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Post Your Favorite Roy & Maes Friendship Moment (Spoiler Alert!), From FMA-1 anime, FMA:B, or FMA manga
post Apr 19 2009, 04:26 AM
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NOTE: This thread is to discuss FRIENDSHIP between Roy and Maes.
This thread is NOT for worshiping RoyxMaes yaoi pairing.

With Roy Mustang's insane-revenge-streak in the latest manga chapter, I think it the right time to deal with the reason for that revenge (I tend to like revenge stories, not because I condone the action, but for a certain meaning: That lost one must have been very special for he/she to go this far!): Roy Mustang and Maes Hughes. It was a friendship where benefit was mutual: would Roy have gotten this far without Maes' help? Would Maes have been the great man he became without Roy? (Shamballa's Nazi Hughes could be evidence) It was a friendship that (in the anime, at least) led to the end of the Homunculus' control over humankind. It was a friendship that drove a man to certain degrees...
So, anyone wish to share their favorite Roy/Maes moment(s), from the manga, anime, books, pictures? Song that best describes them?

My favorite scene is the flashback of Episode 25: It is c.1909. Maes knocks at the door. It opens to reveal Roy, his gaunt face a testimony to the horrors of the Ishbal War. It's enough to shock Maes Hughes (here clean-shaven, with two hair bangs), but he quickly restores his happy face and presents Roy an apple pie his girlfriend made. And then Roy's face brightens. He actually smiles, probably for the first time in years.
It is a nice scene about two friends reuniting. There has been distance. AnimeHughes never went to Ishbal (Dialogue: Roy: "Easy for you to say. You weren't there."/Maes: "No, I wasn't. And if you didn't want to kill enemies in battle, you shouldn't have been there, either. Should have asked for a desk job like I did."). Both their expressions suggest neither has seen each other for a long time. But the distance ends there. The sight of Maes is able to bring a smile to the haunted Roy. Maes' shock over his friend's situation sets him to help Roy (even if it means punching him for attempting human transmutation). As Roy talks about his plan to rise up, Maes nominates himself to help Roy on that goal by being near the higher-ups. Tragically, in view of the identity of the higher-ups, Roy had created his best friend's death warrant, a warrant that Bradley signed six years later. Still, it shows what a wonderful man Hughes is. His willingness to help someone (especially his friend) no matter the lack of reward or consequences.

There is also a picture I favor. It shows the two shoulder-to-shoulder and smiling. They lack their top-coats (bearing dog-tags), with Roy in a dress shirt and Maes in a red shirt, bearing a rifle. I doubt this picture happened in Ishbal (little reason for smiling), so I believe it must be from some training battle exercise before graduation (I wrote a fanfic explaining that the two friends celebrated graduation by fighting each other to test their physical skills. Afterwards they pose for the picture).

Song: "Wind beneath my Wings" by Bette Midler (Hey, it came from a movie about friendship!) "A beautiful smile to hide the pain..."
I also thought of Martika's "Toy Soldiers" as another piece.

ETA: Jun 8, 2010
Now, with the significance of the latest FMA:B episode, can someone please respond to this neglected thread?
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post Jun 8 2009, 06:07 AM
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I like this picture

Oh, also this scene (from the chapter 59)

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A Pierrot's Aria
post Feb 2 2011, 06:29 AM
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Wow...I didn't know this thread existed until I came across it while looking through all the pages in this forum. laugh.gif

One of my favourite moments between the two are in the "Yet another man's battlefield" OVA. I love how competitive they were with each other to begin with, only to become great friends later on. But I think the best part is in the last section of the OVA where Roy asks for 30 seconds grace before going back out onto the battlefield. Yet Maes gives him a minute. I thought that bit was very touching.

As for a funny moment, I actually always remember the scene in one of the FMA light novels (a second story called "Roy's Vacation"). It includes Armstrong, too, but I love it when the three of them are crossing an old rickety bridge and Roy is warning Maes not to rock the bridge or he'd shoot him. laugh.gif

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post Feb 2 2011, 08:00 AM
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I LOVE the friendship between Roy and Maes.
It's actually one of my favorite relationships in FMA.
My favorite scene is also from Yet another man's battlefield.

As for a funny moment, I actually always remember the scene in one of the FMA light novels (a second story called "Roy's Vacation"). It includes Armstrong, too, but I love it when the three of them are crossing an old rickety bridge and Roy is warning Maes not to rock the bridge or he'd shoot him.

I love that whole story,too. When I first read it, I was so happy to see more from Hughes x3

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