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Chapter 73 "Regular" Discussion Thread For First Time Readers (and Others), No future chapter spoilers here, please. :)
post Jul 11 2007, 07:19 PM
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First time FMA manga readers, please post your thoughts and discussions on chapter 73 here. smile.gif

For info on the "Reading Reference", go to page 8.


~ Chapter 73 Spoiler Party! With "page by page" summary/translation!! ~

Page by page summary/translation for Chapter 73!!

Chapter 73: "Mid Day's Dream"

Page 1: The chapter starts with Buccaneer's search party in the dark tunnel.
(Note: Going back in the time-line from last chapter.)

They have finally reached the tunnel exit with the ladder that brings them back into the Fort.

Caption: Escape from the darkness!!
Noises in the darkness. Soldier: "Ouch!"
Soldier: "There it is! This must be the ladder!!"
Buccaneer: "We have finally arrived!! Turn on the light!!"
Henschel flicks on the lighter. Buccaneer's upright illuminated presence scares the daylight out of one jumpy soldier.
Soldier: "Waahhh!!"
Buccaneer: "We made a blunder. It has been over 24 hours." "The tunnel exit must definitely be sealed shut."
Soldier: "We couldn't have helped it." "We had to turn off the lantern and grope our way back in the darkness."

Page 2: Soldier, pointing at the survivors: "As you know, they kept insisting that 'the monster in the shadow will attack us if we turn on the light.'"
Buccaneer, while climbing the ladder: "Well, if it comes to the worst I will dig a hole with my right arm and let you all get out"
Soldier: ".....I bet they wouldn't open it for us."
Solder: "It's that Queen we are talking about. After 24 hours she would have definitely sealed the entrance."
Soldier: "Heh.."
Buccaneer reaches the top of the ladder and knocks on the wooden cover.
And they wait.
And wait.

Page 3: The exit cracks open.
Light shines on Buccaneer
Soldier: "Welcome back!!"
Soldier from the search party: "We are saved!!"
Soldier from the search party: "Bwahh!!"
Soldier from the search party: "Take these two to the infirmary quickly!!"
Buccaneer: "I thought I said to seal the exit 24 hours after our departure."
Soldier: "Yeah, but.. "
Soldier: It hasn't been 24 hours according to this watch."

Page 4: Buccaneer: "....That watch, it's broken."
Soldier: "Oh----? That's strange."
Henschel: "?"
Soldier: "Well, this watch,"
Soldier: "Major General Armstrong has loaned it to us."
Buccaneer and Henschel look at each other.
At top of the Fort.
Major General Armstrong sits and watches outside.
Buccaneer: "Major General!"

Page 5: Armstrong: "Oh, Buccaneer."
Armstrong: "I thought you must have kicked the bucket as you were late with your return."
Buccaneer: "Hahaha, I have failed to kick my bucket."
Armstrong: "Have you found the soldiers from the reconnaissance party alive?"
Buccaneer: "We managed to find only two alive."
Armstrong: "...I see"
Buccaneer: "What were you doing in such a place?"
Armstrong: "Ah" "I was watching the mountains."
Armstrong: "Briggs' Winter is good. There is only Black and White." "It's clearly defined. I like that."
Buccaneer: "-----Is that so?"
Buccaneer, pointing at the sky: "Please look up."

Page 6: Buccaneer: "If you look up, there is Blue sky also.
Buccaneer: "Same with human minds, it is not always Black and White."
Buccaneer breaks into a huge smile: "Thank you for your compassion this time."
SFX: Grin
Armstrong: "Well" "I have no idea what you're talking about."
They see some party arriving down below.
Buccaneer: "Something has arrived."
Armstrong: "..."

Page 7: Down below, cars arrive, and officers get out of the cars.
Officer shows the paper to the solder: "We are from Central Army." "We have business with the Major General in this place."
Chapter 73: "Midday's Dream"
Meantime (in a flash back) in the mining town.
Miles: "Let's summarize the situation."

Page 8: Miles: "First of all, we must keep it secret that Dr. Marcho is here."
Miles: "To help decipher the research notes, Scar can not be captured (to the Central Army.)"
Miles: "Miss Rockbell must be freed from being a hostage to the Central Army." "We can't let them know the Elric Brothers are assisting in these schemes...."
Miles: "And, I have been ordered to bring the girl with Rentanjitsu to the Fort."
Mei: "Me?!
Mei, hiding behind Al: "What are you going to do with me?!"
Miles: "...Be at ease." "I'm being told to treat you with warm hospitality."
Miles <In small letters>: I am not scary.
Miles: "That means, it is best if we secretly shelter all of you at the Briggs Fort."
Ed: "Wait, wait, wait!!"

Page 9: Ed, pointing at Scar: "Are you taking this one as well?!"
Miles: "He is needed for deciphering the research notes, isn't he?"
Ed: "I wont allow it!!" "We should hurry up and hand over a guy like this to.."
Mei interrupts: "Scar-san is not a bad person!"
Xiao Mei bites into Ed's head.
Miles: "It is not only Briggs, but they are trying to involve the whole country, and are causing something big." "We can not stay aside."
Xiao Mei chases away Ed.
Miles talks to Scar at gunpoint: "Scar," "If you would cooperate with us, we'll postpone the judgment till later."
Miles clicks the gun as he speaks to Scar.
Miles: "How say you?"
Scar: "... How say I? It is the same as you saying I have no choice."
Scar: "I promise to cooperate."
Miles: "You will not deceit us, will you?"

Page 10: Scar: "I swear it on my Ishivalan blood." "Red eyed brother."
Miles to Winry: "----And, that is the situation.. sorry Miss." "Please hold off this man's judgment for a while."
Winry: "----Yes."
Ed and Al listen in silence.
Meantime, Kimbley's two chimeras wake up.
Toad chimera: "Uh.."
Hog chimera: "Muh..?"
Chimeras realize they are being tied.
Toad chimera: "?!"
Hog chimera: "Khuh!?"

Page 11: Miles: "I've forgotten about them." "We don't have a way to use them. Take care of them."
Soldier: "Aye."
Winry: "Wai..."
Al: "Wait, wait!!"
Al: "You don't have to kill them, do you!!?"
Soldier: "There is no benefit to having them alive."
Al: "Don't you have any other way without killing them?"
Toad chimera: "Are you showing your compassion for us?" "That's an unwanted meddling, you naive civilian boy!"
Al is surprised to hear Toad chimera's words.
Toad chimera: "With a body like this, there is no way we can lead normal lives in the future." "It's about the time I end it. Go ahead and kill me!"

Page 12: Al listens quietly.
Al: "Don't you have families, or someone important to you?"
Toad chimera: "We do."
Hog chimera: "But, we were reported dead when we were turned into these bodies. We haven't met them since then."
Al: "Don't you want to see them?"
Chimera: "I do, but not with this body!"
Al: "I see." "So, you no longer want to go back to your old body?"
Al: "You are content with your current body?"
Al's words agitate Toad chimera.
Toad chimera: "Of course I want to go back to my old body!!"

Page 13: Al: "Now that's the real answer in your heart, isn't it?"
Al: "Don't give up saying 'we can't change it anyway' or 'that's the way it is'!"
Al: "Don't talk like all your hopes were dried up!!" "You haven't even searched for a way to get back to your normal bodies!!!"
Toad chimera: "What do you understand about us?!" "About this body?!"
Al: "I understand it." "Because I have a body like this."
And with that Al takes off his helmet and shows inside his armor.

Page 14: Chimeras and solders stare at Al in astonishment.
Toad chimera: "Wh..what...!! You don't have a body?!!"
Hog chimera: "Forget being chimera, it's totally hopeless for you to get back your old body!!"
Al puts his helmet back on.
Al: "I haven't lost my hope." "I kept clinging to my hope... and finally found a thread that might possibly lead to a way to get back my body."
Al: "I am not going to give up, no matter how many years it might take in the future."
Al: "You see?? So, the real grown up persons like you shouldn't have given up easily like that."
Ed and Miles listen to Al in silence.

Page 15: Strong wind breaks part of the building they are in.
Gusty wind tears up the building further.
Soldier: "This is not good, Major!" "If it keeps worsening like this we won't be able to get out of this town."
Miles: "Um...."
Miles: "We can't march in the snow storm with the equipment we have here." "This is troublesome... We don't have a way to get out of the town."
Yoki hears this, and speaks matter-of-factly: "This is a mining town, right?" "We can go using underground mining tunnels."
Ed and Al stare at Yoki.
Yoki: "What..what!?"

Page 16: Yoki: "Yap.... With a large mine such as this, there should be mining shafts reaching beyond the mountains."
Ed and Al: "That's it!!"
Yoki SFX: Ha
Yoki: "Don't take an ex-mine administrator lightly!"
Mei <In small letters>: Is that so!?
Miles: "Bring the map!"
Soldier checking the map: "Yes, we can go!!" "There is a mine shaft that takes us beyond the mountain!"
Soldier: "That point where the shaft comes outside the mountain is closer to the Briggs Fort than where we are."
Miles: "Good! If we can hold Kimbley here for some days Marcho and the rest can reach the Fort ahead."
Miles writes something down in his notebook.
Miles hands his notebook to Marcho.
Miles: "When you meet Briggs' solders show this to them. It explains the situation, and they should give you the shelter."
Marcho: "Thank you for your trouble."
Marcho: "What remains is, we must find the way to deceive Kimbley about Miss Rockbell, and the Elric brothers...."

Page 17: Ed: "Hm.. what shall we do?"
Miles: "Kimbley has a highly suspicious mind. If we try to pull some half baked plan it has a danger of exposing our whole scheme."
Winry is in thoughts.
Winry speaks up: "...It makes me reluctant to say this since this is about myself, but..."
Winry: "What if we show that I'm getting kidnapped by Scar?..." "What do you think?"
Ed, pointing at Scar: "...Are you saying we'll release this one, and ..."
Winry: "Scar will carry me and run away, and Ed and others will desperately try to stop him.... ...and that's the script."

Page 18: Ed screams at Winry: "No way we would try such a dangerous plan!!!"
Winry shouts back: "My life is being held as a hostage!!
Winry: "If that's the case, then I must try as if this is a matter of life or death if I want to succeed to get away!! I can't afford to care for my appearance!!"
Al: "You going with Scar?? We won't allow it!!"
Ed: "That's right!! You don't need to risk your life like that!!"
Winry: "You were the one who told me that I've already been involved!!" "Don't try to carry all the burdens by yourselves!!"
Miles interrupts: "Hurry up and decide! Kimbley will show up soon!"
Miles: "Besides, the storm is getting worse." "Soon we wouldn't be able to move even a step away from this place."

Page 19: Winry staring at Ed determinedly.
Winry is not budging.
Soldier: "I see Kimbley's party!!" "Please decide quickly!!"
Soldier: "Hurry!!"
Ed: "'To accomplish something sometimes it is necessary to discard the feelings'.." "Is this what you meant, old Mr. Fuu...!!??"
Ed: "Ahaagh--------!!" "Damn it!!!"

Page 20: Ed: "Scar!!"
Ed: "If you do anything funny..."
Scar: "I know." "I will keep my promise."
With that Ed, with his Alchemy, destroys the restrainer that has been holding Scar to the floor, and frees Scar.
Toad chimera to Scar: "Wait!!" "If you are going to run, take us with you!!"
Hog chimera: "Oh, what?"
Soldier to Toad chimera: "No way we can take such a dangerous gamble! We'll get rid of you here!"
Toad chimera: "I understand you don't trust us. Hence, you can keep the handcuffs on us."

Page 21: Toad chimera: "Mr. Kimbley is ruthless to the subordinates who are not competent to handle the job. We will be killed anyway."
Toad chimera: "If there is any possibility of returning back to my old body, I do not want to give up." "Please, I beg you, Mr. Alchemist, we will give you all the information we have!!"
Marcho: "If you interfere with our work, this whole country might perish" "Including the ones you love."
Hog chimera: "What!?"
Toad chimera: "Wait a minute! What is that!!?? We haven't heard anything about such a thing at the Central Army!!"
Hog chimera: "Tell us more details!! Depending on the situation, we'll cooperate with you as much as we can!! Please, take us!!"
The chimeras transform back to human forms, and get handcuffed.
Miles: "We will keep your handcuffs on, right?"
Toad chimera: "Yeah, that should make you feel safer."
Miles to Scar: "Hurry, Scar!" "Make your performance count!"
Scar: "... Thanks."

Page 22: Miles to Scar: "Go!!" "Keep your promise!! On your Ishvalan blood!!"
Me <In small letters>: Alphonse-sama~!!
Marcho <In small letters>: Come on, let's go.
Soldier stops Winry: "Hold it, Miss!!" "The earrings!"
Soldier: "Those are made with metals, right? You have to take them off, or your ears will get frostbitten!!"
Winry: "Eh? Ah... That's right!!"
Winry takes her earrings off.
Ed: "Hurry and go!! Kimbley is coming!!"
Winry gathers both left and right earrings.

Page 23: Winry stops Ed.
Winry: "Ed!"
Ed: "Eh?"
Winry hands Ed her earrings.
Ed: "?"
Winry: "Hold them for me!!"
Winry: "I will be waiting for you at the Fort!!"
Ed: "Ah..." "Oh!!"

Page 24: Miles: "Well then" "Let's blame Kimbley for Scar's escape and failing to watch Miss Winry."
Kimbley on the ground sees Scar at the top of the building.
Scar looks down.
Kimbley looks up.

Page 25: Scar: "This brings back the nostalgia, Kimbley."
Scar: "This is the opposite situation of how we met the first time!"
Scene of their first meeting with Kimbley looking down, and Scar looking up.
Kimbley: "Do not look me down...!!"
Ed: "Kimbley, you bastard...!!"
Ed: "You were supposed to be watching Winry at the search party headquarters!!"
Ed grabs Kimbley.

Page 26: Ed: "Why is Winry here?!" "We cornered Scar, yet he took Winry as a hostage, and succeeded to run away!!"
Kimbley quietly stares at Ed who is talking to Kimbley
Miles: "Kimbley!! Can't you even keep a watch on one girl??"
Miles: "It was your job as well to hold Miss Rockbell at the search party headquarters wasn't it!!"
While being held by Ed, Kimbley takes gloves off his hands.
Kimbley: "(Get out of my) way."
Ed: "Eh?"

Page 27: Kimbley gets loose of Ed's hold on his arms, and starts to put his hands together.
Ed: "You... damn..!!"
Ed tries to prevent him from putting his hands together.
Struggle ensues.
Kimbley: "Please do not interfere."
Ed: "What are you intending to do, Crimson Alchemist?!"

Page 28: Scar, on the rooftop, gets ready for his Alchemy. Winry is in sight also.
Scar sends his attack.
Scar's attack runs down the building toward Kimbley and Ed.
It reaches the ground near Kimbley and Ed.
Kimbley: "Nuah!!"
Scar holds Winry in his arm.

Page 29: Kimbley: "Hold there, Scar!!"
Solider: "Mr. Kimbley, you shouldn't go near the building!!"
More destruction of the building.
Soldiers: "Withdraw!" "Retreat back to the headquarters!!"
Soldier: "Heavy blizzard is coming!!" "Anyone who does not want to die, go back!!"
Miles and Al take away Ed.
Miles: "That was a compelling performance."
Ed: "That wasn't acting."

Page 30: Ed: "I'm furious at myself for being incompetent, and having had to entrus entrust Winry's life on an animal like Scar!!"
Meantime, Kimbley stands in the storm as solders proceed with the retreat.
Soldiers: "Head counts!!" "Temporary withdrawal!!"
Kimbley stand there and stares into the snow storm.
Scene changes to the entrance building to the mine shaft.
In the mining shaft..
Yoki: "Listen," "Choose the tunnel in which there is a breeze."
Yoki: "One with the stagnant air, it is a good possibility that that is a dead end." "And, they tend to collect harmful gases also."

Page 31: Marcho and Winry talk while walking.
Marcho: "So you're the daughter of Drs. Rockbells."
Winry: "Yes."
Marcho: "They were being talked about at the battlefield." "You are just what one might expect from their daughter. You're very admirable."
Winry: "...That's not so."
Winry: "Now with the situation turning out like this..." "I don't know when I can go back."
Winry: "I haven't contacted my Automail master, nor my customers, and I have left them neglected...."
Winry: "I'm the worst."
Mei, listening to Winry's talk, goes quiet

Page 32: Marcho: "Mei-chan?"
Winry: "What's wrong?"
Mei: "I, too have my clan who are waiting for me in my country, but I have no idea when I can go back..."
March: ".....Yeah."
Yoki found some office in the tunnel way.
Yoki: "Oh!! here, here."
Hog chimera solder: "What?"
Yoki: "Foreman's inner shaft station. Here we should find.. " "...There!!
Yoki: "The detailed map of the shafts."
Toad chimera solder: "Ha------- it looks complicated and I can't make out the head from tails!"

Page 33: Yoki: "See, we can go this, this, and this way."
Toad chimera solder: "You are amazing!!"
Yoki: "Haha, Praise me more!!"
On the side, Marcho talks with Mei.
Marcho: "Speaking of, you haven't asked me about Philosopher's Stone since then. Don't you need to know any more?"
Mei: "I.. do not want to make that one..."
Mei: "I can not sacrifice live human beings." "Even if I do not bring the Stone, and bring back only 'how to create the Stone,' our Majesty the Emperor would use that to make Stones with no hesitations, gathering a large mass of people with the power of Emperor...."
Yoki: "Marcho, let's rush!" "Looks like we might be able to get to the other side of the mountain faster than we thought!"
Marcho: "Let's get to the safe place, and decipher the research notes soon." "There may be some information you can use."
Mei: "Yes."
Mei wipes her tears.
Toad chimera solder: "Hey, Dr. Marcho, do you think there may be some hints to how we can get back to our original bodies in those notes as well?"
Marcho: "There is a possibility, since this is Alchemy we do not know."
Hog chimera solder: "Really? I hope so!!"
Scar: "You, move along!"

Page 34: Meantime, at the search party headquarters.
Kimbley's solders discuss the situation.
Soldier: "Looks like we won't be able to move for a while."
Soldier: "Zanpano* and Gerszo* haven't returned yet."
(Note*: The spelling for Zanpano and Gerszo are my guess. ^^)
Soldier: "Either they were killed by Scar, or they can not move because of the storm...."
Soldier: "The fact that we can not move means Scar can not move also."
Soldier: "He must be somewhere in this town. Let's organize the next search plan while we wait now."
In the other area of the search party headquarters, Miles is watching the snow storm outside.
Miles thinking: This storm has been a Godsend help to us." "Please reach the Fort, Marcho, while Kimbley has been held up."
Soldier: "Major Miles, a communication from Briggs."
Miles: "What is it?"
Soldier: "They say an urgent message to the Major...."

Page 35: Miles talks with the Fort over the wireless: "This is Miles." "Has anything happened?"
Miles: "..............."
Miles: "What!?"
Miles comes to talk to Ed and Al: "Are the Elric brothers here?"
Miles: "There is some bad development."
Ed: "Ah? What?"
Miles: "Major General Armstrong has been summoned to the Central."

Page 36: Miles continues: "Seems there are many solders from the Central in the Fort also."
Miles: "Kimbley must have told Führer something. He was diligently making frequent phone calls to him while at the Fort."
Ed: "But wait, if the Major General is gone..."
Miles: "They may get a new commander backed by Bradley as her replacement."
Ed: "That's bad!!" "Winry and others are heading for the Fort!!"
Miles: "It may became difficult to shelter them now."
Ed: "They might even fall into the enemy's hands without even knowing...!!"
Al: "What..what do we do?!"
Ed: "Somehow, we have to communicate with Winry and others."
Miles: "And, how do we do that?"

Page 37: Miles: "They didn't even bring a radio." "And, it is impossible to run after them in this storm."
Ed: "Maybe I'll take a chance and go... "
Solder: "You amateurs, don't take the blizzard lightly! You will be sapped of your physical strength in a flash, and frozen to death, and that would be the end of it."
Al listens to the conversation.
Al speaks up: "....There is" "A way."
Ed, Miles, and the solder look at Al.
Al: "There is one person, who has a body that doesn't tire, and doesn't freeze to death."

Page 38: Al is in the midst of white-out blizzard.
Al: "Whew!! This is terrible!!" "I can't even see 3 meters (10 feet) ahead!!"
Al recalls Miles' words
Miles: Do not ever lose the map and a compass. In between the blizzard... when the wind dies down confirm your milestone object, then move on.
Al checks the map.
Al: "I see.."
Al: "If I'm not able to view the milestone object, stay put there until I am able to see the object... "
Al: "Ah, there it is!" "The milestone for the check point 1!!"
Al: "Aheeh!"

Page 39: Al: "It's a complete white out. I can't see anything....."
The blizzard is raging.
(Note: Amid the white-out blizzard Al drifts into a daydream?)
A faint figure of a human.
Al sees the body, of human Al, and behind him, the gate...

Page 40: Human Al's body is reaching out his hand.
They come closer.
Al: "Ah.."
Al in the armor.
They are about to connect.
Al's armor, without eyes inside.

Page 41: Al comes out of a daydream.
Snow storm is still raging around him.
Al: "Wh?!!"
Al: "?!!"
Al: "What!!?" "What I saw now.."
Al: "My body?!!"
Al: "Why..... "
Al recalls Barry's words: They were originally two separate selves. It is natural that they repel each other.

Page 42 Al: "A body that shouldn't have housed the soul.... the rejection...."
Al: "My body is....." "Drawing in my soul....?"
Al: "Stay steady...." "I must stay steady ...!!"
Al: "I must hurry!!"
Meantime, at the Central.
In the basement.

Page 43: Father is...
Father is placing figurines on a board with some circle drawing:
Father: "Edward Elric."
Father: "Alphonse Elric."
Father: "And...."
Father: "Von Hohenheim."

Page 44: Nearby, GreedLing lounges around with two chimeras on his both sides.
Father: "There is a possibility with the brothers' master, Izumi Curtis also."
Father looks at the board.
Father: "The rest is..." "only one more."
Caption: What is this personnel selection...?

(End of chapter 73)
Continues to chapter 74, coming out on Saturday, August 11!!

Also, FMA Vol 17, and Jushin Enbu Vol 1, coming out on August 11!!

Note: I checked typos and other grammatical mistakes and such. I hope most of them are corrected now. But, I'll come back and double check later. ^^
Huge thanks to Edamame for proofreading!! ^^

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This is certainly a chapter where translations are needed. smile.gif I have a concept of what's going on, but I'm sure the translation will clear things up for me. Anyone else think that?

It looks like a pretty revealing chapter though. I'm beginning to think Ed is a slinky! laugh.gif One minute he's taller next he's short again! Maybe he's a....
YES! He's an Armstrong!! A Stretch Armstrong!!
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As someone who has formerly named herself armor-alchemist because she loves Al that much, I must say I love how Arakawa builds up this chapter for Al. First Al takes off his head to show that he is merely a soul w/o body, then he says he is willing to do the search because he has a body that won't get tired and won't die from cold... with emphasis that he is a human... and then... o___o

It makes me really happy to see that scene. <3

Judging from how the story goes right now, it does seem that it can indeed end at about 100 chapters as Arakawa has planned.

I wonder who the last person is... Mustang? Marcoh? May (not as likely tho it seems)? or someone else that also starts with M? Scar is also another possibility...

and omg Yoki is so useful in this chapter XD

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*is currently busy worshipping Arakawa-sensei for showing human!Al at the Gate*


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QUOTE(AA battery @ Jul 12 2007, 08:41 AM) [snapback]561338[/snapback]
As someone who has formerly named herself armor-alchemist because she loves Al that much, I must say I love how Arakawa builds up this chapter for Al. First Al takes off his head to show that he is merely a soul w/o body, then he says he is willing to do the search because he has a body that won't get tired and won't die from cold... with emphasis that he is a human... and then... o___o

It makes me really happy to see that scene. <3

Judging from how the story goes right now, it does seem that it can indeed end at about 100 chapters as Arakawa has planned.

I wonder who the last person is... Mustang? Marcoh? May (not as likely tho it seems)? or someone else that also starts with M? Scar is also another possibility...

and omg Yoki is so useful in this chapter XD

aa basically said everything I wanted to remark.

Truth to be told, I didn't quite like how everyone was so fast convinced to act together, even if it was the best choice, given the circumstances. Specially the chimeras: Al's "lesson" (forgot to remark that, along with the "taking off the helmet" part, aa? ;p ) was very beautiful, yes, but it still felt somewhat rushed. That, along with Winry's quick decision (it was surprising, tho', that SHE was the one to come up with the plan! talk about guts!), the Elrics' agreement to it... everything together did leave me this feeling that it all went too good too fast.
I'm even starting to miss some conflict here, as everything is slowly simplifying into a "good guys vs bad guys" situation...
( ´A`)

But then came Yoki saving the day ( XD ) and Central taking over the fortress to spice things a little... And then Al's scene... *o* {sold!
And the finale... Seems the people who said (I've read that theory many times here and there) that there'd be one Human Sacrifice per Transmutation Circle vertex were most right indeed.
And Father is not certain about Izumi's "clappiness", as Wrath most certainly couldn't manage to meet her! That's my Arakawa sensei, always keeping coherence!
( >o<)--o

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State Alchemist (Major)

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Well, a good number of us were right about ch. 72's end.

This chapter has to be one of the best chapters so far. I thought the characters were so well-played out in this chapter, and Al's getting more moments, which I think is great.

And I had to stare at the human!Al moment a few good minutes. I thought he looked terrifying at first before I began to grin like a maniac. Oo

And Yoki has to be, by far, the best character in this chapter! XD
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State Alchemist (Colonel)

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(I'm certainly gonna get bashed to hell, but oh well! 8D)

I really am waiting for someone to say manga Al is better or 'less whiny' than his anime counterpart now. Srsly, this little speech could have been done later, or even sooner. Or just at another moment. I could totally see Kimblee and his crew arriving and Al still being into his 'I'm human' thing~ Truth be told, I had almost forgotten. Nice reminder.

Wasn't sure at all about the 'Scar really kidnapping Win' thing, but I was waiting for something else here also. Most of what happened was predictable, and what was not seemed too out of place and not neat enough to me. Overall, it felt rushed. But Scar is with Winry so there's still hawt bonding possible...

So the only parts I liked were, first, the 'Human' Al/Armor Al meeting; now that was creepy and mysterious and cool. That would be nice if Al got his body back by himself. The all Dad and his chess game (I want it) scene, and finally seeing Greed!Ling again (he was with Daddy all this time, and no one had ever proposed that theory, lulz) was nice too.

Ah, and Ed almost went 'splodey!'! I almost had a joygasm! 8D

Okay chapter. Though there are now even more mysteries and I wonder how Cow-sensei is gonna solve them all without making one big mess. But meh, I trust her. Thanks for the translation, Tombow. You rock.


mspaint_lolz on livejournal

'Buffy and Angel had gone out before and Buffy wasn't really comfortable talking to Spike and Angel at the same time, because now Spike and Buffy had been going out for 6 months and Buffy was afraid that Angel might tell Spike that him and Buffy went out, but it turns out that Angel had told Spike that they went out, Spike was heartbroken that Buffy never told him that they went out, so Spike broke up with Buffy to get back at her for not telling him that Angel and Buffy went out.'


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Post #9

State Alchemist (Lt. Colonel)

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I feel I haven't posted here in awhile. Thanks for the summary Tombow that helped a lot.

QUOTE(Automne @ Jul 12 2007, 04:57 AM) [snapback]561350[/snapback]
(I'm certainly gonna get bashed to hell, but oh well! 8D)

I really am waiting for someone to say manga Al is better or 'less whiny' than his anime counterpart now. Srsly, this little speech could have been done later, or even sooner. Or just at another moment. I could totally see Kimblee and his crew arriving and Al still being into his 'I'm human' thing~ Truth be told, I had almost forgotten. Nice reminder.

No bashing LOL but I honestly have no idea what you are trying to say here. Are you saying Al is whiny because he didn't want to kill the chimeras? As I recall this is something similar to what Ed said about number 48 way back in volume 4. If Al didn't view the Chimeras as human than he wouldn't view himself as human. Honestly I love the continuity of the story here.

So yeah I will say Anime Al doesn't even come close to how awesome Manga Al is and this chapter certainly has not changed my opinion. If anything it has made me love manga Al even more.

And wow even with all the summaries going around I still am confused what happened with Al and his body. That scene came as a total shock. I wonder how Al opened the gates in the first place.

And yay Greedling cameo.
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A sentient plant of some kind
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^^ Kirara, nice to see you!! happy.gif

Done the quick summary/translations. biggrin.gif

I will come back and correct numerous typos and grammatical mistakes, and refine the translations later!!! ^^

Too tired out to go over the chapter in more details.. but what others have posted.. I agree.. ^^
(Oh, and you guys're very welcome!! ^^)

Al's body was certainly the surprise of the month.. ^^

And, I love seeing Yoki being useful for a change. biggrin.gif

Go to rest my brain, and be back later.. ^^

ETA: July 14
I checked typos and other mistakes, and I think it's fairly mistake-free now. But, I'll come back and double cjheck later. ^^


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Am I the only one to notice that Winry's boobs are as big as Mei's head? XD Ah well, probably.

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Post #12

State Alchemist (Colonel)

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Greed! Ling's back! Finally. Thank you Arakawa, you've finally saved my interest in FMA. x3

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~ Chapter 73 Translation ~

Not as much of a "Holy ...." moment as last month, but oh well.

If you're gonna be at Otakon, say hi to me! I'll be cosplaying as Kisame and taking part in the Fansubbing/Scanlation panel in Workshop 2 from 6-7 PM on saturday night. See ya there!

Page 1:
Text: The platoon tries to escape the pitch-black tunnel!

SFX: Thunk
Voice: OW-

Yes! It's the ladder!
Bucc: Finally.
Get us some light.
SFX: Thunk thunk

SFX: Skrik
Soldier: Aah!

Bucc: We took too long...it's been more than 24 hours.
The door will definitely be sealed.

Soldier: This was bound to happen.
We were basically forced to look for the exit with no light,

Page 2:
Soldier: 'Cuz otherwise they'd start freaking out about "the monster in the darkness"

Bucc: If worse comes to worse, I can cut a hole for us with my right arm.

Soldiers: You think they'll reopen it?
Bucc: I doubt our "queen" will be so lenient.
The moment 24 hours had passed, the door would've been sealed.

SFX: Knock knock

Page 3:


Tankee: Welcome back, boys.

Soldier: We did it!
Get these two a doctor, now!

Bucc: I thought I told you to seal the tunnel after 24 hours.
Tankee: Right...

But 24 hours haven't passed yet, see?

Page 4:
Bucc: This watch is busted...
Tankee: Really? How odd.

I mean, I borrowed this watch...

From Major General Armstrong.

Bucc: General!

Page 4:
Olivia: Buccaneer?

You're late, I figured you'd come back DOA.
Bucc: Hahaha...No ma'am, I messed that part up.

Olivia: Was the recon squad alive?
Bucc: Only two, unfortunately...
Olivia: ...I see.

Bucc: What are you doing up here?
Olivia: Heh.
Looking at the mountains.

I love the winters up here. Everything is either black, or white.
It's wonderful...everything is so clear...so defined.

Bucc: You think so?
Look up there.

Page 5:
Bucc: As you can see, there's blue, as well.

Humans are the same...our natures can't simply be labeled as "black" and "white".

I'm honored to have had a glimpse into your inner thoughts, ma'am!
SFX: Grin

Olivia: Hmph.
I dunno what you're talking about.

Bucc: People are coming...

Page 6:

'Stache: We're from the Central army.
We have business with the General in charge here.

Title: Chapter 73 - Daydream

Miles: Let's wrap things up here.

Page 7:
Miles: They can't know about Marcoh being here.

And if we're going to decipher this research, Scar can't stay here either.

We must help Miss Rockbell escape her situation as Central's hostage...
and we can't have them find out about our alliance with the Elric Brothers, either.

Finally, I've been ordered to take the Rentanjutsu girl back to the fort.
May: M-me?!

Wh-wh-what're you getting at?
Miles: Relax. We'll treat you with the utmost courtesy.
May small text: Y-you're scary!

Miles: Our best option would be to get to Briggs in one group, and hide there.
Ed: Whoa, whoa, WHOA! Hang on!

Page 8:
Ed: You're gonna take HIM along?!
Miles: We need him to read the Rentanjutsu research, right?

Ed: Forget it! No way in hell is that happening! You turn his [All hail lord Xenu] in right now-
May: Scar-san isn't a bad guy!

Miles: This matter concerns not only Briggs, but the entire nation.
We can't ignore it.

Assist us and we'll delay your sentencing.
SFX: Click

Miles: Agreed?
Scar: I don't have much say in the matter, now do I?

Yes, I'll help you. I give you my word.

Miles: Swear to it?

Page 10:
Scar: I swear on the blood if Ishval that runs through my veins.
My red-eyed kinsman.

Miles: All right then. I'm sorry, Miss,
but we'll have to hold off on bringing Scar to justice.

Winry: Understood.

Toad: Ungh...
Warthog: Huh?


Page 11:
Miles: Huh...Forgot about those guys.
We have no need for them...Kill them both.

Winry: Wha-
Al: Whoa, whoa, whoa!

You don't HAVE to kill them!
Soldier: There's no point in letting them live.

Al: Is there no other way?

Toad: Showing mercy on us?
Warthog: Screw you, ya little ..... We don't need your pity.

Toad: Really. Look at us, we can't live normal lives with these bodies.
It's our time to die. Pull the trigger.

Page 12:
Al: Don't you have any family, or loved ones?
Todaie: Yeah.
Warthog: But we died the day they turned us into these things...I haven't seen my family since.

Al: Don't you miss them?
Toad: Of course I miss 'em, but what can I do?

Al: Heh...
So you don't want to try and turn your bodies back to normal?

You're actually happy with how you are?

Toad: OF COURSE we wanna go back to being normal!!

Page 13:
Al: There's your answer.

You can't just say "What can I do?" and give up hope!

No whining! No crying!
No giving up without even looking for a way to change yourselves back!

Toad: What the hell would you know?!
These bodies are-

Al: I know
all too well.

Page 14:
Toad: I-it's empty...

Warthog: That's way worse than being a chimera...and you're telling us you haven't given up hope?

Al: That's right.

I've searched and searched...and I've finally found a thread connecting to something real.

So I'm not giving up...I'm grabbing it, and following it to the end.

Don't just throw your hands up when things get hard...grow up!

Page 15:


Soldier: We're in trouble here, Major!
If we wait any longer, we'll be stuck here!
Mils: Mmm...

Miles: We aren't sufficiently equipped to march in heavy snow.
Damn it...there's no way out of the town!

Yoki: I thought this was a mining town?
Why don't you just use the tunnels?
SFX: Huh?
Who's he?

Yoki: Wh-what?!

Page 16:
Yoki: Actually, A huge town like this probably has tunnels going all the way through the surrounding mountains.

Ed: That's it!!
Yoki: Remember, I was originally in charge of a coal mining town!
SFX: Hmmhmmhmm!
May small text: Really?
Miles: Get the map!

Soldier: He's right!
The tunnels come out on the other side of the mountain!

It's closer to Briggs than this place, at least.
Miles: Excellent! We can keep Kimblee here for a few days and give Marcoh's group time to get to the fort.

If you encounter any Briggs soldiers, give them this. I've explained the situation and ordered them to assist you.
Marcoh: Thank you.

Now we must consider with Miss Rockbell and the Elrics...

Page 17:
Ed: Yeah...what should we do?
Miles: Kimblee will be quick to suspect us. We need to plan this part carefully or we'll end up endangering ourselves.

Winry: This is...kinda hard for me to say...

But what if he sees Scar taking me as a hostage...
would that work?

Ed: Y-you wanna release this freak...
Winry: The scenario's basically, "Scar runs off with me while you try to stop him."

Page 18:
Ed/Al: Are you NUTS?!
Winry: Our LIVES are in danger!!

I'm going to have to risk my life if all of us are gonna escape! I'm tired of sitting off to the side!
Al: We are NOT letting you go with Scar!
Ed: Right! You don't NEED to take a huge risk like that!

Winry: You told me I was involved now, too!
Stop trying to handle everything by yourselves!

Miles: Make up your minds. Kimblee will be here any second,

and the blizzard's getting worse.
We'll be trapped in this building if we wait much longer.

Page 19:
Soldier: Kimblee's squad is on the way!
Please, make your decision!


Ed: "There are times when one must abandon feeling in favor of reason..."
Is this what you meant, Huu?


Page 20:
Ed: Scar!

You try ANYTHING funny and-

Scar: I know.
I'll keep my word.


Toad: W-wait!
If you're gonna retreat, take us too!
Warthog: Y-yeah!

Soldier: You two are far too dangerous! We're executing both of you!
Toad: Look, I understand if you don't trust us, so you're free to cuff us or restrain us however you like.

Page 21:
Toad: Kimblee doesn't accept excuses for failures...so we'd be dead if we went back to him.

I don't wanna die if there's a chance we can return to normal.
Please save us, Alchemist! We'll tell you everything we know!

Marcoh: If you try to hinder our progress, you could very well bring down this whole country.

Everyone, including your loved ones, would be affected.
Warthog: W-what?!

Toad: What the hell're you talking about? We never heard anything like that in Central?
Warthog: Tell us what's going on! We'll do whatever you tell us!

Miles: I'm going to have to bind your hands, understood?
Toad(?): Yes. Whatever you want.
SFX: Tak tak tak tak tak

Miles: Move it, Scar.
Make your performance a convincing one.
Scar: Right...

Page 22:
Miles: Go!
And by the blood of Ishval, keep your word.

May: Alphonse-samaaaaaa
Marcoh: C'mon!

Soldier: Wait, miss!
Your earrings!

They're metal, right? If you leave them in, they'll freeze and your ears will get frostbite!
Winry: Huh? Oh!

Ed: Get going!
Kimblee's almost here!

Page 23:
Winry: Ed!
Ed: Huh?

SFX: Grab

Winry: Hang on to those for me!

I'll see you at the fort!

Ed: R-

Page 24:
Miles: Okay...
Time for Scar to run off with Miss Rockbell...then we blame the whole thing on Kimblee.


Page 25:
Scar: Feeling nostalgic, Kimblee?
It was the other way around when we first met.

Kimblee: Don't...look down...on ME!

Ed: Kimblee, you son of a b*tch...

The main group was supposed to be watching Winry!

Page 26:
Ed: Why was she here?!

We had Scar right where we wanted him, and now he's escaped with her as a hostage!

Miles: Kimblee! Are you incapable even of keeping tabs on a single child?

YOUR SQUAD was in charge of Miss Rockbell!

Kimblee: ...of my way.
Ed: Eh?

Page 27:
SFX: Smack

Ed: S-

SFX: Grab

Kimblee: Get out of my way.
SFX: Struggle struggle struggle

Ed: What're you doing,
Crimson Alchemist?!
SFX: Struggle struggle struggle

Page 28:
SFX: Crack


Kimblee: Nrrgh-
Bottom SFX: Stomp stomp stomp stomp

Page 29:
Kimblee: Get back here, Scar!
Soldier: Mr. Kimblee, stop! That building's about to collapse!

Back to HQ!

Soldier: A huge snowstorm's coming!
Anyone who doesn't wanna die, retreat!

Miles: That was very realistic.
Small text: shrug

Ed: I wasn't acting.

Page 30:
Ed: The fact that I just left Winry's life in Scar's hands...it's so disgusting, it makes me wanna throw up.
Soldier: I need a head count!
Everyone fall back!


Yoki: Ready?
Follow the tunnels where you can feel the wind.

Tunnels with no air currents are usually dead-ends
where poison gas tends to collect.

Page 31:
Marcoh: So YOU'RE the daughter of the Rockbell doctors?
Winry: Yes.
SFX: Step step

Marcoh: They were well-known on the battlefield,
and now their daughter is once again showing the great character of that family.
Winry: I don't think I am.

Now that I'm wrapped up in this,
I don't know when I'll be able to go home.

Now I have to neglect my customers and my teacher in Rush Valley...

I'm just...awful.

Page 32:
Marcoh: May?
Winry: what's wrong?

May: My clansmen are waiting for me...but I don't know when I'll get to go home, either...

Marcoh: Mmm.

Yoki: Here it is!
Warthog: What?

Yoki: The foreman's station.
Here we go!
SFX: rustle rustle

Yoki: A well-detailed map of the mine tunnels.
Toad: Nice...
I can't even read that thing.

Page 33:
Yoki: We just need this, this, and this.
Toad: You're pretty smart, mister!
Yoki: Heheh! That's it, praise me some more!

Marcoh: You haven't asked anything more about the Philosopher's Stone, have you given up on it?
May: I...I don't want to make one...

I could never sacrifice a human being...
But even if I brought back another method that WASN'T the stone, if his majesty knew how to make one, he would.
With his power, he could easily gather many people.

Yoki: Let's go, Marcoh!
Looks like we can get through here faster than we planned!

Marcoh: Let's focus on getting somewhere safe, so we can decipher the research.
Perhaps we'll find something you can use.
May: Okay.

Toad: Hey Dr. Marcoh, you think there'll be anything in there that'll help us return to normal?
Marcoh: It's possible. The book details a completely different type of alchemy that I know nothing about.
Warthog: Really? I can't wait to see what it's like!
Someone: Move it!

Page 34:
Soldier: Looks like we can't go anywhere for the moment.

Soldier: Sanpano and Jelso haven't returned, either...
Darius: They were probably done in by the blizzard...or Scar.

Soldier: But if we can't leave the town, Scar shouldn't be able to, either.
Soldier 2: He must be hiding somewhere.
We should use this time to outfit another recon team.

Miles: Man, this snowstorm saved all our asses...
Marcoh...You've gotta get through the mountains while Kimblee's stuck here!
SFX: Katunk

Soldier 3: Major Miles,
we've been contacted by Briggs.
Miles: What is it?

Soldier 3: They said it's an urgent message for you, sir.

Page 35:
Miles: This is Miles.
What's wrong?


Are the Elric Brothers here?

We're in trouble, boys.
Ed: What's wrong?

Miles: Major General Armstrong has been summoned to Central.

Page 36:
Miles: A large group of Central soldiers have come to Briggs, as well.

I guarantee you that Kimblee told the Fuhrer something, probably during all those little phone conversations they had.

Ed: Wait, if the General's gone...
Miles: Yes...the interim commander will likely be appointed directly by Bradley.

Ed: ....,
Winry and the others are gonna get caught!

Miles: Hiding them will be much more difficult now.
We must be extremely cautious, or they'll end up right in our enemies' hands.
Al: Wh-what're we gonna do?

Ed: We have to warn them, somehow...
Miles: How?

Page 37:
Miles: They don't have radios.
And there's no way we can send someone to intercept them in this blizzard.

Ed: Look, if there's no other way, I'll-
soldier: You greenhorns shouldn't underestimate blizzards. The cold saps your strength, and before you know it, you've frozen to death.

Al: There is
one way.

We have one person here who never gets tired, and can't freeze to death.

Page 38:

Al: Wow, this is insane!
I can't even see 10 feet in front of me!

Miles: Whatever you do, DON'T lose your map and compass!
Use the intervals where the wind dies down to confirm your position, and the direction of the next checkpoint.
Al: Uhh...

He said to stay put if I couldn't figure out where I was...

Al: Ah-ha!
That's the first checkpoint!

Al: Aaack!

Page 39:
Al: Damnit, now I can't see anything but white-

Page 40:
Al: Aah...

Page 41:
Al: Huh?


Al: What the hell...
was that?

My body?

Al: Why...

#66: They were originally two different things, bud.
Of course they're gonna reject each other!

Page 42:
Al: My soul was never supposed to be in this body...it's starting to reject it...

Al: Is my real body...
trying to pull it back?

Calm down...
Get a grip!
SFX: Clank

Al: I've gotta hurry...

SFX: Clack clack

Page 43:
SFX: clack clack

Father: Edward Elric.

Alphonse Elric.
SFX: Tap


Van Hoenheim.
SFX: Thunk

Page 44:
Father: The Brothers' teacher, Izumi Curtis, has the potential.

I just need
one more.
Text: But why does he need them?!
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ARIGATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hug:
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State Alchemist (Lt. Colonel)

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From: By Yon Bonnie Banks
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My God, am I behind on the manga. I'll have to attempt to read ten chapters today so I can at least discuss something. My friend has been great on filling me in though, so I do more or less know what has happened. Well, one thing is for certain is that the plot it definetly thickening and moving along at a rather rapid pace. I am a little worried about Al's inner monologue about his physical body attracting his soul. Is it possible that Al's physical body will begin to decay like that of Barry the Chopper? I am still rather confused regarding the entire link between Al's physical body and the soul and how Ed fits into the entire picture. It is rather nice to see Father and Greedling return to the main plot, and I am becoming increasingly anxious to discover who is Father's last ' human sacrafice. It also makes me wonder why Father just considers Izumi as a mere possibility although she has seen the Gate. Arakawa has certainly left so many things up in the air for us to ponder including that mysterious promise between Hohenheim and Trisha. (I wonder what is up with our secondary characters like Ran Fan, Havoc, and good ol' Envy.)
~Thank you for another great translation Tombow!

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