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Chapter 99 "Regular" Discussion Thread For First Time Readers (and Others), No future chapter spoilers here, please. :)
post Sep 13 2009, 11:50 PM
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Ehm... I'm awaiting until the chapter (the translation) will be published and i could then read it... I seen some raw pics so it'll be interesting biggrin.gif

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post Sep 14 2009, 12:02 AM
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FINALLY, IT'S HERE!!! (I resisted the spoilers, like always... phew)
Awesome, awesome chapter, it was definitely worth the wait, I don't care if it's almost monday morning and I haven't slept, I'm happy.
Thanks so much for all those who contributed to bring the raw!

Things are getting worse and worse! No doubt it's up to Hohenheim to activate the counter-circle now. But I'm really nervous (and excited) for Al now. He's indeed very close to getting his body back. I wonder if he'll just wake up whole again (body and soul) in front of the Doors, because, like Ed said, body and soul attract one another because they're connected by the mind. If so, what will become of him? He can barely move... will Ed be there to help him out? I need to know!
September 2009 is bound to be the longest month of my life (so far)...

- Goodbye, FMA, please help me find the strength to move on and get stronger, too!! ^^
- If I don't answer your reply, it could be because:
1) I'm too busy to turn on my computer.
2) I got shy, and didn't come back to the discussion.
3) I hate you, and I'd rather ignore you.
4) Your point got me speechless, congratz!
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Forsaken Love
post Sep 14 2009, 08:52 AM
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State Alchemist (Major)

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i need translation! and i agree anakishi-san this month will be the longest ever! and poor Al if he gets his body back now he's gonna be in no state to walk let alone fight, ed will have to go help him! seriously getting excited, i was wondering though, how Al will get back into his body, with barry the chopper that just fought a lot, maybe if Al's blood seal is destroyed or something he'll go back into his body *shrug*

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post Sep 14 2009, 09:04 AM
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I'm checking every minute of every hour.

Where is the chapter translated en anglais? WHERE IS THE SUB FOR EP. 23?

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Forsaken Love
post Sep 14 2009, 09:14 AM
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lulz doxy tell me about it, both ep 23 and chp 99 are freakin amazing NEED TRANSLATIONS! xD

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post Sep 14 2009, 10:40 AM
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QUOTE (Gukumatz @ Sep 14 2009, 01:34 AM) *
Thank Finestela for uploading the MQ raw on MangaHelpers. I took her file and made two small changes: I turned the .rar file to a .zip file and I edited out the kanji and kana in front of the image file names.

Here be links:


Oh, THANK YOU, Gukumatz and Finestela!!!! Huge hugs to both of you!! happy.gif

(.. and I just gave up my friend's laptop with better Web connection because I couldn't hold it forever... and I borrowed that just so that I can download/read/translate this chapter >.<)

QUOTE (Causmicfire @ Sep 14 2009, 02:11 AM) *
page by page view here @photobucket

@Causmicfire - You saved my day!! ^^ I can read the chapter, thanks to you!! happy.gif ...albeit, very slowly, XDD but I will see what I can do. ^^ And, hopefully, our friend on MangaHelpers is working on his translations and kindly bring his translation soon.. biggrin.gif

My translations of the chapter are in progress here (warning: the progress is painfully slow, even more so than usual this month, due to the equipment difficulties. ^^)


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Gregory House
post Sep 14 2009, 01:02 PM
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Thanks, Tombow. Waiting for the translation biggrin.gif
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post Sep 14 2009, 03:36 PM
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Translation's done, have fun and let me know if I missed a bubble anywhere ;P Don't use for scans yet! I still wanna edit it a little.

Page 1: [GanGan cover]
Red Text: Reach for the truth!

Page 2:
Blue text: Grant my wishes for all eternity.
Title: Chapter 99 - Endless Rest

Page 3:
Text: They continue to fight a heroic battle!

Falman: Lower the angle a few degrees!
Get that next shell loaded!

Page 4:

Bucc: Ungh...
S1: Captain Buccaneer!

Bucc: .......I fainted for a second...
What's the situ-
S1: Don't strain yourself, sir! Lay down!

And don't pull that sword out,
you'll bleed to death in no time!

Bucc: ...That's right...

Page 5:
S1: Just hang in there, sir!
We'll find a way to save you-
S2: Captain!

SFX: Slump
S2: Don't let yourself fall asleep!


All SFX: ting

Page 6:
SFX: ting ting ting ting

WhiteSFX: Slice
BlackSFX: swish


Page 7:
SFX: Grab
Greed: Eep.

Greed: AGH-

Greed: You coulda killed me, you old fart!
Bubble: Rub rub
Huu: It wasn't on purpose, young highn-err, quiet!

SFX: Slash
Greed: Whoops!

SFX: Swish

Page 8:
SFX: Stomp, stab

SFX: Stretch
Greed: Ngh,
Son of a-

SFX: ting ting ting ting


Page 9:
SFX: Whizzzz

SFX: Shoom

SFX: slap
Huu: Hrrgh!

SFX: Grab

SFX: ting ting ting ting

Page 10:
Bradley: Mmm.
Yes, this is much better.
SFX: ting ting ting ting

SFX: slice

SFX: rip

Bubbles: tak

SFX: skksh

SFX: whoosh

Page 11:
Huu: Kh-
SFX: Wipe

Bradley: You fight well, especially considering you're even older than I am.
But your fight
ends here.

Page 12:

Lin: Old m-
SFX: clench

Page 13:


Bradley: The Xingese Prince, now?

Greed: Goddamnit Lin, don't take over without warning me!

Page 14:
Bradley: Just as with the girl who cut off her arm.
You risk your own life because instead of making sacrifices.

Huu: Young highness...leave behind this incapacitated old body-
Lin: Forget it! You're telling me to do the same thing King Bradley would!

He's trying to sacrifice every citizen in his own country...

That's NOT the kind of leader I want to be!

Page 15:
Huu: It would be unworthy...of a king, you say?
You must learn to overcome your-

Lin: Huu!!

Don't try to talk, just rest!

Huu: Yes...
I'll take a short rest...


Lin: Kha-

Page 16:
SFX: Thud

Huu: Harden yourself, Greed!
Protect his young highness!

SFX: baki baki baki

Huu: Young highness...
be a just king.

This old man...

Page 17:
Huu: Is going to take

SFX: Kshh kssh kssh


Huu: You're coming to hell WITH me,

Page 18:
SFX: Slice

Page 19:

Huu: Even with a suicide attack...
I couldn't manage to hurt him...

Young highness...
Forgive my disgrace...

Page 20:
Bucc: Even the eyes of God himself
can't block an attack they can't see.

Page 21:
Bucc: Old man...
We'll walk him down
the path to hell together.
SFX: splash

Huu: Yes...
Thank you...

Bradley: Ngh...

SFX: Boot

Page 22:
Bradley: Greed...
SFX: splish

SFX: shake

Page 23:

Page 24:

Page 25:
SFX: clang clang clang clang

SFX: Step step step

Ed: Who're YOU?

Doc: Me?
I'm the guy who created King Bradley...among other things.

Bradley: I was injected with a Philosopher's Stone,
and though my right eye rotted away, in exchange I gained superhuman powers.

Page 26:
Mustang: Which means
you're on HIS side.
SFX: Squeeze

Doc: Whoa there, I should've known this was gonna happen.
Oh well.

Doc: All of you,
go buy me some time.
SFX: Dash

SFX: ting ting ting

Ed: Who are these guys?!

Page 27:
Mustang: Puppet soldiers...
SFX: Whizz

Scar: No...
They act completely different from those mindless dolls!

Doc: They are the men who failed to become "King Bradley."

We gathered them all the day they were born...

They endured all manner of training, hoping to be chosen as the Fuhrer...

But during the "experiment," the twelfth participant survived to become "King Bradley," and we had no use for the rest of them.

Page 28:
SFX: Smash

Doc: They never had their chance to receive a Philisopher's Stone.
They are simply SPARES.

SFX: twitch

Doc: I'll warn you, they've spent a full 60 years doing nothing but training in the art of battle.
They may not be as skilled as King Bradley, but...

they ARE strong.
SFX: duck
bubbles: Bob weave

Mustang: Tsk-

Page 29:
SFX: Thud

SFX: Bang bang bang

SFX: Shp shp shp

Doc: 16, 17,
21, 23, 26.

Page 30:
Ed: What the-

Doc: It's time.



Page 31:
Ed: What've you done?!

Doc: Huh?
This is just the first stage.

Anyone ever tell you exactly how many Central alchemy research facilities were under the direct supervision of the Fuhrer?

Page 32:
Ed: There're four of them in the city limits...

Maria: It used to be called Research Facility No. 5...

Ed: No...

A five point transmutation circle!

Hawkeye: Then that curved underground hallway back in Research Facility 3...
Hawkeye: That was one of the points in the circle?!

Page 33:
SFX: Rrrrummmmmble



Page 34:

People: Whoa-
What the-?!

Someone: You drive like an old lady, Yoki!
Yoki: Leave me alone!
That car was trashed, you should be thanking me for getting us this far!
SFX: takatakatakatakataka

Al: We've gotta find a way underground before it's too late-
SFX: takatakatakatakatakataka

Page 35:
Al: The Central HQ building is smoking!

Marcoh: Must be Colonel Mustang, right?
Heinkel: Hope things went according to plan...

SFX: Twitch

SFX: jump

Al: What's wrong, Heinkel?

Page 36:
Dogs / SFX: Woof woof, arf arf, etc

Horses: Neeeeeeigh!

SFX: zawa zawa

Izumi: I've got a bad feeling about this...
I think I'd better pull out.
Armstrong: Ah,
Very well.

We part here, then.
My group needs to stay here and keep fighting.

Izumi: Yes.
I'll just dig a tunnel out of here like I did before-
SFX: Zuuuu

Page 37:

Page 38:

Page 39:
All SFX: bakibakibaki
Al: What-
Izumi: is-
Ed: thiiiis?!


Page 40:



Page 41:
Mustang: Fullmetal!!
Size: The black hands sieze Ed, Al, and Izumi!
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post Sep 14 2009, 03:45 PM
Post #114

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Thank you, HisshouBuraiKen!! Appreaciated! biggrin.gif

My translation is posted here. biggrin.gif


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Gregory House
post Sep 14 2009, 03:52 PM
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The chapter was quite surprising.
I think Buccaneer would die, too.
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AA battery
post Sep 14 2009, 05:35 PM
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After reading the raws I realize that the Chinese scans were missing a page, but since HB and Tombow were already getting to their trans, I won't modify mine. happy.gif

*June 11, 2013 - New Doujinshis Added*
Hi, I got a bunch of FMA merchandises (keychains, pencil boards, cards, figurines, book in figure red...etc) for sale at my LJ. Please visit my sale post here if interested! Thanks ^_^
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post Sep 14 2009, 07:53 PM
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<Program Note>

QUOTE (Zephyr Alchemist @ Sep 14 2009, 10:10 PM) *
QUOTE (Gregory House @ Sep 14 2009, 08:44 PM) *
Does anybody know the meaning of this?

It was in the Gan Gan cover :/
That is completely off-topic to what we're talking about.

@Zephyr Alchemist - Yes, I totally agree. smile.gif (BTW, I took out your post as well, since the said post was moved to the correct thread, and this has been taken care of. ^^)

I moved Gregory House's quoted post above to Official FMA:B news around the web thread. Actually, the stuff is about the magazine's FMA game giveaway, and thus that post may eventually be moved to the thread that's discussing about that new FMA game, but if you don't know/can't read the content and thus you don't know where to post the question on the stuff for the GanGan mag cover, then the next best place to post that is to post your question on Official FMA:B news around the web thread, then someone who can read Japanese can figure it out on that thread what's on the posted pic and if needed the post could be moved to eventual correct thread from there.


We occasionally have the pics of GanGan mag covers posted on FMA chapter discussion threads when FMA characters are on the magazine covers. But, these are posted for the purpose of aiding discussions on these FMA cover pics. Hence, please avoid making posts with other questions and discussions about other stuff that are on these posted GanGan cover pages here, because that would be OFF TOPIC, and if someone posts some off-topic question about other stuff on the magazine cover on this thread, then that would often lead to a whole bunch of off-topic postings on that subject on the thread. So, yeah, everyone, please avoid posting off-topic questions on chapter content discussion threads smile.gif

Besides, the more I have to spend my time dealing with these off topic posts, spam posts, wrong forum, etc., etc., to clean up the forums, I have less and less time for making translations, so yeah, please try to avoid making off-topic postings, especially on this thread, and ESPECIALLY when we have a raw chapter to be translated. ^^


~ Thank you, and now please go back to discussions on the content of this chapter. ^^


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post Sep 15 2009, 03:16 AM
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Thanks HisshouBuraiKen, Tombow, Finestela for translations and a raw.

Superb chapter, one of the best if not the best of all that came out. Fight Bradley vs. Lin/Greed + Fu + Buccaneer was one of the best fights I've ever seen in any manga. Bradley is just awesome and the way he was injured was magnificent. It was completely unexpected (at least I didn't expect sth like this to happen). I hope though that Bradley will survive but because he killed Fu, Lan Fan will become a berserker and he will die "because love has to win". Lin will somehow become 2x stronger and the end. I hope it won't be like that but I'm skeptical about this. Personally I would like to see Lin dead, he's too annoying. It wasn't Bradley's fault that Fu died, it was Fu's, Bradley had to defend himself. In fact Bradley doesn't look like someone that would kill everyone without reason but since he was provoked... True, he killed all chimeras but it was to prevent information leakage, I don't think that he would chase those who would escape. Anyway, big plus for this fight. The next best thing in this chapter was Izumi's, Ed's and Al's absorption, I'm interested how it will turn out. All in all perfect chapter. Arakawa has shown that even at the end of a series shounen manga can be interesting.

9 out of 10 connoisseurs recommend watching Kemono no Souja Erin.
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Forsaken Love
post Sep 15 2009, 08:08 AM
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State Alchemist (Major)

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just finished reading the chapter =3 things are really getting exciting now! Fuu telling ling to be a just king and then dieing that was so sad! TT_TT nuuuuuuuuuuu fuu *sob sob* can not wait for next month will be the longest wait ever!

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post Sep 15 2009, 11:14 AM
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FrankyHouse has the full scantalation of ch99 up on OneManga.


Didn't see the link posted here yet.
I might be SLOWPOKE.JPG on this, though, since I haven't followed the entire thread...


R.I.P. Fu. sad.gif


BONES SHIPS ROIAI. (We have Proof.)
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