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Forum Rules and Informational Guide (A Must Read), Return to the forum

Fullmetal-alchemist.com Forum Rules and Guidelines

Take the following into consideration, because failure to adhere to these rules will result in removal of your priviledges to post or reply to topics in this forum. As such this forum still remains within the confides of the PhoenixNetworks Family of Websites, which are under the strict policies governed here at http://www.phoenixnetworks.net/legal.php . We recognize that this forum is a public discussion area and the content held herewithin is not subject to our complete control and therefore must be taken with caution and advisement. Furthermore, this site is owned and operated within the United States and the laws from the USA apply to this website.

Should you find something that you believe to be incorrect or should be removed from these forums, please contact a moderator through the Site Support forums.

The basic rules:
  • Do not ask for or post links to licensed anime or manga, as such this includes the Fullmetal Alchemist Anime Series.
  • Do not spam, harass, flame or instigate (start fights), use excessive caps or characters such as !@#$%^&*().
  • Do not crosspost (post the same message in more than one forum)
  • Do not post nonsense - no gibberish, no trying to sell stuff, or self-promotion.
  • Do not double post - do not post two replies in a row, simply edit your first
  • Do not post inappropriate content - including but not limited to profanity, racism, nudity, or any other images/content not suitable for minors.
  • Do not use more than 1 account

You will quickly learn that the staff here is quite tolerant and we are more "easy-going" compared to most forums, however we cannot allow any posts to contain anything that would present a legal issue for this site in turn causing it to be shut down.

If you are new, or have questions, I suggest completely reading the following in its entirety. If you ask these questions elsewhere, you will likely be ignored for not taking the time to review this pertinent information.

The following information is pulled from the Beginner's Guide to Forum Decorum, located here: http://www.fullmetal-alchemist.com/forums/...?showtopic=2748

For the Members of the FMA Public Discussion Boards:


You have just registered and you do not know what there is to do, or you have too much that you want to do and do not know how to go about it. Fear not, for this guide was created to help make your stay more pleasant, and lead you to a better understanding of the not-so-intricate workings of this message board.

For those of you who are new to the forum, please read the following words with great care, else you will be exposing yourself to unnecessary danger and humiliation. Yes, we can be your friends and we are here to help, but if you disregard the rules, then please do not blame us when we tuck that little piece of friendliness away to the time-out corner. Ignore these guidelines at your own risk. For those with shorter attention spans, please go here.

Furthermore, in this guide, if something is underlined, please click on it for your benefit. It may be a helpful link.


(the least you need to know)

THREAD = Also known as a TOPIC. It is made up of an initial post about a subject (food, computers, etc.) and all other responses to it.

POST = The individual components that make up a thread (you post in a thread).

SPAM = Anything a member posts that is unrelated to the thread it is in (off-topic), or something that consists of only one word or one smilie, or just nothing significant in general. And remember, children: <What, no bacon? says>.

AVATAR = The little picture under a member's username.

SIGNATURE = Also known as a SIG. It follows after every post you make. Be sure that yours is not too big, as the forum has restrictions regarding signatures, where your image WILL BE REMOVED/REPLACED if it exceeds 500px in width and 300px in height, and that is including any of your images and text. If you disobey this regulation, you will receive one of these or any of its variations as a grand prize.

SPOILER = Information that spoils an important event in a movie/anime/book/etc. for someone who has not yet seen/read it. These must be placed in spoiler tags.

MODERATORS = Also known as MODs. They are here to help answer any questions you may have. Moderators are normally quite nice if you stay on their good side. Yes, that was a warning.

GRAMMAR POLICE = Also known as the GP. Whenever someone mentions them, you had best behave yourself. The GP specializes in correcting your grammar and spelling (though they are not the only ones who do). Currently, there are 4 members within the GP force (Ailuro, Elderberry, Quistis88, xrninja), and no more recruitments will be made until further notice, so please do not keep begging to join. The members of this special squad can be identified by the unique banner in their signature that looks like this. If you take the image, you will die a horrible death.



Go to My Controls near the top of any page at the forums (underneath the Help button and to the left). Clicking on it will take you to a page where you can edit your settings. Go to Edit Avatar Settings on the left menu. From there, you can choose to upload a picture or insert a link from somewhere on the Internet. Please make sure that the picture being used is an appropriate size.


Same as editing an avatar, but go to Edit Signature. Put whatever you want there, and if you want to imput an image, place the URL of a picture from the Internet (or one that you have uploaded) in between [ img ] and [ /img ] (without the spaces between the brackets and the letters). Remember our restrictions for signature sizes (see TERMINOLOGY: SIGNATURE above).

Spoiler Tags

To place something inside spoiler tags, first type [ spoiler ] (without the spaces) and then type the words/sentences you want in the tags. Proceed to close the sentence with [ /spoiler ].

Email Notification

You are automatically subscribed to a thread when you make a post in it, and keep receiving troublesome e-mails that take up space in your inbox? To remedy this problem, go to My Controls, then click on Email Settings (under Options). Check off the box beside Enable 'Email Notification' by default? and ensure that the default type is No Email Notification. For a pictoral example, see this picture.

For further assistance with problems not listed here, please visit our Technical Support section.


- The Fullmetal Alchemist series only has 51 episodes. ONLY 51. Episode 52 DOES NOT exist, no matter what anyone tells you.

- The FMA movie was released in Japan on July 23, 2005. Currently, there is no magical phantom fansub of the movie. For updates, news, and discussion, please visit the FMA Movie sector of our forum.

- "Fullmetal" is one word. Just because. For more information see the Miscellaneous section on the main menu to the left.


Initially, people will refer to you as a newbie or a n00b. There is a distinct difference. Everyone is a newbie once, but not everyone is a n00b. Newbie status disappears after a certain amount of relevant forum participation, whereas it is possible for someone who is a n00b to stay a n00b for the entire duration of their forum stay. A n00b is a type of newbie. They always type like they either don't comprehend the English language or are constantly in chat. We are nicer to newbies than n00bs, and given that piece of advice, please make a wise decision.

Also, here is the answer to a common question: You can raise your rank by increasing your post count, but allow me to tell you this: POST COUNT DOES NOT MATTER. IF THAT IS ALL YOU CARE ABOUT, THEN YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE.

Please ensure that your posts are coherent and, on the most part, devoid of grammar and spelling problems. Try to type more than one sentence whenever possible. Do not be alarmed if you are suddenly corrected by the more language-conscious people on these forums. We are only trying to help, and hopefully teach you some basic language skills in the process. It is here that I shall introduce your new best friend, The Dictionary.


- Double-posting is a taboo. Double-posting is when you post twice consecutively; triple-posting is when you post thrice consecutively, so on and so forth. Please refrain from doing so. Do not talk to yourself in the same thread, because it will only make you look stupid. There is an EDIT button near the bottom right-hand corner of each and every post you make. Also, we are aware that occasionally, the system may automatically make a double-post. If that happens, please edit one of the two posts and replace the content with "Delete Me!" or something similar, so a passing mod will know that the extra post was not intentional.

- Do not ask for or post links to fansub/dub/raw/music downloads. It is illegal. Enough said. Due to copyrights, we no longer have any media files available for download. If you are participating in the Song Hunting thread, please do not provide any download links along with your assistance.

- Spam is not tolerated anywhere, with the exception of Spam Central. Even so, you should try your best not to spam, or you will look stupid.

- Please abstain from using that 4-letter word which begins with an F and rhymes with “duck.” Anything else is acceptable, as long as you use them in moderation.

- The attachment feature is not to be abused. If you have a picture you want after every post, please put it in your signature. Otherwise, if the picture/file you are attaching has absolutely NOTHING to do with your post content, then please do not attach it, or a moderator who happens to pass by your post will have the right to remove it.

- Moderators and administrators are to be obeyed. No questions asked.

- Flooding is not the best thing to do. Flooding is when you make a post in every thread of a forum, whether you have something to say or not. A majority of flooders are also spammers, and flooding makes you look stupid.

- Forum protocol dictates that you should respect all members. Their opinions are not yours, and you do not always have to see eye to eye. If you have no desire to be hated, then please do not express hatred towards anyone else. Some of the members that you might end up feeling frustration for are quite intelligent in their own right, so it is in your best interest that you do not try to pick fights with them, lest you become another laughing stock of the forum community. The Golden Rule is in effect at these forums more often than not.


- Most importantly, please use the SEARCH feature this site has, which is located near the top of every page you visit on the forums (as you can see, it is right beside HELP, should you require further assistance). Before starting a new thread, please check and see if it has already been made. If it has, please post in the existing thread. For more entertainment, please go here and view a lovely video.

- If you want to introduce yourself, please do so in the ]Newcomers thread. If you would like to announce to the forum that you are leaving for good or for a period of time, you may post about the matter in the Goodbye thread. If you would like to welcome someone back to the forum, do not start a new thread, but visit the Welcome Back thread instead.

- So you are, like, totally in love with Edward or Alphonse or Roy or Riza or Nina or Winry or Den or Pinako . . . we get it. There are usually pre-existing threads about these people in Character Discussion. Go there first, or use the standard SEARCH engine, or the more specific SEARCH engine.

- Please do not add any more "Character vs. Character" polls/topics, "Whatsisname is the Hottest/Funniest/Cutest/etc." to the current collection.

- Mind your thread titles and topic descriptions when making new threads. Please avoid creating topics which shout out unnecessary spoilers. Not everyone has seen the entire series, and not everyone can handle the shock of knowing who died and how. If you absolutely must have spoilers, please place them in the posts within spoiler tags, and specify in the topic description that the thread contains spoilers.

- Before starting a new thread to ask for assistance with technical difficulties, please check out the Technical Support region of the forums, because it is likely that your question has already been answered.

It is recommended that you do not start new threads until you have been relatively active for at least 2 weeks at these forums. This will let you see how things operate around here.

That concludes the condensed guide to our beloved forum. To the more experienced members: please inform me if there is anything missing from all this, or if you feel there is more that can be added. If you read the entire guide, I commend you on your dedication. I thank you on behalf of the management.



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