: If Ed becomes a State Alchemist, are you leaving the village?

Al: Mm-hmm.

Mustang: This is proof of your state certification, a sliver pocket watch.

Caption: “East City, Eastern Command Center”

Mustang: Your certificate of appointment and detailed regulations are here.

The Fuhrer has given you quite the ironic title.

Ed: What?

Mustang: Nothing. Congratulations.

You are hereby an official Dog of the Military.

Ed: In the name of Fuhrer King Bradley, I appoint thee,

Ed/Bradley: Edward Elric, to be a State Alchemist, and grant the title “Fullmetal.”

Ed: Fullmetal?

Mustang: Yes. It’s a second name given to State Alchemists.

The name that you now bear is…

the Fullmetal Alchemist.

Ed: Nice. It has an oppressive feel to it.

Sure, I’ll take that on!

Al: Brother, we’re just about there.

Ed: Liore?

Will there be any leads to getting Al’s body back in that town?

The Philosopher’s Stone!

[Closing Theme]

Do you remember the ruby sky,

we saw that day?

The two of us drew close, encircled by promises, vows

and an early summer’s breeze

I hide the shadow

that stretches out behind my forced smile

So pretending not to notice, I choose rebirth

I kept waiting for settling news on the table,

knowing all about the empty night,

and the morning that would not come

Someday, you will remember the ruby sky,

we saw that day

Embracing the promise we couldn’t keep,

the two of us start walking

[Episode Preview]

Announcer: Ed and Al, having arrived in Liore,

encounter Cornello, a man who claims to resurrect the dead.

“Pray in faith, and ye shall be saved.”

As Cornello preaches these words,

a Philosopher’s Stone shines red on his finger.

Next time on Hagane no Renkinjutsuhi: Fullmetal Alchemist,

Episode 3, “City of Heresy”

What happiness is to be gained by looking away from the truth?
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Transcription from official English sub on Funimation.com

Episode 3: "City of Heresy"

[Re-introduction of Alchemic Principles (seen in Episode two) followed by Opening]

Cornello (over radio broadcast): God's children, who live upon this land, pray in faith, and ye shall be saved. The Sun God Leto illuminates thy footsteps

Restaurant Owner: You guys street performers or something?

Cornello: Behold, the Lord descends from his throne,

Ed: Where do you get the idea we're street performers?!

Cornello: and saves thee from all thy sins.

Restaurant Owner: You're not, then?

Ed: Thanks for lunch.

Restaurant Owner: Ah! Hey, excuse me, sir!

Ed: Sorry, sorry. We'll fix it.

Restaurant Owner: Y-You'll fix it?

Ed: Yeah, just watch.

Al: Okay, here goes!

Ed: Does that take care of it?

Restaurant Owner: This is a surprise! You guys can perform miraculous works?!

Ed (defeated): What do you mean by that?

Al: We're alchemists.

Man in green t-shirt: I've never seen alchemy before.

Ed: Ever heard of the Elric Brothers?

Restaurant Owner: Elric?

Man in green shirt: Yeah! I've heard that name.

Man in blue shirt: The Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric.

Crowd: Wow, so you're the gifted alchemist we've heard about? Indeed, with this armor you're wearing, your second name would be "Fullmetal," huh?

Al: Um, not me.

Man in crowd: Eh? The pipsqueak over there?

Ed (enraged): Who's a tiny beansprout?!

[Opening Title: Episode Three: City of Heresy]

Cornello: Pray in faith, and thy entreaties shall be accorded thee...

Ed: So, what's with this broadcast?

Restaurant Owner: T-That's Father Cornello.

Man in green t-shirt: He appeared in this town several years ago, and preached to us the ways of God.

Man in blue shirt: He gives immortality to the living, and resurrection to the dead.

Man in green shirt: His miraculous works are proof of it.

Ed: "Resurrection to the dead," eh? Sounds fishy.

Crowd: Father Cornello! Show us your miraculous works!

Ed: Is that it? What do you think?

Al: No two ways about it, that metamorphic reaction is alchemy.

Ed: But he's ignoring equivalent exchange. The law is that only one volume of mass can come from the same volume of mass.

Al: He's changing vegetable into mineral, too. Brother, could it be...

Ed: Yeah, it could be. Bingo!

Rose: O God, please grant me my wish. Please bring him...

Ed: Huh, so this is Leto, is it?

Rose: Are you interested in Letoism?

Ed: No, unfortunately, I'm an atheist.

Rose: Well, that won't do. To believe in and worship God, and live with gratitude and hope... It's such a marvelous thing. If you believe, I'm sure you will grow taller. (Kanji for 'sincere' is over Rose's head')

Ed: Hey, what was that for?!

Al (with hiragana for 'whoa, whoa' over his head): She didn't mean any harm.

Ed: "Resurrection to the dead." Do you honestly believe that?

Rose: Yes.

Ed (pulls out book): Water, 35 liters; carbon, 20 kilograms; ammonia, 4 liters; lime, 1.5 kilograms; phosphorus, 800 grams; salt, 250 grams; saltpeter, 100 grams, and various other stuff.

Rose (overwhelmed): Huh?

Ed (closes book): That's the material makeup of a human body, calculated for one adult. With our science now, we know that much, but there has never been one reported case of a successful human transmutation actually taking place. Are you telling me that what can't be done by science can be done through prayer?!

Rose: Pray in faith, and thy entreaties shall be accorded thee.

Ed: Incidentally, if you go to the market, you can buy all of these components with the change a small child might carry. Humans can be made cheap.

Rose: People aren’t things! Your words are blasphemy against the Creator! You’re going to incur Heaven’s wrath.

Ed (laughs): Alchemists are scientists, you see. We don’t believe in creators, and God, and such. We lay bare the creative principles of this world, and pursue truth. It’s ironic that we scientists, who do not need God, are in a certain sense the closes ones to being gods.

Rose: Are you saying that you’re on the same level as God? Such hubris!

Ed: Hubris, huh? Now that you mention it, it was in some myth somewhere. There was a hero, who got too close to the sun, and his wings, made of hardened wax, were torn off, and he was thrust down to the earth.

Al: Brother…

Ed: Miss, do you think that Leto will even save a scientist, such as myself, who thinks what I just said?

Rose: Of course. He will accept your repentance at any time.

Leto follower: Father, there are some people here who wish to see you. A child, and someone in a suit of armor. They gave their names as the Elric brothers.

Cornello: I’m busy. Have them leave—no, wait. Did you say the Elric Brothers?

Assistant Pastor: Yes, that’s what they called themselves.

Cornello: This is bad. He’s the Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric.

Assistant Pastor: The man in the armor?

Cornello: Yeah, probably.

Assistant Pastor: What would a State Alchemist be doing here? Don’t tell me they know about our plan.

Cornello: Dog of the Military. Looks like your nose is pretty sharp.

Assistant Pastor: This way please. The Father is quite busy, and cannot make very much time, but you are in luck.

Ed: Sorry. We’ll keep this as brief as we can.

Assistant Pastor: Yes, indeed. Let’s bring an end to this quickly.

Rose: Assistant Pastor, what are you doing?

Assistant Pastor: Rose, these people are heathens, who seek to ensnare the Father. They are wicked.

Rose: Oh, no!

Ed: Like you said, let’s end this quickly!

Ed: Strike!

Cornello: Such a racket! Welcome to our sacred order, Fullmetal Alchemist.

Rose: Father Cornello…

Cornello: It looks like we had some rather disrespectful fellows here. I apologize for their rudeness.

Ed: It’s no apology, looking down on us from up there.

Cornello: Have you come to receive our doctrine?

Ed: I would like you to teach it to me, by all means. Like how you use cheap alchemy to deceive your believers.

Cornello: Now, what could you mean by that? I won’t have you equating my miraculous works with alchemy. What do you say? Can alchemy bring this about?

Ed: That’s the thing about it. How is it that you’re able to transmute, while ignoring the laws?

Cornello: Like I said, it isn’t alchemy.

Ed: That’s what I started thinking, if he were an alchemist, using an enchanted amplifier of legend, said to be able to make the impossible possible, then maybe he could do that.

Cornello: You mean…

Ed: Yes, exactly. The Philosopher’s Stone. That’s what the ring of yours is, isn’t it? I’ve been looking for that.

Cornello: This is just an ordinary ring. I have been permitted by God to perform miraculous works.

Ed: Are you still dissembling? It looks like I’m just going to have to grab you, and beat it out of you.

Cornello: You appear to be quite the incorrigible heathen. Rose…

Rose (looks fearful): Y-Yes?

Cornello: Pick up that gun lying on the floor there.

Rose: Huh? Okay.

Cornello: Now shoot the Fullmetal Alchemist with it.

Rose: No… I can’t.

Cornello: My word is God’s word. This is the will of God. Rose, shoot him.

Cornello: What’s the matter? When you lost your boyfriend in an accident last year, who was it that saved you from the very depths of despair?

Rose: You, Father Cornello.

Cornello: That’s right. I save you. And what did I promise you?

Rose: That you would bring him back to life!

Al (frantic): Er, um, I’m not him!

Ed : (rage mode) I’m the Fullmetal Alchemist, dammit!

Cornello (surprised): You mean, you’re the one?!

Rose: I’m sorry. I have no choice but to do this.

Ed: He’s a swindler.

Rose: You’re wrong! Father Cornello is going to bring him back with his miraculous works!

Ed: Then shoot.

Ed: Al!

Cornello: That will do. God is pleased. Now, shoot the other one, too.

Al (sits up helmet-less): What an awful thing to make your believer do.

Cornello: What?!

Rose: What’s going on?

Ed: Nothing to it.

Al: This is what’s going on.

Cornello: An empty suit of armor! This is indeed proof that these people are wicked! They should be purged!

Cornello: Is this the first time you’ve seen a Chimera?

Ed: You even made this with your Philosopher’s Stone? This could be trouble, taking him on unarmed.

Cornello: No transmutation circle! I guess the State Alchemist title is not just for show, then. However…!

Cornello: Well? How do you like the taste of claws that can cut through iron?!

Ed: Gotcha! Unfortunately for you, this was specially-made.

Cornello: Bite him to death!

Ed: What’s wrong, p***y? Get a good taste.

Cornello: Your arm…a brother who is just armor… I get it. So that’s what’s going on. Fullmetal Alchemist, you went and did it, didn’t you?

Ed: Come on down here, third-string! Let me show you how outclassed you are!

[Commercial Break]

Cornello: Rose, these people have performed human transmutation, the greatest taboo for any alchemist! They tried to bring someone dead back to life.

Ed (flashback): The hero gets too close to the sun, his wings are torn off, and is thrust back to earth.

Rose: Oh, no...

Ed: This is what someone who trespasses in God or whoever's domain looks like. Rose, are you prepared to become like this?

Cornello: Edward Elric, to think that you became a State Alchemist like that! It's laughable!

Ed: Shut up. You're just a third-rate phony that can't do anything without a Philosopher’s Stone.

Al: Father, we want you to hand over the Stone before you get hurt.

Cornello: Ridiculous! You fools, who would tread upon God's domain! This time, I will send you back to God for good!

Ed: Nah, God probably hates me, after all. If I went there, I think he'd just turn me away. Al!

Cornello: What are you doing?! After them! They are heathens who are trying to harm the order! Seize them!

Leto follower A: Stop!

Leto follower B: Hey, boy, what are you going to do, empty handed?

Guard A: Surrender, before you get hurt.

Leto follower C: Don't get careless, just because he's a child!

Al: Coming through! (beat) Do you see now, Rose? Cornello shot at us, even though you were there.

Rose: That was because you were... Is it true what he said back there?

Al: All we wanted to do was see our mom's smiling face again. But our transmutation failed. It didn't even have a human form. We were made to realize our mistake. People do not come back from the dead. Including our mom.

Rose: That's not true. I mean...

Al: The basis of alchemy is equivalent exchange. The price of our human transmutation was enormous. Brother's left leg, and my whole body was taken away. Do you see it? Brother drew it with his own blood. His left leg had been taken away. He had to have been in pain. But Brother transmuted my soul, in exchange for his right arm, and bonded me to this suit of armor. (beat) I want to restore Brother's body back to the way it was. Brother wants to get me back to normal, too. We might even lose our lives as a result. That's the karmic nature of the path we chose.

Rose: But Father Cornello can--

Al: Rose!

Rose: Father Cornello can do it, even if you weren't able to. He can!

Cornello: Kid...say your prayers!

Ed: Mister, let's speak frankly here. I just want to know the secrets of that Stone. Or should I request that the military be called in, to investigate the Stone?

Cornello: Very well.

Ed: What are you trying to do with the Philosopher’s Stone? If you have it, you don't need any rinky-dink religious order, right?

Cornello: The order would gladly give their lives for my sake and provide me with more believers! They will be the ultimate legion, not even afraid to die, just you watch! In just a few more years, I'm going to set out to rip this country apart, using the Philosopher’s Stone and my idiotic believers! I'll even share the leftovers with you! (laughs, beat) What's so funny?

Ed: Like I said, you're third-string.

Cornello: Y-You don't mean...!

Al: There are no miraculous works. It was all done with the power of the Philosopher’s Stone.

Cornello (over loudspeaker): Why, you...! When...when did you flip that switch?!

Ed (over loudspeaker): Right at the start. It's all out of the bag now.

Cornello: How could you do that?! You little brat!

Ed: Too slow! (beat) Like I said, you're outclassed.

Cornello: I am without rival!

Ed: I-It's a rebound!

Cornello: I-I'm not giving up yet! I am... I am...the Emissary of God! (beat) My word is the word of God! My fist is the fist of God!

Ed: Fist of God my foot! If you want it that much, you can have it!

Ed/Cornello: Shut up!

Ed: Let me see the Philosopher’s Stone! (beat) It broke. How can that be? How does a Philosopher’s Stone, which is supposed to be a perfect material, break?

Cornello: I-I don't know. I don't know anything about this! S-Spare me! Please! I was wrong!

Ed: It's a fake?

Cornello: I can't do anything without the Stone. Spare me!

Ed: We've come this far, thinking we could finally get back...and it's a fake.

Cornello: U-Uh, what about me?

Ed: Go on, go wherever the hell you like!

Cornello: Right!

Al: What about the Philosopher’s Stone?

Ed: It was just a big knock-off.

Al: Oh.

Ed: I thought we were finally going to get you your body back, too.

Rose: Give me the Philosopher’s Stone!

Al: Rose...

Ed: Like I said, it was just a big knock-off. What's more, it broke all on its own.

Rose: Liar! You want to keep it all for yourself, don't you?! For your bodies-- yeah, and to use on your mother one more time.

Ed: Shut up! Dead people do not come back to life! Ever! Ever!

Rose: He said he would come back. He said if I prayed, it would come true. That a miracle would happen. What am I supposed to live my life clinging to now?! Tell me! Huh?!

Ed: You have to figure that out for yourself. Stand up and walk. Move forward. You've got two fine legs there, don't you? You don't need to cling to anything.

Angry Mob: --What's going on here?
--Send out thee Father!
--Have you been deceiving us?!
--Open up!

Cornello: That kid has destroyed my ambitions...

Lust: Indeed, it's all ruined. We should have just incited a little rebellion.

Cornello: You...!

Gluttony: Say, Lust, can I eat this old man?

Lust: No, Gluttony. If you eat him, it will upset your stomach.

Cornello: Everyone is treating me like a fool!

Lust: We're done with you. And here things were getting heated up. Now we'll have to start over from the beginning again. Father is going to be angry with us. Now then, I wonder what means we should take next.

[Ending credits & Next Episode Preview]

Announcer: In order to report on the incidents in Liore, Ed and Al visit East City, where the Eastern Command Center is. There they meet the Sewing Life Alchemist, Shou Tucker, and his daughter, Nina. Next time on Hagane no Rekinjutsushi: Fullmetal Alchemist, Episode Four,”An Alchemist's Anguish.” Would their meeting mark the start of their pain?

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@His Name is Unknown and Kale Mustang: Thank you so much for making transcriptions of the official English subs!! This will be very helpful to many FMA fans who do not have access to the official English sub on Funmation.com!! Your kind works are very much appreciated! ^^

(I have moved your transcriptions here and opened the new thread.
Please feel free to re-edit your posts and the thread title as you see fit. ^^)

Kale Mustang - Could you kindly re-upload and attach the file to your post for the episode 3 transcriptions again? Thank you!! ^^

His Name is Unknown - For the future update of your first post, to get the link address to the post where transcription is posted, right click on the post # that is located at the top right corner of that post, then choose "Copy Link Location" (or equivalent depending on your computer program,) then use that address for making the quick link. smile.gif


The font colors used currently (as a sample color scheme) for the transcription posts are:

* Medium Light Gray (color #808080, Gray color that is second from the bottom on the sample color chart) for the note at the top of transcription post, "Transcription from official English sub on Funimation.com"
(BTW, this note isn't really necessary.. But, I added the note there for the purpose of creating a bit of space between the episode title and the top of the post for the readability. ^^)

* Dark Green (color #006400, that's the Green in the center of the top row on the sample color chart) for the chapter # and the title. (Currently with font size 3, and with Bold)

* Pure Black (color#000000) for the main transcription text

* Light Gray (color #C0C0C0) for insert descriptions such as: [Opening Title: Episode Three: City of Heresy]

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Please feel free to change the color scheme as you fit. ^^ Also, if you need any help, or if you'd like to just post as is and then for me to edit it to the current color scheme, please let me know.


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Transcription from official English sub on Funimation.com

[Alchemy Introduction]

Narrator: Alchemy is the science of understanding, decomposing, and reconstructing matter. However, it is not an all-powerful art. It is impossible to create something out of nothing. If one wishes to obtain something, something of equal value must be paid. This equivalent exchange is the basis of alchemy. Alchemy has a taboo, and it is human transmutation. It is that which no one must commit.

[Opening Credits & Previous Episode Recap]

Narrator: In the town of Liore, a priest of Letoism was using alchemy, together with a Philosopher’s Stone, to deceive the people. Upon entering his church, Ed and Al put a stop to the priest's sinister designs. However, the Philosopher’s Stone was a fake. “Stand up and walk. Move forward.” Having lost hope, Ed's words stuck in Rose's heart. They were words that Ed had directed at themselves, as well.

Episode 4: An Alchemist's Anguish

Scar: You are the Iron Blood Alchemist, Basque Grand, right?

Grand: Who are you?

Scar: Alchemists who have turned their backs on the ways of God...shall perish.

Grand: Hmph, so you're the murderous fiend who only targets State Alchemists, are you? However, you've picked the wrong opponent to tangle with! (beat) You're fast! Still...! If that's how you want it... Hmph, that wasn't so hard. (beat) W-What?!

Scar: Perish!

Hughes: Another State Alchemist?

Armstrong: He does have considerable skill.

Hughes: Major, you watch yourself. You could be the next one he comes after.

Armstrong: Yes, sir.

Hughes: Fuhrer, Your Excellency, what are you doing here?

Bradley: I got word of this. Lt. Colonel Hughes, are you in charge of this case?

Hughes: Yes, sir.

Bradley: If you need any personnel, just ask. We have to crack down hard on traitors.

Hughes: Yes, sir.

Hawkeye (hands over some documents): Lieutenant Breda...

Breda: Right. Sheesh, the Colonel is letting his work pile up again, huh? Hey, Havoc, give me an hand with half of this, will you?

Havoc: I've already got my hands full over here. Let's see, who is this? (looks down at a document with a picture of Yoki attached)

Falman: Lieutenant Yoki. He's the crook who was lining his own pockets with the Youswell coal mine concessions. The Elric brothers exposed his misdeeds, and he's currently on the run.

Hawkeye: Master Sergeant Fuery, how is the radio coming?

Fuery: The receiver has had it. I'll have to change out the part.

[A slight ringing sound and clap can be heard before Ed's hand touches the radio]

Fuery: Edward! Alphonse!

Hawkeye: Welcome back, you two. The Colonel is expecting you.

Mustang: That Liore case was handled, thanks to you. Let me convey my gratitude.

Ed: No big deal. We didn't do it for you.

Mustang: So, this Philosopher’s Stone was a dud, too?

Ed: The Stone was a fake, but its power, at least, was incredible. It transmuted this huge Chimera, and all.

Al: I wonder how he used the Stone to do something like that. We're not very familiar with the field of live transmutation, so we don't understand it all that well.

Ed: Still, it is kind of interesting, huh? If we looked into it, it might come in handy for us getting our bodies back.

Al: Mm-hmm.

Mustang: In that case, why don't you get some help from a specialist? (beat) The Sewing Life Alchemist, Shou Tucker. He's a researcher, dealing with Chimera transmutation. I'll introduce you to him.

Al: You'd go to all that trouble, Colonel?

Ed (frantically yelling): He's up to something! He's definitely up to something!

Mustang (yelling back): Don't be so suspicious of me! After the Liore case, this makes us even. (muttering to himself) Being indebted to you would be repulsive. (beat) Two years ago, Tucker successfully transmuted a Chimera that could understand human speech, and earned his qualification as State Alchemist.

Ed: Understand human speech? You mean, it talks? A Chimera?

Mustang: Yeah, supposedly, it spoke. It said just one thing. “I want to die.” After that, it refused to eat anything, and died.

Ed: What a huge house.

Al: B-Brother!

Nina: Lots of visitors!

Tucker: Nina, you have to keep the dog tied up. (beat) Ah, sorry about this. Ever since my wife ran out on me, the house has been like this. Once again, it's a pleasure to meet you, Edward. I'm the Sewing Life Alchemist, Shou Tucker.

Mustang: He is interested in transmuting living things. He says he would love to have a look at your research.

Tucker: Sure, I don't mind. However...If you want to see what I have up my sleeve, I'll have to see what you've got up your sleeve, too. That's what it is to be an alchemist. Why are you interested in transmuting living things?

Mustang: Oh, uh, he's...

Ed: Colonel...

Tucker: You transmuted your mother? An eleven-year-old child? I see, so that's why you're the “Fullmetal Alchemist.” You've had a bitter experience, huh? (beat) I don't know if it will be of any use to you or not, buy why don't I have you look at my laboratory? (beat) Oh, how embarrassing. I'm popularly regarded as some authority on Chimeras, but the truth is, it hasn't been going all that well.

Ed: Oh, incredible!

Tucker: This is my materials room. Feel free to look around.

Ed: All right, I'll start with this shelf.

Al: Then, I'll start over there.

Mustang: I'm going back to work. I'll send someone by for you this evening.

Tucker: They have incredible focus, don't they? They've already shut out the voices around them. There are prodigies out there, huh?

Al: Way up high! Way up high!

Ed: Al! What are you doing?!

Al: Nina looked like she wanted to play.

Ed: Hey, what are we here to do?

Nina: Alexander says he wants to play, too!

Ed: You've got some nerve. They say that a lion uses all of his strength to hunt even a rabbit. So I, Edward Elric, will use my whole body and soul to take you on, you beast of a dog!

Havoc: Hey, chief! I'm here to pick you up. What are you doing?

Ed: Oh, you might call it a breather from searching through data.

Tucker: Did you find any good material? (beat) Come on by tomorrow, too.

Nina: You're going to come again?

Al: Let's play more tomorrow, okay, Nina?

Nina: Mm-hmm!

Havoc: Ah, Mr. Tucker, I have a message from the Colonel. He says “Don't forget, Assessment Day is coming soon.”

Tucker: Yes, I know.

Havoc: Okay.

Nina: Dad...What's “assessment”?

Tucker: State Alchemists have to report on the results of their research once a year. Last year, Dad didn't get a very good evaluation. If I fail this year, I won't be a State Alchemist anymore.

Nina: Huh?! You'll do fine, Dad! You're always studying so much!

Tucker: You're right. I have to try hard... (thinking to himself) or there will be nothing left...

[Commercial Break]

Al: Your mother left two years ago?

Nina: Dad said that she went back to her parents' house.

Al: I see. It must be lonesome, with just you and your father living by yourselves in this big house.

Nina: Mm-mm it's fine. Dad is nice to me, and I have Alexander, too! But lately, Dad has been in his lab all the time. I am a little bit lonely.

Ed: Aah, my shoulders are stiff.

Al: You should get a little exercise, Brother.

Ed: That's a good idea. Hey, dog! Come exercise with me!

Al: Come on, Nina, you too.

Nina: Wait up!

[Shouting voices can be heard while Tucker is in his lab]

Nina: Wait! Alexander, hang in there!

Tucker/Havoc (thoughts): Don't forget, Assessment Day is coming soon.

Hughes: Tell me, what does it mean that he only targets State Alchemists? If the military was his objective, he could just attack soldiers indiscriminately. Alchemists, with their special abilities, are not opponents who are easily killed. That goes double for those with state certification.

Armstrong: Perhaps that certification is the cause? The enormous pay and various special privileges. There must be many who are envious of them. What's more, “Alchemist, be thou for the people.” Alchemists, who are supposed to be seekers after truth, are changed into the military's walking weapons the moment they receive state certification. Ever since the Ishbalan Civil War, there are any number of people who would bear a grudge.

Ross: I have something to report, sir. Yesterday, at 9:30, a man with a large scar on his face was witnessed on the grounds of Central City Train Station by multiple station employees.

Hughes: The train station? The bastard got away, did he?

Tucker: Our life before my earning state certification was terrible. We were so poor. My wife couldn't put up with living like that, so she left us. I have to pass this assessment, no matter what. I don't ever want to go back to those days again.

Nina: It's all right, Dad! If they tell you no, then me and Alexander will get mad at the important people for you!

Al (laughing): Nina, you sure are strong.

Tucker: Nina, do you want to play with Dad tomorrow?

Nina: Really?!

Tucker: Yeah.

Nina: Hooray! Alexander! Dad said he's going to play with us!

Al: Hello, Mr. Tucker! Thanks for having us again today!

Ed/Al: Huh?

Ed: Hey, Nina!

Al: Mr. Tucker?

Ed: Oh, you are home, aren't you?

Tucker: Hey. I did it. This is the finished product. A Chimera that understands human speech. (beat) Look there. Listen to me. That person is Edward.

Chimera Nina: Ed...ward..?

Tucker: Yes. Well done.

Ed: Amazing! It really does talk!

Tucker: Yeah. Now I won't have to lose my state certification.

Chimera Nina: Ed... ward... Ed... ward... Ed... ward... Big... Bro... ther...

Ed (realizing what Tucker has done): Mr. Tucker, when did you get your state certification again?

Tucker: Let's see, two years ago.

Ed: And when did your wife leave?

Tucker: Two years ago.

Ed: Can I ask you one more question? Where did Nina and Alexander go?!

Tucker: I hate kids like you, who are quick to catch on.

Al (surprised and worried): Brother!

Ed (furious): Yeah, that's it, all right! You went and did it! Two years ago, it was your wife! And this time, you used your own daughter and a dog to transmute a Chimera! There are limits to what you can do with animal experimentation, after all! It's much easier to just use humans, huh?!

Tucker: W-What are you getting upset over? Mankind's progress has been the result of countless human experiments, right? If you're a scientist, then...

Ed: Screw you! Do you think you can get away with something like this?! Toying around with a person's life like this?!

Tucker: A person's life? Yes, a person's life, indeed. Fullmetal Alchemist, your arm and leg, and your brother—that was also the result of toying with a person's life, as you say, right?

Ed (enraged): No!

Tucker: We are the same! You, and me!

Ed: No we aren't!

Tucker: Yes, we are! The possibility was right in front of us, so we tried it! Even though we knew that it was taboo!

Ed (full-rage mode): No! *punch* I don't... *punch* Alchemists don't... *punch* do this sort of... I'm not... I'm not...

Al (yelling and grabs Ed's right hand): Brother! Any more, and he's going to die.

[Ed realizes what he's done and looks down-only to see Nina standing next to him and Tucker]

Chimera Nina: Dad... do you hurt? Dad, do you hurt?

Al (softly): I'm sorry. With our power, we can't return you back to normal. (beat) I'm sorry... I'm sorry...

Chimera Nina: Let's play... let's play...

Tucker (mumbling and staring at his pocket watch): I made it in time... Now... I'll be a State Alchemist again.

[Ed snaps out of his daze and furiously kicks Tucker's pocket watch away]

Ed: The hell you're a State Alchemist! The hell you are!

Chimera Nina: Let's... play...

Ed (crying): Damn it!

Hawkeye: If ever there was an act of the devil in this world, this case would definitely have to be it.

Mustang: The devil, huh? Then again, State Alchemists must be willing to act, and not refuse when ordered to take another's life. As far as dealing with others' lives, Mr. Tucker's actions and our own positions are not all that far apart. And we chose this path, knowing that fact full well. Isn't that right, Fullmetal? (beat) You will probably come across other cases like this one later on. You may have to get your own hands dirty, as well. Are you going to come to a standstill like this, each time it happens?

Ed: Whether we get called Dogs of the Military, or cursed as devils, Al and I are going to get our bodies back. But even so, we're not devils, let alone gods. We're human. (screaming) We're human! (crying) We can't even save one little girl. We're just insignificant humans.

Tucker: I wonder why nobody understands, Nina.

Scar: Shou Tucker, right?

Tucker: Who are you? You're...not with the military, are you? (beat) How did you get in here? There were military policemen out front.

Scar: Alchemists who have turned their backs on the ways of God... (grabs Tucker with Right Hand's Destruction) shall perish.

Chimera Nina: Dad... (crying) Dad... Dad...

Scar: Poor thing. Once you have taken this form, there is no way to turn you back. At least your passing will be in peace. (beat) God, two souls have just returned to you. Please accept them into thy open bosom, and grant these poor souls rest and salvation.

[Ending Credits & Next Episode's Preview]

Narrator: The rain pours down in East City. Grief-stricken by the death of Nina, Ed and Al are attacked by the mysterious man Scar. In a life-or-death crisis, Ed makes a desperate decision. Next time on Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Fullmetal Alchemist, Episode 5, “Rain of Sorrows.” Will he be able to accept the decision brought on by desperation?
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A sentient plant of some kind
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Umm... just wondering if this project went MIA. tongue.gif
(Got some inquiries about it. ^^)


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Kale Mustang
post May 30 2009, 10:58 PM
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QUOTE (Tombow @ May 30 2009, 11:16 AM) *
Umm... just wondering if this project went MIA. tongue.gif
(Got some inquiries about it. ^^)

My apologies to whom it may concern.

I've gotten kinda busy with work and upcoming events, but I'll try to work and post the transcripts when I can.
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post May 30 2009, 11:34 PM
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Ah, thanks! ^^ Yeah, I had been super busy this month also, so I can totally relate to that. biggrin.gif Please take your time. smile.gif


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Kale Mustang
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QUOTE (Tombow @ May 30 2009, 11:34 PM) *
Ah, thanks! ^^ Yeah, I had been super busy this month also, so I can totally relate to that. biggrin.gif Please take your time. smile.gif

Yep and thanks.

At work, we've got people in my department taking vacations, summer kids doing intern work, switching from our old way of maintaining records to a completely new system...as well as other projects in between normal day-to-day operations. On top of that, we're not allowed to work overtime unless it's absolutely necessary, so I end up leaving work in the middle of a project.

There aren't enough hours in a day... tongue.gif
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is this project being cancelled?

Currently on :Silverspoon,re-reading FMA project(will post to blog soon)
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QUOTE (thunderbreak @ Aug 3 2009, 07:50 PM) *
is this project being cancelled?

No, but currently we are lacking in volunteers who would record and post the transcripts, so the project is in hiatus. sad.gif

If we get demands/requests to carry on the projects from our members, then we'll try to step up the efforts for finding volunteers to keep the project going. smile.gif


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